How do you know if your iPhone is a refurbished or not?

In fact it is easy to find out if your iPhone is refurbished or not. Simply go to “Settings” menu, choose “Main” section and, respectively, “About this device” subsection. This subsection shows the main information about the model, the serial number of the smartphone, the amount of memory and other.

How to check if iPhone is Refurbished

For us the main point is the first letter that stands at the beginning of the model. This letter identifies the actual state of the device.

  • The letter M means that your device has not been restored (in other words your iPhone is new).
  • Letter F means to exchange or restore the device.
  • If the first letter is N. you know that the device has been replaced in the service center under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The letter P at the beginning of the model indicates that the device has been personalized, that is, the device was engraved when purchased.

In addition to the alphabetic information in models, you can tell if the iPhone is new or not by the box. How to determine this? Quite simply. All recovered iPhones, regardless of the model, have only the name of the device on the box, without a picture. In the new models of smartphones on the box there is a picture of the device, such as the smartphone itself inside the box.

There is another way to check iPhone by IMEI, but it is not very effective. The IMEI is used to determine if the casing of the device has been replaced or not. For example, if you are holding a white phone, but if IMEI check it is black, it means that the body has been replaced.

Why do you restore iPhone?

Every year Apple’s partner factory receives thousands of smartphones with various damages from authorized service centers around the world. In some models the camera does not work, in some. the sensor does not work, somewhere. the touchscreen does not work. These phones don’t go to the landfill or get destroyed.

How to Check if iPhone is REFURBISHED (2020)

Apple specialists completely replace all non-working parts and modules (we are not talking about repair, this is only a hundred percent replacement). Then the body, the screen and the iPhone software is completely renewed. The device gets a new serial number, it is packed into a new box, with new headphones and charger. Now it’s the original rebuilt under the program “Certified Pre-Owned” smartphone, which again is covered by a warranty of 1 year.

By the way, the experts assure that the factory for the restoration often gets a brand new iPhone, in which they found some factory defect. That is, they were never used, and the faulty part was eventually replaced with a completely new one. And such practically new gadget costs 10-15% cheaper. For many, this argument is the decisive factor when buying. But many Apple enthusiasts are not eager to buy a second-hand model and are concerned that a refurbished iPhone will be sold to them as a new one at a hardware store for the usual price. How not to make a wrong choice and buy exactly what you need at the moment?

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What is a refurbished iPhone?

To begin with, it’s important to understand that a refurbished device is not just a gadget that has been in for repair. These are models which the assembly plant refused to sell as new because of some problem. Maybe originally such smartphone didn’t have a working camera or a damaged screen, but even due to a minor defect it will be subjected to full-scale diagnostics and restoration (hence the name of such devices refurbished).

The phone is rebuilt, replacing defective parts, and then sold for less than new. as part of the Certified Pre-Owned program. In this case the smartphone gets the original serial number and the manufacturer’s official guarantee.

The manufacturer regularly updates information about gadgets that have been repaired. To find out and check for changes, visit its home page.

iPhone XS and XR

This model range is not sold at the point of sale If the store offers an iPhone XS or iPhone XR under the guise of a reconditioned, you need to check their availability in the register of the company.

iPhone X

First appeared in December 2018., It allows you to save about 15% when buying. A distinctive feature. snow-white packaging without a single inscription, on the body of the smartphone there is no information about the procedures carried out on it.

iPhone 8

Is an outdated model, not popular. Gadgets after repair are packaged in a colorless container, the label has the letters “RFB”.

iPhone 7

Refers to a popular phone in Russia, sold in most representative offices. How to distinguish the original iPhone 7 from refurbished: visual signs of refurbished hardware are completely identical to other representatives of refurbished devices.


In order not to buy a reconditioned iPhone at the cost of the original, you need to know what the differences give away the gadget that was once defective. There is nothing terrible in buying a remanufactured version. they serve their owners just as well as the originals. But such smartphones should be sold at a good discount. they have had time to be repaired. Many unscrupulous sellers put remanufactured gadgets at the price of the original and try to mislead the buyer about the history of the smartphone. In this article we will tell you how to distinguish a refurbished iPhone.

Checking the packaging

First of all, to find out if the iPhone is a refurbished one you need to look at the box in which the device is sold. New iPhones are packed in a box with a picture of the phone that should be inside. Remanufactured models are sold in plain white packaging with no picture of the smartphone, and an Apple Certified Pre-Owned inscription on the bottom.

But it is possible that your phone will have no box, or it will be from another product. To find out if the box matches, you need to compare the serial number and IMEI of the phone with the one on the bottom of the package. But keep in mind that this method is not reliable, because there are cases of high-quality counterfeit packaging and labeling.

See the model number and marking of the smartphone

How to find out if your iPhone is refurbished or not using the model number. For new smartphones it begins with the letters M or P (used for the iPhone, produced exclusively by a personal order). If the first letter is F, it’s an officially refurbished Apple device (“like new”). Refurbished. You can find the model number in the settings if you go to “About device” in the “Basic” menu.

You can also see the real model number by going to the “info” menu when you activate iTunes. Also in the model number is given information about what region the device is intended for sale. If it says “RU or RS” right in front of the “/” symbol, then the iPhone is for sale in Russia. But if there is a different marking, then the smartphone is for sale in other regions and it is better to find out from the seller how the mobile device has appeared in the screenshot with the model number

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Official and unofficially refurbished iPhone

For those Apple tech lovers who are going to buy a remanufactured iPhone, you should know that there are two types of such devices: manufactured refurbished by Apple and by the seller (seller refurbished). To tell the difference between an officially rebuilt iPhone and a non-official one, you should carefully inspect the device you are purchasing. if the initial inspection reveals body imperfections, and the package will include non-original accessories such as chargers or headphones, then it is likely to be a used/remanufactured device that has nothing in common with a new rebuilt iPhone. You should also check if you have installed applications and you have an activated Apple ID. Officially refurbished iPhone must be completely clean and will activate like new.

Check by serial number or IMEI at

On the sndeep you can check your iPhone by serial number or IMEI, so you can quickly and conveniently find out the technical information you need about your device. The site allows you to check not only devices from Apple, but also other equipment.

Apple presented new iPhone 13 and other devices

The iPhone 13 smartphone is not much different from previous models. New smartphone will be powered by A15 Bionic processor and according to the developers it will be 50% faster than iPhone 12. Another technological advantage. High level of protection against moisture. IP68, and that’s according to the classifier. Immersion to a depth of more than 1 meter, for more than 30 minutes.

LG Electronics is leaving the smartphone market

LG Electronics is leaving the smartphone market. This was reported by the agency Yonhap, citing a report from the company, which said that the decision is due to the low profitability of the business and the high competition in the market.

Apple iOS will make it harder to break into iPhones with Zero-click

Security updates have already been added to the iOS 14 beta.5, and will likely be implemented in the final version. Security experts believe that the new security method will make it much harder for hackers to gain control of the iPhone with Zero-click exploits.

Apple has released a public release of iOS 14.5 beta 2

Apple has released a public release of iOS 14.5 beta 2. See what new features and functions iPhone and iPad users will see.

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Types of recovered iPhones

There are two types of refurbished iPhones, which are detailed below. This allows you to quickly find the difference between the devices remanufactured by the manufacturer and by the seller.

Factory Refurbished

Factory Refurbished is a remanufactured smartphones from Apple. In this case, the user applies with the problem to Apple, and if it relates to the warranty case, then instead of the damaged gadget he is given a new device. All defective iPhones received in this way are sent to Apple plants for repair.

Note! This method allows you to restore the phone qualitatively and effectively, so it is almost no different from a new one. The fact that the quality of such repair iPhone is to be replaced with original parts, many tests and tests.

In this case removable elements (display, touchscreen, cables, etc.) are sent to the Apple plants for repair. д.) replaced with the originals. if the defect is connected with motherboard, the defective elements are unsoldered and replaced. Therefore these remanufactured gadgets are as reliable as new ones.

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Basically, iPhone repair is engaged in sellers who participate in Apple’s sales schemes, because they get significant discounts instead of the defective gadgets surrendered.

Seller Refurbishing

Seller Refurbishing gadgets are the devices repaired by the seller. They try to save money on repairs and sell refurbished gadgets as expensive as possible. In general, it all depends on the conscience and credibility of the seller. If he has them, then the repair will be quality.

Note! Sellers of iPhones don’t have access to new original parts, because they can’t order them from a supplier (like for Samsung phones), so they have to use used used used original parts or Chinese low-quality parts taken from other gadgets.

How to Check if iPhone is Refurbished or New?

Such smartphones have no official warranty. It is provided by the seller, who, after the occurrence of a warranty case, tries to blame the customer for the failure in any way. According to official statistics, most of the reconditioned by sellers iPhone breaks in the first year of use. So experts do not advise to buy such devices because they are often repaired by amateurs.

How to check if the iPhone is refurbished or not? How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from a new one

The phones from “Apple” for a decade continue to be the most popular, despite the high cost. In an effort to buy a cherished iPhone cheaper than its market value, their fans go to various tricks. The most popular way. Buying refurbished phones. Let’s find out what the peculiarities of such devices are, how to distinguish them from new ones, and whether they are worth buying at all.

Get a magnifying glass, shine a flashlight on your other phone, and look at the charging slot screws. Their grooves should be free of scratches and damage. This is a sign that your iPhone has not been tampered with, and if any repairs have taken place, they have been done at a normal service.

How to get detailed information about your iPhone using the IMEI

  • In the Phone app, after dialing the combination: #06#
  • In the settings on the way: Settings. Basic. About the device. IMEI.
  • On the back of the box from the iPhone.
  • The back cover of the iPhone (some models have the IMEI on the SIM card tray).

Does Apple mark remanufactured iPhones?

If you buy an “Apple” smartphone in a box, it’s easy to distinguish a remanufactured iPhone from a new one: the box in which the remanufactured gadget is packed has a special stamp with the words “Apple Certified Refurbished” or “Apple Certified Pre-Owned” on it.

Note another point: the box of the Refurbished iPhone is completely white, while the front side of the packaging of the regular iPhone 5 features an image of the gadget.

Finally, another indication can be found on the reverse side of the box, on the sticker with serial number and IMEI. Next to the refurbished product name should be RFB (as pictured).

The “Apple Certified” marking confirms that the gadget has been repaired and tested at the company’s official production by qualified specialists.

There is another marking. “Refurbished by Seller”, that is, refurbished by the seller. No expert would recommend to buy such smartphones. too great is the risk that the repair was made by an amateur, as they say, “on his knees.