How to activate Xiaomi band 4 bracelet

Mi Smart Band 4 automatic heart rate measurement

You can set the parameters for heart rate measurement through the app. To do this, select the menu item “heart rate measurement”, where you set:

Mi band 4 как заряжать. Можно ли зарядить Ми Бэнд 4 от розетки

  • interval for measurement (1, 5, 20 or 30 minutes);
  • measurement method (additionally, you can choose to measure heart rate during sleep);
  • activity detection function (if the bracelet detects that the user is exercising, it will automatically increase the measurement frequency);
  • Notification function (if the heart rate exceeds the set value, the bracelet will vibrate).

Setting the vibration in Xiaomi Mi Band 4

How to “draw” the vibration in the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet

To customize the vibration, the Mi Fit app has a section of the same name, allowing you to set individual vibrations for different types of notifications. Namely, for calls, SMS, alarms, messenger messages, and other alerts. Since vibrations don’t have as much variety as tunes, the developer came up with the idea to create what’s called a vibration pattern. It reminds you of Morse code: you can have short vibrations, long vibrations, and pauses in between in the same pattern. By creating and remembering a few of these drawings, you’ll know exactly what’s coming to you without looking at your phone or bracelet.To set such a pattern, in the Mi Fit app in the Profile tab, click on the name of the bracelet and find the “Vibration” section in the menu. Select a type of signal you want to create a custom vibration for. Let it be “Incoming Call”. Click the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen and click the screen at your own pace. It is better to make the recording longer, otherwise you won’t have time to realize what the vibration is when you receive a call. If it did not work the way you wanted the first time, press “Repeat recording. At the end, click the “Save” button in the upper corner and enter the name of your vibration pattern. Do the same for any other alarms that you want to receive as a unique vibration instead of a normal vibration.

Occasional Mi Band 4 bracelet vibrations and vibration when the charge is low

When the charge level on your fintech tracker gets low, it will start to vibrate intermittently, as full discharge is bad for the gadget. In this case, just put it on charge. If you have set the vibration to a variety of types of signals, and even set the patterns of vibration, it may disturb you too often. After all, messages can come in packs from messengers alone, not to mention calls, alarms, warm-up reminders, or other notifications. To keep them from driving you crazy, set the vibrate to only the necessary types of signals.

Problem Solution: Mi Band 4 doesn’t vibrate when you make a call

If the fitness bracelet stopped vibrating when you call, go to “Vibration”, turn off and re-enable the appropriate slider. The second way is to reset the bracelet and the phone itself. If these quick ways don’t work, perform a bracelet reset, phone unlinking, and other methods.

Unlocking Mi Band 4

Locking and unlocking the screen of Mi Band 4

Sometimes the Mi Band 4 starts to randomly flip the screen or activate any function, especially when it comes into contact with water. The screen lock can solve this problem. To set it, flip through the fitness bracelet screen until you find the “Advanced” item. There, go to “Settings” and from there to “Lock screen”. Set the latch to the on position and read on the screen how to unlock it. Tap the checkbox.When the fitness bracelet goes into standby mode, you can check the function. To do this, click on the screen and try swiping in different directions. If the lock is successful, the lock screen will appear, prompting you to swipe the screen up. Until you do it, the screen is locked. When double locking (in water), first swipe up, then swipe down.

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Lock visibility

Sometimes, a Mi Band 4 owner may think their bracelet is locked, as the screen is lit with a green icon and there is no reaction to touching the screen. Mi Fit app can’t see the gadget either. In fact, it’s not a lock, but a re-pairing mode with the phone. The characters on the screen mean that you need to re-pair between the phone and the bracelet. To solve this problem, go into Mi Fit and in the base section of the bracelet, click the “Disconnect” button. After that retry the steps to connect the phone and the bracelet (more here).

Smart lock and unlock Mi Band 4

In addition to the normal lock, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a smart lock that responds to the removal of the bracelet and allows you to set a password. Although it consists of only four digits, it will at least protect you from those who like to read other people’s messages. To use this feature, in the Mi Fit app, open the “Profile” tab, click on the Mi Band 4 and open the “Lab” submenu. Activate the “Wristband Lock” option. Now as soon as you remove the bracelet from your hand, it will automatically lock.In the same menu, set the four-digit password as well. If you wish, set it, save it and be sure to write it down, as you will need it to unlock the gadget, change or delete the password. If the bracelet is on your hand and asks for the password, re-buckle the strap so that it fits your hand more snugly.

Unlocking Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and phone via Bluetooth

The Mi Band 4 has another unlock option. via Bluetooth. When your smartphone and bracelet are close together (within the distance you set) they automatically unlock and lock when you move away from each other. To use this method, you first need to set the protection on the phone, which will unlock the phone by password, fingerprint or a graphic image. This function is implemented differently in different models. Most often you need to find “Lock screen”, “Passwords and security” or something similar in the “Settings” section. Here you need to choose the type of locking and set one of the offered options, for example, PIN-code or password.
In the second step, you need to set up the Bluetooth unlock option on your phone. In some phone models it is in the same section and is called “Bluetooth unlock”, in others, for example, in the Smart Lock section and within it in the “Secure devices” item. Add your fitness bracelet to the device list if necessary.In the third step in Mi Fit, click from your profile on the name of your wristband and open the “Unlock Screen” menu. Tap the “Set up Bluetooth unlock” line. The app will prompt you to tap the screen of the fitness bracelet. Do that and click the “OK” button in the Mi Fit app. In addition to the lock function itself, you can also set the distance beyond which the devices will lock automatically here. After all the connections, try out the function in practice. Over time, you’ll see for yourself which distance is most comfortable for you, and whether you’re comfortable using this feature.

How to turn on Mi band 4

Xiaomi has made the Mi Smart band 4 almost all fans’ dreams come true. Increased display, music switching, menu reset and reboot. You can set one of 50 watch faces or create your own through special programs. The mechanics of the tracker have improved, but users still face problems.

In the new material we will figure out how to turn on Xiaomi Mi Band, share our personal experience of use and try to answer the questions of users.

How to turn on and set the alarm on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet

Not only are fitness bracelets good for counting steps and calories burned, they get smarter with each new generation. They also support an alarm clock function, which, while obvious, takes on a special value with the Mi Band 4.

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The main advantage of the alarm on the Mi Band is privacy. The vibration isn’t strong enough to wake your bunkmate across the table with a vibration sound, but it’s not so weak that you won’t notice it either.

An innovation for the Mi Band 4 is the ability to activate or deactivate any of the preset options without having to use your phone. On the smartphone, through the Mi Fit app, you only need to set a set of alarms, after which they are synchronized with the bracelet, and then you can manipulate them from the gadget.

To create an alarm, launch the Mi Fit app on your phone.

We are interested in the “Profile” tab, it’s bottom right. Now select the bracelet in the list of connected devices. In the list of available manipulations, select the “Alarm Clock” menu. You are in the sleep control center, now if you click on the “Edit” button at the bottom, you will be able to customize up to 8 different wake-up options to your liking. You can set up either a simple daily method, a smart method that will only work on weekdays, or create a one-time option. To enable one of the selected methods, make sure that the switch to the left of it is lit blue.


Now I will show you how to control the set of synchronized alarms on the bracelet. Activate the screen, you’ll see the Mi Band 4’s main menu. Now take a swipe upwards so that the “Advanced” settings appear on the screen, enter them. Among other things, you will see the “Alarm Clock” menu in yellow, click on it. You’ll see a list of synced options for waking up, if there’s a green light next to any of them it’s active. Press it to make the light go off and it will turn off.

How to turn on your Mi Band 4 for the first time

Let’s take a closer look at how to turn on your Mi Band 4 for the first time after purchase.


Checking the charge level

The first thing to do is to make sure that the Smart-Bracelet is fully charged and ready to be connected to the phone. Press the touch button at the bottom of the display and watch how the device responds. If the screen does not turn on, then the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 needs to be connected to power. If the battery is sufficiently charged, you will see the following image.

Use the battery charger included in the package to power the tracker. Remove the capsule from the strap and insert it into the connector of the included charger. Next, connect the charger to your computer or power adapter.

activate, xiaomi, band, bracelet

After charging, the device will automatically turn on and enter search mode.

activate, xiaomi, band, bracelet

Installing Mi Fit and registering with the app

After making sure the tracker is charged, download the Mi Fit app to your smartphone. This is the official program, developed by the creator of the tracker and allows you to synchronize it with your smartphone and control it with the second.

Download Mi Fit from the App Store or Play Market. After installation, open the application and create an account, following the instructions:

  • In Mi Fit, click on the “Register” icon.
  • Choose the language according to the country of residence (in our case it is Russian) and click “Next”.
  • In the next window, you will be prompted to sign in to your account using your Mi account or Google account, WeChat, Choose the right one.

If you don’t have a My account, you can easily create one right in the app:

  • Click “Create Account.”.
  • Select the country you live in, and enter your email or phone number.
  • Make up a password and re-enter it. Fill in a random code (captcha) at the bottom of the screen and press “Submit”.
  • Minimize the application and open your email. An email with a link for registration will be sent to it.

Creation of Mi-account should be done immediately, without exiting the application. Otherwise all entered data will be reset and you will need to enter it again.

Connecting to a smartphone and updating the firmware

To get access to all of the Smart Wristband’s features (viewing notifications, managing music and calls), you need to connect it to your phone. This is done quickly:

  • Open the Mi Fit app and sign in to the account you created earlier.
  • Give the app all the permissions it needs.
  • Now you need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • In Mi Fit, open Profile and select Add Device.
  • Select “Bracelet” and wait for the device to be found.
  • Tap the green checkmark on the tracker screen to confirm pairing.
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After that, the Mi Band 4 icon will appear in your Mi Fit account. The software will automatically update to the latest version.

While the update is in progress, place both gadgets side by side so that the Bluetooth connection is not lost.

Why aren’t notifications coming in on Mi Band 4

Even though setting up the Mi Band series fitness bracelets is simple, users still note that after a while the tracker suddenly stopped showing messages from Viber or does not vibrate on incoming calls. Problems also occur immediately after successful synchronization and obtaining the necessary permissions by the app. Let’s walk through some common situations.

  • The tracker does not show notifications on the screen. Make sure the notifications section is enabled and all the sliders next to the apps you want are turned on. Make sure Mi Fit is allowed to run in the background and your phone is not too far away from the bracelet. Turn off the “Do Not Disturb” mode in the bracelet menu. A similar problem is also caused by running two control programs at the same time.
  • Mi Fit message “Notification service unavailable”. Lock the app to your smartphone’s RAM (point in the article on setting up background activity) and reauthorize Mi Fit to access notifications by tapping on the error message.
  • Notifications selectively don’t work: call and SMS notifications don’t come. Give the app access to contacts and calls.
  • Notifications are periodically turned off. Most likely, “Receive only when screen is off” has been activated in the settings section of the same name and when the smartphone is not locked, the messages are not duplicated to the fitness tracker.
  • A crossed out Bluetooth icon appears on the wristband screen. The devices are not synced because of the long distance between them. As soon as the connection with your phone returns, all notifications will be duplicated to your handheld device.
  • Mi Band 4 does not vibrate when you call. Under “Vibration”, disable and re-enable the appropriate slider. Check if you did not turn off the notifications for unknown numbers.
  • Random vibrations of the bracelet. This could be due to low charge level of the fitness tracker (the solution is obvious) or software failures, then it is worth trying to reset the watch.

In most cases it magically helps to reinstall the control app and resynchronize the gadgets.

Enable notifications on the Mi Band 4 can not only for messengers, but also for email services like Gmail, Yandex. It’s easy to do:

Install the Mi Fit app and connect the Mi Band 4 to your smartphone.

Opening Mi Fit. Click on Profile and choose a connected device from the list of available in our case it is a bracelet.

In the menu that opens there is an item we are interested in Notifications. click on it. In the new window will pop up a message that you can not access notifications, click on it.

Allow the Mi Fit app access to notifications by first pressing OK, then selecting it from the list.

In the new window, click Allow. Now the notification function can be turned on. The applications for which notifications will be available are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Now you can add Whatsapp or any other messenger to the list. To do this, Manage apps at the bottom of the screen. Find the right one in the list and activate it.

Done. Whatsapp appears in the list of apps and you will receive notifications on your Mi Band 4 when you receive messages.

How to enable notifications on Mi Band 4

If you don’t want to receive notifications when you’re using your smartphone, you can turn on the Receive only when the screen is off option.