How to Broadcast from Computer to TV

Duplication of the screen with Widi Miracast

“Sharing” folders and setting up sharing are the key elements of the synchronization of the laptop computer and TV via DLNA. WiDi function is noticeably different. It allows you to duplicate the picture from the laptop display to the TV screen. The technology is implemented through the use of a wireless channel. Users often refer to it as Miracast.

Setting up synchronization using this technology has a few specific features. You will need a laptop with central processing unit from Intel, discrete graphics card and Wi-Fi adapter. For example, almost all modern models of Samsung laptops are connected to the TV exactly via WiDi.

Download the drivers for the wireless display beforehand. You may have to download them from the official Intel website. It is important that the TV works with WiDi. Older models do not support this technology. That’s why users buy additional equipment. adapters. Beforehand, you need to clarify this point.

  • On your laptop use a program for wireless synchronization with the TV. Intel Wireless Display.
  • A list of available devices will appear on the screen.

Sometimes you have to enter an additional PIN. Most of them are simple combinations of numbers. 1111 or 0000.

To finish WiDi setup, go to “Charms” section. Select “Devices” and then “Projector. Here you need to add the TV screen. If the name of your TV is not here, then update the drivers of the Wi-Fi module.

Why do you need it

It is up to each user to determine if it makes sense to connect the TV to the computer? For example, if you watch only pre-set channels, then connecting the PC to the TV is unlikely to be useful to you. To a greater extent, such synchronization will be of interest to users who want to watch new movies, serials and other content.

Outputting images from your computer to your TV will definitely expand the functionality of your TV. After setting up such a connection, you will be able to:

  • play video games on a big TV screen;
  • watch movies, TV series, video clips;
  • communicate with friends and acquaintances via Skype;
  • make presentations.

Resolution and richness of the color palette of modern Samsung, Sony, LG TV is much higher than that of an inexpensive computer monitor. So the synchronization of the technique will allow you to watch new movies in excellent quality. This is especially true if you bought a device without built-in Wi-Fi module and Smart TV support.

Adjusting TV as a monitor is much easier than it might seem at first sight. Every user can cope with this task. It is enough to determine the method of synchronization, and to acquire the necessary cord. You might already have the necessary cables at home.

How to send an image from your computer to your TV screen

Laptop is very convenient for work because of its size and light weight. But when it comes to watching video or playing games, you want to replace your small monitor with a bigger screen. In case you have a TV with a large diagonal, you can connect your device to your TV or home cinema. In this article, let’s look at how you can output the image from your laptop to the TV.

How to display your computer picture on your TV?

Many users use a TV set as a computer monitor. It’s a great option for watching movies or working when you need two screens. In order to take advantage of this method, you should explore all the options and rules, which can be used to display the picture on the TV from your PC.

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How to connect your TV to your computer via Wi-Fi

I have previously written about how to connect your TV to your computer in different ways, but the instructions were not about wireless Wi-Fi, but about HDMI, VGA and other types of wired connections to the video card output, as well as setting up DLNA (this article will also talk about that).

This time I will describe in detail various ways of connecting TV to PC and laptop via Wi-Fi, and several applications of wireless TV connection will be considered. to use it as a monitor or to play movies, music and other content from the computer‘s hard drive. See. Also: How to transfer the image from Android phone or tablet to TV via Wi-Fi.

Almost all the described ways, except the last one, require the Wi-Fi connection to be supported by the TV itself (i.e. it must be equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter). However, most modern Smart TVs can do this. Instructions are written for Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.

broadcast, computer

If the TV with Smart

In the case where the user is a happy owner of a Smart TV, he can simply connect to the Internet and watch a movie without any additional devices. But it happens that the movie is already on the device, but it takes a long time to find it online. In this case, we should consider how to broadcast video from the computer to the TV.

Modern technology is so advanced that the user does not have to download something or configure gadgets for a long time to broadcast. The first thing you should do is turn on the Internet on your TV. Please note that the modern models have Wi-Fi connection all the time, but you should press the “gear” button on the remote control for backup. Access to the TV settings menu will appear. Look for the item “network”, and in it turn on Wi-Fi. Again, if the model is new, the network is enabled by default and you do not have to do anything separately.

The second step is done directly on the PC. Launch the movie in the Movie and TV app. It is installed in Windows 10, you just need to choose to run through it, not through third-party video players, if any. Now select the ellipsis in the bottom right corner and click “transfer to device. A window will appear with all available variants, choose our TV and enjoy watching.

The above application is pre-installed on Windows 10. Older operating systems do not have it, but that does not mean that you can’t transfer a movie via Wi-Fi from your computer. How to transfer an image from a gadget on an older OS. not much harder than on the ten. To do this, it is enough to download any popular video playback application, such as KMPlayer, PotPlayer, and they have the same function of broadcasting to external screens.

Another option to connect wirelessly TV to a laptop or PC with a built-in WI-FI module is simply to duplicate the picture without using wires. To do this, go to the laptop screen settings and select “connect to wireless display”. The device will find the TV and you only need to pair them. In this case, the user can not only watch films on TV via the mobile device, but also use the TV as a monitor. This is convenient for gaming, as the diagonal is larger and if the video card is able to pull 4K in the game, the level of experience will be maximum.

broadcast, computer

Wi-Fi connection is mostly possible for Smart TVs, but the means for a regular TV will also be considered.

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Local network

This approach is a great solution if you have a TV with wireless connectivity. If properly connected, the TV will be able to view some, mainly multimedia data from the computer.

Note: We will consider only one model of TV, but the settings of other Smart TVs are largely similar and differ only by the name of some items.

TV Setup

First, you need to connect your TV to the same router that your laptop is connected to.

Apart from the above, if your device has Wi-Fi Direct support, you can connect directly to the TV.

This step can be divided into two parts depending on your TV and its requirements.

Windows Media Player

To play media files from your library from your laptop on the TV, you need to apply special settings for Windows Media Player. The following steps should be done only if the TV is connected without the manufacturer’s software.

How To Cast Computer to TV. How To Cast Your PC To Your TV. Screen Mirror PC Windows 10 to TV

    Expand “Stream” list on top of Windows Media Player and select the checkbox next to the items shown in the screenshot.

Many Smart TV manufacturers require special software to be installed in order to ensure the data transfer. In our case we need the Smart Share program, the process of downloading and installing which we have discussed in another instruction.

    After completing the installation, click “Settings” at the top of the interface.

You will now be able to access the files from your TV.

Playing on TV

This step is the easiest. Due to the fact that the necessary recommendations are usually added to the standard instructions for use with the TV.

    Open the special section in the menu that stores files from your laptop. Usually its name corresponds to the previously installed TV manufacturer software.

The only limitation you may encounter when using such a method is that the laptop must always be on. Due to the laptop going to sleep or hibernation mode, streaming will be interrupted.


Miracast technology allows you to use Wi-Fi network to wirelessly transmit a signal from a laptop to the TV set. With this approach, you can turn your Smart TV into a full-fledged monitor, displaying or extending your laptop’s desktop.

Configure your TV

Most of modern TVs with Wi-Fi support allow you to connect via Miracast without any problems.

    Use the “Setting” button on the remote control to go to the TV settings.

The following steps should be performed on a laptop supporting the same technology.

Miracast on laptop

We have considered the process of using Miracast on PC and laptop in a separate article on the example of Windows 10. If your laptop supports this connection, then after performing the above steps, the image from the monitor will be displayed on the TV.

You can adjust the monitor through the “Screen resolution” or by pressing “WinP” on the keyboard.

Please feel free to contact us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section if you have any questions.

Miracast adapter

If you do not have a Smart TV, you can use a special Miracast adapter. There are different models of this device, but in any case you must have HDMI and if possible a USB port on your TV.

    Connect the Miracast-adapter to the TV set which has been switched off with the HDMI-interface.

    Use the “Input” or “Source” button on your TV remote control.

Notebook setup

    Use standard Windows tools to connect to the Wi-Fi network of the Miracast adapter.

After the above steps, turn on Miracast on the computer according to the instructions above. If everything was done correctly, the TV will display the laptop image.

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When connecting a laptop and TV via Wi-Fi, the disadvantage is the delay in signal transmission, especially noticeable if you use the TV as a wireless monitor. In other respects this approach is not much inferior to connection via HDMI.

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Today we will duplicate computer screen via Wi-Fi to TV

Good afternoon, dear subscribers and simply readers! Customers often wonder if they can use their TV as a monitor for their computer. There is a possibility. You can use a wired connection for this, or you can duplicate the computer screen to the TV via Wi-Fi. I, Rostislav, recommend reading the article carefully and completely to solve this problem fully.

often than not, customers use TV to watch movies from their computer. Many people want to perform this action without wires, because it is not always convenient to pull them through the apartment, in addition, with a lengthened wire begins to fall in image quality, and no one wants this. Thus it is quite logical to configure the broadcast via the wireless Internet network. Important condition. the TV must have a built-in wireless module, namely Wi-Fi adapter. With his help and through the router you can broadcast.

Another common way to watch video on TV via PC is to connect both devices into the network. In this case there will be no direct broadcast, but access from the TV to network folders which contain data.

  • TV and PC have to be connected to the same router.
  • Set up a shared server on the PC in Control Panel. In the example of Windows 10 go to. “Control Panel”. “Network and Internet”. “homegroup. Here the user must select what data can be available to the devices in the network. You can select only video or photo.
  • Now you need to enter the folder on your computer through the TV menu to get the files and start watching them. Every TV set has a different way of connecting to the folder. In the Sony TV example, you need to press the “home” button on the remote control, and then select the type of content.

Another way to start playing video on TV is to switch the broadcasting on PC. For this purpose you should set up the DNLA connection according to the algorithm described above. After that the user selects the desired video on the computer and opens the context menu without launching it. Here the item “play on” is of interest, there will be specified devices available for displaying. In this case, the user needs to select a TV.

When creating a network connection between the TV and PC it is convenient to use the Windows Media Center Extender, which displays the content available for display on network-connected devices. Then you need to launch the file and choose to show it on the TV.

Media Center Extender in Windows 7, 8

For users who are in no hurry to migrate to Windows 10 from older versions, there is a separate video streaming option. installing Media Center Extender.

Method is suitable for computers with Windows 7/8. Here’s what to do to broadcast

  • Launch Windows Media Center on your PC.
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Select “Extender”.
  • The Media Center Extender will begin installing. Follow the directions on the screen.