How to change the browser on your phone

How to Set the Default Browser on Android

On cell phones and tablets with Android, there is usually only one browser installed, which is selected as the default browser. Usually it’s a solution from the device manufacturer, like Samsung Internet Browser, or from the operating system developer, i.e. Google Chrome. These are not bad browsers, but they do not suit everyone.

Some users want to switch to using Yandex, Opera or Firefox. But, for this, it is not enough just to install the appropriate application from Google Play. You also need to make it the default browser, otherwise the old web browser will start when you open links.

How to change your IP address on Android

To change your IP address on a cell phone, in the Android operating system, you can use VPN, proxy or TOR technology. Let’s look at them in details.

Using vpn services

As for VPN, there are several popular services, which provide both web-version and application for mobile devices. Android also has built-in VPN features.

To use them, you need to go to “Settings”, then select “Other networks”. After that, select the VPN section. In most cases, at this stage you are asked for a password or unlock code. If you don’t set this data, VPN will remain unavailable.

After that you need to choose the type of connection and enter all the data. This user name, password, server. The information is provided by the provider of the VPN service.

The third step. Connecting to the network. If everything is set up correctly, then the system will display a window with the connection data.

If the connection is active, you will see the corresponding icon in the notification panel. Touching it, you will see traffic consumption statistics and other data.

Using a proxy

Proxy. A technology that’s different from a VPN, but also allows you to change your IP. The main difference from a virtual private network is that a VPN. is an add-on to the Internet, an encrypted communication channel, to which no one can connect. And here are the proxies. It simply redirects traffic through a server from the Internet or a local network. How to change the IP address on your android phone with a proxy? First you need to find a list of servers with positive feedback from users, and then use these addresses to configure Android.

To do this, open “Settings,” then. “Wireless networks,” select the network you use, and open “Advanced. In the proxy settings, select the “Manual” item, entering the IP and port received earlier. After that, click on “Connect”.

Use of tor

TOR. A decentralized network of servers, with data encrypted in a secure manner. To use TOR on Android, you need to download the app. Use a special browser or other program.

TOR is good, it changes IP and protects your data. The only drawback. TOR services are quite demanding on resources, so while using this technology, your battery can drain faster than usual.

How to check if your IP address has changed

Checking IP changes. is easy. Go to 2ip.It will show your current IP address. It’s worth to do it twice. before the IP change, and after, to make sure that the address is changed.

Here is a quick guide to change the default browser

Before going to change the browser, you need to make sure you have it installed on your Android smartphone. Unless it’s there, it won’t show up in the list of choices. Next, do these simple steps:

  • open your phone settings
  • Find in the list of settings the item “Applications”

After these actions you can use your favorite browser by default. Now visiting the link you will be sure that the web page will be opened in the required internet browser.

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Change the default browser

Depending on the model and operating system of the device, the instructions are slightly different. But in general, the order is:

  • open the settings;
  • Scroll down to Google Settings;
  • select the “Default Applications” section;
  • at the top right click on the gear;
  • choose your browser;
  • click in Advanced Settings. Default Apps. Apps;
  • there you specify what search engine you would like to see as the main.

How to change the code element with the application

Changing the information on the site is easiest with the help of special programs, whose work is aimed precisely at this purpose. to change the constituent elements of the site, including light, size and direction of the text.

There are a huge number of similar applications on the Internet, on official sources. One utility worth talking about in more detail is Edit Webpage. With it you can not only change the information on the site, but also to prank your friends, and use for their own purposes.

Pay attention! Such programs are often used by scammers. It is worth to be careful with such programs.

It is easy to work with. To do this you will need:

  • Download utilities through the official source. the Play Store.
  • After this you should open the utility. This will open the familiar to everyone browser from the company Google;
  • Now the user needs to enter the name of the desired site, which in the future he would like to change;
  • After that, look in the upper right corner and find the pencil item. Click on it;
  • Now the user has the ability to edit the text and some elements of the site. It is worth to change what he does not like;
  • If the user has done everything, he should click on the tick in the upper right corner. this confirms the saving of the object.

This way you can change the text and some elements on the site. It is convenient, because the user can change almost any element of the site. The main thing is to use this opportunity properly, the maximum is to play a prank on your friends.

How to disable the default browser on Xiaomi?

How to remove the default browser on Xiaomi?

  • Even if you have ROOT rights, you can’t uninstall it, as you might get a brick
  • Press the three dots in the top corner.
  • In the menu, click on “Default Applications”.
  • Click on the item “Browser”.
  • And just choose another browser you have installed.
  • After that, all links will open in the browser of your choice.

How to make the default browser on Android. instructions

Browser is the program with which the Internet works. In the search engine, the user can search for the information he needs, communicate with friends. In general, use all the charms of the Internet. All this is possible only thanks to the browser.

The default browser is a setting that is set up in the computer itself. That is, if a user is used to using, for example, Chrome as a search engine, he can set such a setting that all sites, links. everything is opened only through this explorer. This is the “default.”.

When the computer does not have such a browser installed by default, the system asks the user which explorer is the best way to open it. The computer understands that its system does not have a default network installed, so it gives the user a choice.

Installing the default browser gives the user a huge number of advantages. For example:

  • The user does not have to constantly choose which network to use;
  • A person can configure the automatic opening through the favorite explorer;
  • The person will not feel uncomfortable when it opens not their favorite explorer, but only the one they want.

How to make the default browser on Android

Despite all the advantages of installing an automatic network, many users still do not know how to make such a setting so that the Internet automatically opens through the right explorer. In fact, there are several ways to do this on your computer system, which we will talk about earlier.

The choice of method depends primarily on the circumstances of the user, as well as the capabilities the user has.

There are a total of three ways to turn your favorite search engine into an automatic one:

Through the system settings

Setting through the system is the fastest option. With this option, the user can even have no access to the Internet. The most convenient thing is that even a beginner, who does not understand the system settings at all, can cope with this method. This option is not only the fastest, but also the easiest and most frequently used by others.

In order to make the search engine the main one through the settings, you need to do the following:

  • Find the settings item on the main screen. On Android it looks like a gear. The icon itself is often signed “settings”. A person can go to them in different ways. First, through the home screen of the phone using the icon, secondly, through the control panel of the system, in. thirdly, by searching in the layout of applications. The main thing is to go into them. The method and implementation of the method is not so important;
  • Next, you need to find the “Apps and Notifications” item. It is located in the “Main” block. Can also be called like “Application”.
  • After find the section with additional settings. Click on it, the choice is given. Go to “.”
  • Next we find “Default Applications”;
  • Clicking on it, we find that the default browser is not installed. In the line under the word “Browser” will flaunt the word “no”. The user must click on this item;
  • Next, choose any favorite browser of those that are installed on the device. The system will give the choice only of those that are available on the user’s phone;
  • After that, you can safely check by clicking on any link that the selected network is automatic.

Now, when the user wants to follow some link, he will be automatically redirected to the selected network. This is how you can configure the Internet via system functions.

In the browser settings

The next way is to use the browser settings. For it the user will need the Internet, so this method is not suitable for those cases where the person does not have access to it (it is more expedient to choose the first method).

All web browsers have such a function, as the installation of automatic opening in it in its own settings. A system like Google Chrome. the exception to the rule. It cannot be set automatically. You have to use some other methods, which we’ll talk about later.

The method described above will work for any search engine (except for Chrome). The process below shows how to make Mozilla and Yandex the main. Exactly on their example we will understand the algorithm, which is applicable to almost all browsers.

To make the explorer settings automatically open, then you need:

  • Launch the browser itself. This opens the link that the user has previously opened. It is necessary to find on the toolbar (the search bar) three points. These three dots are usually located in a corner. Click on them;
  • Then go to “settings” or “options”. It all depends on the explorer in which the process takes place;
  • After the transition, scroll through all the settings and look for “Make default browser;
  • After selecting the user is automatically transferred to the settings. Sometimes the system will ask about the link. Clicking on Settings;
  • Going into settings, as with the method above, put a tick in front of the explorer where we want to look for information most often.

This method is not much different from the previous one, because in the end all the actions converge to the settings anyway. This method has some merit.

Clicking on the link

This is the final method, which is usually done unknowingly. The user does not realize that when he wants to follow the link, he is automatically redirected to the settings. He installs the browser in an unfocused manner, and is then surprised when the browser is already installed.

The method is only possible if the user did not have a default browser beforehand.

In order to use this method, you need:

  • Open notepad, notes or any other application, when you can quickly and easily go to the active link. Next, you need to tap on it. A window will appear in which you select the word “Open”;
  • A window will pop up after that, in which the user can open the link with a certain program. Click on the desired search engine to which the user gives his sympathy, and click on the “Always” button;
  • After that the link will be opened in the browser, which has been chosen by man.

How to make the default browser on Android

To open web-pages on the internet use the special program. internet-browser, and if you have several similar applications on your mobile device you need to choose the default browser Android. The default browser on your phone is used to open links to websites, which opens when you click the appropriate URL.

You always have at least one browser on your cell phone that lets you access the Internet. Many users install other similar applications on their devices for more convenience.

If your smartphone has only one browser, it is the default browser on your phone, even if it is not selected as such in the phone settings. If your phone has several web browsers, the user is faced with the task of choosing the preferred application to open pages of websites.

In the Android operating system, the default browser opens links to web pages without asking for user input. If your cell phone does not have a default web browser, the system will prompt you each time to select the app of your choice.

How to set the default browser on Android? The Android operating system has several ways to select the default application, which can be used on any phone with any browser. The settings interface may vary depending on the version of the Android system, or the installed shell (OS) created by the manufacturer of the mobile device.

The examples in the instructions in this article use a “clean” version of the Android 10 operating system, working without any integrated add-ons or shells.

How to make the Android default browser in your phone settings. 1 way

Let’s first look at how to select the default Android browser in the settings of the operating system.

You need to proceed as follows:

  • Enter the phone settings.
  • Tap on “Apps and notifications”.
  • On the next screen, open the “Default Apps” option.
  • Tap on the “Browser” option.
  • In the “Default Browser” window, activate the radio button for the appropriate browser from among the installed on the phone.

If the default browser has not yet been installed on this phone, the selection button will be inactive in front of all the applications available on the device to access the Internet.

Now, after clicking on links from messenger conversations, messages or documents, website pages will open in the browser, set as the default application.

You can use this setting when you have questions about how to change the default browser on Android. Again, enter the settings of your smartphone, select another appropriate web browser.

How to change the default browser on Android. 2 way

On the Android operating system, you can set your default browser by clicking on the link. This method works if you have several browsers installed on your phone, and no default browser has been assigned yet.

  • After a tap on the link, a window will open with an offer to choose a browser.
  • A list of web browsers and two buttons “Only now” and “Always.
  • You need to select one of the browsers, tap the “Always” button.

How to set Yandex as default browser on Android

Some want to make users Yandex Browser, the default Android program to open web links.

Familiarize yourself with the first way to set the default Yandex Browser on your phone:

  • Go to the browser settings (three vertical dots), located in the address bar.
  • Tap “Default Browser”.
  • A message will appear in the window asking you to make Yandex the default browser.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • The phone settings window “Default apps” will open, tap on “Browser” (the icon of the current browser is displayed here).
  • In the next window, select Yandex Browser as the default application.

You can use another option: you can make Yandex the default browser from the settings on your mobile device described in the first method. As a result of changing the settings on your phone, the browser will become the default Yandex application.

How to set Opera as default browser on Android

The Opera browser is quite popular on mobile devices, so it is often used for surfing the Internet.

  • Press the “Opera” button on the panel in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Click on “Settings” in the menu that opens.
  • In the Opera browser settings window, click on the “Default Browser” option.
  • The “Make Opera the default browser” menu will open, where you need to click “Next”.
  • On the next screen, set Opera as your default web browser.

How to make Chrome the default browser on Android

If you try to set Chrome as Android’s default browser, and go into the settings, you won’t find such an option. Google Chrome does not have an option to select the default browser.

Use the first method in this guide to change the default app settings.

Selecting a browser for internal links

In some cases, applications have a built-in web browser, so the assigned Internet browser may not open internal links in the program.

Mobile devices use WebView technology, which is responsible for browsing the internet within the app itself. When you navigate to a URL, the website page is not opened by the default external browser, but by the app itself using the Android WebView tool integrated into the operating system.

In other cases, the Google Chrome browser performs this function.