How Samsung s10 differs from s10e

Fingerprint scanner

Another important difference between the Galaxy S10e and the older models of the series is the fingerprint scanner. In contrast to the S10 and S10, this smartphone has not received an ultrasonic scanner under the screen, but a capacitive fingerprint sensor located on the right edge, which is combined with a power button. That said, it can work like a touchpad, opening and closing the notification panel if you swipe your finger down or up on it. It’s pretty convenient and works without any problems.

The speed of the scanner is very fast, unlocking happens as soon as your finger touches its surface. But not everyone will like the location of the sensor, the fact is that it is at the top on the right side of the body. It would be more comfortable if it was a centimeter lower.

What’s the difference between the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10e?

Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10e? What to buy, or are they the same? Which Galaxy phone has the smallest screen and which phone has the highest specs?

You probably have a lot of questions and wonder if the older Galaxy S10 is worth buying more than the Galaxy S20. Let’s look at the differences between the two phones so you can decide which one is right for you.

What’s the difference between the Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 Plus? All the differences are here!

different Samsungs! Apparently, this is the motto that guided the company in the release of its flagships for 2019.

No, really. You didn’t get enough of the classic top two Galaxy’s every year? Get three!

Four, in fact. There is also the Galaxy S10 5G. But! In Russia it is not yet available even for pre-order, so now we will not consider it (although a separate note will be written someday:))

And now with all this goodness we have to live and work nowhere to go.

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However, first of all, we need to understand the most important thing. what, in fact, is the difference between all these models? Does it make sense to take the most advanced Galaxy S10 Plus? Or maybe you can do with a standard Galaxy 10? Or do we take the minimal Galaxy S10e and not bother??

For convenience, we have written all the main features and chips of the different modifications of the Galaxy S10 in one table. Here it is:

If you were paying attention, you noticed in the specifications of the Galaxy S10 Plus the inscription for the version with a ceramic body.

That’s right we don’t have three smartphones, but four!

How does the ceramic S10 Plus differ from the usual? In price, materials of the body (which logically follows from the name) and memory size to make a long story short. If a little more detail, read this article.

Note that only the S10 Plus version has a ceramic body. The younger brothers did not get such joy.

Well, here we seem to have sorted everything out the table gives us a clear idea of what the differences are between all these Samsungs.

No desire to study the table? No problem! Let’s consolidate the material and highlight the main main differences between the Samsung S10, S10e and S10 Plus:

  • The Galaxy S10e is Samsung‘s simplest flagship for 2019. Two rear cameras, one front, fingerprint sensor on the side of the device. In general, everything you need is there, but some chips are very minimal. Although, there is a version in yellow body color that the older brothers do not have.
  • Galaxy S10 mid-range. The Galaxy S10e differs greatly from the Galaxy S10e and has a better screen (larger size and resolution), three rear cameras, more RAM (8GB), a larger battery and a fingerprint scanner built into the screen.
  • Galaxy S10 Plus is the most advanced Galaxy. Three rear cameras, two front cameras, maximum screen and battery, fingerprint sensor in the screen. And if you look at the ceramic S10 Plus, you also get very cool guts (12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage). Just some kind of monster!

Total. This year it’s a little more complicated. There used to be two Galaxy models (regular and large), but now there are as many as four. Which one to choose? Perhaps this is the subject of a separate article (we will definitely write about it in the near future).

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Enter your IMEI and your email to verify. To find out the IMEI, enter the code #06# in the Phone application or use the instruction. A successful check of the IMEI does not guarantee the authenticity of the device. Fraudsters can find out the original IMEI and tie it to a fake device.

Take out the blister or bottle and inspect the contents in front of the dispenser for the full number of pills and the volume of the liquid form of the medication. Make sure there’s an instruction sheet inside the product’s package. Visually inspect the package of the medication and pay attention to the expiration date.

The original Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone has a dual front camera. Fakes don’t have it. Some fakes draw the camera on the screen. Galaxy S10e and S10 smartphones feature a single front camera.

Which Samsung Galaxy S10 is Right For You? S10e vs S10 vs S10

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The camera drawn on the screen

The quality of the photos also differs. The main camera Samsung S10 has an increased light sensitivity, allowing you to take saturated pictures in low light conditions.

The original has three cameras on the back of the smartphone. The fake has one camera and two dummies. So it’s impossible to get a wide-angle shot from a fake.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S10e | Side-by-side comparison

The replica has a crooked camera. Traces of glue and gasket stick out from underneath. Some of the fakes may have the camera unit slightly wobbly.

How Samsung Galaxy S10 differs from Galaxy S10 and S10e

New Samsung flagships have been on sale in Russia since March 1: the regular Galaxy S10, the larger S10, as well as a relatively inexpensive S10e.

On the one hand, all the devices in the new range are very similar. On the other hand, they differ in price and feature set. We decided to find out which one is right for you.

What are the differences between Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e

Of the five new S10e, S10, S10 Plus, Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 5G smartphones, the last two are more concept models that show what Samsung is capable of. They will go on sale in the second quarter of 2019 at best.

And here the first three are designed for the mass market and will compete with flagship solutions from other manufacturers.

If you compare these three smartphones, it’s clear that Samsung is pursuing a strategy similar to Apple: producing two maximum-equipped smartphones in two sizes and one relatively compact, cheaper, but with many similar features.

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In Samsung‘s 10th anniversary trio of the Galaxy lineup, the Galaxy S10e, the flagship S10, takes the starting position, while the S10 Plus is designed for those who want the most for their money: screen, memory and picture quality.

Galaxy S10 vs S10e. Long Term Honest Comparison

Design, size and display of the Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus and S10e

The creators of Samsung smartphones have long worked out their own style, so they do not experiment too much with the design of new devices. The older models are similar to the previous ones, have rounded side edges and are made of aluminum. Galaxy S10e somewhat reminiscent of the iPhone XR, apparently manufacturers have tried to create a budget version of the smartphone, as they started doing in Apple.

The most important difference between these phones is their size and diagonal displays. All devices use the new Dynamic AMOLED HDR10 matrix, but different resolution. Let’s take a look at the specs of each smartphone:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e screen: 5.8 inches, weight: 150 grams.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 screen: 6.1 inches, weight: 157 grams.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen: 6.4 inches, weight: 175 grams.

Given the size of the latest model, you need to take care of its reliable protection. So we suggest you buy a case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to protect the body. You can see the catalog with accessories at

Differences: Dimensions: smaller version. 149.9 х 70.4 х 7.8 mm, and increased. 157.6 х 74.1 х 7.8. Colors: Galaxy S10 is available in three colors (Pearl, Onyx, Aquamarine), and S10 Plus, in addition to these shades, can please with two more (White Ceramic, Black Ceramic); Display: C10. 6.1, the S10 has 6.4.

The displays of the two smartphones differ. The Lite version has a proprietary Amoled matrix with HDR10 and 2400×1080 resolution, which gives a pixel density of 394 ppi; the Samsung S10 has higher resolution (3040×1080) and a lower diagonal of 6.1, which entails a serious increase in pixel density. 550 ppi.