How to add a magnet map to your iPhone

Download Magnet map on your phone

How to download the Magnit mobile app and get your first bonuses

§ Tie your Magnit card to your iPhone To get bonuses credited to your card you should provide the store cashier with your card data before you pay. Open the app on your smartphone and click on the white Show Map button. How to Add a Magnit Card to Your Phone iPhone To always be aware of the best offers of the Magnit chain the company has developed a handy mobile app for its customers. It helps users have an indispensable tool at their fingertips for managing their purchases. Install the application on your device, activate your bonus card or create a virtual one and get new privileges from the retail network and its partners.

How to add Magnit card to Wallet on Android and iOS smartphones

Virtual Wallet Apple Wallet is one of many tools to simplify daily life. However, compared to the others, it is the most balanced, convenient and logical. The application in the iPhone is preinstalled, and you do not have to download it separately. You can add to it different types of plastic, including bonus cards. Let’s find out how to add a Magnit card to Wallet, whether it is available on all models, what are the ways of adding and how to use the discount from the iPhone.

How to add a Magnet card to Wallet on your Apple iPhone phone

Permanently carry a plastic discount from Magnit is not very convenient. So the loyalty card can be issued electronically in the store’s own utility. The second option. throw the plastic into the virtual wallet. We’ll tell you how to add your Magnit card to your Wallet, which iPhone models it works on, and how to remove the discount to show it at the checkout.

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Before finding out how to get a virtual “Magnit” card, it is necessary to take into account that one bonus card can be attached to one mobile number. You can not add a second virtual card in the app. Or remove the previous one first.

Users can add a “Magnit” loyalty card to “Wallet” application in two ways: take a picture of both sides of the already existing card in plastic or issue a new card through the catalog. immediately in the mobile format, without plastic.

  • Find Wallet application on your mobile device and launch it.
  • Go to Pay.
  • Click on the “Add payment card” button.
  • Enter data from AppleID.
  • Confirm login.
  • Place your bank card in the frame that appears on the screen.
  • Specify bank plastic details.

Letuale card added to wallet.To do this you must:

  • Go to Wallet and click on “”;
  • Scan the CC, if you can’t enter it manually;
  • Press “Next” and wait for confirmation from Apple Pay.
  • Find the Wallet app on your mobile device and launch it.
  • Go to Pay.
  • Click on the “Add payment card” button.
  • Enter data from AppleID.
  • Confirm sign in.
  • Place the bank card in the box that appears on the screen.
  • Specify bank plastic details.

The Apple Wallet app allows you to store all of a user’s cards in one place.You can add a store card to the Apple Wallet in the following ways:

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How to add any discount and rewards cards to the Apple Wallet

The standard Wallet utility allows you to store not only bank cards, but also discount cards, coupons, bonus cards, movie tickets, boarding passes and other electronic analogues of physical cards or documents in your iPhone.

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Unfortunately, not all card types are supported by the program by default, sometimes you have to use a third-party app to store some coupons or coupons. There is a way to add almost any card to the standard iOS app.

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You can activate the card in the mobile app, in your personal account on the website, by sending SMS to free number 9002 in format CARD NUMBER space NAME space BIRTHDATE or with the help of contact-center operator by phone Hot Line 8 (800) 200-90-02 (call in the Russian Federation

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  • Select “Settings” “Wallet and Apple Pay.
  • Press “Add card”.
  • Follow these steps to add a new card.
  • Tap “Next.”.
  • After the bank or card issuer verifies the card, click “Next.


After installation, launch the “magnit” application by clicking on it.

  • Then at your discretion allow notifications, so that the program will inform you about promotions and discounts, if you don’t want to be disturbed, click “Next”.
  • Turn on geolocation, it is necessary to determine the discounts and the nearest stores in your locality.
  • Next step, enter your contact information and F. И. О. Read and agree to the terms of use and confirm your phone number with the code you receive.

Detailed information on how to activate the card in the application and how to fill in the fields is written in the article on the link above.