How to add music to Imovie to iPhone

How to apply music in Aimuvi on iPhone

Imovie program is designed specifically for devices produced by Apple. Many users suggest that the capabilities of this utility are limited by editing the video, but with its help you can also edit the sound component of the films. This article describes in detail the work with music in Imovie (how to add audio, apply sound effects or remove music in general).

Imovie allows you to download your own audio traffic to the film. Music can be added both to the project (then it will sound a background throughout the film), and in a separate clip. When creating the film, you can use the melodies of standard topics, apply sound effects from the built.In library, import audio from the device’s memory or write down sound accompaniment on your own. There is no opportunity to buy music in the program itself, but you can buy the desired audio file through iTunes.

Adding audio from the device memory on Mac

  • In the open project, find the point “window”, then select “Music and sound effects” (or press the icon with the melody icon below).
  • The menu will open where you need to select the location of the file of interest.
  • A list of supported audio files will appear in the pre.Examination window. To open a specific file, you need to clamp it with a cursor and pull it into a project browser on the gray field to the right of the last clip (after the background music).
  • When a green icon with a white plus appears on the sign of the audio file, you can let the cursor release. The field will acquire green color. This means that background music is successfully added. At the same time, audio will be lost until the video lasts.

If you need to add music to one specific clip, and not to the whole movie, audio must be pulled into the area of ​​the video of the video of interest and release. In this case, a green rectangle will appear under this clip.

Add Audio from the device on iOS

  • After loading the audio recordings, go to the download list on the iPhone, click on the file.
  • A menu will appear where you need to select the “Open in” item and select the “Import in Imovie” icon.

Adding music from VK

If the necessary audio tracks are in the audio list, adding it to Imovie is not difficult. To do this, first you need to download music in the memory of the device, and then act like with any other file. In the official application of VK, there is no ability to download music, but you can install one of the additional programs that allow you to download songs from social networks for free to the phone (Boos, Sobaka and others).

Work with music

Imovie installation possibilities allow you to work both with video and music tracks. You can add music and sound effects to films.

You can add to the IMOVIE application field:

How to Cut Music in iMovie on iPhone || how to use imovie on iphone

How to add and cut the sound track

By dragging the necessary melody either on the video itself, or separately for it, you can add a sound track. After which the sound row will be painted green.

To cut the sound track to the required size, it should be selected (by pressing), using the playback indicator select the place where you need to cut the track, select the “Divide” item through an additional menu (relevant for the Mac platform). In the iPad or iPhone devices, the track can be “cut” thanks to the Touch Screen (touch screen) technology, simply running down it from top to bottom.

Recording and changing the voice

Imovie has the opportunity to record your voice. To do this, click the “Record” button with the image of the microphone and start the process. At the end of the recording, a new purple sound path will appear in the project.

Also in the Imovie application there is an instrument “Inspector” to change the recorded voice:

Then click the “Audio Effect” button and in the window that opens, select one of the presented sound effects.

Returning to the Inspector tab, we go to the category of “Audio”. There is an “equalizer”, as well as a number of other useful tools. “noise reduction”, “growing”, “attenuation”, “extinguishing”. We experiment with tools and select the desired effect.

Other opportunities

Audio editing tools in IMOVIE does not end with the above basic capabilities. In the application, you can also change the volume of the entire track:

On a time scale, select an audioclip or video clip with a sound component.

Tighten the volume control (horizontal fishing line for a trimmer passing through the wave shape) up or down. As the fucked, the volume level is displayed as a percentage of the initial and the shape of the wave diagram changes in accordance with the changes made.

You can change the volume and individual fragments of the sound path by creating segments:

At the time scale, insert the mouse pointer on the clip, press and hold the Rab of R, and when the pointer takes the form of the indicator of the selection of the range, pull the pointer according to the clip fragment.

In the selected range, pull the volume control (horizontal fishing line for a trimmer, passing through the wave chart) up or down.

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How to understand that music was added to the program?

We have already found out how to insert music in Imovie on the iPhone. But how to understand that it is loaded there? At the time of adding music, the rear background of the Aimuvi application is painted in gray. This suggests that there was no audio on video recording. As soon as the audio was added to the rear background of the video, the gray color changes to green.

If you added music and did not indicate in which place the video should end, then the song will play until the end of the video in repetition mode. If the duration of the track, which is added, is greater than the duration of the recording, then it breaks off at the same time how the video itself ends.

What sound formats does Imovie support?

When you add sound to Imovie, the program may refuse to play it. This means that the format is not supported, and you cannot use it for your video. You can convert the file into one of the supported formats or try to find another file in format that you can play.

Imovie supports a large number of media formats. For video formats, you can download MP4, MOV, MPEG-2, AVCHD, DV, HDV, MPEG-4 and H.264.

If you want to add audio format, you must choose between MP3, WAV, M4A, AIFF and AAC. For example, if you have a FLAC file, the software does not recognize it.

How to cut sound in Imovie?

Step 1 import an audio file in Imovie

Download the video file in Imovie. Click on a scaling tool and drag it to the left until you see everything. Wait a couple of seconds while the waves are loaded, then place them on about the same line with the sound of the camera.

To cut our film, choose where you want to cut. Hold Shift and click audio, then click / click and select divide the clip.

Now just choose what you want to delete and click delete.

Go to the end of the clip and do the same. Select both the film and audio, control / click and share the clip. The next step is to reduce the volume of the sound of the camera. Just take these arrows and drag them up to 0%. You can also configure the volume of the imported audio up or down.

Check everything twice to play the clip and make sure that the image is synchronized with sound.

How To Add Music in iMovie (2021) iPhone and iPad Tutorial.

After completing the pruning of the sound and everything else in Imovie, you can export the video file. Go to “Share” and click “Make a file”.

Here it gives you options: 1080p, 720p, 480p. Basically, 1080p will be the highest quality, and 720 and 480. For DVD.

Video music

Iphone does not provide its owners with the opportunity to edit videos with standard functions. Therefore, the only option to add music on the video is to download special applications from App Store.

The fully free application developed by Apple is popular with the owners of the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Supported, among other things, are the old versions of iOS. When installing, you can add various effects, transitions, filters.

Before proceeding to the process of connecting music and video, you need to add the necessary files to your smartphone. To do this, we recommend reading the following articles.

If you already have the necessary music and video recording, go to work with Imovie.

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Frequently asked questions about adding audio in Imovie

Can you use iTunes songs in Imovie?

Apple Music. This is a streaming service with DRM shifting. You can import the purchased music of iTunes into the Imovie project.

Imovie will automatically save your music, video and images in a folder named Imovie Library in the Films folder on your computer.

Open Imovie and click the “File” “Open the Project” to add music. Click the audiolip on a temporary scale and drag the marker to choose the start and final points.

How to make background music soft in Imovie?

In the project browser, bring the cursor to audioclip. Select “Sound settings” in the pop.Up menu “action”. You can reduce the volume to make it soft. Just open the inspector’s windows, mark the Office option on the Audio tab. Move the runner to the left to make the volume softer than the original volume.

How to add album cover to mp3? Read this article to add or change the cover to MP3 using a grabber or loader of album covers.

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You can send a voice message using iMessage in iOS 8 on the iPhone or use a third.Party application for recording and sending a voice message such as Skype voice messages, WhatsApp voice messages, etc. D.

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