How to add photos to hidden photos on iPhone

How to add a photo to the hidden ones on iPhone

You have the ability to hide images and videos in the standard gallery “Photos” on your iPhone and iPad. This would keep this content out of sight should your mobile device fall into the wrong hands for a while. We explain how to use the corresponding feature in iOS 14 (iPadOS 14).

Why hide images and videos in Photos

You may have a variety of reasons to hide images and videos stored in the app from Photos. This may be very personal content, some very important or confidential material that should not be shown to outsiders, etc.

Previously, any content that you chose to keep out of sight was still in the Photos app. You could access it using the special “Hidden” directory at the bottom of the “Albums” section. You could find it and look inside it even at random.

However, with the release of iOS 14 (iPadOS 14), the “Hidden” directory from the corresponding Photo section can be removed via Settings. Yes, you can still get it back just as easily, but it will take time, which the person with your mobile device may not have.

How to completely hide photos and clips in Photos

Find the photo or clip you want to hide, or select several.

Expand the menu of additional actions.

Select the “Hide” option.

After that, the images and videos you have selected will go into a special “Hidden” directory, which is displayed at the bottom of the “Albums” section. You can, however, also hide it by turning the “Hidden Album” switch in the “Settings” “Photos” menu to the inactive position.

Not many people know you can use the AI-powered search engine in Photos not only on iPhone, but on iPad, too. It recognizes objects in images and allows you to search images by keywords. In this article about this and other program features.

You can quickly hide some photos from the Photos app

The default photo gallery on your iPhone and iPad gives you the option to hide each individual photo as well as multiple images. They will not appear in the general Recent feed and individual albums, but will remain on your device. They can be found through the “Hidden” folder.

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Find the photo you want to hide, or select multiple photos.

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Go to the Advanced Actions menu.

Use the Hide option.

Some photos must be permanently hidden, while others will be temporarily hidden in the Photo app. When some of them need to be moved back to the general feed and albums, you need to select them, go to the menu of additional actions and select the option “Show”.

You can see where a particular photo was taken

The standard gallery of iPhone and iPad has the ability to show the specific location in which the picture was taken. With this trick, you can take a photo of the sign of an interesting cafe while traveling, so you can find it in the future by marking it on a map.

Select the specific image whose location you want to find out.

Swipe up from the bottom to open a menu of additional information.

Tap the map thumbnail in the “Places” menu section to show the geolocation of the photo in the Maps app.

It is important to understand that in order for your photos to have a location tag, “Camera” must have access to geolocation. You can check this in the menu “Settings” “Privacy” “Geolocation Services” “Camera. Select “When using the app” here.

The Photos app has a keyword search system

The standard iPhone and iPad gallery knows how to recognize objects in photos. When you take a picture of something or upload pictures to the Photos app, it immediately indexes the images and allows you to search through them using keywords.

Go to the “Search” section of the app.

Enter the name of the subject, the name of the person, the location.

Select the desired image from the search results.

Examples of subject names for search queries: “Animals, Castles, Snow, Beaches, Concerts, Food, Planes. The last words you used when trying to find a particular image will be saved in the “Search” menu under the name “Recent searches”.

You can stitch together multiple Live Photo images into a single video

Live Photo records 1.5 seconds of video before and after you press the shutter button in Photo mode. The result is not just a static photo, but a dynamic 3 second story. Not many people know that you can combine Live Photo photos into a single video.

Select “Live Photos” from the Media File Types menu.

Click on the “Select” button and mark a few pictures.

Go to the advanced actions menu and select the “Save as video” option.

To activate the Live Photo function, tap the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the Camera app. To keep it active, toggle the Live Photo radio button on the Settings app, Camera, and Save Settings.

In Photos, you can use physical keyboard shortcuts

After installing iOS 13.4 the standard iPhone and iPad gallery now supports keyboard shortcuts that can be used with the physical keyboard. To view them all on your iPad, press Command(⌘) for a few seconds. On the iPhone, you’ll just have to remember them.

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Command(⌘) “S”. open the Advanced Actions menu;

How To Hide Photos On iPhone #Shorts

Command(⌘) “E”. open the photo editing menu;

Command(⌘) “L” to hide a photo or set of photos;

Command(⌘) “D” to duplicate the current photo.

In the “Photos” app, the physical keyboard is also handy for finding the photos you want, which we talked about above. And with the arrows of a separate wireless physical keyboard, it’s easy to show photos to someone holding your iPhone or iPad.

How to hide the album with hidden photos in iOS / iPadOS 14

The fifth betas of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur include the ability to hide a hidden photo album.

Hiding photos on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac has been around for a long time. Hidden photos are moved from your general photo folder to a separate album with the telling name “Hidden“. If your phone falls into the hands of another user, they won’t accidentally see your personal photos for a few minutes (unless they look for them on purpose). In the fifth betas of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur Apple still can hide photos, but additionally you can hide the album itself from the gallery. The only time a hidden album will be available is when selecting a photo when using other apps.

How to remove the album with hidden photos on an iPhone with iOS 14 or iPad with iPadOS 14

  • Open Settings on your device, choose the Photos section.
  • Remove the toggle switch from the Hidden Album option (for now, the name and description are only available in English).
  • Go to the photo, scroll to “Other albums”. the album “Hidden” should disappear.
  • To bring back the album with hidden photos, turn on the toggle.

By default, the album with hidden photos appears in the Photos app.

The ability to hide the album with hidden photos is only available in the fifth betas of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, and may not be included in the fall final release. For example, Apple has already removed the selfie mirroring that appeared in the first betas of iOS 14.

Third-party apps

If you do not want to play with the complex settings of the system, you can just install a third-party gallery, where access to the photos can be restricted by a password. over, some programs of this type mimic something innocuous, such as a calculator, so as not to arouse unnecessary suspicion. Private Photo Vault receives consistently high user ratings in this category. Pic Safe, Photo Safe. Hide apps and Keepsafe: Photo and Video safe.

How to hide photos on your iPhone and hide the album with hidden photos

If you have photos on your iPhone that you would prefer to keep hidden from other people, you can do it with the built-in tools of the Photos app. it’s not the safest way, but it may work for the curious person who got hold of your phone.

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This easy beginner’s guide on how to hide photos on your iPhone, and how to make your “Hidden” album not show up in the app’s photo viewer. Also might be interesting: How to hide files on Android.

A folder with hidden images

The “Hide Photos” option has been improved, and now users of gadgets with software from “Apple” can hide several photos at once, but this trick only works with photos from “Moments” and “Collections. Hidden frames are still in the “Hidden Album” folder. So how to hide photos on your iPhone so that no one else has access to them? You can go in two ways: resort to the standard features of the operating system, or use the application “Notes”.

How to hide photos on iPhone in the “Notes” app

This method can be considered one of the most reliable and easy, because it does not require downloading additional software, as well as having great knowledge in configuring iPhone.

Few users have discovered this workaround. hiding photo frames directly through the “Notes” system app.

You need to know how to put a password on different apps. The algorithm is similar to the above paragraph, when setting a password on the “Photos”. The same manipulations should be done for the “Notes.

To hide photos bypasswise, you need:

  • Launch “Photos” on your iPhone and click on the “select” option, located in the right corner at the top of the screen;
  • Next, you must select the exact image, which in the future will not be seen by any user except the iPhone owner himself, knowing the password;
  • After selecting, you need to click on the “Menu” button or otherwise “Share” located in the lower left corner of your phone;
  • You will then be given a choice of applications where you can move or send this picture. It is necessary to scroll the slider and find “Notes”, click on the icon of the ruled album;

How to set a password on “Notes” can be seen in this video

How to hide photos, videos, and apps on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Sometimes in life, there are situations when we would like some photos, videos, or applications on our Apple device to be seen only by us and to be stored safely on our iPhone or iPad. Fortunately, Apple devices allow you to hide files without deleting them.