How to add a payment method on iPhone

What bank card do I have to have in order to pay by Apple Pay?

Sberbank became the first Russian bank-partner of Apple Pay together with Mastercard. So now only holders of Mastercard credit and debit cards issued by Sberbank can use the payment system.

Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey promised that the list of banks supporting Apple Pay will soon be expanded. Vedomosti previously reported that Raiffeisenbank, Tinkoff Bank, Binbank, Otkritie, VTB 24 and Yandex could also become partners in the future.Money”.

According to source of financial market, the list of new Apple partners will be announced in November 2016. The founder of “Tinkoff Bank” Oleg Tinkov also wrote about it in his Instagram.

How to link your card to the App Store

To connect your bank card to your account on your iPhone or iPad do the following:

  • Go to “Settings” in the App Store app.
  • Pin your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  • Choose “View Apple ID. The program may ask you to log in, then enter your password and go on.
  • Select “Payment Info.
  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted for payment. Select yours.
  • Then fill in all the details of the card. You will find all the necessary information directly on your card.
  • Press “Done”. The card is attached and ready to use for payments in the App Store. To change your App Store card, follow the same instructions, changing the card details in the “Payment information” section.

How to change your bank card in the App Store

You can change your payment information on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, if necessary. This is done in the account settings (Apple ID).

Step by step instructions for iPhone

For iPad, the instructions for setting up, unlinking, linking, changing, and deleting the card are identical to those for iPhone.

Instructions for Mac or PC

Open iTunes. At the top of the page will be a management menu. Find “Account”, press “View”. The program will ask for the password that you use for your account. Enter it. Next you need to open “Account Information”, “Edit”, “Payment Method“. Set up or change your card. Finish by clicking “Finish” button.

The “No” option may not always be available. If you have an outstanding payment, if you have previously taken out a subscription that has a free promotional period, which automatically renews and becomes payable when it expires. Another reason. you are a family access member and the organizer has not provided you with a valid payment method.

How to add new cards to Apple Pay on iPhone

Most iPhone users add just one card to Apple Pay, but you can add multiple credit or debit cards if you want. This is useful if you use several cards for different purchases or just want to have a backup version.

Adding new cards is very easy, below we will explain how to do it. Card data can be entered manually or with the camera.

How to unlink a bank card from the iPhone: instructions

To fully use the “apple” gadgets, each owner creates an Apple ID. During registration, the system asks for payment information, so that in the future it will be possible to make purchases in the App Store. But sometimes you need to change the data. If this happens for the first time, the user wonders how to unlink the card from the iPhone.

The need to change or delete information may arise, for example, if a linked bank card expires or is lost or blocked.

payment, method, iphone

Linking to the iTunes Store and App Store

The algorithm for attaching the card to your iPhone, consists of several simple steps:

  • Menu “Settings”, section “iTunes Store and App Store.
  • Open Apple ID, will be redirected to the Apple for authorization.
  • Log in to the site, choose Russian, and go to the “Payment and delivery” section.
  • Press “Add a payment method” and attach the bank card, entering the requested data: number, security code, expiration date.

Once the registration is complete, make purchases by making a payment with the linked card. To switch from one card to another, you must first unlink the old one (choose “No” under “Payment Method“) and then link the new one.

How banks work in the new reality: payment systems and stores without Apple and Google

Some Russian banks have already fallen under sanctions: their applications have been removed from the App Store and Google Play, and others are also afraid of this. The most popular payment systems Apple and Google Pay have been banned or are working irregularly. Many banks are looking for alternatives to Apple and Google payment services and storages. In this article, we’ll talk about them. Some of them are already used by our bank clients.

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We tell you about it in our case studies.

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There are many contactless payment services on the market and we are sure that there will be more. They don’t use Apple and Google, and therefore they are not subject to any sanctions.

Mir Pay is a mobile application developed for the Mir payment system for payment by smartphone. Owners of “Mir” cards need to install the application on their smartphone and contactless payment can be used. Available on Google Play and Huawei AppGallery. There is one disadvantage: it can only be used for Mir cards. But there is a plus: now more and more Russian banks start to issue cards on the basis of “Mir” payment system. Can be used at ATMs and terminals that support contactless card payments.

SberPay. a payment service from Sber. While it works only with Sberbank cards, but may be in the near future Sber will improve it so that it could be used by other banks. You need Sberbank Online app installed on your smartphone to make contactless payments. This service works only on Android, iOS does not support.

In the Wallet app, you can add a bank card and make contactless payments. The system works correctly with Android, but there may be difficulties for iOS users. The application is suitable for NFC-enabled smartphones. The Wallet app is now pre-installed by default on all Huawei and Honor smartphones for the Russian market.

SBPay service works without Apple and Google. This is a development of the Central Bank that complements the system of fast payments (SBP). We already add this quick payment tool to the applications of three major Russian banks. Peculiarities of integration with SBPay do not differ much from implementation of SBP in a bank application. Banks will have to comply with the requirements of the National Payment Card System (NPCS), the organization supervising the SBP, on several key points:

  • Strict requirements for SBPay screen design;
  • Strict sequence of requests is used for payment that cannot be broken even if it contradicts to the bank application logic;
  • integration with SBPay has to be approved by NFC.

The peculiarities of integration with the BPS and the pitfalls that banks face were explained in this article.

SBPay can be installed on Android smartphones of version 6 or higher.0 and iOS, starting with version 13. It can be used to pay by QR-code and through the payment button on the website.

SBPay does not require bank card data. all payments are made from the bank account of the app user. This system is suitable for all banks and it is likely that in the near future many banks will be interested in integrating with it. But it’s worth mentioning that for now it’s limited to SBPay transactions only.

Another promising service is Huawei Pay. It’s available on devices that support NFC. By the end of 2021, Gazprombank, Solidarity Bank, Rosselkhozbank, and Vostochny Bank (now Sovcombank) were already working with the service. In the future, the list is likely to be extended by other major market players. In addition, because the App Store and Google Play are blocked, it is likely that many mobile apps will move to Huawei AppGallery, the world’s third largest app store.

The Samsung Pay payment service was developed specifically for smartphones of the same brand. It does not depend on Google and Apple Pay and works on all Samsung smartphones. It can be used to pay for purchases in online stores and applications, make money transfers by phone number or card number.

How To Change Payment Method On iPhone

Devices on the Android operating system are least susceptible to change because of NFC wireless transmission technology. With its help any bank can create its own service for payment.

For Android devices there are more alternatives, but to find an analogue for Apple Pay is much more difficult. For now, unfortunately, users have only one option: to use a physical bank card. Or change your phone’s geolocation settings to any foreign location.

Another problem faced by Russian banks is the threat of removal of their applications from the Apple and Google desktops. Let’s see what solution banks can find in this situation and where to place their application.

There are several alternatives to Google Store:

  • Many major smartphone manufacturers have their own catalogs of applications. the most famous are Huawei AppGallery, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Xiaomi GetApps. This option may have some limitations. For example, the Huawei store is only suitable for phones with the same name, because to download an application to it you need to replace all Google services with Huawei services.
  • Large IT companies also offer their stores. For example, for some time there was a Yandex store.Store (was closed in 2020), Amazon also has its own app store. Appstore. However, so far its popularity is not very high.
  • You can publish an Android application package (APK) of the application for Android on the bank’s website. In this case the user can download it directly from the site and install it on his or her smartphone. The banks, which were the first to fall under the sanctions, are already going this way.

Below is a little more detail on the peculiarities of the tables of manufacturers of smartphones.

I must say that even before the sanctions were introduced, many banks, our clients, placed their applications on the Huawei AppGallery platform. It is part of Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

AppGallery is an application distribution platform developed by Huawei for Android. AppGallery Connect is a universal platform to support the entire lifecycle of an application: development, distribution, management, testing and analysis.

and more often, we see that developers from different areas are turning to AppGallery: from gamemakers to fintech. We shared our experience with the stor in an article on Habra.

Huawei AppGallery now has over 560 million MAUs

All applications written for Android and placed on Google Play can be adapted for Huawei AppGallery. Adaptation implies that all Google services are replaced by Huawei services. Infrastructure is already ready for this, since the environment was originally built for Android. It does not take as much time as full development from scratch.

Adapting an Android app for AppGallery will take about 100 hours of development

These efforts are not comparable to the time it takes a bank to develop an MVP for any of the shops from scratch: it takes 3500 hours and more.

Our developers have noticed that when you add an application to the AppGallery, there may be problems when adapting with maps (for example, with the service Yandex.Maps). Also from the disadvantages. does not always work geopositioning and libraries associated with Google Services, because they are not on the device. However, these bugs can be fixed.

You do not need to have a Huawei smartphone to test an application. You can install special Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) on your smartphone. To make sure that no functionality depends on them, you can uninstall Google Services and check whether the installed applications work.

Samsung Galaxy Apps (formerly Samsung Apps) is the official Samsung app store. The developers have made an emphasis on creating a dense community around the flagship Galaxy series: they provide exclusive apps for owners of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and TVs.

It is through Samsung Galaxy Apps that the manufacturer provides exclusive content to users. In addition to Android devices the store is available for the following operating systems: Bada, JavaFX and Tizen.

Xiaomi GetApps (formerly Xiaomi Market). a catalog of applications pre-installed on all Xiaomi smartphones and tablets. Market gives all owners access to the usual messengers and services.

AltStore is so far the only option to place a version of the iOS app bypassing the App Store. Since Apple is strict about circumvention options, AltStore operates on the principle of installing an app ostensibly for personal development. However, the installation will be a bit tricky.

To download the desired application, you first need to install AltServer on your computer, and then. on your smartphone. After devices are synchronized via Wi-Fi you’ll need to register a new Apple ID and only then will you be able to install the desired application.

The developer community has no unequivocal opinion on this, and AltStore remains a “gray area” for some.

Because of the blocking of some services, it may seem that applications may disappear from your smartphone altogether. This is impossible. removing apps from stores will not remove them from mobile devices where they are already installed.

payment, method, iphone

As for replacing Google Pay, there are plenty of them: Mir Pay, Sber Pay, Wallet, SBPay, Huawei Pay, Samsung Pay. With counterparts for Apple Pay. more complicated, you’ll have to use a plastic card or change the geolocation in the settings.

For developers and business owners there are not only alternatives for laying out their applications, but also growth points: many large smartphone manufacturers, IT companies such as Yandex and Amazon offer their tables for Android devices, a company can also lay out the APK application on its website. For iOS devices, it’s not so easy again.

Despite sanctions, there are opportunities to present your app to the world and you should take advantage of them. On the consumer side, too, there’s a way out in alternative contactless payment methods. Considering that the IT industry is one of the fastest growing markets, it’s possible that radically new options and solutions await us in the future.

Deactivate the purchase sharing feature

When setting up the Family Access feature, its organizer must save the payment method so that family members can make purchases or subscriptions.

If, as a Family Access organizer, you want to remove the payment method from your Apple ID, first disable shared shopping access. To do this, go to Settings [your name] Family Access Sharing. Tap Share my purchases to disable access.