How to block a subscriber in Viber on iPhone

What does blocking a contact give

The administrator function in the application gives us the ability to make sending messages and calls from unwanted people unavailable.

However, you must remember that the “secret” information about you will not become for the annoying individuals: your account data, profile photo, status, time of visiting the network will still be visible.

How to add/remove a contact from the iPhone blacklist?

With iOS 7, iPhone owners got an opportunity to create blacklists using built-in tools of their “Apple” gadgets. This article discusses different ways to add a number to the blacklist, and why third-party applications handle this task better.

Earlier iPhone users, who wanted to add a bothersome number to the blacklist, had to download and install paid applications. However, since the advent of iOS 7 such a need has disappeared. all modern versions of the “operating system” Apple have the function of blocking contacts, which allows you to do without downloading third-party software.

How to Block & Unblock Someone on Viber [2021]

There are several ways to block a contact on the iPhone. all of them are equally simple.

If you decide to block someone on Viber on your iPhone, you must know a few simple rules. A contact who has been blacklisted:

  • Will not see your avatar or profile information updated;
  • Can write and call. but calls and messages will not reach you;
  • Will not be able to see your online status;
  • Will not invite you into a group chat. the invitation will go away, but you won’t receive it;
  • Will see your activity if you are in the same group.
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No notification of being blacklisted. in this case, the person can guess on their own by comparing the factors above.

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Important: you will not be able to write or call someone you have blacklisted yourself. If you try to write a message or make a call, you will be notified accordingly.

Now to the main point? We tell you how to block a contact in Viber in the iPhone in the easiest way:

  • Open messenger;
  • Find the chat with the person on the main screen and enter the conversation;
  • Tap the name of the contact in the upper panel;
  • Or swipe anywhere on the screen from right to left;
  • The settings menu will open;
  • At the very bottom you will find the Block number in Viber on iPhone button. it is highlighted in red;
  • Just press once. Done!

There is a second option worthy of attention. told below. Don’t forget that the blocked person can contact you another way, outside of the messenger:

  • Tap the button in the bottom right corner;
  • Open the settings section;
  • Click on the Privacy icon ;
  • Enter the Blocked Numbers tab ;
  • There’s a button at the top right that allows you to lock the caller in Viber on your iPhone;
  • Click on it. it will open a list of contacts that are in the messenger;
  • Tick the user. you can add several at once;
  • When you’re done selecting, hit Done ;
  • The person’s name will appear in your list. It worked!

How to unblock a contact in Viber

Procedure, how to unlock Viber is the reverse of the blocking process. You do not need much time, effort or special permission from the subscriber.

  • Go to unwanted numbers. You can find the list in the privacy settings in the settings menu.
  • Find the desired contact in the list.
  • Click on the button “Unblock” next to it. The subscriber will immediately be able to communicate.

The ways to unblock a contact on Android and iOS are the same. The only difference may be the layout of the interface.

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Important. After unblocking, user can receive messages and calls as usual.

You can add a subscriber to the blacklist in two ways, in the contact settings and directly in the chat, during the conversation.

    Go to Contacts and select the annoying contact to block

    In chat, go to settings (click on the gear at the top)

To block a subscriber in Viber, there are specific instructions for each type of device. Below in the text, let’s look at each blocking option in detail.


There are two ways to block a user on an iPhone:


To lock a person on your Android device, you need to perform a number of operations:


To block a contact on the phone in chat you can use the following scheme:

You need to find the “Block this contact” function in the window that appears.


To block on a tablet you need to perform a number of operations step by step:

  • Select in Viber in the menu with contacts the desired person.
  • At the top, click on the sign with three dots.
  • Find the “Lock” option in the menu.

Viber is an incredibly popular messenger that works perfectly on smartphones and computers. Users use it to correspond with family, work colleagues and friends.

It is not uncommon for a person who constantly sits in Viber to receive messages from annoying subscribers. Such messages not only do not bring joy, but also are simply annoying. For such cases Viber has a function to block contacts. In this case, the annoying person will not be able to contact you.

As we know, computers are more functional than smartphones. That’s why people have a question, but is it possible to block a contact through the phone. The answer will be in the affirmative, because mobile devices in this sense are not inferior to full-fledged PCs. So, it remains for the user to understand what the blocking does, and then to add the number to the blacklist.

Blocking contacts in WhatsApp

Start the WhatsApp application and go to the “Calls” page:

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On this page we find the contact we are interested in, near which there is an i sign in a circle on the right:

Tap on the i icon in the circle next to the contact of interest, after which the contact window opens :

block, subscriber, viber, iphone

How To Block Someone On Viber

Scroll down the contact window that opens to see “Lock” in red below :

How to Block a Contact in Viber on iPhone and iPad

Clicking on the inscription “Block” starts the procedure for blocking the subscriber WhatsApp. A special window will appear to clarify how to block the contact Select the “Block” option:

Click “Block”, special window disappears. The window with the WhatsApp profile appears on the screen again. Only in place of the former “Block” inscription you can now see the inscription “Unblock” :

You are blocked. And it is now impossible to have conversations and correspondence with him or her. All calls and messages from the blocked caller will no longer come on WhatsApp.

Is it possible to block a contact in Viber

The developers of Viber tried to make the application as convenient as possible for all users and therefore, after installing the messenger, in addition to the standard functions of free calls and messages, you will have access to other options. One of these is the human lock. If you don’t want to receive messages or calls from an unwanted contact, you can simply block it and forget about the problem. Thus, you can block a contact in Viber on your iPhone. You can activate the number blocking function for free and it is very simple.