How can you find a phone if it is disabled

Search for the Android smartphone turned off after the theft: Acts to suppress and protect personal data

Theft of the smartphone causes a lot of problems. Basically, this is not only the loss of the gadget, but also personal information, which, in particular, is much higher than the smartphone itself. For some, this information is priceless. As part of this article, I will tell you:

  • How to find a stolen Android phone if it is turned off;
  • What software to install in order to independently find the lost device;
  • How to protect personal data on a stolen gadget.

How to find the turn off the phone on IMEI?

IMEI is a set of numbers unique to each device. You can find this code on the box in which the smartphone was packed, or on the gadget itself. To find the lost phone on IMEI, you need:

find, phone, disabled
  • Rewrite this set of numbers and go with a passport to the police department.
  • Write a statement about the loss of technology. Police officers in response will make a request to the mobile operator, with whom a communication contract has been concluded.

This method can be used subject to two conditions at the same time:

If, as a result of the search, it turns out that the phone was at home (or in another place available to the user), the applicant will receive a large fine. It should also be taken into account that the police are at the same time a lot of things about thefts. Therefore, the loss of mobile technology is considered less priority than other things. In such cases, the police begin to search for stolen smartphones only with free time for employees.

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When you can’t find the phone

The mobile phone cannot be found if the SIM card or battery has been removed from it, it was relying to change the IMEI code. If the device fell into an unfavorable environment and failed, then the owner will never find it again. For example, a phone that has fallen into the river or in hot sand on the beach will stop functioning.

It is impossible to completely protect against the loss of your device. But you can reduce this probability by observing simple rules and recommendations:

  • Try to make the phone always in one place. If you use a bag, then highlight a separate for the mobile phone. At home or at work, put the device in a permanent place. Then the loss can be immediately noticed;
  • Never remove the gadget in the back of clothing;
  • In crowded passing places, try to use the phone only if necessary. The probability of grabbing it is very great;
  • Buy a headset that announces that there is more than five meters between you and the device. Such a signal will warn you about the thief left in the cafe or the runaway;
  • There are special keychains for finding a thing. They react to various sounds;
  • When there are a lot of passengers near public transport, you can not feel how the attacker pulls the phone. Carry headphones with you. Good music will make the trip Neskuchny, and the unexpected termination of the sound will give a signal that the gadget is disconnected;
  • Play very carefully in Pokemon Go. This is not funny, because Pokemon are in various gateways and unreliable yards, where there is no lighting and people. Attackers can use this.

No one is safe from the loss of a cell phone. In order to find a gadget and avoid unpleasant consequences, you need to use suitable means. In cases where it is impossible to do this, hurry to change the passwords from the offices, to which there was access through the mobile phone.

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How to find a phone on Windows

Modern products Microsoft also have their own accumulating information service. The site Account will help to assemble your devices together.Microsoft.COM/DEVICES. If you have a Microsoft account, you will easily get on it.

Please note that old models of devices on Windows cannot be tied. But there will be no problems with phones on Windows Phone.

And, of course, there is a common minus of cloud services for search: the device cannot send information about its current location if it is not connected to the Internet or the battery is sat down.

To search for Windows Phone:

  • Select Account.Microsoft.COM/DEVICES device and click “Search for the device”.
  • The position of the device will be displayed on the map. Be sure to check the time label “The last time the phone was noticed”. The position of the device can be updated after a while.
  • For remote locks, select the “Blocking” item and press “Next”. You can create a message screen for a person who finds a phone number. Click the “block” button. You can also use the “password reset” for greater safety (random person, even if he manages to unlock the device, will not be able to use it through your account).

How to track a phone through a Google account?

But to find your lost or stolen phone on Android, to which the Google account was prudently tied, even if it is turned off the location of the location. It is no more difficult to do this than to remove the graphic key; Everything that is required of the owner is a computer, laptop, tablet or other smartphone connected to the Internet, account data and a little patience.

The user who has lost the device and wants to find out where it is now, must first recall if he made synchronization with a Google account. If you didn’t have time, I didn’t want or forgot, you can forget about the following ways, go for a new phone and try not to repeat the same mistakes-then you will have the opportunity to deal with other pressing problems: restore remote photos on Android or find the best program-catalog of films and TV shows.

With a satellite

To look on the Google map, where Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS or any other Android smartphone has the misfortune, you need:

  • In the field that opened, the user can familiarize himself with the latest actions on the device and understand whether it is stolen or still turned off and forgotten.
  • If the geolocation on the smartphone is enabled, on the new page the owner will see the map with the location of the apparatus. In addition, he will be able to find out the current level of battery charge and the name of the network to which the device is connected.
  • If the geolocation on the device is disabled, it will not work on the map: the online service will give an appropriate warning, and the user will have to look for other search options.

Tip: if several devices tied to one Google account is lost, the owner can track the location of each of them in one window, simply switching from one tab to another.

The dialing of the apparatus

If, according to the image on the Google map, it turns out that the smartphone on Android is in the owner of the owner’s direct access, but it still does not go out, you should, without closing the previously described page, use another useful function, which is called: “call”.

This can be done as follows:

You can nickname both one phone and several at the same time. The service is provided by Google absolutely free and can be used as many times as user is required.

Important: both options work only if the smartphone is turned on. Otherwise Google will show a notification about the impossibility of detecting the device.

Blocking the device

Another option, available on the same page and recommended if the device was stolen or lost and is far from the owner, is blocking:

  • Leave for the founder or attacker a message motivating to action and containing contact details. Mail, phone number, address and so on, then click on the “Blok” button. All entered information will be displayed on the smartphone screen.
find, phone, disabled

Tip: if you find or return the phone is not possible, the owner can only erase personal data. You can do this using the corresponding button at the bottom of the same page.

Review of proven ways to find an Android phone

The Android system was developed by Google, which cared for its reputation, so I created several service applications to find the lost phone. But in order to use them, registration in the system is necessary, it is simply necessary to do this, only with an activated account you can try to find your Android device.

It is also necessary to connect to the built.In GPS module from Google, which determines the location of the lost gadget.

In addition to service applications from Google, there are third.Party applications that can also be used to find it by location, number or other data.

But even if you find your device, there is no guarantee that the mobile phone will be immediately returned. It can be dangerous, so it is better to contact the law enforcement agencies for help in the return of the lost device. Please do not try to confront fraudsters.

What happens when the smartphone turns off? Is it possible to track the phone if it is turned off ?

When the modern smartphone turns off, it does not completely de.Energize and some processes still continue to work. A good example. An alarm clock. Many have probably noticed that the alarm clock is only triggered in those situations when the smartphone was discharged and turned off. In addition, in mobile devices, the battery consumption function continues to operate, as well as static memory, which stores data even without an energy source.

When the user thinks that the smartphone is turned off, he is actually in energy conservation and supports only the minimum necessary functions, including the tracking of timers, control the status of the battery, storage of data and not only.

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To track a mobile device, you need to use a radio module that consumes slightly less energy than the screen. If the radio module could work with the smartphone turned off, then the mobile device would spend the battery charge as quickly as in the on state. Based on this, we can conclude that in the off state the smartphone cannot transmit data, respectively, to track where its owner is not located.

It is also impossible to consider information from the SIM card without full-fledged operation of the processor and the operating system of the mobile device, so the smartphone will not be able to register in the cellular network, log in and so on. If there is no SIM card in the smartphone at all, it will be able to exchange data with any access to the network without access to the network.

Without authorization on a cellular network, the mobile device will not be able to determine the operator used, and because of this will exchange information with the nearest provider, passing it only IMEI. In most cases, this will not have any practical meaning.

find, phone, disabled

Built.In phone search tools

A number of manufacturers offer their own method of tracking phones. Here are options from Google (for any Android phone) and Samsung (for samsung devices).

The most easy way to find a phone

The Google Find My Device application is mandatory for Android users and one of the most useful android applications. If you have added Google’s account to your Android device, the “Find the device” function will be automatically turned on. You can check that the service is launched by moving into “settings”, then select “Google” and open “Find my device”. Sometimes before the last paragraph it will be necessary to open the point “Safety”. After that, it remains only to make sure that the function is enabled.

So when this function is turned on, you can find your gadget by just going to the device search page. In this way, you can look for not only phones, but also tablets, and even hours. And they can also be remotely erase and block.

To start the search, you will need to either download the application from Google Play, or go to a special site. In the first case, do not forget to get out of the account if you look for your smartphone from someone else’s. Otherwise, this person will be able to track the position of your device.

If you use Web version, then the functionality will be the same, but you will not have to ask anyone to install the application and give you the phone. The problem is that often there is simply no computer at hand and you have to resort to the help of other users.

How to find a lost samsung

Samsung offers its own way to search for a lost phone for its users. Find My Mobile. Only people with Samsung account can use it.

To check if the corresponding option is included, open the phone settings. Now scroll to the point “Biometry and safety” and inside select “Search for devices”. If the setting is not activated, this can be easily done by moving the corresponding switch.

You can also choose whether you want to turn on the parameters of remote unlock and sending the latest locations. In the first case, Samsung will record your PIN code, password or graphic key, which will allow you to unlock the device, even if you forgot it. After activation, you can manage your phone even remotely. The “Send the Last Location” parameter is very important, since it determines that the battery is about to be discharged and sends data about the last known position of the phone for Samsung servers.

Finding the phone is also the easiest way through the site that will show all the important and necessary information about the location of your smartphone.

find, phone, disabled

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Necessary precautions

Below is a list of precautions, subject to which it will turn out faster and easier to find a lost or stolen smartphone, as well as prevent the loss of personal data or falling into the hands of attackers:

  • When buying a device and designing a SIM card, save all the documentation and boxes.
  • To store important data, it is recommended to use a cloud storage from Google.
  • Install the maximum level of protection for the gadget: come up with a graphic key, set the activation by fingerprint or identifying the retina (if such a function is available on this device).
  • With a loss or theft of the gadget, immediately block the SIM card.
  • There are also a number of programs that allow you to block access to the smartphone or delete all files at a distance. But for this the device must be included, and also have access to the Internet.