How to bind the remote control to the TV Samsung

Setting up

Many people don’t know how to set up a universal controller. To do this, you can use one of three ways to configure.


Most reliable way for remote control activation. Sequence of operations:


This method is used when the TV code is unknown. To do this:

Automatic search of the TV brand can take from 15 to 25 minutes. Then you can reset the receiver and start using the remote control.

Without code

These controllers can pick up the correct code themselves. To do this, you need to do the following:

After turning off the code will be picked up. At the end to save the settings, press the TV button.

How to connect a smart remote control (Smart Touch Control)

Below you can find instructions for different series of Samsung TV sets.

Click here to learn how to connect a remote control to a T, R, N, M, Q, LS, K-series TV

Install two batteries into the remote control. The type of batteries, AA or AAA, depends on the TV model. See the battery compartment on the remote or user manual for information about the type of battery.

Batteries can be installed either from the front,

Switch on your television with the POWER button

The first time you turn it on, the remote control should connect automatically. If not, point the remote control at the set and press RETURN and PLAY/STOP buttons simultaneously for at least 3 seconds.

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Insert two batteries into the remote control. Battery type: AA or AAA, depending on TV model. You can check the battery compartment on the remote control or in the user manual for information about the type of remote control.

Turn on your TV with the POWER button

The first time you turn the remote control on, it should connect automatically. If not, point the remote control at the TV, then press the RETURN/EXIT and EXTRA buttons simultaneously for at least 3 seconds.

Click here to find out how to connect the remote control to your H-series TV

Turn on your TV with the POWER button

Point the remote control at the TV set, then press RETURN and GUIDE buttons simultaneously for at least 3 seconds.

Manual programming

Note! If your TV set is not on the list, the remote control setting may not work. Then we try the second method. the automatic.

Upgrade Samsung Smart TV to Smart Remote Control. Activate and pair Smart Voice Remote Control

Setting universal remote controls

The remote control must be powered by installing batteries or rechargeable batteries. No batteries are delivered with the remote control, you should buy them separately. Rechargeable batteries are recommended, they are more expensive but rechargeable.

Then turn on the TV set you are going to use the remote control with. Press “TV” button for 3 seconds, which sets the mode (TV, DVD, Audio or PVR), until the indicator on the front of the receiver will light up.

The next steps are different. If you know the code, do the manual tuning, if not do the automatic tuning.

The automatic

They press “9999” on the remote and don’t take their finger off the button until the TV reboots. If everything is done correctly, the automatic channel search will start, which lasts up to 15 minutes. The method is working and up to date, if the code is not found in the manuals.

This way channels search is going on.

For Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Philips new TV usually take universal remote control from Supra. How to set it up:

  • Turn on the TV and point the remote control in its direction.
  • Press “Power” button on the remote control for 5-6 seconds till the LED light up.
  • Volume Icon should appear on the screen. If it can be raised or lowered. tuning is successful.

Press “Set” button on the remote control.

  • Turn on the TV receiver.
  • On the PU press “Set”, then “Power”, and then simultaneously release them.
  • Press “Power” button again.
  • On the display you will see the volume icon.
  • To exit the settings press “Set” twice.
  • Turn on TV.
  • Press “TV” button until the LED lights up.
  • To activate the search press “Mute”.
  • When finished, check whether the TV responds to presses on the remote control.


In this case we will need the pairing code. After entering it, perform specific actions, depending on the remote control model.

  • Supra. Point the PU at the receiver, press “Power” button, and after that a window will appear on the screen, where you should enter the code. LED will blink to confirm that the combination is correct. “Power” is released;
  • Huayu. Press “Power” and “Set” until the indicator light flashes. Enter the 4-digit code. When the diode goes out, press “Set”;
  • Beeline. Press “C” and “Setup”. LED will blink 2x. initialization is completed. Release the buttons and check the “combination” by adjusting the volume.
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It is necessary to enter the code of TV within 1 minute. After that the device switches to normal mode and you will have to repeat the procedure all over again.

Without code

If the combination does not exist, it can be picked up. How to do it:

  • Turn on your TV and point the remote control to it.
  • Press “TV” and “OK” for 2-3 seconds. At this time, all buttons on the remote will light up. You should wait until all but those that illuminate the numbers go out.
  • Without haste, press the button that switches channels “CH” until the TV turns off, which will indicate a successfully matched code.
  • To save the parameters press “TV”.

There is no universal TV remote control settings, each brand has its own algorithm. But there are some similarities that can be drawn from the recommendations described. In any case, the remote control is a handy device that is used to control all the electrical equipment in the house.

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Problems in operation

If you can’t connect a new universal remote control, there are several ways to check its functionality:

  • Often due to long storage the batteries expire, they may have leaked and run out of power. Replacing the power supplies with new ones will help solve the problem.
  • There is a chance that the remote does not provide an IR signal to the receiver. You can check this with a digital camera. with any button on the controller held down, point it at the camera. If the light does not turn on, then the device is defective.
  • It happens that the work of the controlling device is affected by the surrounding objects. For example, routers and microwaves emit their own radio waves, which can interfere with the remote control signal.

How to set up a new remote control for your Samsung TV. Remote control of Samsung TVs. Samsung” Smart TV control

Nowadays, cable (satellite) television, in which a large number of television programs can be transmitted through a single cable, has become widespread. You can watch them as on a regular TV, and on a computer that is connected to the TV tuner. You can tune the TV channel in such cases in several ways.

Enter device codes manually

Clean up this mess by combining the remotes. Many devices often use multiple remotes. Find out which remote does what quickly becomes less functional and more of a game of musical chairs. Find the TV program code in your owner’s manual or on the Internet.

Enter the first five-digit code on the numeric keypad on the remote control. Point the remote at the TV and press the “Power” button on the remote. If not, repeat the above steps using the following TV code until it works.

For a manual tune-up, select “manual tune-up “. In this menu, select the channel number, the desired band and press the “search” button. After the system locks the tuning for any channel, press “save” to store or “search” to find next channel. Sort out the channels in the order you want, so first switch the TV to this channel, then change the channel number, and then save the new settings.

Automatically search for device codes

Press the other buttons on the remote control to verify that all available functions work. If the basic controls do not work, repeat the above steps using a different code. Press 1 on the numeric keypad on the remote control.

Press the “Setup” key to save the code. A detailed description can also be found in the included quick start guide. Perform the following steps. Our detailed list. This procedure stores the code in your remote control. If so, repeat the procedure.

To adjust the tuner installed in your system unit, install the driver and software from the CD that came with the tuner. Connect the antenna cable to the tuner input. The first time the program is started, it will offer automatic tuner setup. Agree for auto-tuning or skip this step for manual tuning later.

  • The power button will flash twice again.
  • It will flash twice to confirm.
  • You can also refer to the list of codes at the end of the user manual.
  • Up to 50 functions can be recognized on this remote control.
  • To retry, press the key to be examined again.
  • One long blink indicates that the remote has not correctly detected the signal.
  • Two long flashes tell you that the memory is full.

To tune the tuner manually, press the “tune” button on the program panel. In the window that opens select the “channel” tab. In this tab, select the input from which the signal should come (cable or antenna). Then select the country and region you live in. Below select the color signal format. Press the “auto scan” button. After you finish the search, select the channels you need from the list in the table (by checking or unchecking the appropriate lines in the “memorize” column of the table). Then (if necessary) sign the selected channels in the “channel name” column. To restrict access to any channels, assign a password by clicking on the “password” button. After that, put a tick in the box “lock channels with password. Put the channels in the desired order by using the “sorting channels” function. Press “save” and “ok” button.

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Remote control, which we provide the set-top box. universal remote control. This means that it can be programmed to control different devices. During installation, our technician programmed the remote control to work with your TV. Remote control comes with a set of universal codes for different manufacturers.

After receiving the device code, you will follow the steps to enter the code as follows. Turn on your equipment and follow the steps below to configure the remote control. Do not forget to specify the remote on your hardware during setup. Press the mode button for the type of device you want to adjust. Using the number keys on the remote control, enter the code shown in the code box above. Test the remote control to make sure it operates your device as expected.

In fact, if you have more than one source on your system, you don’t have to set up your TV or projector for each one. Or rather, you’ll need to set up your video device correctly once and then only adjust the settings a bit to accommodate different sources.

Initial preparation, device-dependent

If not, try again with the following code. Other devices may not have applications installed yet. Open the “App” folder on the Home screen. Connect to the Internet and press the “Start” button. Press the “Start” button to continue with the setup.

Press “Next” to continue. Now you have the right code on your phone. Select the source of the signal and press “Next” button. Open it from the home screen. But the list doesn’t end here. Maybe you like the mess. It may not matter to you how many batteries are in stock for many remotes. That way, you no longer have stress and no cable.

Unfortunately, today’s TV manufacturers tune their products frankly poorly because they are not interested in making sure that their displays conform to existing color standards, but in increasing sales of those very displays. How to set the “contrast” setting correctly?

A large number of TV channels. This is no longer a dream, but a reality. Virtually every average family has access to more than 20 channels. Still, wishes are growing, and many TV viewers, as time goes on, seem to have channels. freely received by their antenna, few.

In order to expand the capabilities of your TV, you do not need to call a specialist. Setting additional channels depends on what kind of television you have at home. If you own a cable TV, you can try to increase the number of signals by adjusting the digital channels. Algorithm of their setting is determined by the manufacturer’s model of your TV-receiver.

In this regard, carry out the settings in accordance with the instructions for use of your TV. In the user manual of the TV-receiver find a list of received signals (in the “technical parameters/characteristics” section).

Find “Cable” in the list of received signals and select it as a signal source. In the settings set one of the receiving countries: Finland, Germany, Netherlands. If these countries are not listed in your TV options, then check the box “other”.

Look at the parameters of digital channels reception and their location by frequency. According to this plan (given in the form of a table), carry out the setting of additional digital channels.

If you already have connected satellite TV, the algorithm for setting additional channels is slightly different. If you have a satellite dish “Continent TV” set the multifid according to the instruction. Then connect an additional converter directly to the receiver and select the desired satellite (for example, ABS1).

Set LNB type “universal1” (09750/10600) and select any working transporter (you can find the lists of transporters for ABS1 satellites in the Internet). During the configuration, control the quality and signal level until you achieve the desired result.

Tuning of additional channels for other types of satellite dishes usually has a similar sequence. The main thing is to follow clearly the instructions to the attached television equipment.

If you have a regular TV antenna, it will be able to broadcast more channels only in the case when you are traveling with it in the apartment (as far as the cable allows), suddenly catch the reception of other signals. Compared with cable and satellite television, the capabilities of such an antenna are minimal.

For switching channels on the remote control of the TV there is a special numeric keyboard. To enter the data of the switched channels is carried out in different modes.

Carefully read the switching mode of your TV model in the user manual. Make sure that single-character and multi-character keypad input switching is available for it.

In the case when the mode change is available, but the necessary button on the remote control is not available, you can replace the remote control device with another remote control that would fit your model of TV and would have a special button with the function of switching the mode of entering broadcast channel numbers. This is quite convenient for those who have access to watching a large number of channels.

Look carefully at the buttons of the remote control and find the button with the designation./, that will be the mode switch. In a single-character input mode you just need to press the button corresponding to the number of the channel you want to turn on. This is convenient for those who have no more than 9 channels tuned and do not have to enter two-digit numbers.

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In case you have more channels tuned, use this button to switch the mode. For example, if you need to switch to channel number 18, then in the normal mode you can switch it only by successive pressing of the arrow button after channel 9, but in two-character mode you can just press 1 and 8 in sequence.

remote, control, samsung

In case your remote control does not support one of the input modes, use the channel switch in the usual way. Pay attention that some TV sets support both modes of entering channel numbers simultaneously, for this purpose, if you need to switch to one of the channels in the first ten, just enter its number and wait until it switches. If you need to switch to a two-character mode, then immediately press the second digit.

Remotes Samsung Smart TV is an indispensable thing. For a long time, all equipment is controlled remotely, almost everything that produces Samsung has a remote control. Before you buy a remote control should be carefully chosen, consider all the features.

Remotes are divided into two types: push-button, touch. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Touch-TV remote control Samsung. It is necessary to connect it to the device. However, it’s easy to do. Insert the batteries into the remote control. Press the on/off button. Then a sequence of “RETURN” and “GUIDE” buttons, holding them for a while. The “bluetooth” icon should appear. The signal that the device is connected. There is, one more detail it is designed to work with only one TV set it comes with.

Remote control. Here I would like to point out a few pluses. It does not need to be adjusted, it is suitable for use immediately after connecting batteries. It connects to any television and has the ability to work with multiple devices simultaneously. Because of this, the remote control is essentially a universal option. It is often the one that users buy, which is not surprising at all.

How to connect the remote control from a Samsung TV

The new Samsung Smart remotes with remote controls that connect via Bluetooth. Their benefits have already been discussed, but at some point they may not work properly. So we’ll have to link up again.

To do this, you must first know how to perform pairing, a process that is as simple as pressing the Play/Pause and Back buttons simultaneously for three seconds or more when you first start the TV This will activate the pairing process on the TV and will appear on the screen. Discussion

If the LED remote control works, but the console does not respond to commands, then most likely it is not in the remote control. Remember to make sure that the device and remote control are in line of sight with each other. If the remote control does not show any signs of life, you should check the batteries first.

Pairing In the main menu of the TV, enter Mi TV device External device and Mi Bluetooth remote control Add Mi remote control, follow the manual of the TV. After a successful pairing, the TV will notify you that the devices have been successfully paired.

Universal remote control for the receiver

Control of both TV sets and receivers is based on infrared light. The remote sends signals invisible to the eye, and the device performs the command: change channel, increase volume, enter settings, and so on.

Hidden in each button is a signal of three zeros and ones. It is called pulse code modulation. For example, “011” in one model may mean to turn off the TV, but for another machine it would be to increase the volume.

The universal device can be set up or “taught” in such a way that some of the signals will be suitable for your TV and some will be suitable for your receiver. You only have to point it in the right direction and press a button. But before you start, be sure to configure a universal remote for your set-top box and your TV so that all the buttons correspond to the right signals. Luckily this happens automatically. In the vast majority of cases, to connect a universal remote control to a set-top box, you only need to do some simple things with it. This operation may take about 20 minutes.

But an important principle is that you only need a universal device. There is no way to tie the remote from the set-top box to the TV, because inside there is a chip with pre-set signals. The programmable device you need has a completely different “stuffing” that can be customized.

Another way to get a full-fledged control device is to use your smartphone as an online remote. But this feature is only for “smart” gadgets: Smart TVs and receivers with Android. So I’m not going to dwell on this point, and will examine exactly how to configure the universal remote control.