How to change the default browser for Android

How to make a default browser on Android

At least one browser will be installed on a new phone. Often they are Google Chrome, but you can also find third-party web faces developed by the manufacturer of the smartphone. Often, users need to use several tools for opening web pages, so they are interested in how to make a default browser on Android. Let’s figure out what it is for and how it tunes.

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If several web faces are installed on the phone, then if necessary, open the site from the application or messenger, the system will ask you to choose the desired browser. Agree that every time it makes no sense to press extra buttons. That is why the Android operating system provides for the possibility of installing a web page viewing tool by default. So any sites will always be launched in the selected browser, which, if desired, can be changed.

Browser parameters

In addition to the always available indication of the application that will be used to open the web pages by default through the “settings” of the operating system, often go to the possibility of appropriate configuration, possibly provided for by the developers of many browsers for Android means.

    Launch the web facial set by the default.

Click on three points left in the widget “Search” displayed on the main page of the observer or in the browser sections panel if any site is opened in it.

Next or slip “make a default browser in the upper part of the opening area with options, or find and click in it on the“ settings ”icon and select the first in the list of the indicated button in the parameter list opened.

Touch the “Settings” in the displayed window, follow the “Browser Yandex” paragraphs No.-4

From the previous instruction in this article.

Click on the logo of the observer in the section of the partition panel located at the bottom of its screen, select the “Settings” in the menu that opened.

Sweet a list of the parameters and options of the application, tap the penultimate of the default browser of the default Browser. Slide “Further” under the message displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Transfer the radio clip in the list that opens to the Opera position, then click on the inscription “by default”.

Tap on the upper screen on the right of three points, move to the “Settings” from the opened menu. In the first category of parameters “General” on the next screen, activate the switch located to the right of the item “Install the default browser”.

Touch Firefox in the list of funds installed on the device for working with web resources, click “By default”.

Tap along the browser section located in the center of the “” button, click on the right on the right in the first of the “Settings” icon presented in the displayed area of ​​the tools.

Move down the list of parameters and functions, in the category of “additional” click “Set the default browser”.

Tap “yes” under the description of the required actions required to perform. If necessary, expand, pulling up the border, displaying on the screen the list “Open links using:”, select the “Edge” item in it, and then click “Always” below the right on the right.

How to configure by default

There are several options for installing the observer by default, and here you yourself already decide how more convenient you are. It is possible with the help of standard points in the system settings, and more complex options.

Through “Android settings”

All you need is to perform in the sequence of actions described below. But keep in mind that some menu items may differ in Android depending on the version:

  • Go to the “settings” of the device from the main screen or from the utility menu;
  • To do this, click on the paragraph “Applications and notifications”. You will have a list that needs to be spilled to the end. Find the item “Additional settings” and go to the “” tab. (We considered the example of Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, so the menu items are slightly different);
  • Here it is necessary to find the item “Applications by default”. Click on it and select the “Browser” section, where the default observer is exhibited;
  • In the menu, from the list of necessary browsers, you need to choose the most commonly used option. The flag installed opposite the utility will say that the setting for a particular web facial makes it the main application on the user device;
  • The settings from the “Still” column are also regulated by many other phone parameters. For example, messages, voice input, more, but read about this in our other materials on setting up android.

Attention! You can go in and change the default browser at any time, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Through the “settings” of the browser itself

Any default browser can be installed using the settings of the observer itself. To complete the task, it is enough to perform a few simple steps available to a novice user. The entire process is also carried out through the “settings” of the operating system, but here you already need to go into the parameters of a particular browser and carry out actions directly there. We described options for most popular observers that are available in Play Market at the moment.

Google Chrome

This web observer does not have a desired section with default settings. Only standard system capabilities are suitable for the application. You need to contact the system settings in the phone.

To do this, in a smartphone or tablet, you need to find the “All Applications” tab, and then find the “browsers” section, and set the value for “Google Chrome” “by default”. Settings come into force immediately, so the reloading of the device is not required.


A domestic browser, not inferior in speed and capabilities to other observers. To configure the silence, just click on the browser and go to the home page. There is a search line menu here. If you click on the tab with three points, an additional tab will appear on the screen.

It is in this tab that there will be a settings point. Just scroll down a little and on the left side will be the default browser button. Click on it, after which the system will forward you to the settings tab. Here go to the Browser section and choose the default Yandex.


This web page viewing tool also has a setting, which allows you to choose the default value directly from the browser. The process is about the same as in the Yandex browser:

In general, this procedure will be practically identical to most observers on the smartphone, and only the menu items in the browser settings will differ.

Through alert when you follow the link

Another convenient way with your advantages. However, the relevance of the option is valid only if the browser has been recently installed. This method is also relevant if the main observer has not previously been installed on the phone.

Suppose you just downloaded the Google Chrome browser. As soon as you run the application, there will be a notification immediately about whether you want to install it as the main or not. Confirm the consent, mark the “Always” tab and the system will install it by default to go through all links.

However, at the same time, the transition in instant messengers is carried out through internal observers. This applies to. Telegram and other applications, so this moment you need to take into account. But it is worth noting that the built.In means of these services work quite quickly and problems with the click of links usually do not arise.

Web Visorer WebView

In addition to browsers in the Android operating system there is a technology such as WebView. This is a built.In link system that is in Android systems above version 4.2. The service is not recommended for deletion, since a number of programs without it lose its full functionality. Actions entail systemic errors.

Android System WebView simplifies viewing the web of contents inside various utilities. The launch of the browser is not required. For example, you can fluid the vk tape, see the content of the web page without an external observer. This saves the battery charge, since the additional software is not involved, and the phone’s power is not spent on additional applications and processes. After all, browsers “eat” quite a lot of smartphone resources and often with a large number of advanced programs there are malfunctions and freezes.

In Android 4 versions.2.2 and above WebView works without complaints. A separate load is not required, since the program is preinstalled. Officially extends free from Google’s store.

In Android versions below 4.2 Resource consumption due to WebView becomes increased. The performance of low.Power devices is significantly reduced. However, the system component can only be removed with ROOT rights. It is desirable to act according to the following scheme:

  • In the settings, it is necessary to open the section “Applications”;
  • Next, you need to open the window with parameters and remove all updates;
  • After it is necessary to clean all the data;
  • Then the application can be stopped using the appropriate tab.

If you still decide to use the built-in WEBVIEW observer to view links, it will need to be activated. To do this, it will be necessary to enable the developer parameters on the smartphone. How to do this. Read in our separate article, where everything is described in detail. In general, the procedure will be as follows:

Bonus: rating of the best browsers for android

To make the choice easier, you can familiarize yourself with the rating table:

Search engine Description Rating
Yandex The most popular browser that is constantly updated and has a huge number of convenient functions.
Google Chrome The second most important web browser, which goes to all androids, as the main.
Miui A special search engine for Xiaomi phones with a convenient Inteime.
Opera “Old Man” in the search world, equipped with obsolete functions.
Firefox A browser that is little known, but convenient and practical.

Thus, any search engine can be made automatically, thereby facilitating the life of yourself and the phone system.

How to make an Opera with a default browser on Android

The opera opera is quite popular on mobile devices, so it is often used for sewing on the Internet.

  • In the browser settings window, click on the default browser option.
  • The menu “Make Opera by the default browser” opens, in which you must click on the “Next” button.


Xiaomi produces smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system, which are very popular. Access to the Play online store, the market allows you to install many useful programs, including web faces. Thanks to them, owners of mobile devices can visit various sites, read news, watch videos, listen to music, communicate on social networks and perform many other actions. All of them are freely available and they can be downloaded completely free.

The standard web browser, which goes in a smartphone, does not have a large number of possibilities. Therefore, some owners use the mobile version of Google Chrome, but it also has flaws. Therefore, it is recommended that other web seing applications be installed on the phone. For example, Yandex, UC Browser, Opera, Firefox.

After that, when trying to open a web document on the screen, a message should appear with a sentence select a program for opening a file. If this does not happen and the file is automatically opened through any web browser, then we can change it to any other installed on a mobile device, whether it be a phone or tablet. Below is a Xiaomi devices instructions with a proprietary membrane Miui 9.

In order to make a default browser in Xiaomi, you need: 1. Open a phone or tablet settings.

Click on the icon in the form of three vertical points located in the upper right corner of the screen.

change, default, browser, android

In the menu that opens, select “default applications”.

In the opened tab, click on the inscription: “Browser“.

The list will open. Install the desired web browser, pressing his icon with a finger.

change, default, browser, android

How To Make Chrome Default Browser on Android | How to change default browser on oppo phones

Now the selected option will be used as the main web facial.

In the settings of the system

The first way to change the default browser on the phone with Android OS is to use the capabilities of the operating system. Instructions: 1. Open the settings of a mobile device by clicking on the label on the desktop or on the icon in the notifications panel.

Find the section “Applications” (depending on the version of Android and the presence of the proprietary shell from the manufacturer, the name can be different, for example, “Applications and notifications”).

Click “by default” (the mobile device menu is often different, so it may be additionally required to deploy “additional settings” or a separate menu).

In this section, you can choose a musical player, email, camera, Internet recrecer or configure other programs as the main ones for a smartphone. You need to press the “browser”.

A list of web faces available on the smartphone will appear. To change the program that is used constantly, select and click on the one that needs. A mark will appear opposite her.

After these actions, links from instant messengers, messages or social networks will be open in the selected program. The example shows actions with Opera, but in the same way you can make Yandex browser by default on Android.

How to make the main applications used by default

However, the capabilities of the operating system in terms of the binding of software to the implementation of specific actions are not too wide. Initially, such an opportunity exists for the most frequently used launches (the so.Called operating system), browsers that Android can recognize, video players, audiopleers, applications for the camera, to exchange messages, for called.

So, let’s consider how to install a launcher, browser or other default application:

  • We go into the smartphone settings (tablet).
  • We click at the “Appendix” item (which can have a similar, but another name).
  • Further actions depend on the version of the OS and smartphone. On some models with the installed clean android, to perform the binding, it is necessary to slip on the gear icon (as an option. At three points), and then select the “default application” item. There is also a situation when to achieve the same result, it is enough to slip on the default tab on the tab. Finally, the option is not excluded when it is necessary to choose “additional settings” and there is already a look for the desired option there. In any case, finding the whereabouts of this function will be easy, since it is obviously within the section of the “Appendix”.
  • Among the available actions in the list that opened. The choice of another launcher (by default there is usually a branded shell from the manufacturer of a smartphone or a standard Google program). To put another launcher by default, you need to slip on the “main screen” tab (and this name has many writing options. For example, “desktop”, or “main application”, it all depends on the specific shell used at this time).
  • Then we choose the launcher you like from the proposed list (recall, you can expand it yourself, downloading the relevant applications from the Play Market and installing them on the device).

As you can see, nothing complicated, everything is done in a few clicks. By approximately the same scenario, you can assign default tools for calls, for sending SMS messages, for shoeing, and so on. In the case when the program used for certain actions is not defined by default, each time the system will ask you what kind of software to use and whether it is necessary to do this only in this case or always.

Further on how to make a default browser on Android.

Some manufacturers of smartphones/tablets make standard browsers of their own development. As a rule, they have insufficiently extensive functionality. Others choose as the main Google Chrome, which is also far from the ideal, since it consumes too many resources. Therefore, many users install alternative observers on the gadget. Who likes it, the benefit of the choice is quite large.

To select the browser, by default, we perform the following actions:

In some smartphones, the algorithm of actions is somewhat different, in the settings you need to find a section in which you can control the installed applications, we are looking for the inscription “default apps”, we slip at three points and select “browser” in the list that has appeared. A list will open with a list of Internet facilities installed in the system, among which you should choose the right.

Now all the actions related to the opening of sites (clicks by links in SMS messages, messengers, other applications) will be carried out in the browser you have chosen.

An alternative option for performing the same actions involves the use of the settings of the browser itself. Almost all observers, with the exception of Google Chrome have this possibility. Say, if you want sites to always open using Firefox, you need to adhere to the following instructions (this observer is given for an example, the same algorithm is applicable to the opera, the browser from Yandex and other applications of this type):

How to Reset the Default Browser Choice in Android

Installation of a default web facial using their own settings

Many browser mobile versions allow you to change associations to open URLs through their own settings.

For example, for Yandex.The browser must follow this algorithm for this:

For Mozilla browser, the corresponding settings look as follows:

On the Opera browser, the operation of changing the default browser looks like this:

change, default, browser, android

As you can see, in Android telephones, the change in the default browser (or applications) is made in several clicks, so users can also use this procedure with minimal experience using such smartphones.