How do I unlock my Samsung TV?

How to unlock a Samsung TV without a remote control?

You can’t unlock your Samsung TV without the remote control. The standard childproof code can be found in the manual, usually it is “0000” or “1111”. To remove the lock, you can reset the device through the menu to factory settings.

If you have forgotten the lock password, reset/set the password

  • Open Settings. Advanced Settings. Security. Reset Pin Code
  • Enter the password once incorrectly, without pressing the “OK” button to confirm the password.
  • Press sequentially Up. Up. Down. Up buttons and enter the code 0313, at the end pressing the “ОК” button.

What to do if your TV doesn’t work?

What to do if the TV does not turn on?

  • Starting up from Standby.
  • Check the operation with another electrical outlet Do not use any type of voltage regulators for this test
  • Run a power cycle Disconnect all cables, accessories and devices from the TV, including the CAM if applicable.
  • Contact Philips TV Support.

Universal remote controllers

If the universal remote control is locked, how do I unlock it?? There are rules to return the remote control to a working condition, regardless of its brand and characteristics. Before performing the above procedures, it is advisable to check that the batteries are functioning.

Button combinations and methods that work on almost all devices:

  • It will be necessary to reset the remote control from the TV. To do this, remove the batteries by pressing the power key. Hold it down while putting the batteries back in place;
  • press any item of the interface and hold it for 5-10 seconds;
  • Press “” and “P” at the same time. If the LED is lit permanently, then holding this combination you must dial “Sound” “Menu” alternately.
  • By pressing the “P” and “” keys it is necessary to apply the sequence of numbers. For example. “1234” or a combination of identical digits (1111 or any other options).

The manufacturer Huaya produces universal remote control units which can be used with any television set.

Sometimes the remote control does not respond to the console, and then the question arises how to unlock it? First you need to check if both elements are working properly, and if the remote control is set to the decoder. If everything is OK, press the “STV” button. If there are no signals, restart the set-top box and check the batteries. As a last resort, contact a specialist at a service center.

How to lock the TV remote control from children?

Press “P” and “” buttons simultaneously on the remote control. Enter three or four arbitrary digits. Usually these combinations are “333” or “4444” and correspond to the name of a frequently used channel. The most common standard locking passwords are also the numbers “1234”, “1111”, etc.

If the lock is no longer needed, you can completely remove the child protection on your LG TV. To do this, go to Settings and in the Security section disable the security function.

How to unlock the remote control?

There are a large number of remote control unlocking options offered by Internet users: You must simultaneously press the “P” and “” buttons. After that, a combination of identical numbers, such as 2222 or 5555, is dialed. Among the common and standard codes adopted are 1234 or 1111.

To unlock it you will need to enter the service menuMethod 1

  • Press “DISPLAY”, “MENU”, “POWER” buttons one after another on the remote control in standby mode
  • If that doesn’t work, try pressing the following keys in sequence: “MUTE”, “1”, “8”, “2”, “POWER”

What to do if the TV does not respond to the remote control?

The easiest reason for a TV set not responding to remote control is batteries. Try to replace them and check the remote control again. The contacts of the remote control board are oxidized. Disassemble the remote control and wipe the remote control board contacts with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

If the “Lock” button didn’t help, maybe the remote control is locked for some other reason. It can be forcibly unlocked by simultaneously pressing “-” and “” buttons on the remote control. In case this method failed try to take one battery out of the remote control and at the same time press the arrow buttons.

How to change the region on your Samsung TV?

Opens the settings menu, where we select the item: “Support”. Next item: “Self-diagnosis. Then select the item: “Reset”. Then select under “Country”. “Russia”.

To change the region, the key sequence is as follows: MUTE. RETURN. VOL. CH. MUTE (MUTE. off)./On. Press “VOL” button, RETURN. arrow ). Note: for different series of Samsung TVs, the code above may be different.

How to set the parental control on a Samsung TV?

In order to set a password on the TV set “Samsung” go to the menu, then to the “System” tab, then to “Protection”. There you will be able to put all sorts of passwords: to the desired channel, program, and so on.

Select the “Settings” icon represented by the gear in the upper right corner of the TV. In the next menu select “Parental Controls” directly below the “Enter” option. This will take you to the Parental Control settings. Press the switch to turn on the controls.