How to block the phone number on a Nokia

How to block the number on the Lumia 640?

Lumia 640lte ds block unwanted numbers Windows phone 10. Go to the call/message log, press 3 dots, blocked calls/messages. Press 3 dots, blocked list.

To add a contact to the blacklist on a Nokia 108 and similar phones, there are several ways: 1) Open “Contacts” and look for the desired “Contact” press “Information” and select “Number” further “Options” and “Filter list” finished. Now number is added to the black list of the phone.

How to add a number to the black list on Fly phone?

To add a contact to the blacklist on Fly Android, open “Settings” and select the “Calls” item. Then select “All Calls” and “Reject Call”. Find “Blacklist” then “Add” and put a tick in front of “Enable Blacklist. Now go to your contacts on Fly and call the “Menu”.

Just go to phone settings, select “Call settings” and then “Block calls”. Here you can enter the number you want to block.

Nokia Lumia 630. Blocking Calls and Messages

Blocking calls and messagesYou receive unwanted calls or text messages? Block them with

Using the spam filter app.To add a phone number to the blocked list, tap. swipe to

item log, press and hold the name of the caller you want to

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Block, and select block numberYou can also add numbers to the list of blocked numbers from the text

messages.On the desktop, swipe down from the top of the screen and select ALL

SETTINGS spam filter.Set the Block callsSMS setting to On

Tap Blocked numbers.Receive notifications about blocked calls and messages

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Tap the Advanced item and select for Notifications

Annoying SMS and phone calls can now be blocked for owners of Nokia smartphones with Windows Phone. The “blacklist” feature that fans of Microsoft’s mobile platform have been dreaming about for so long has been added to Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8 by the Finnish manufacturer.

The update to the system’s “Advanced” app has brought the “spam filter” feature to the Settings section. You can use it to block individual numbers from which you don’t want to receive incoming calls and text messages.

The neat thing is that you can also put a special tile on the initial screen which will show the number of blocked calls and SMS.

You can download the application here. You can also update it directly from your phone, but the “spam filter” will appear only when you upgrade to Amber.

For those who do not know how to install the “spam filter” here is how I did it. In the Store, enter Lumia Updater in the search box. You download the app, run it, go to ExtrasInfo, update it, wait for it to install, and voila, you have a spam filter app. It worked for me and I hope it works for you.

Thank you, brother ! I was beginning to think that’s it. I will not be able to block my detractors. I updated it and it worked! Thanks again, bro.)

How do I know if I am blacklisted on my phone??

In order to determine whether a number is blacklisted, you simply need to dial the subscriber several times. If you constantly hear short ring tones (busy) or caller is unavailable, and in some cases, the following phrase is heard in the tube: “This type of connection is unavailable for the caller”. most likely it is true.

If your telephone number is blacklisted, then during the call to this telephone number you will hear a short beep, as if the person talks on another line, or immediately an inscription appears on your telephone quot;Subscriber is busyquot;.

What is the white and black lists in the telephone?

Blacklist. in this mode external subscribers, who use numbers which are in the black list (means of communication), cannot reach you (they will hear a signal “Busy”). White list. in this mode only subscribers who use the numbers specified in the white list (communication methods) can call you.

To turn off messages from paid services, use this method. Send an SMS message with the text “STOP” or “STOP” to the numbers you receive. To set or remove a ban on receiving or sending these SMS, call 0858 (free of charge) and follow the helpers’ prompts.

How to block a call from a caller?

Open the Contacts app and scroll down to the contact you want to block. Press and hold the name line to open the contact menu. Open settings by pressing the three vertical dots or the gear. Select “Blacklist”.

You can block your phone number, free of charge, if you have lost your SIM card right now: Call 8 800 700 0611. Please be prepared to give your last name, first name and middle name of the contract holder or answer a series of questions so that we can verify that you are the SIM card/number user.

How to blacklist an old phone?

Simply go to the phone settings, select “Call Settings” and then “Call Blocking”. Here you can enter the number you want to block.

So, where to find the blacklist in the phone: go to the “Settings” menu, and there select the “Calls” item. Some models have a “Call History” or “Journal” section. In the list select “Blacklist”, in the opened window manually enter the phone number of the blocked subscriber.

How to find the blacklist on your phone?

So where to find the blacklist on your phone: go to the “Settings” menu, and there select “Calls”. Some models have “Call history” or “Call log” section. Select “Blacklist” in the list, and in the opened window manually enter the phone number of the blocked subscriber.

Just go to your phone settings, select “Call Settings” and then “Block Calls”. Here you can enter the number you want to block.