How do I disable the screen lock on my iPhone

Autolock on iPhone: how to enable, disable, why not active

There are a myriad of ways to increase battery life on iOS devices, from the simplest to the most radical, which will limit the functionality of the iPhone and iPad. Today we will talk about the time after which the automatic locking of apple gadgets occurs, we will tell you how to change it and what can affect it.

The display of iPhone, iPad and any other gadgets, regardless of the manufacturer, is one of the most energy consuming components. Its brightness and duration have a significant impact on the time the device will work on one charge.

In order to save energy, you can dim the brightness and activate the “Auto Brightness” function by going to Settings → Screen and Brightness.

As of iOS 11, this switch has been moved to Settings → Universal Access → Display & Text Size.

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How to disable iPhone lock screen

Sometimes you need to disable the iPhone lock screen password for one reason or another. For example, you need to sell or give away your old iPhone to others. over, it is recommended to use a different password to lock the iPhone screen after a while. This way, you can protect your iOS data from exposure. Here’s a guide to disabling the screen lock password on your iPhone.

Step 1 Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2 Review and select Face ID and Password or Touch ID and Password. (Depends on your iPhone model.)

Step 3 Correctly enter your previous lock screen password.

Step 4 Select Rotate password on the iPhone screen, and then confirm it.

Step 5 You need to enter the same iPhone lock screen password again. After that, your iPhone will not be protected by the lock screen.

  • Go to your smartphone or tablet settings
  • Scroll down the menu to “Security”
  • Tap on “Lock screen” to enter the next screen of lock screen settings.
  • Press “No” button to disable the lock function.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Lock Screen”.
  • Here. “Screen lock type”.
  • Specify the current pin code, password or other option to unlock the device.
  • If you entered the data correctly, then tap on the “No” line.
  • Done.
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Locking a stolen smartphone

The developers of the world-famous Apple products are concerned about their clients, as well as their safety in case of stolen phones. If you are a victim of picking and have lost your iPhone, you need to lock it as quickly as possible, and then ask for help from local law enforcement agencies.

Everyone who owns an Apple smartphone can lock it from a distance with their own efforts. It is also possible to erase personal information, or leave an SMS with your coordinates, in case the iPhone is lost.

In order to perform a blocking operation, the subscriber should use a program called “Find iPhone. You can do this through iCloud, or other iOS-based device.

If your iPhone is stolen, you need to activate the missing mode as soon as possible. You can do this by following these consecutive steps:

  • First, you need to visit the site iCloud and enter your own Apple ID in the necessary window, as well as the combination of the password.
  • After that, you need to go to the “Find iPhone” program.
  • Then the location of your smartphone will be determined. A subscriber can see the location of the gadget on the map, as a green circle, on which it is necessary to click.
  • In the window that appears, you should click on the letter “i”, and then, in a new window that pops up, you should click on the function called “Missing Mode”.

After that it’s required to enter the previously set password of the smartphone, but if it was not there, then you will have to think it up and remember it, because with its help you will unlock the phone. Then you need to write the number that will be displayed on the screen of your lost apple phone. This number will serve as a contact for establishing contact with you.

Missing smartphone will be blocked instantly if it is connected to the World Wide Web, if not, the blocking will happen the first time you connect to the World Wide Web.

How to reset password via iCloud

The same operation can be performed using iCloud. And you don’t even have to connect your phone to your computer. Although both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Just find a device with Internet access nearby, and make sure that you have authorized iCloud on your iPhone.

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iCloud is a cloud storage service that allows you to place all your files there so that they do not occupy the internal memory of the device.

  • Enter iCloud
  • Sign in using your Apple ID.
  • Click the “Find iPhone” button.
  • Go to the “All Devices” tab.
  • Choose the device you want to unlock from the list.
  • Click “Erase iPhone”.
  • Set up a backup.

After powering on the phone again, you will be prompted to register a new password. Perform the operation and you will get access to your iPhone.

Bypass screen lock password on the latest iPhone 13 with iOS 15

The screen lock password is usually set on iPhones and iPads. Others can’t unlock your iPhone screen without your permission. However, you will be locked out on your iPhone because you forgot your screen lock password, iPhone is disabled, and many other issues. To get into a locked or disconnected iPhone or iPad, you can get 5 working screen lock bypass solutions here.

This article will show you how to unlock your iPhone without a password on iOS 14, iOS 13 and earlier. If you want to bypass the lock screen password iOS 14/13/12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5, you can continue reading and get more information.

Why the screen goes out, or how to change the auto-lock time on your iPhone or iPad

If you leave your iPhone inactive for an extended period of time, the screen locks automatically to conserve battery power and for security purposes. However, sometimes you need the display to remain unlocked, and below we’ll tell you how to set the appropriate settings on your iOS.

Often users want to save battery power and secure the data stored on their iPhones, so they prefer to have the screen lock automatically. However, in some cases, it is desirable to keep the display active. This includes using the “AirPlay Video Replay” feature when content from an iOS device is streamed to the Apple TV via AirPlay. Locking the screen will interrupt streaming and you must unlock the iPhone and restart the broadcast to resume it. Turning off the auto lock is also an option if you do a lot of reading on your iOS device, and are tired of seeing the display turn off all the time.

So, if you’ve decided to disable the automatic screen locking feature, follow the instructions below:

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Effects of disabling iPhone password

Disabling the passcode on your iPhone has consequences, some of which are good and some of which are. negative. Before we move on to disabling the password on your iPhone, you’d better read the following content first.

  • Everyone can access your iPhone, leading to a potential privacy leak and monetary loss.
  • Face ID and Touch ID are both linked to the password, so once you disable the password you cannot use Face ID or Touch ID on this iPhone anymore.
  • If you installed Touch ID or Face ID as a previous method confirm your purchase in the App Store and Apple Pay. Then you need to enter your Apple ID to confirm the order after disabling the password.
  • Once you disable the password, you cannot use Face ID to lock your WhatsApp or other apps to protect your information accordingly.
  • When you use this iPhone, you don’t need to enter your password or validate yourself through Touch/Face ID.
  • iPhone will be disabled if you enter the wrong password multiple times. But an iPhone without a screen lock will never be disabled.
  • This iPhone is supposed to be used in public places like hospitals, restaurants and offices,
  • Or you’re just tired of typing in your password every time you use your iPhone,
  • Or this iPhone is for children or elderly people who are not good at remembering passwords,
  • and so on

Otherwise you better have a password on your device.

How to remove iPhone password using iCloud

Find My iPhone. One more function to remove password from iPhone. If you have enabled the Family Share option, you can erase your iPhone from iCloud. Just learn more about the iCloud password removal process, as shown below.

Step 1 Go to and log in to your user account with your Apple ID and password. Then select Find My iPhone option at the bottom of the user interface.

Step 2 Select All Devices option to select your iPhone. Then you can choose Erase iPhone ability to delete content and settings for iPhone without a computer.