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How to install third.Party applications on Samsung Smart TV | Complete leadership

Samsung Smart TV. This is a TV with many entertainment, from fashion, sports, news about celebrities and recent events taking place in the world.

Thanks to this number of offers, it is very possible for you to install third.Party applications on your Samsung Smart TV. Thus, you can control many options from one point.

Of course, perhaps you are not familiar with the installation process and find it quite complicated. And this article will help to eliminate this problem. Therefore, at the end of reading this message, you will learn how to install third.Party applications on your Samsung Smart TV.

Using Samsung App Store

If you do not see the application on your Samsung Smart TV home page (also called Smart Hub), which you would like to access, it can be available through Samsung Apps Store.

To find out if the application is available and then add it, follow the following actions:

If you have a Samsung account account. Click “Applications” in the menu line.

You will fall on the screen “My applications”, which displays all pre.Uploaded applications, as well as access to applications of other categories, such as “What is new”, “The most popular”, “video”, “lifestyle” and “entertainment”.

If you see an application that is not in my applications. But you want to add it, select the icon for this application in one of the categories of applications (our example is the most popular). You will fall on the installation page of this application, which also contains information about what the application does, as well as some examples of the screen images showing how the application works.

If you do not see the desired application in the official lists of categories, you can see if it is available in the Samsung Apps store using the search function. To search for the application, select a magnifying glass located in the upper right corner of any application menu screen.

Select the desired application, and then click “Install”.

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How to Install Apps on 2013 & 2014 Samsung Smart TV Sets

After installing the application, you will be offered to open it. If you do not want to open the application, just leave the menu and open it later from my applications.

How to Install Any App in Smart TV that is Not Available in your TV Store

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If you have a Samsung Smart TV smartphone 2014 or an earlier model year. The screen menu system may look different; There may also be differences in the steps used to add applications.

How to update applications on Samsung Smart TV

Since Samsung TV updates and system software are necessary for reliable work, it is important to understand how to update them. Let’s start by updating applications on your Samsung TV.

Update applications on your Samsung Smart TV

The easiest way to maintain application updating on Samsung Smart TV. Set them up for automatic update. Like your phone, computer or tablet, the Samsung operating system checks the availability of updates when the TV is turned on or at a certain time, depending on the parameter.

Thus, you do not even have to think about maintaining them in the current state. Here’s how to configure automatic update of Samsung TV applications.

  • Click the Smart Hub button or “Home” on the TV remote control. Models differ depending on the TV.
  • Select “Applications” in the menu.
  • In the menu that opens, select “My Applications”, and then “Parameters”.
  • Activate “Auto Refine”.

The above steps will automatically update your applications so that you can move to more important things.

The disadvantage of setting up auto.Renewal is that access to Smart Hub is usually carried out when the TV is first turned on. You will see the message “Your Smart Hub is updated and unavailable” or equivalent words. Wait a minute and this message will stop.

If you want to update your applications manually, open “my applications”, as described above, and look at the main menu. You should see the update window next to the parameters. Select this option, and you will find a list of applications that need to be updated. From there, choose one or all of them and let them update.

Updating your Samsung Smart TV

In addition to updating applications on the Samsung HDTV TV, the operating system often requires updating to eliminate performance and error problems, as well as to improve functions.

You may even need to update the TV to get a new version of Smart Hub and, therefore, new updates for certain applications that could not be updated otherwise.

If you are lucky, you can update the TV in the settings menu. Otherwise, you need to manually upload the latest version of Samsung software, download it to the USB drive and inform the TV about the need to update.

Update via the Internet:

  • Turn on the TV and select “Settings”.
  • Select “Support”, and then “Updating Software”.
  • Select “update now” if the update is available.

It is not always necessary to install an update, otherwise the TV will not find an update, even if it is. You should also see the settings of automatic update in the “software update” menu “. You can set this option if you want everything to be in the know.

Update via USB:

If you need to update the TV via USB, it is quite easy to do, but it will take some time.

  • Go to the Samsung support site.
  • Enter the number of your TV model in the search field.
  • Select “Guides” and download the corresponding file to your computer.
  • Choose a model of your TV from the list.
  • Select “Downloads” to install the latest version of the software for your device.
  • Download this software on an empty USB drive.
  • Insert a USB drive into the TV and let it be recognized.
  • Select “Settings and Support” in the TV menu.
  • Select the “software update”, and then “update now”.
  • Direct the TV to the USB drive and let the TV update.

Samsung TV update through USB can take some time depending on how out of your TV. There is an indicator of execution on the screen, but it sometimes hangs, and then jumps forward.

If the process stops, let the TV work for some time before the pause.


Depending on the year of release and the Samsung Menu / Smart Hub version, the appearance of the menu and access to the function of updating the system and applications may differ.

If you are not sure of the exact steps, see. User printing guide or electronic manual for your Samsung Smart TV.

How to install new applications in Samsung Apps

So, we go to the Smart TV menu (multi.Colored button in the form of m):

And we go to the Samsung Apps app store by clicking on the same name:

Note. If you do not have this button, then you need to update the applications. To do this, click on the “Service” link in the lower right corner of the screen or click on the “Tools” button on the remote control:

And in the menu that appears. Select the “Appendix Update” item:

Then the TV will automatically update everything and the Samsung Apps button should appear. If you don’t appear, then turn off, and then turn on the TV again.

Move on. So, we entered the Samsung Apps store:

Here we have a huge number of different programs for watching films and sports programs, and information resources and a bunch of everything else. Most of them, unfortunately, are designed to view programs in English, but for Russian.Speaking viewers, too, there is something.

As you can see, everything is broken here into categories. You can also go to the “most popular applications” and choose something suitable for yourself there. To find out detailed information about the service you like, select and click on it “Enter” on the remote control or click on the mouse. The menu of this widget will open and you will see additional. Information, as well as here it will be possible to install it so that in the future you can watch films or other programs using this service:

Here, on the right, you see a brief information about what you can watch using this Apps, and on the left, if desired, you can install this application on your TV. Why press the “loading” button, there will be a notification of the start of the installation:

There is no need to press anything here. We are waiting for everything to establish. After installation, another window will appear. Notification of the completion of the installation:

Now you can either immediately launch the application and see what it is predetermined. Either postpone the tests for later, close this window and continue installing other applications further.

In the same way, set further everything you like.

Note. It happens that the installation freezes. Or one seems to have been established. Two, then nothing wants to be installed. The way out of this situation is this. Turn off the TV (sometimes even from the outlet you can turn off, if nothing happens), and then turn it on again and everything should earn normally.

Installation for series D

To create a new profile on Samsung television receivers, you need:

  • Press the “Smart Hub” button to enter the “Smart TV” section;
  • Button “A” open the window creation window;
  • Click “Create an account”;
  • Indicate “Develop” as a login, password. Any;
  • Cancel the binding to e.Mail;
  • Enter the profile by installing the “Remember the password” mark so as not to enter the registration data again.

On a note! The fact that the entrance is made, the user icon and the name “Develop” on the left below the screen reports.

Synchronization with a local server is performed similarly to the method described above.

Let us briefly consider the most popular video category that will be useful to establish.

IVI.Ru. Online cinema

Big and very convenient catalog of films, cartoons and series. For most requests, you will definitely find a film to your liking. A lot of free Russian films, as well as foreign. From paid content only the most popular American films, mainly in recent years. Almost all paid films can be watched by the so.Called subscription. It costs 300 per month. When paying, access to paid content is provided. Only single films, the most box office, can be seen for a fee. Average for one such film.

Stream interactive

This application is well complemented by standard television. The best television programs, various reports, a large collection of Russian series and documentary films are collected here. All content is free. It is very convenient if you missed some kind of program on TV, you can see it at any time using this application. Now also available at Samsung Apps.


A broadband Internet connection and a large screen make viewing videos and network broadcasts as comfortable as possible. This application is one of the preinstalled ones, but if the user managed to remove the software (for example, due to a lack of place in the constant memory of the device), re-loading and setting will not take much time.

Slynet IPTV

To work this application, you only need to connect to the Internet. The user gains access to more than 800 channels, 1000 radio stations, many movies in different languages. Software supports playlists. However, for viewing, you will need to install a special player. XMTVPLAYER, which, like the program itself, is distributed for free.


This is online TV with the possibility of viewing transmissions on the air or recording. Registered users will be able to add releases and episodes to a personal archive. This program allows you to easily find the desired channel in the catalog or by the keyword.


This is the most popular service for movie lovers and TV shows as Full HD and even 4K. His catalogs stored tens of thousands of videos, some of which are available without payment, the other by subscription, and for viewing some you need to pay separately. The program allows you to play on a pause, blow back or forward

Peers TV

PEERS TV is an IPTV player that supports almost all playlists on the Internet, has a pleasant integration and works stably on all devices. I already talked a lot about him and showed.


In truth, this is my favorite IPTV player, which is well optimized, supports all playlists convenient to manage and has quite a lot of functions that analogues do not have. If in one word, I recommend!


Quite an interesting online cinema that allows you to watch most films for free. It has a pleasant integration and most importantly, all films in good quality (HD, FHD).

It is impossible to recommend free applications for Smart TV without mentioning KODI. Kodi is a full.Fledged media center that allows you to work with images, music and video, as well as transmit and store them on many devices at once. The application works on various platforms and supports a large number of video formats. If the built.In capabilities are not enough, there are also adds that can significantly expand the functionality of the program at the disposal of the user. Their appointment varies from a simple change in the intense to quick access to Torrent trackers and streams on Twitch.

However, user reviews about the latest version of the application indicate that together with the innovations of Kodi have also acquired problems with performance on some devices. However, Kodi remains one of the best applications for smart television. You can install it through Google Play if you use Smart TV on Android. But the owners of Samsung and LG have to tinker and use the instructions from the Internet.

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VLC Media Player

VLC Player is one of the most popular video players. It is considered such as it is largely due to its “omnivorousness”. The player supports most of the existing video formats and codecs, as well as due to a simple and intuitive integral integration. He “chews” even the most difficult files, supports the organization and playing of playlists, allows you to change the scale of the video and the ratio of the parties, make screenshots, connect subtitles and much more. Can play, including not completely downloaded files. VLC Player will be needed to work with other applications, in particular with online cinemas, which we will talk about below. It is doubly more pleasant that VLC Player is completely free and does not contain any advertisement.


This free application allows you to play films from open network sources, as well as digital TV (playlists are used). Like the previous software, it is absent in Samsung Apps.


Another good application for free viewing TV. Fry!TV. Provides access to more than 1700 channels in high quality, without built.In advertising. Films, cartoons, sports programs, channels Animal Planet and National Geographic. Only a small part of the content, free access to which is opened by Fry!TV. There is an opportunity to control reproduction using a standard remote control, set up image and sound quality. Favorite channels can be added to the “Favorites”. At the same time, you do not have to look and download playlists, everything works “out of the box”. Install Fry!TV will have to download the APK file, you will also need a third-party player, for example, the aforementioned VLC.


With this program, you can watch Internet-TV (free) or channels from the package of the selected provider (you need payment). Broadcasting formats. SD or HD TV, there are channels in 3D.

Important! It should be remembered that the higher the quality of the video content, the greater the speed of the Internet connection should be.

After registration on the site, the user will be able to manage lists of available channels and save changes in the profile. Vintra platform.TV collaborates with service providers in different regions and cities.

Installation of applications on Samsung Tizen Smart TV (after the firmware version 1412)

Install actual versions of Java and Samsung Tizen SDK 2. In Tizen SDK go through the Samsung TV SDK menu. Preference. Samsung TV SDK. Security Profiles, press the Add button, press the Generate 3 button. Create an empty project in Tizen SDK File. New. Tizen Web Project 4. Replace the contents of the project with the files of your application (.HTML, Config.XML, icon, etc. D.) 5. Right.Button mouse on the project folder. Build Package 6. Connect the TV to the same network as the computer 7. On TV, go to the Smart Hub menu. Applications (Applications). My App (My App)

It is better to perform manipulations with the TV first. Development mode can be checked in “My Apps”. There will be a red inscription “Developer mode”. If it is not possible to go to the development mode, you must enter the Smart Hub under the “Develop” account.

Click on a remote control 1 2 3 4 5 9. In the window that appears, set the switch to the “ON” position, enter the local IP address of the computer with Tizen SDK, click “OK” 10. Reload the TV, first turning off the Power button, and then pulling out the fork from the outlet 11. In Tizen SDK on the Connection Explorer tab, open Remote Device Manager

The permission of the TV to install the application to the application is very important, since the security certificates that were signed by Samsung earlier are transmitted. It is made elementary, after connecting TV, a device with IP TV will appear in the “Connection Explorer”. Click on it with the right button and select the item “Permit to Install Applications”. You can read more about creating certificates and permission to install applications here. Http: // www.Samsungdforum.Com/Tizenguide/Tizen3531/Index.HTML

Add the device with a New button, enter the arbitrary name and IP address of the TV, leave the Port field (26101) 13. Click Connect, a new device should appear in the list of Connection Explorer 14. Right.Button mouse on a bag with an appendix (.WGT). TV Web Application (Emulator/Device)

Types of applications

Applications in stores for Smart devices can be conditionally classified in two categories: by topic and cost.

By topic

Smart TV widgets are divided into several groups. The main category is the recommended content among which are the best, popular and often downloaded applications. It can be YouTube, Skype, social networks, etc.D.

Further programs can be divided into groups such as:

  • Video-software for watching films, online cinemas, utilities for IPTV, services from service providers, for example, Wink from Rostelecom or Tricolor online, etc.D.;
  • Social programs. Social networks, messengers, chats, etc.D.;
  • Information resources. Widgets for viewing news or information portals;
  • Games, etc.D.

On a note! In different stores, the number of categories, like content in them, may differ. For example, in Play Market, where the software for TVs based on Android and Android TV downloads from, there will be much more such sections.

The last group is user applications already downloaded to the device. Through this category, you can update or delete established programs.

At the cost

Content is available to the user in applications:

Applications of the first type can be loaded free of charge, the latter will need to pay the specified fixed amount, and others can spread free of charge, but have a trial period or part of the functions will be available only after payment.

Top music applications

In addition to radio stations that are available along with digital TV channels, you can listen to music in popular services on a “smart” television reception.


The portal of the same name contains more than a million songs and instrumental compositions of different genres. You can find your favorite artist, track or album by catalog or using a request. When playing, the album cover is displayed.


This application provides access to more than 50 million tracks performed by musicians from different parts of the planet, as well as audiobooks and podcasts. In this case, the user can create his own playlists.


This program offers over 30 million audio tracts, listening to radio stations and loading its own MP3 files. It is equipped with a system of recommendations based on user preferences. The service is available by subscription, and in the free version the sound quality is only 128 kbps and there is no offline mode.

Summarize. In addition to the above 20 best applications for Samsung Smart TV in 2018-2019, many other programs appeared. They can be found in an official store, among independent developers, as well as on portals dedicated to “smart” television receivers. When choosing, it is useful to focus on the reviews of experienced users, read errors and possible problems, study instructions for installing, setting up and working with on.