How to add history on Instagram through a computer

How to post a story through a computer on Instagram

How to download the story on Instagram through a computer, we will consider within the framework of the article. Stories help subscribers to win a credit of the trust of potential customers. Businessmen carry out a set of works on attracting and maintaining a target audience.

Users promoting the brand and having a business account need to help computer. But the stationary version of the platform does not support history (stories). Enterprising instagrams emerge from this situation in different ways. Now we will analyze the first way:

history, instagram, computer
  • Launch Google Play;
  • Type in the search field “User-Agent Switcher”;
  • Install the plugin;
  • Click on the expansion icon on the right in the browser window;
  • From the opening list, select the OS, under which they intend to imitate the INST version on PC;
  • Open the accounting record in the window adapted under the mobile device;
  • Tap the camera icons;
  • Select a picture claiming to be sent to the tape;
  • If desired, apply filters and other content processing;
  • Click on the icon from the bottom left;
  • Then mark the icon at the top of the frame;
  • Change the size of the window, simulating the rotation of the device;
  • Tap “Add”.

Instagram application

This is an official, free application from the creators of the social network for computers and tablets on Windows 10. He has significant advantages over the web version:

  • Pop.Up notifications of messages to direct or launching live broadcast;
  • The ability to read and respond to messages;
  • Viewing direct ethers;
  • Viewing and creating Instagram stories on a computer;
  • Access to the sections of “photo with you” and “saved”, as well as adding and removing pictures from saved.

In addition, there are some similarities, for example, you can respond to Комментарии и мнения владельцев, view the tape, subscribe and unsubscribe. But add a photo through the computer will not work.

Expansion from Google Chrome

Let’s talk in detail about the expansion from Google. Software is free, installed quickly, does not require additional software. For download, log in to Google, go to the “Additional Tools” tab in the upper taskbar. Click on the symbol of the list in the upper left corner of the monitor. The menu will open where select the “Launch online store” parameter. Enter the name of the software in the search line.

Before you download the story on Instagram through a computer, open a browser, in the right corner there is a panel with tools available for work. Click on the icon to activate work on Instagram. Click on a social network, select an emulator suitable for you. Emulators. Programs that allow you to create an atmosphere on a computer that will be similar to the functionality of a mobile device. For example, install the Android emulator. Kitkat. Launch it by opening a social network. Autominate in the profile, use the service with the full functionality of the social network.

Next, you can use the Instagram mobile Inteagram Inteagram Inteagram. Share in the news feed with the content with subscribers, clicking on the camera symbol on the tabs panel. Click on the parameter “Gallery” by choosing a suitable picture for posting. Remember. To work with storis via PC, a finished, loaded to the device content is required. Next, use built.In editors, functions, filters. Cut the publication to the size of 9×16 to download stories to load. Click on a symbol in the form of a house located at the bottom of the screen. She will transfer you to the main page of the social network with subscribers posts. Expansion will send a request to turn the smartphone over. Make the window already or use the set of keys Ctrl Alt pressing to the arrow to the left. Put a picture by clicking on the word “add”.

How to publish several stories on Instagram

After a day, the first placed insta-storosis will disappear, and it can be found in the archive. But you can post a few more photos or videos to the existing Stories. Do not forget that in the photo hosting there is a boot limit. No more than 100 stories within 24 hours.

In order not to look for the answer to the question of how to add the second story on Instagram, it is necessary to perform several actions. We follow the step.By.Step algorithm:

  • After we laid out the first story, we return to the news feed, pressing the “back” key;
  • Click on the camera again in the upper left corner;
  • We shoot a new video/photo, or select files from the gallery.
history, instagram, computer

The added materials will be shown to your followers in the order of the queue, as if gluing in one continuous story. But when publishing several videos in a row, it is important to remember one moment. You need to download a new video only after the previous one is published. If you ignore this, all Insta-Stori will part in the wrong order.

How to add Stories on Instagram from a computer without installing extensions

Another way to download stories. Mplanner service. This is a paid site, but it has a trial period, and when registering, you get the opportunity to publish 50 articles. They will be accustomed every month. Fast. This is a separate photo or video posted in Stories. Here are the actions that will be available to you.

How to Upload Instagram Stories from PC or Laptop. Post Instagram Story on Desktop

After authorization, you need to attach your account. Scroll through the page on which you are and choose a social network. There is one nuance! You must remember which email was indicated when creating a blog or indicate the current address in the profile settings. If the password is dropped, the restoration instructions will be sent to it.

The system does not store access combination, and all personal data remain with you. For this reason, the service will not help you if you forget about them. No one will also intercept your data or steal your access. Next step. Work with Stories.

How to post a story on Instagram from a computer?

In a standard browser version, it does not have the opportunity to set the videos in the section. But this drawback is corrected if you perform a couple of easy actions. Should be performed in Yandex Browser. The sequence of actions looks like this:

  • The site of the social network opens.
  • Authorization in the profile is carried out.
  • From scratch you should click with the right button.
  • The menu selects to explore the element.
  • A window and code will be on the right side. You need to click on the icon with mobile.
  • The necessary settings are installed and F5 is pressed. This is necessary to preserve the updates made.
  • The Storis button is pressed.
  • A file with PC is selected and content is created in the editor.

If you follow such an instruction, you can quickly publish a video or photo on a social network without the use of third.Party.

Is it possible to add publications on Instagram from a computer?

Why does the situation arise when open the program with PC:

  • The main reason is that there is no mobile connection on the iPhone or Android;
  • Users want to drop professional photos into profile;
  • In the work of the SMM specialist, who develops the content plan, drops photos from PC.
history, instagram, computer

How To Upload Reels, Stories and Carousel On Instagram From PC or Mac (2021)

If you belong to this category of people, pay attention to brief tips. Simple recommendations will help to understand the issue.

“How to add publication through a computer on Instagram?”. A really important question. The social network has a web version on the Internet. There are partial functionality. With the help of a browser it is possible to study any profile, like, comment on the post. Using this version, it is possible to register an account. Enter a mobile phone or login, personal data, password. After authorization, the user can:

  • Watch the contrast of the blogger, like and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев;
  • Enter data to the profile settings;
  • Study user storis;
  • Subscribe to new pages or cancel a subscription, block people.

Many options are absent. With the help of a browser, you can not upload photos and videos, shoot stories, write messages. These functions are available in the presence of additional widgets.

If you need to reset the photo through the browser, use the instructions:

  • Open Instagram using a web resource, enter personal data and open a personal page;
  • Click the Ctrlshifti key combination to start the window, view the code;
  • In the opening window, run the mobile mode;
  • Now set the necessary parameters, determine the resolution;
  • The “camera” key will appear on the screen;
  • Click on not.

After you can easily add a photo from the “gallery” of the computer.

How to save history from Instagram on a computer

The phone has the opportunity to add your story to the archive. This means that the video will always be available to you. There is no same function relative to strangers after. We’ll have to be content with a screenshot or use Storysaver or InstaStory programs. In the case of PC to revenue, various applications and extensions will come again. One of them can be installed already familiar to you. Through Google chrome. In your search in the Browser online store, enter the name IG Story or immediately follow the link. Click “install” and then on the icon in the upper corner on the right. She looks like this. You will see your account in the list. By clicking on the arrow next to the user who interests you or hashtag you download the entire Stories archive!

If you need one specific story, use Web for Instagram. In the search, find the user or hashtag leading to the publication you need, open the video and click on the blue arrow as in the screenshop.

Why is it not possible to go to the account with PC

Now let’s talk about what problems you may face. The list will consist of five points, but do not worry. Not all malfunctions can appear with you.

  • Problems with the selected way. Autoposting services usually work without problems. But difficulties can arise with the emulator. It requires quite a lot of resources and the device will hang and resist. If the extension does not work, it remains only to install another.
  • Internet cliff. If there is no connection, no pages will be loaded. How to check if there is an Internet, you should not be taught. You most likely know yourself.
  • You were banned. In this case, it will not be possible to log in and through the application. You will be shown a corresponding notification with which it will be possible to send an appeal and return the account if the rules are not really violated.
  • Compromised IP. The social network monitors the activity of users with IP addresses. If there is a spam or mass-clicking from some server, then people who are trying to log in with their help can wait for failure or ban. Basically, such a nuisance can wait for those who use free proxies.
  • Technical problems of the social network itself. Sometimes the service stops working or temporarily turns off some functions. Most often the web version suffers. This is usually due to technical work.
history, instagram, computer

Some social networks are not created for mobile devices. This does not mean that we cannot break the system. Even the history on Instagram can be laid out from the computer. And now you know how it can be done.

You can open some profile through a browser or application, but this idea is so-so-after some time a window will appear with a proposal of authorization. In addition, the full version of the post will not work. So, better get the account.

Naturally, they can. But it’s not about Zengram itself, but in how you set it up. A shadow ban can be obtained for manual activities. The main thing is to know the limits of the social network, then you will not be a restraint.

Now this can be done through the browser, nothing needs to be downloaded or installed. So, if you do not need any additional functions, you can just go to a web version.