How to call a laptop to a mobile phone

How to call a computer to your phone: Free and paid online services and programs

Cellular communication is developing every year, but, despite this, the need to call from a computer to the phone periodically arises. And not everyone knows how to do it for free. Reasons why people ask a similar question, there are a lot. Among them are cosmic for roaming calls and the absence of both stationary and mobile phone at hand. In such a situation, a person has 2 paths, each of which has its own pros and cons of. This is:

  • A call to the phone through a specialized site providing such services;
  • The use of software that allows you to carry out this type of connection.

And whatever option the user chooses in order to call from the computer to the phone for free, he will need access to the Internet. In addition, its device should be equipped with columns and a microphone. The ideal option in such a situation is headphones with a microphone (headset).

How To Make Free Calls From PC To Any Phone Number


This is one of the first and most famous services for audio and video calls. Skype can be installed on a computer and on a smartphone. There is also a web version of this service that is launched right in the browser. She only works on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Despite the dubious modernization of the Inte Wee, Skype remains one of the most popular services for Internet calls. The maximum allowable call duration between two users is 24 hours.

This service is completely free for personal use. It is often used to hold meetings in small commands. The duration of the online dialing at a free tariff is limited, and its maximum limit is 40 minutes.

  • You can connect to a video conference by link without preliminary registration;
  • It is possible to record calls and send files to the chat;
  • Up to 100 people can connect to a session at a free tariff.


Another popular WhatsApp messenger has approximately the same functionality as Viber and can be launched on different devices. From PC on Windows and MacOS to smartphones with iOS and Android.

There is even an online version of the application that allows the user not to download and not install the program-you can send messages directly from the browser.

The confidentiality of the transmitted information is quite high, and to make calls it is enough to perform such simple actions:

  • After installation and registration in the program, enter the chat with the selected contact.
  • Click on the icon in the form of a phone pipe.
  • Wait for the receipt of the call to the subscriber.
  • Click on the image of the video camera, if you need to go to the video format of communication. The subscriber can accept or reject the proposal.
  • Press on a crossed camera to return to a normal connection.

To accept the call, the user of the smartphone should choose a green tube, running up the screen from its image. You can refuse a conversation if you spend down from the red tube.

If necessary, the user can add up to 4 people to the conversation. The action is performed by pressing the “Add Participants” button and the choice in the contacts of the right subscriber.

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Not the most serious, but still minus using the program for calls from a computer to the phone can only be called support for Windows 8 and 10.

It will be possible to install a messenger on the 7th Windows only in a browser (without the possibility of making calls) or using the Android emulator, the convenience of which is lower than that of an ordinary client.

Programs for SIP-telephony and PC interfacing with a phone

If online services do not suit you, and the subscriber does not have any messengers (for example, you want to call parents who do not want to delve into new technologies), use the program “Your phone” or applications for SIP-telephony.

Your phone number

“Your phone” is a virtual software copy of a physical smartphone. With it, you can call any rooms from a computer using your own SIM card and a network of a mobile operator. And manage other functions of a mobile device in remote mode:

  • View new SMS and answer them;
  • Receive push notifications;
  • Take incoming calls;
  • Watch, transmit photos from the phone to PC;
  • Open mobile applications (option is available only on some Samsung smartphones).

In order for the method to work, you also need to install the application on the phone. “your phone dispatcher. Communication with Windows”. And then synchronize two programs using a QR code (as in a method with WhatsApp).

Tarication is on the usual conditions of your mobile operator. You can call any stationary and mobile numbers: MTS, Beeline, Megafon, etc. D.

How to connect two applications and make the first call with PC:

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In Phonerlite, you can only make audio calls. This is a simple caller with a minimum number of functions. Here you can watch calls and a list of added contacts, adjust the volume of the microphone and speakers.

Authorization in the system of your SIP provider will be required (it can be any online service for the calls that we talked about above, or other similar companies).

  • Launch Phonerlite. Select your SIP provider from the list on the left. If it is not in the list, select “Manual Settings”. Enter the data of the provider on the right: the address of the proxy, domain and STUN (you can not enter in all cases). Information for the entrance can be found on the official website of your provider. Click on the button with the arrow.
  • Autominate in the system. Indicate your login and password. Click on the arrow.
  • Select devices for entering and playing sound: microphone (built.In on a laptop or removable) and speakers (built.In, removable or in the form of headphones). Click on the arrow.
  • Check the name of your account and confirm the authorization using a checkmark.
  • Dial a person number using a virtual or ordinary keyboard. Click on a green phone. When the conversation ends, click on the pipe with the arrow.
  • During the conversation, you can adjust the volume of the microphone and speakers. With the help of runners on the right. In the lower part of the screen you will find sections with a list of incoming and outgoing calls, as well as a telephone reference book (list of your saved contacts).


Blink also works after authorization. The program works with almost all SIP providers. If you still do not have a SIP account, you can start a free account right in the application.

Blink Inte Wee in English. Here you can make video and audio calls, correspond with people, exchange files, arrange conferences.

  • Run the installed application. If you have an account with any SIP provider, mark the item “Add an Existing Sip Account”. Enter data for the entrance: user name, SIP address, password (Password). Click “Add”.
  • If you do not have an account, create it. To do this, mark the item “Create a Free Sip Account”. Enter the name (“Your Name”), user name (“Choose a Username”), password (invent yourself and enter two fields-“Choose a Password” and “Verify Password”), email address (E-Mail Address “). Voice messages, notifications of missed challenges will come to the mail. It will also be needed to restore the password, if you suddenly forget it. Click “Add”.
  • This program does not have a virtual keyboard for recruiting a number. First you need to add the user to the contact list, and then make a call. To add a new person to the notebook, click on the icon with a plus left below.
  • Indicate the name (“name”). In the gray field, enter the SIP address of the subscriber you want to get through. Click “Add”.
  • Highlight the added user and click on one of the buttons below. To make an audio car, click on the tube, for a video call. On the camera. To send a message, press the icon in the form of a cloud. To share the image from the computer screen, click on the PC monitor.
  • There will be three buttons on the call panel. Using them you can pause the conversation or stop it.
  • To see the list of incoming and outgoing calls, click on the “Switch to calls” button. To return to the list of contacts, click on Switch to Contacts.

The easiest and most free communication option is through Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp and other instant messengers. They can be installed not only on the phone, but also on PC- and calmly make audio and video calls via the Internet. But they work only in one case. If a person has a registered account in the same messenger. In Skype you can call numbers that are not in the database of the program, but this is already a paid service. In other cases, you can use sites for calls and IP-telephony programs. Some services provide bonus money to the account after registration or allow you to call free 1-2 times a day.

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Applications for online call

At the moment, there are many online meters that allow you to carry out audio calls to mobile. Such functionality is provided even for the official application for smartphones

This is the three leaders who have earned user interest thanks to a simple integration and the ability to communicate with voice challenges via the Internet, even with an unstable connection. Each of the tools is constantly being improved along with its competitors, so the quality of support for audio communication improves with each program update.

All mentioned messengers are available on both PC and smartphones or tablets. It is very convenient to use them that it is possible to synchronize data between the technique thanks to the entrance under one account.


Skype offers free audio and video calls inside its platform. That is, to call any user a system that installed the program can be without additional payment. Only stable Internet connection is required. On the same principle, messengers like Viber, WhatsApp and others work.

For a call, press the appropriate icon with a phone pipe. Contact will accept a call if there is online. Otherwise, it will not work to get through to him, but the user will always see a message about the missed call when he will be online again.

To install Skype on a smartphone or tablet, just download the application and enter under your account. Enter the login and password on another device.


Viber is considered one of the most popular messengers at the moment, almost bypassing Skype. Now it is available for both smartphones and tablets, and for PC. You can download a suitable version in applications stores.

With the help of a messenger, you can call MTS or megaphone without paying. The main conditions. The contact is in the application of the application and is connected to the Internet at the moment.

  • Download the program on the official website and start the installation process;
  • Follow the instructions and consider the QR code using a mobile device;
  • Confirm the synchronization process so that the entire history of messages and challenges reflects on PC;
  • Use Viber in normal mode.

The PC version intenses is no different from the mobile. On the computer screen, the user will see the same functions as on the smartphone.

Installation and use of Viber on a computer is impossible without preliminary registration through a smartphone according to the number of the current SIM card. The same situation is also with WhatsApp.


This messenger has three versions-a mobile, computer and Web version, which allows you to use a smartphone to open a tool in a browser. You can download the version for PC on the official website of the program, mobile. In app stores.

The functionality of all three options is no different. It is possible to send text messages, but it will be possible to call only from the smartphone. You can take calls in software for browsers and PC. On a computer and a web tool, you can record a short audio message.

To connect WhatsApp to PC, you need:

  • Download the latest version from the site and start the installation process;
  • Open the application settings on the smartphone from the “chats” screen;
  • Click on the WhatsApp Web category and consider the QR code that appeared on the computer screen using the application camera;

Sippoint and QIP

Messengers of the QIP and Sippoint type resemble ICQ, but do not have the same stable functionality and a convenient intensity, so almost no one is already using them. They were replaced by more modern and interesting options, for example, Viber, WhatsApp and others.


Special messenger from. It is no different from previous tools, only directed mainly to users of the social network of the same name. That is, everyone who is registered in. Can contact friends and relatives with text or audio book.

It is enough to press the desired icon and the selected contact will immediately receive a notification of the incoming audio or video call.

The application is available for smartphones working on iOS and Android operating systems.

The ability to make free calls only works inside the network

Online services for calls to mobile via the Internet

Previously, services such as, for example, Evaphone were quite popular. But at the moment, none of them provides free communication.

Sitecrent, which is available when visiting the former online service of the non-working Evapon-“Online Calls” now, offers a call at minimal tariffs, but free challenges are not carried out.

If the subscriber allows payment of online calls at minimal tariffs, this communication method may come. It is worth being careful not to get to the scammers’ website, who deceive the payment details and other information about the user.

How to call a computer to the phone using calls.Online

Online service for calls around the world. For the correct work, you must turn off the adblock extension in the browser. There are two methods of communication:

  • Register and get the opportunity to make one free call every day up to the 1st minute;
  • Enter the first voucher code from the lottery for free communication (spent every 2 hours).
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TOP online services for calls to mobile phones from laptop or PC

Using the call service.Online

The advantages of the site include the simplicity and convenience of the intense. Go to the main page, then you will need to go through the registration procedure, you can use the VK account for a quick entrance. You can go from the Windows, Linux, MacOS operating system or from smartphones and tablets based on iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

First of all, you can make free calls between users of the Zvonki-Online web resource. Subscribers can call any phone number around the world, regardless of operators. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages, for example: the call is only a few minutes, then you have to choose paid tariffs or wait a day to resume time for conversation. The web resource also works correctly only through Google Chrome or some browsers based on the Chromium engine.

How to use Zadarma?

Convenient service Zadarma.COM was created for business, but has in its stock several pleasant “buns” for ordinary users. Provides up to 25 minutes of gratuitous communication with virtual and tariff numbers. Opens access to a wide list of different countries. By the way, developers often hold profitable promotions, and connecting to paid packages costs a penny, which is a significant advantage against the background of most analogues.

How To Link Your Android or iOS Device To Windows 10? | Connect Phone To Windows 10

Makes it possible to create conferences, supports video communication functions, allows you to send SMS. Refers to telephony leaders on the Internet among the Russian.Speaking segment. Everything that is required of you is to register.

How to call a mobile on the Internet for free using flash2voip?

English-language online service providing services for a number of numbers of any mobile operator. After opening the main page, you need to register. Filling out the account will not be difficult.

It is worth noting the working work with Windows and Mac OS, as well as access to your personal account from any browser, respectively, there is no need to install any client on PC. There is an instruction for beginners. You can reach the subscriber number with a standard method or through a video conference. There are tools for setting up a microphone and headset. Each of your conversations can be conducted for 5 free minutes, then you have to pay. To replenish the account, you must have at least 5 dollars. Flastupont also requires the current version of Adobe Flash Player.

How to talk through Evaphone?

Another popular Web service that offers you to make online calls to other users. Service uses modern IP (sippoint, sipnet) protocols. Free of charge per day, you can dial mobile rooms no more than 2 times. If you do not want to save, there are different options for paid subscription to remove restrictions. There are many payment methods (electronic wallets, bank payment cards, etc.E).

To gain numbers, use the virtual keyboard. Available options “Video call” and “Sending SMS”. One of the main drawbacks is a large amount of annoying advertising. In addition, recently, the developers have posted an announcement that the Evapon is temporarily not working and offer to use the above website calls online.

What you need for calls from a computer

In fact, in order to call from a computer to the phone, you will not need so much:

  • Comfortable computer or laptop. Power is not so important;
  • Headset or headphones;
  • Service application;
  • Stable Internet and accessibility in it.

For instant messengers as Skype and Weiber, you can use special applications. You can call them even by phone. Applications act as a connection. It is very convenient to use them in everyday life.

As you can see, in order to use telephony on a computer, not so much is needed. In fact, there are quite few objects that can be used in the future just like that. Telephony is not so expensive and dreary. You can make calls even via the Internet at home. The main thing is a little tools, as well as a stable program and the Internet. Otherwise you can use these possibilities quickly and easy.