How to block a contact in the Samsung phone

How to remove a contact from the blacklist on Galaxy smartphones

Despite the fact that mobile communication is an integral part of everyday life for almost everyone, it often causes a lot of inconvenience. For example, many are faced with constant calls from various organizations conducting polls, banking institutions, internet sellers and other annoying subscribers, with whom smartphone users want nothing to do. Fortunately, all devices Samsung Galaxy provides such a tool as a “blacklist” (blacklist). It allows you to block incoming calls and text SMS messages from specific numbers, thereby limiting the owner of the gadget from unwanted communication. Let’s see where the black list is in the Samsung phone, and also how to add and remove a contact from its base.

Blacklist is among the pre-installed programs on many devices running the Android operating system. And Samsung in this regard is no exception. To find the blacklist on Samsung, you need:

  • To get to the settings of the phone. To do this, on the desktop, tap on the gear icon.
  • In the window that opens, select the “Applications” section.
  • Find the standard “Calls” program and enter its properties.
  • Click on the “Reject calls” line. This is where the blacklist with all the banned contacts will be placed. Here you can add or remove a contact from the blacklist, as well as configure this function most conveniently for you.

There is another way to get on the blacklist:

Depending on the Samsung model and operating system version, menu sections may have different names. However it should not cause you any difficulties, since there will not be any special differences.

How to remove the person from the blacklist on the phone?

In the settings menu, select sequentially: applications. calls. all calls. blacklist. After opening the menu, there will be two items. the on/off flag and the list itself to be opened. After that you can either uncheck the number you want, or delete it altogether (this is done through “options”).

How to delete the number, if Android version is 9

  • Open the “Messages” application.
  • Press “Options”.
  • Select “Settings” item.
  • Select “Blocking of numbers and messages” item.
  • Select “Blocking numbers” item.
  • Press “-” option in front of the number you want to delete.
  • Already, the number is removed from the blacklist.

What does the telephone number in the black list mean??

Blacklist” function allows you to block calls coming to your phone from certain numbers. Unwanted subscribers are blacklisted, and calls from their numbers are blocked. It is possible to create the black list on the PBX scale, also this function is supported by the majority of modern cell phones.

Use USSD-command and dial 442#, press the call button, then a simple menu will open, where the information about blocked subscribers will be entered. Send SMS-message to 4424 with the text: 22 contact info.

Blocking hidden phone

To block a hidden number, follow the algorithm:

  • Enter Phone application and tap on three dots;
  • in the menu that opens, click on “Settings” and open the ES section;
  • Select the contact you want to block and click the plus sign next to it.

Done. Now this subscriber will not be able to reach you from this number, even if it cannot be identified.

An application that allows you to block users

Although the built-in app allows you to quickly block a contact or a hidden incoming number, the functionality of the factory utility is severely limited. That is why many users advise to use third-party software for this purpose.

One such program is Blacklist, which you can download on Google Play. This application will not only allow you to add a number to the Blacklist, but also to block SMS, as well as prohibit calls to users without numbers (hidden callers). the software has an intuitive interface, so you will quickly understand how to use it.

Now you know how to block an annoying user and/or block calls from unknown callers. Once the caller is blacklisted, they won’t be able to reach you even from a hidden number.

Blocking of the number using Android tools

To begin with, how you can block numbers using the Android phone itself, without using any applications or (sometimes paid) services of the operator.

This feature is available on the stock Android 6 (in earlier versions. no), as well as on Samsung phones, even with older versions of the OS.

To block the number on a “pure” Android 6, go to the call list, then press and hold the contact you want to block until the menu appears with a choice of actions.

In the list of available actions you will see “Block number”, press it, and in the future you will not see any notifications about calls from this number.

Blocked calls from a contact in Android

Also, the option of blocked numbers in Android 6 is available in the settings of the application phone (contacts), which can be opened by clicking on the three dots in the search box at the top of the screen.

On Samsung phones with TouchWiz, you can block a number so you don’t get a similar call:

  • On phones with older versions of Android, open the contact that you want to block, press the menu button, and select “Add to Blacklist.
  • On newer Samsung in the “Phone” app, top right “”, then go to settings and select “Call Blocking”.

In this case, the calls will “go”, but you will not be notified, but if you want to reset the call, or the person you call will be informed that the number is unavailable, this method will not work (but the following ones will).

info: in the properties of contacts on Android (including 4 and 5) there is an option (available through the contact menu) to forward all calls to voicemail. this option can also be used as a kind of call blocking.

How to block a phone number on your iPhone

There are three ways to block an unwanted phone number on your Apple smartphone: through your caller list, using the FaceTime app, or through your message list. Any of these methods allow you to block a contact automatically everywhere.

To add a caller to your iPhone’s blacklist through the list of incoming numbers, You need to

  • Go to the list of incoming calls
  • Select the info icon (to the right of the number you want), which will take you to the caller’s profile page
  • Select and click “Block this Caller” at the bottom
  • Confirm your choice by tapping Block Contact.

Blocking a caller through FaceTime

  • Go to FaceTime
  • Click the info icon next to the contact you want to block
  • Select “Block subscriber” at the bottom.

Adding to the blacklist via the “Messages” menu

  • Go to “Messages”
  • Open the conversation, select a name or phone number by tapping the information icon
  • At the bottom of the data screen, select “Block caller.

Blocking a phone number or contact does not prevent blocked subscribers from sending you messages to an answering machine, but the system will not notify you about it. Messages will not be delivered. Blocked contact will not receive a notification about blocked calls or messages.

How to block your phone number through a contact blocker app

You can block unwanted contacts through third-party applications, which are many in the Google Play Store and App Store.

  • Call Blocker. An easy-to-use application that allows you to block calls, manage “black” and “white” subscriber lists.