How to add photos to contact on Samsung

Installation of a photo on contact in Samsung phones

All smartphones operating on the basis of the Android OS provides for the possibility of installing a photo of the calling number or any other picture on any contact from the phone book. This function is very convenient, since it allows you to instantly determine the subscriber without bothering to read his name. Let’s look at how to make a photo on contact in samsung.

Attach a photo on a call at the Samsung Galaxy J5 or in the phone of any other model from the Galaxy line can be in several ways:

  • Through the standard application “Gallery”;
  • By changing the profile of the called subscriber in the pre.Installed program “Contacts”;
  • With additional software.

Whatever option you choose, you need to know that you can only link the picture to the number saved in the phone’s memory. Therefore, if the subscriber is saved on the SIM card, it must first be transferred to the smartphone. This is done as follows:

  • Looking for and starting on the mobile device application “Contacts”.
  • We go into its settings and select the “Import/Export” procedure.
  • In the list that opens, we select where to transfer the number (SIM card) from where, and click “Next”.
  • Indicate a new storage location (“phone”).
  • We mark with a tick of one or more numbers that need to be dragged into the memory of a mobile device.

After the contact is successfully transferred to Samsung Galaxy, you can proceed directly to the attachment to it:

  • Enter the Gallery program.
  • Select a photo that you want to make on contact.
  • Call its properties by slipping by the corresponding button, and click “Install as a photo of the contact“.
  • Indicate the area of ​​the picture that will be displayed on the Samsung Galaxy screen at the incoming call and click “Ready”.

After performing these actions, together with the name of the calling subscriber on the Samsung Galaxy display, the selected picture will also be displayed.

Considering how to establish a photo on contact, one should dwell on another way to carry out this procedure:

  • We open the Contacts program.
  • We are looking for a number to which we want to tie a photo and click “Edit”.
  • Click on a standard drawing and set a picture from the gallery in the falling menu or take an instant picture.
  • We save the changes made.

In the standard application “Gallery

If you have a ready.Made picture, download it from the gallery. Act according to the instructions similar to the previous. Only from a pop.Up window, choose the option “Choose a photo from the gallery”. In this case, the “Contacts and Calls” application should have access to photo, multimedia and files on your device. If you did not give such a permit, then the application will request it, and you will have to click on the “allow” button.

Select a suitable photo from the gallery. Cut the picture in the editor, if necessary, and click on OK. It will attach to the name and number of the phone.

How to add photos to contact on Samsung

In modern mobile devices, the number of telephone book subscribers reaches such quantities that it becomes quite difficult to remember them. One of the solutions of this problem can be the installation of photographs for each of the subscribers (or at least for some of them) in order to recall as quickly as possible what kind of person it is and what can be expected from talking to him. How to make a photo on contact in Samsung and make your life easier while using a phone book?

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the installation of photos is available only if the numbers are in the memory of the phone or in the contacts of Google.

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Those who hold numbers on SIM cards are recommended to transfer them to one of their above storage facilities.

We launch the “Contacts” application, click in the name of the subscriber, for which you need to install the photo and select the “Information” item. The window containing information about contact (name, e-mail, phone, etc.) will open, and at the top there is an icon with the image of the camera on which you need to click.

In this section of the settings, you can take an instant photo (take a picture of a person and post his photos in contacts), select an avatar for him (any image from the “Contacts” pre.Installed in the application) or select a photo of the device stored in memory.

To install the photo available on the smartphone, you must click on the “Gallery” application icon (located next to the avatars), select the desired photo on the phone and cries it so that it is recognizable during the incoming call, as well as when working with the phone book.

After the personnel, click on the “Ready” button, and then “save” to apply changes in the contact.

The second method

Often, if the owner of the smartphone thinks about how to put a photo on a call in Android, then he recalls this way. It consists in the implementation of no less simple actions, but you will take them a little more time. So, follow our leadership:

Go to the phone book. To do this, click on the icon of the pre.Installed application “Contacts”.

Now click on the contact, which you want to provide with a picture.

Click on the “Edit” button. It can be located inside the context menu, popping up after pressing the threefold. Or can be made in the form of an icon depicting a pencil.

In the “naked” Android, the contact photograph is located in the upper part of the displaying window. To replace it, you just need to press the icon in the form of a camera. In the branded shells, you may need to press the troete, which is located in the upper right corner, after which the choice of the corresponding paragraph.

In any case, you will be offered several options for further actions. You can delete a photo, replace it with another image or take a picture right now. Choose the right option. We mean that you will use a photo that is already available in the device’s memory.

Then you may ask about which application to use to select a picture. This is absolutely not important-you can choose both a “gallery” and some other program-up to a file manager. By the way, on our site you can learn about the best file managers for Android.

Next, you need to choose a suitable photo.

The system will offer you to fail the picture (this does not happen in some membranes). Again you need to choose a utility with which you will cut the excess part of the image.

Sick the picture, then press the “Ready” button (usually looks like a checkmark).

That’s all. It remains only to press the box, finishing the contact editing.

How to put a photo of contact on the entire screen on Android

Not all phones when calling display a person’s image to a full screen. This causes many users certain inconvenience, for example, with vision problems. In the settings there is no parameter responsible for the output of the picture on the entire display, so special utilities from Google Play come to the rescue. The best quality and most popular is the Full Screen Caller ID program. We offer to consider a brief instruction on working with software:

  • Open the application.
  • At the first launch, the system will launch an animation showing the main features of the utility.
  • Next, click on the “accept” button and allow the imposition on top of other windows. This is necessary to display a call while working with other applications.
  • Now in the window that appears, select “use by default”. With this action, the program gains access to the implementation and acceptance of calls.
  • Then click “Allow”.
  • And finally, in the last slide, we click “Ready”.

Now the configuration of the software is completed, which means you can go to the binding of the photo. For this:

  • In the application itself, we go into the tab with the human profile icon.
  • We open a page with the right contact.
  • Click “Assign the image”.
  • The system proposes to set the image from the camera, select from the gallery or
  • Choose a suitable option and click “Save”.
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After that, we check the correct installation of the picture and make a trial call.

Standard methods

The easiest way to add a photo to contact in Android involves performing simple actions. You should open the phone book and find the profile, the settings of which you want to change. Next, you need to execute the command “Change from the list of the proposed”. After that, you will fall into the mode of changing the profile, where there is an icon in the place of which there should be a photo. Click on it and upload a photo from the gallery. Do not forget to save changes. It should be noted that you can make an instant photograph if you activate the corresponding function. In some cases it is convenient.

The second standard method provides for the first search for a suitable image in the gallery. To tie a photo to contact in Android, you need to open a list of all possible actions and select “install on” or “install as”. After that, it will be enough to select the corresponding subscriber number.

How to establish a photo on contact on the Samsung phone

Creating a new contact on the Samsung smartphone, we indicate his name, surname, email and other necessary information.

In addition to these data, contact can be decorated, selected among the rest, adding a photo to a personal card.

After that, this picture will be displayed in the contacts section, and also with the incoming or outgoing call of this subscriber.

To fulfill these purposes, you do not need to use some kind of third-party application or program.

How to Assign a Picture to a Contact Galaxy S10

Since this function is built into the official firmware of our phone. Below I will give step.By.Step instructions in which I will explain what and how to do.

Attention to install a photo, you can only contact the phone saved in memory, if it is saved on a SIM card, this will not work.

How to make a photo on contact on Samsung Galaxy

We go to the application phone.

Find the desired contact and click on a circle next to the name.

In the window that opens, click on the green button with the camera icon.

We are offered to choose a photo from the gallery, or make a new one, I will choose from the gallery.

How to Add Photo to Contact in SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 – Contact Personalization

Through pictures or albums we find the right image and click on it.

We move the circle in order to select the desired part, then click on the button ready.

At the last step, we keep changes.

How to change or delete

If you decide to change or delete the photo, make the following.

Open the contacts section, find the right one, after click on the picture.

Click on the button to change.

Click once again in the photo.

In the upper right corner, there is a button minus, click on it.

We keep changes, or choose another.

How to make a photo on contact in Samsung

The number of subscribers in the telephone book can be so many that sometimes it is difficult to look for them only by surname. To better identify the caller, you can add a photo for him. Next, we will consider how to make a photo on contact in samsung.

You can install photos if the subscriber is recorded in the phone memory. If the number is on the SIM card, add the picture will not work.

Go to the phone menu and go to “Contacts”. If there is a shortcut on the desktop, you can click on it.

Find the right person and open his recording. A list with actions will be displayed, select “Information”.

On the next page, click on an icon with a camera.

The camera will start, you can take a photo either in the gallery and choose a picture.

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Having set the image, click “Save”.

photos, contact, samsung

When a call from this number comes to your phone, among other things you will see a photo.

Useful program Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD

If none of these methods has come up, then you can set a third.Party utility to change the parameters of displaying photos on contacts from your phone book. It spreads through Play Market. The advantage of this utility is that it has an intuitive intensity and expands the capabilities of your smartphone. The main features of this utility:

  • Posting photos on the contacts of contacts on Android;
  • Display of incoming SMS on the full screen;
  • Major notifications of missing calls;
  • The possibility of compiling a black list;
  • Challenges by gestures;
  • Calling calls by turning the phone.

There are two versions of this program. Free and professional. You can use not all the functions of the utility, but only the necessary. Immediately after the first use of the application, you need to set it up:

  • Turn on interception of messages and calls.
  • Configure notifications, calls to deviate.
  • Select the appearance of the window with an incoming call. The utility offers one of the five options, but in the near future developers promise to expand the possibilities.
  • Configure or download the design topic for well.Known and unknown contacts. You can install different topics to immediately understand who is calling you.
  • Configure gestures management and SMS.
  • Set the sensors. This will allow you to reject incoming calls with a simple phone upward screen downward.
  • If you need it, configure call blocking and black list.
  • The last setting point can not be changed, it only helps to connect the changes you have made with standard phone functions.

To solve another problem how to establish a photo on contact in Android, you must use the built.In manager. It is located in the “Settings” section. You have several options where you can get the picture for contact:

  • To take a photo;
  • Download it from the memory of the phone from the Gallery;
  • From the social network;
  • From the default pictures.

With this application, it is permissible to install even a video on an incoming call. It looks very unusual. After choosing a picture, you can increase or cut it. After these manipulations, you just have to click on the “Ready” button. The selected photo will be displayed with an incoming call to us the whole screen.

How to delete a contact photo or edit it

You can solve the problem of how to delete a photo of contact on an android or edit it in several ways:

The best way to delete or change the photo is the Google Contacts service. It is enough to simply erase the necessary image in it. Sometimes, of all these, only this method works, for example, in Android 6 you can only replace the photo, and not erase it completely.

Changing a contact photo is easier for this you can use all the same methods as to add it. In any of the services, you need to only instead of the “add photo” line select “change”. Sometimes it’s enough to just click on the photo to call the context menu. At the same time, you will not only have the choice of images from the Gallery, but also take a picture from the camera at the moment.

There are several ways to edit the contact sheet, each of them is simple and understandable, because the Android operating system was originally positioned as intellectual. Some of the selected methods may not work, since Android OS versions are a lot, except for the basic, there are branded assemblies from phone manufacturers. Their design and set of functions is slightly different from the standard. Now you know how to make a photo on Android contact. Discuss the information in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and share it with friends.