How to block the iPhone if the button does not work

How to use iPhone if the lock button breaks down

The breakdown of the iPhone lock button is a fairly common Apple smartphone problem. The user immediately has the question: how to use the device, if it is impossible to unlock the smartphone? However, you should not be scared, there is a way out of any situation. And this too!

Fixed: iPhone 5s Home Button Not Working! [Unresponsive & Lagging]

The main thing that the user is afraid to do in when such a problem arises is to block the iPhone or turn it off (suddenly it will not turn on then?). You should remember one wonderful iPhone feature. Turn off or discharge the device boldly, in which case you can always connect it to the power source, and the smartphone will automatically turn on. Unlocking the iPhone on is also quite simple. Just press the Home button.

If you want to turn off the phone, it is not possible to use the shutdown button directly, for this you should go into the settings, go to the “Basic” section and click “Turn off”.

Iphone or iPad hangs, does not turn on and does not respond to the buttons (maybe a black screen)

A common problem. Fully charged iPhone (iPad) took the hover (the program hung) or completely turned off. Pressing on the screen or side button, unfortunately, the device is brought to and not launched.

Don’t worry! In 99%, nothing terrible happened, the smartphone automatically moved to the so.Called “conservation mode”, this happens if you very rarely restart the device.

It should be noted that depending on the model of the device, intensive care methods may differ. So.

How to turn off the iPhone if the Power button does not work?

Without the case button, it is already more complicated, but nothing is impossible!

Updated! With the advent of iOS 11 in the settings (settings. The main ones and scroll the screen at the very bottom) a new point “Turn off” appeared. Feel free to use and disable the iPhone without Power button!

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There are such additional options:

  • For very patient. We are waiting for the battery while sitting down.
  • Assistivetouch will help us out. An amazingly useful thing. In this article it helped us to record a video from the screen, now with it we will easily turn off the iPhone with a broken button. We go to the settings. The main ones. We go into universal access and at the end of the list we find AssistiveTouch. We move the slider. A white circle appears on the screen. Click on it, select the device. Then we see the lock lock. Prolonged pressing will trigger the device.

If the lock button does not work

What to do to those people who do not work button? The method described above does not suit at all: if you hold the non.Working key for a long time, then nothing will happen. Then we do the following:

  • Go to the device settings menu and click on the “Basic” tab.
  • Stick down a little and find a item called “Universal Access”. Click on it.
  • In the list that appears, we will need to set up AssistiveTouch, which is located in the block of physiology and motor skills.
  • Switch the slider to an active position, which is marked with green, to turn on the AssistiveTouch function.
  • From this moment on your screen, a new touch key will be available, when you press, additional functions are opened.
  • Go to the main menu with the help button “Home”. Now click on the AssistiveTouch button and select the “apparatus” item.
  • Next, in the new window, press and hold the “Screenshot blocking” button until the menu for shutdown (the second point of the previous unit) does not appear.
  • Using a person you know, you can turn off the iPhone without a lock button. Ready!

But here an involuntary question arises: but how to turn on such an apparatus? The button does not work, and Assistive Touch does not work in the off state! In fact, the solution is very simple: connect your device either to charging or to the iTunes program on a computer or laptop. In this case, the gadget will turn on in normal normal mode.

How to turn off the iPhone if the touch screen does not work

Another problem due to which it is impossible to turn off the phone is a breakdown of the touch screen. Without a working screen, it will not be possible to perform a swipe to the right according to the shutdown button, respectively, the standard method of shutdown will not work.

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To get out of this situation, you will need to use the procedure for forced restart. For this:

block, iphone, button, does, work
  • The shutdown button and the “home” button are clamped at the same time;
  • The keys are held until the screen completely goes out;
  • After the screen has turned off, the buttons can be released;
  • If you unclench the buttons in time, the iPhone will turn off, if you overtake them a little longer, then the device will simply reboot.

For the seventh model iPhone, instead of the “Home” button, you need to hold the volume decrease key.

The procedure for forced rebooting the phone should not be used too often, since such actions can harm the memory of the device.

Wireless network parameters

] Let’s now reboot by using the parameters of the wireless network. So, we will do the following:

After that, the system will reboot and be cleaned by RAM.

Also, you can wait for the iPhone to plant the battery. For this, you don’t need to do anything special. You just need to start a video clip, or listen to music. After 2 hours, the battery will sit, and the iPhone will turn off. It will be possible to turn it on by connecting the charging.

How to turn off (and enable) iPhone or iPad if the power button does not work

Go to the settings menu → Basic;

Scroll into the very bottom and press the “Turn off” button;

Make a swipe to the right along the slider “Turn off”.

Naturally, a completely logical question arises:

Iphone blocking through the “locator” when it was stolen

If you or one of your friends lost the iPhone, not everything is lost yet. First of all, you need to track its location. Perhaps the device is very close, and it will work to return it. If you are sure that the iPhone was stolen, you can remotely erase information from it so that it does not fall into the hands of the attackers. We tell you how to block the iPhone, which has lost through the “Find iPhone” application. This method is suitable for those who activated the “Find iPhone” function. If you haven’t done this, you have to look for a phone on IMEI, which is somewhat more complicated.

  • Enter icloud through PC, through another Apple or C android device. At this stage you need to enter your Apple id. Without password icloud, this cannot be done. You will see a small application menu, click on the “Find iPhone” icon.
  • In the list of devices in the top of the screen, select the stolen iPhone. Click on the image of a stolen device. However, it should be borne in mind that the phone will appear only if it is turned on. If your iPhone is not on the list, after a while, upgrade the page so as not to miss the moment when the thief turns it on. Perhaps he turned it off for only an hour, and is going to turn it on. But, unfortunately, many attackers switch stolen phones to flight mode in which the “find iPhone” function is not available.
  • Use the card to find the location of your iPhone. If the device sets the location determination (as well as “find the iPhone”), it will be displayed on the map in the form of a point. Green point means that the phone is connected to the network, gray. That the phone is in autonomous mode. In this case, its last known location will be displayed on the screen.
  • Use available functions to protect your data. Click on the stolen device, and then click on the I icon, which will appear in a pop.Up window. There are several ways to protect the phone using the listed menu items. It is recommended to use them in the order below:
  • The loss mode “will set a new 4-digit PIN code necessary for access to your phone. You can also change the password through iTunes.
  • “Send a message” will display your message on the screen of the missing phone. As a rule, it is used as a warning that the location of the phone is known.
  • “Wipe the iPhone” will forever remove all the data from your phone, including applications. This will still allow you to track the location of the device.

How to unlock the iPhone or iPad with one touch without pressing the home button (for iOS 13 and newer)

Go to the “Universal Access” section → “Home button“;

Activate the option “Open by applying a finger”.

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