How to block a hidden number on your iPhone

To prevent unknown numbers from calling your cell phone, you can use the Calls Blacklist app

The application has white and black lists, an option to filter calls from unknown sources (just what you need), blocking by schedule, creating blocking ranges (a very exotic feature) and much more. The application Call Blacklist from the developer Vlad Lee can be downloaded from the Play Market app store.

The first thing you need to do is to download the software, wait for the installation to complete, run it, and give all the necessary permissions. over, this program can work as an independent “caller”. an offer to appoint it as the default application for handling calls will come during the initial setup of the software. As soon as the program starts, you need to go to its settings (the point with three dots), select the “Blocking”, check the box “Unknown numbers”. done.

Many other applications from Play Market can be used in the same way. there are dozens, if not hundreds. And the principle is almost the same for all.

Instructions for blocking unknown number for Windows Phone

These devices are becoming more and more rare, as they have not received much demand from the consumer audience. People prefer Android or iOS phones. Nevertheless you can turn off reception of calls from unknown numbers on Windows Phone handsets. To do this, go to the call settings, where we need the “Spam Filter” function. We activate it and press the “Advanced” button. here we should move the “Block hidden numbers” switch. But it is better to disable notifications about blocked calls.

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Blocking unwanted contacts with the application for Android

A very simple solution to reject unwanted calls is to install special applications from Play Market. There are a lot of such applications, let us focus on two of the most popular.

This is an excellent utility with which you can create a “Black”

And “white list” on your smartphone. It is distributed in two versions. Free Call Blocker has obsessive ads. the paid version is not only “cleaned” from ads, but also has some special features. For example, storing SMS messages and call history.

The program has an intuitive interface and everyone can easily understand it.

Calls Blacklist

This application also has two versions. The paid version of Calls Blacklist

costs only 3. But, everyone can download a fully functional free version on Play Market. With this application, you can create a “Black” list of undesirable contacts and forget about them once and for all.

You can add numbers from the application itself, as well as from the phone book and call history.

How to block incoming calls from unknown callers and hidden numbers on your iPhone

I feel that our civilization has already evolved to the stage of its development when we do not answer an incoming call on a mobile device from an unknown number or caller. All calls from unknown callers or from hidden numbers go to voicemail or to an answering machine. But this process is done manually. How can you automate this process? This will mean the end of calls from automated dialer systems (such as collectors). Isn’t it cool??

How to enable hidden number identifier

How to hide the number on your iPhone 5s, 6, 7, 8 and 10. keeping anonymity

Another way to make the device comfortable to use is to enable the automatic number identifier. Then messages like “Unknown caller” or “No ID” will no longer bother you.

Caller ID

Automatic number identifier can not just display the number of a cell phone, but also to determine who it belongs. Such application was developed by “Yandex” for iOS operating system. Device owners can download it from the Apple Store for free.

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By the way! The principle of the add-on is simple: the caller’s phone number is compared with all those available in “Yandex.Directory.”. To date, the database contains more than six million numbers of various companies, private enterprises, firms.

If the archives contain no information on the given number, the system analyzes reviews and websites, puts forward a rough definition: “Financial organization”, “Delivery service”, etc. It is also possible to detect spam, and then the user will see on the screen: “Probably advertising” or “Probably not safe.

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So, blocking unknown numbers is of great importance in the life of a modern person. It will save an hour of time which could have been wasted on empty conversations. But most importantly. it will save you from scammers.

How to Find Out if Someone Has Blocked Your Phone Number

Yandex. with Alice

The application appeared in the AppStore not long ago, but it has already gained the trust of many iPhone users. Yandex functionality is wide, the application has food delivery, weather and latest news, but the developers have not forgotten about the problem of spam calls and added caller identification in this multifunctional application. To identify an unknown caller, you need to ask the voice assistant Alice to turn on the caller ID, and you will always know who is calling you. Caller ID shows the caller’s company and identifies the purpose of the call based on feedback from other users. The best part is that the app is completely free.

How to block unknown number on iPhone 4. 13 in 2 minutes

As a rule, callers calling from “No subscriber ID” or “Unknown” numbers are robots (of course, there are exceptions), marketing department employees trying to sell you something, etc.п., so getting rid of their annoying calls would be a good idea.

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Below we will tell you how to block all unknown and undefined numbers on your iPhone.

Note that this method should not be used if your loved ones often call from other people’s numbers.

WARNING. By using it, you will receive calls only from subscribers from your contact list, so you risk missing an important call.

How to block phone number on your iPhone

If you want to block a contact on your iPhone:

  • Open Contacts app.
  • Find the desired subscriber and go to his or her card.
  • Select Block subscriber from the bottom.


Truecaller identifies and blocks fraud and spam calls before you can answer them. The service lets you automatically and independently block unwanted calls and SMS messages, and also provides information about the contact with an unknown number. Simply type in the phone number and you’ll get the owner’s name and contact information.

Truecaller community has over 250 million users, constantly adding international spam numbers to the app.

Additional program options include the ability to make phone calls directly from the app, a quick search for friends using T9, and the ability to see when your friends are available to call.

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The program offers free communication with friends and family in Truecaller, as well as the sharing of messages, photos and video files between users of the service.

block, hidden, number, your

Premium version owners have additional options such as getting information about people viewing their profile, no ads, and 30 contact data requests per month. Subscription costs 1.99 per month or 17.99 per year.

App developers assure that user’s contact list will never be publicly available and cannot be found through search engines.

Truecaller requires iOS 11.0 or newer.