How to add a card to Apple Pay

How to set up Apple Pay on your Mac with Touch ID

Step 1. Open “System Settings.”.

Step 2. Go to “Wallet and Apple Pay”.

Step 3. Click the “Add Card” button.

Step 4. Use the directions on the screen to add the card to Apple’s proprietary payment service.

If you’re already using bank cards on other devices that are linked to the same Apple ID, you’ll only have to enter the security code; otherwise, you’ll need to enter all the card details. Apple Pay will send request to bank or card issuer to check information and then confirm it.

How to set up and use Apple Pay

Is virtual card safe?

Nobody cancelled a usual plastic card security, but virtual counterpart has more advantages: firstly, nobody will see its number or CVV-code. Secondly, the virtual card is not named to pay on the Internet, just enter its data, you need to write any name. Details of the main card will remain with you can put it away so as not to lose.

Virtual card can be easily blocked or reissued

Having a virtual card is helpful in everyday use. For example, it can be used to pay for purchases in stores, withdraw money from ATMs; nowadays you will rarely see a terminal without NFC. The card can be used to protect your own data from fraudsters having paid for a purchase in a questionable place, you can block it or reissue it.

How to work with Wallet

Once you’ve tethered your discount to Violet, you’ll just have to head to your partner store and use the contactless system. You need to follow the instructions:

  • Bring iPhone to the terminal of contactless payments in the store and put your finger to the Touch ID to scan fingerprints.
  • The cash register receiver will then give you a receipt.
  • Be sure to take a receipt to prove the transaction.

If you want to take advantage of a discount, it’s easier. Find a discount in the app of the right store and bring it to the scanner, which will read your barcode.

Apple Pay. how to set up and use

Let’s first talk about the service, which is available for the operating system iOS. You can install and sync the system on your iPhone phones (6 and up), iPad, Apple Watch and Macs. Pay for iOS was released to the masses as early as 2016 and has only been gaining momentum since then.

Requirements for compatible devices

Of course, not every iOS device can be suitable for using the Pay service. Let’s take a closer look at what models are suitable for contactless payment.

Help! If we take into account cell phones, only versions no lower than iPhone 6 will do.

  • The owner must be logged in/registered to iCloud;
  • The Wallet app is installed on your phone; you can install it for free from the App Store;
  • The owner uses bank cards. debit, payroll or credit cards;
  • The phone has a bank app, whose card must be entered into Pay.

The main requirement is the presence of fingerprint or face recognition, both on the smartphone and other devices. You will need one of these features to sign in to your wallet and make payments for goods or services.

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Why use Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay is convenient, no need to carry plastic cards with you, easy and quick to turn on, safe to keep data confidential. Owners of devices with installed payment application can confirm these statements. To make a payment, it is enough to be identified in a purse and to bring the phone with the back panel and the watch with the front screen to the terminal.

How to issue and bind the card to Apple Pay

In just one day of operation of Apple Pay I have already received a lot of feedback from our readers and decided to explain some of the nuances in more detail. First of all let’s talk about what is the most profitable card to get and how to solve the problems, arising at the binding to the service.

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What cards are supported

I understand that the service is new to Russia, so even those who do not use Sber are eager to try it soon rather than wait a whole month. Especially for such people, and for those who do not want to overpay, I recommend to get a Mastercard Momentum (exactly Mastercard, not Maestro, although I was told in the office that Maestro they stopped producing at all). The card is free and issued immediately. But keep in mind that not all offices have these cards, so before standing in line check with the staff. The most annoying thing is that you cannot find out remotely if a card is available at one office or another.

I want to warn you right away: don’t tell Sberbank’s employees at the offices that you will be applying for Apple Pay, just say that you need a Mastercard with instant issuance. Otherwise they will start bullshitting you that you need a card at least of the Classic level and that contactless payment must be supported. This is not true, below. A complete list of Sberbank cards that support Apple Pay:

  • World MasterCard Elite Sberbank First
  • MasterCard World Black Edition Premier
  • World MasterCard Gold
  • MasterCard Platinum
  • MasterCard Gold
  • MasterCard Standard
  • MasterCard Standard Contactless
  • MasterCard Standard with a custom design
  • Youth MasterCard Standard
  • Youth MasterCard Standard with a custom design
  • MasterCard Standard Momentum

After getting your card, do not forget to activate it and activate mobile bank (economy). If anything, the staff can help with these transactions. Most importantly, be sure to insist on connecting the economy package, as there will be a fee for the full one.

Binding a card

There are two ways to connect your card to Apple Pay. The first. using Sberbank Online. A “Pin card to Apple Pay” button will appear under your card and you will be redirected to Wallet, where you can finish pinning. Then in the settings of the card will display the appropriate icon and the signature “Apple Pay is connected”.

But this method didn’t work for me, because there was simply no “Attach card to Apple Pay” button!

Luckily, there’s a second option, adding the card directly through Wallet. You enter all your card information, first name and last name, and in a few seconds the linking is complete. This is ideal. Since the Momentum card was unnamed, it was not clear how to write the first and last names. I tried to enter it both in English and in Russian, but the system returned an error every time.

I decided to try my luck with the support service. By the way, a little hint: if you want to be immediately transferred to the operator, after turning on the voice assistant, dial “320”.

I explained the situation to the girl, answered the control questions and we began to work things out. To begin with the operator said that Momentum cards are not supported. But I had seen some screenshots of my colleagues with a linked card and immediately answered that that was not true.

Then the girl suggested that I do not have the application installed. “What is the application??. I asked. “Apple Pay,” the call center specialist answers me. And the last question I asked: what do I enter in the “Name and Last Name” field if the card is not named? “You enter your first and last name in the Latin alphabet or just the word Momentum, depending on the situation.

As a result, my claim was registered and they promised to answer by October 15. It is worth noting that after each question the specialist took a pause for three or four minutes.

Not really counting on anything, I decided to try using the inscription “Momentum R” on the card instead of my first and last name when tethering. And what do you think? The card was linked without any problems, it was only necessary to confirm the linking with the code from the SMS-message.

To link the card to the watch you have to go to the Watch app and open the same Wallet already through it. The list will be your previously attached card, just click “add”. Afterwards it is again necessary to go through all the standard authorizations and confirmations. If you have an iPhone 5/5s/5c and use the Apple Watch, then the initial addition of the card should be done immediately from the Watch app. Important: after you turn on the payment it is mandatory to install the password code on the watch, you will need to enter it after you turn on your watch for the first time or if you take it off your wrist. I couldn’t figure out at first why my watch was asking for the password every time I called up Apple Pay, the problem was that I was holding it in my hand instead of putting it on. Still, “wrist recognition” is a handy thing. Even if someone rips the watch off of you, they won’t be able to pay with it because it will ask for the password. In the end to pay just a double click on the button and holding the display of the watch against the terminal (thanks to our reader with the nickname moda_na_mac for the explanation, as I have already written, I myself will be able to check the payment only tomorrow).

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A few words about payment

Yesterday readers noted that it is possible to pay not only by double-tapping, but also by simply turning on the screen, then you just keep your finger on the fingerprint scanner (you do not need to keep the button pressed) and immediately put the phone to the terminal.

By the way, on the official Sberbank channel there is a video instruction on how to link and pay by iPhone or watch. Everything is accessible and clear, I recommend it.

Also make allowance for the conservatism of the salespeople. If the waiters at “Starbucks” or “Shokoladnitsa” just say “wow” and continue working after your effective payment, the cashiers in some supermarkets may long resent the fact that “it is not the custom in their country!”

I saw a review online of how the Lenta cashier refused to accept payment by Apple Pay, asked the senior cashier, who confirmed that they did not accept payment by phone, but the customer then quietly paid the way he wanted anyway. The result was a terrible scandal. Consider whether your nerves are worth it to show off (I have no other word for this action) to the cashier and other customers.

I am very upset by the incompetence and unpreparedness of Sberbank employees for such an important event like the exclusive launch of Apple Pay. For Sber it was a great opportunity to expand its audience of iPhone owners wishing to try the new technology, but instead the bank is trying to cash in on them by offering more expensive cards, getting lost in questions about Apple Pay and giving wrong answers to them. However, after a recent story, nothing surprises me anymore.

For myself I would not even bother with Sberbank cards, if I didn’t have a job I would wait until the support appears in my bank. But if you don’t have any patience at all, come to the office and pick up a free Mastercard Momentum.

UPD: It is also possible to pay for purchases when the screen is off, you put your phone to the terminal, the window with the card automatically opens, then keep your finger on the scanner and keep the device from the terminal and the payment is made.

How to use Apple Pay in Russia

Apple Pay is a payment system with which you no longer need to carry a wallet. Just link your bank card to your iPhone or Apple Watch once and use it to make purchases in stores and on the Internet.

Paying in stores with Apple Pay takes seconds. Simply put your finger on the Touch ID on the iPhone or double tap the side button on the Apple Watch and bring them to the terminal.

What devices support Apple Pay?

Apple Pay works on iPhone 6 and newer and any Apple Watch (even if it’s associated with iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s).

What bank cards can be used?

At present Apple Pay only works with MasterCard cards issued by Sberbank. The list of banks supporting Apple Pay will be expanded soon.

You need internet or cellular service to pay with Apple Pay?

No, you can even pay for purchases in airplane mode.

How safe is it?

Apple Pay is safer than traditional card payments because it uses your unique device number and a unique transaction code. That is, the card number is not stored on your device or Apple’s servers and is not shared with merchants when you pay. In addition, Apple Pay does not save transaction information by which you can be identified.

Only you can confirm the purchase with your fingerprint or iPhone lock code.

How to Tie the Card to iPhone?

To start using Apple Pay, all you need to do is link your card to your iPhone in a few simple steps:

Open Wallet app on your iPhone and tap “Add Card“.

Enter the card information manually or scan it with your camera.

Confirm that the data you entered is correct and wait for the system to approve your card.

The card will appear in the Wallet app.

If “Your card issuer does not yet provide support for this card” appears on the iPhone screen, it means that your bank or card is not supported by Apple Pay in Russia, or there is not enough money on the card (less than 1 ruble).

How to pay with iPhone?

Apple Pay works with terminals that support contactless payment methods. You can recognize them by this marking:

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To pay with your iPhone, just place your finger on the Touch ID scanner and move your smartphone to the terminal. A beep and a checkmark on the iPhone screen will alert you that the payment was successful.

If you have multiple cards and want to pay with any of them, double tap on Touch ID while the screen is locked. A quick payment window opens in front of you, where you can select the desired card.

Sometimes you’ll need to sign the phone display or enter the card’s PIN: for example, for purchases over 1,000.

card, apple

How to Tie a Card to the Apple Watch?

First, you’ll need to add a 4-digit passcode to your Apple Watch for security purposes. To do this, go to the Watch app and select “Password Code”.

Then select “Wallet and Apple Pay” in the Watch app and follow the on-screen instructions to link the card to your Apple Watch. Note that even if you’ve already linked the card to your iPhone, you’ll need to do this separately for the Apple Watch.

When you are done, you can only pay in stores with the Apple Watch. You don’t need an iPhone for this.

How to pay with Apple Watch

Before paying, double tap the side button on your Apple Watch, select the desired card from the ones you’ve added, and hold the watch display up to the terminal. When the payment is done, you will feel a vibration and hear a beep.

So now you can leave your wallet at home?

Yes, by setting up Apple Pay you can go shopping with your iPhone or Apple Watch, and leave your wallet with cards and cash at home. It’s convenient and safe.

How to link your card to your phone so you can pay with it

Making contactless payments with your smartphone is fast, convenient and safe. In apps, on websites, in stores, anywhere. All you need is a smartphone with built-in NFC-chip and a bank card with PayPass financial transactions support

What’s the name of the card payment app on your phone

There are three mobile payment systems: Apple Pay (for iPhone), Google Pay (for all Android phones) and Samsung Pay (if you have a Samsung phone)

Today we will tell you how to add a card to the Wallet app, in addition to bank debit and credit cards, the Wallet can also store tickets and boarding passes, bonus / club cards)

The Wallet app is initially installed on any iPhone, and when you purchase the phone it sits on your Desktop screen.

Open the App Store

Type Apple Wallet in the search box and click on the “Download” button

It is possible to enter the application through the Wallet icon and click the plus sign to add your card. But many users have difficulties with this option, because the application often does not want to add a card to the wallet, giving an error.

We show you Option 2 is a 100% method, just follow the step-by-step instructions

What World cards can be linked to Apple Pay

The card you link can be a pension card, student card, or any other card

Apple Pay supports a fairly wide range of banks that issue Mir cards. They also include sub-sanctioned banks, but not only them. Here are the most basic ones:

  • Sberbank
  • VTB
  • Rosselkhozbank
  • Promsvyazbank
  • Post Bank
  • Center-Invest
  • Tinkoff
  • Primsotsbank
  • Rosbank
  • Otkritie
  • Rosselkhozbank
  • MTS bank
  • Zenith
  • Home.

You can pin any of these cards to Apple Pay regardless of whether or not they support contactless payment and what conditions they were issued to you. That is, it can be a social card or an ordinary.

If your bank does not support Apple Pay for Mir cards, most likely you should not expect it in the near future due to current events. Many companies, including Apple, have suspended their activities in Russia, and therefore, we should not expect any development of their services in our country yet.

How to change the default card in Apple Pay

If VTB or another sanctioned bank card is installed by default in Apple Pay, you need to change the card in Settings. You can do this as follows:

  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  • Press and hold your finger on the card you want to set as the default.
  • Move the card to the end of the list.
  • After that a notification will appear on your smartphone that the default map has been changed.
  • Press OK.

You can change the default card simply by changing the position of your cards in Wallet.