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I guess there’s no computer without monitors. Definitely not, if it is a home or work computer, and not some specialized computer installed in some management system. All normal computers have monitors. Even, sometimes, there can be not one, but two or more monitors on the same computer.

If you work at home, you can use your laptop as a system unit. Then you have to connect an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Monitors can have their own settings: brightness, volume and other.

How to Use a TV as a Monitor for your Computer

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Want to increase the time you spend at your computer? Maybe you need to give a presentation, but don’t have a projector handy? Why not connect your computer to a 50″ high definition (HD) TV. Or maybe you want to turn your laptop into a desktop, but don’t have a monitor. Most modern computers can be easily connected to modern televisions.

  • HDMI. A modern standard for connecting HD devices, and most modern computers have an HDMI connector (on the back). HDMI carries both picture and sound. The HDMI connector looks like an elongated USB port.
  • DVI. A digital connector with pins. It is rectangular in shape and has three rows of eight pins each. DVI only sends an image.
  • VGA. Old standard. It has a trapezoid shape and three rows of 15 pins. Do not use this connector if you have access to a DVI or HDMI connector, as the VGA connector provides a poor quality picture. VGA only carries pictures and cannot display an HD-quality picture.
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  • Most modern televisions have one or more HDMI inputs. This is the quickest, easiest way to connect your computer to your TV, and it offers the best picture quality. HDMI cable is the only type of cable that transmits both video and audio signals.
  • The DVI connector is not as common, but you can still find it in many modern televisions.
  • VGA connectors are not usually found on HD televisions, but they are on regular televisions.

Look at the labeling on the input on your TV. This will help you properly set up your TV to display the signal from your computer.

  • If your computer and TV do not have the same connectors, you will need an adapter. For example, if your computer has a DVI connector and your TV has an HDMI connector, buy a DVI-to-HDMI adapter or cable. In this case, audio will not be transmitted through HDMI, since the DVI standard does not support audio transmission.
  • Use a 3.5mm audio cable and plug it into the headphone jack on your laptop for audio. On a desktop computer, use the green headphone jack (on the back of the computer). Use one 3.5mm audio plug or two RCA plugs when connecting the audio cable to the TV.
  • If you connect with VGA, first turn off your computer and TV. In the case of DVI and HDMI you do not need to do this.

Switch your TV to receive a signal from the appropriate jack. To do this, use the “Source” or “Input” button on the remote control. The connector you choose must match the connector you plugged the cable into.

How to set the screen timeout on your laptop?

Check your settings in the Windows 10 settings interface, which you can access via Start. Settings or by pressing WinI on your keyboard. In the settings, select “Personalization,” and then select “Lock Screen. At the bottom of the screen you can adjust your settings.

Move the cursor to an empty space on the desktop and right-click, then click “Personalize” in the window that appears. 2. In the “Personalization” window, click on the “Screen Saver” icon. Next, go to disable the monitor shutdown after a long standstill of the computer.

How to set the monitor‘s resolution

First of all, it is necessary to learn the maximum resolution supported by the computer monitor. This information is usually specified in the documentation that comes with the purchase of the monitor. If you know the model name of your monitor, you can also get the information about its maximum resolution from the Internet (see. on the manufacturer’s website or on specialized sites).

The screen resolution setting procedure depends on the version of Windows installed on your computer:

Windows Vista, Windows 7To set the screen resolution: close or minimize all open windows, point the mouse pointer to an empty space on the desktop, right-click on the mouse. A context menu will open in which you need to select the “Screen resolution” item (left-click on it). In the window that appears, open the drop-down menu next to the “Resolution” caption (click on it) and move the slider to the value corresponding to the desired screen resolution (see. image on the right, click on it to enlarge it). Then press the “Apply” button and confirm the setting of new parameters;

Windows XP: close or minimize all open windows, move the mouse pointer to an empty spot on the desktop, right-click. A context menu will open in which you must select the “Properties” item (left-click on it). In the window that will open go to the tab “Parameters”, where in the item “Screen resolution” move the slider to the value corresponding to the desired screen resolution (see pic. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it). Then press the “Apply” button and confirm the changes you have made.

If there is no resolution you like among those suggested by the PC, it means that either you have set wrong maximum resolution for your monitor model (check it once again) or your computer has no video card driver.

In the latter case, you need to find out which video card is installed on your computer, download the driver for it (from the site of its manufacturer) and install it. After restarting your computer in its settings, the appropriate resolution option will be available.


How to adjust sharpness on the computer monitor?

Once optimization has been carried out, you can proceed to the setting itself through the operating system. Let’s consider the example of the Windows operating system. the sequence of actions is as follows:

IMPORTANT. The procedure may be different for some versions of the Windows operating system. This is connected with the high frequency of updates, but you can always check the information about the setting on the official site of Microsoft or on the Internet.

A context window will open in front of the user with the ability to change the sharpness. Just by changing the position of the slider, you can change the characteristics of the image.

There will be three standard modes available for the user to choose from, with the option to further adjust the sharpness is values:

When you have chosen the best value, activate the “advanced setup” tab, it is possible to make the desired changes, making the picture sharper or blurrier. After this you should save the changes you made and the monitor is ready to use.

How to adjust the screen using built-in programs

If you have an external monitor without buttons or a laptop, you can adjust the image with the built-in tools. There are such programs in Windows and macOS. These are simple and instruct the user in detail about choosing the best settings.

If you have already adjusted the display with the hardware buttons, you can also try calibrating it with the system program. It will probably improve the result.

In Windows

Open the system search, type in the word “calibration” and launch the found application. On the screen you will see a series of tests for display adjustment. Follow the system prompts to complete them.

You can also use the ClearType Text tool in Windows 10. It helps make the text you see on your screen easier to read. To run the setup wizard, type in a search for ClearType.

On macOS

Expand the Apple menu at the top of the screen and open System Preferences → Monitors. Then go to the “Color” tab and click “Calibrate.”. Follow the assistant’s tips to set up your monitor in the best way possible.

How to use your laptop as a computer monitor. basic ways

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How to use your laptop as a computer or other laptop monitor

There may be several situations where there is a need to use your laptop as a monitor. The most popular problem is the failure of the main display of the personal computer. Therefore, in order to use the power of the system unit and the data that is stored in it, you will need a monitor of another external device. The same situation can arise when the display matrix of another laptop does not work correctly.

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Ways to connect a laptop as a monitor

The most stable and reliable way is the cable connection. Depending on the laptop model, its external interface may vary. Use the laptop as a monitor can be through HDMI connector or via VGA output. If your system unit has only an HDMI socket, and your portable PC has a VGA input, you will need a special adaptor to make them work together.

Use your notebook as a monitor using a cable connection

Determined with the necessary cable and set it to establish a connection between the system unit and the laptop, go to setting up the display. Switch your notebook PC on and wait for it to boot up fully. Then activate the menu item “Properties” or “Screen resolution” (depending on the operating system installed) by clicking the right mouse button on the free space on the desktop. In the window that opens we see the parameters of the working display.

To apply the laptop as a computer display, you need to select from the appearing list the desired monitor by name. Then you need to expand the desktop PC to the connected device, ticking the appropriate menu item. To do this, you must confirm the changes made by pressing the “Apply” button, and then “Ok”. After making these simple settings you will use the laptop screen as your main monitor.

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How to use a laptop as a display over Wi-Fi

For computers running Windows 7 and later, as well as Mac devices, there is a special program called Air Display. It allows you to quickly and efficiently connect your laptop as a computer monitor over a wireless network. The application must be installed and activated on two devices simultaneously. By performing simple setting items, following the clear prompts, you will quickly achieve the desired result.

Stable connection of the laptop as the main PC display will provide the utility MaxiVista. It is designed specifically to perform this function and is available in two versions:

  • client (for the controlled device, whose monitor will be used as the main one);
  • Server (must be installed on the main device).

When launching the application, the server should automatically detect the client laptop. After connecting to it and performing the step-by-step settings, you can use your laptop as a computer monitor. The main drawback of this utility is that it is not free and not cheap. In addition, there are a number of programs that allow you to remotely use the display of a paired device:

These apps have their own features and are more complicated to set up. Among all these methods each user can choose and apply in his case the most convenient and affordable option.