How to change the keyboard layout on Android

Changing the language on HTC smartphones

In cases where you use the technique from the manufacturer described, and the operating system version 4.1 or below, then it will be required:

  • Install the Locale 2 app on your mobile device.
  • Run it and click on Custom Locale.
  • Select the “Language” section, then choose your country, for example, Russian Federation, and set the desired language for the interfaces.
  • Tap on the “Set” button.

Performed actions allow you to install Russian and other languages on NTS-brand phones. Otherwise it is recommended to install new firmware.

How to quickly change the layout and input method

In order to change the peculiarities of the characters you can use not only the classic settings menu, but also another option. work with the application. A step-by-step guide to installing the desired settings is as follows:

How to Change the Keyboard on Your Android Device

  • Activate any program that is used for messaging, for example, messenger and click on the line to enter text, then the virtual keyboard pops up. Click on the gear icon, which allows you to go to the settings. This will be useful for users who need to turn off automatic text correction or change the input method.
  • Set and hold your finger on the space bar to bring up a window with a choice of layout and language settings.

You can change your character input methods at any time if you wish. The technique will be convenient for users who often use applications to send messages.

The virtual keyboard

The virtual keyboard allows you to enter text in a variety of languages. Its advantages are:

  • Ability to write text in your “native” language using a foreign keyboard while you are abroad.
  • Text can be typed with the mouse.
  • Quickly and conveniently switch between the typing mode and alphabet.
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To use it, you need to turn on “Ways to enter text,” and follow the instructions. On the keyboard itself there is a special icon that can be used to enable or disable the function.

When you turn on the virtual editor, the text can be typed with both the mouse and on a regular keyboard.

Switching the layout of the external keyboard by means of Android itself

To begin with, when the keyboard is connected, you need to go to the settings of the device and find there the item “Language and input”. There find the section “Physical Keyboard” (if the keyboard is disabled, it will not appear in the settings), and in it the item “Choice of keyboard layout.

Most likely, the item “Default” will be active there, which means that the keyboard will use the language of the device without the ability to switch the layouts.

Select “Set keyboard layouts” and if the long menu of possible layouts is displayed, it means we are lucky. Need to select the Russian and English (U.S.) layout, then the setting can be considered complete.

It will be possible to switch keyboard layouts on the physical keyboard by pressing the keys.

How to change the keyboard on Android

For the Andoid operating system you can download many applications for the keyboard. Consider how to switch to the keyboard SwiftKey, but the process of switching to any other keyboard is identical.

  • Go to Play Market and download any keyboard app. Then we go to the settings of the mobile device.
  • In the settings find the Language of input. In some phones, it may be hidden in a different menu. This item can be found in the System.
  • Press the Language and input section, then select the Virtual keyboard. Here you can see both the active keyboard, and just installed. One is turned off and the other is activated.
  • Returns to the virtual keyboard settings.
  • Once the keyboard is installed and activated, you need to select it as the default keyboard.
  • Press the SwiftKey line to start installing the program. The settings screen appears, where you need to select the option “Select Swift.
  • The “Select Input Method” dialog box appears, showing the current default keyboard. Select the desired option.
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At this point, keyboard installation is complete and you can fully use it. But in most modern applications you can perform advanced settings. If there will be a desire to install another similar application in the future, you will need to act in the same way.

change, keyboard, layout, android

It should be understood that using a third-party keyboard on your smartphone entails a risk of privacy. If you want to put another application, it is recommended to use Play Market to find it.

The advantage of Android smartphones is that you can do many of the settings yourself, including changing the keyboard. It is very easy to do. the procedure takes only a few minutes.

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How to change the keyboard

In order to change the keyboard on Android, you need to follow a certain instruction:

  • You need a working Internet connection or an open Wi-Fi hotspot to get started.
  • After making sure that our device has access to the Internet, we open the standard Play Market application. This is a special online catalog that contains a lot of software for smartphone users. In the search box, as shown in the picture, enter the word “keyboard” or “keyboard.
  • In front of us pops up a window with search results, containing a huge number of tools of this type. Of the provided variations of keyboards, you can choose the appropriate. As an example, consider installing a keyboard “GO Keyboard”. After reviewing the list, choose the keyboard of interest and click on its image.
  • In order for the application to appear on your smartphone, you need to click on the “Install” button.
  • Before installing, the app will ask for permission to interact with your device. Do not be afraid of this and bravely press the “Accept” button. [appbox steam
  • Now that the keyboard is on the device, you need to install it by default instead of the standard one. To do this, go to the settings of your smartphone and select the “Language and input” tab in the menu. On some devices, depending on the Android version, this tab may have a different name. For example, on older versions, it is called “Input Language” or “Input Method.
  • In the “Keyboard and Input Methods” window that appears, select the previously installed keyboard. On most devices to do this, you need to tick the empty box opposite the name or just move the virtual “toggle switch” to the activating position, as shown in the figure.
  • If after completing the steps the keyboard remains standard, open any application that uses it. Press the space bar indicated in the illustration below for a few seconds, and in the blue rectangular area select the name. In the case shown in the screenshot, just click on “GO Keyboard. If this menu does not appear when you press the space bar, with your finger press any empty area for a few seconds and change the current keyboard.
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Setting up the virtual keyboard on Android

The keyboard of the Android phones can usually be used without any additional settings. Nevertheless, some useful functions are usually disabled in it, and active options may be unnecessary. To learn how to make typing more convenient, consider the Gboard app from Google, which is installed by default on most Android mobile devices.

Language setting

Russian” and “Latin alphabet” are set by default in the “Languages” section, but you can add a new layout if necessary.

    Tap “Add keyboard” and choose desired language in the list.


There are several sections in this section. In the “Keyboard” section it is possible to turn on or turn off separate “Row of digits” above the keyboard layout.

The language toggle key can be replaced by the emoji switch. In this case the language layout will be changed by a long press on the “Spacebar”.

You can add an emoji tooltip line above the character keys that you’ve used recently.

In “Layout” block you can change a little the position of the keyboard by fixing it on the right or left side of the screen.

Using the side menu you can unset, change side or raise the “Jibord” field up within the restricted area.

Keyboard height” option allows you to change the key size.

There is a feature whereby when you select an emoji, the app will suggest similar stickers.

In Gboard, you can turn on the sound of the keys or a vibration response, and then change the sound volume and vibration strength.

If you activate the corresponding option, a long press on the key will show a field with additional symbols. In this case you can change the duration of presses.

In the “Themes” section it is possible to change the application design. For example, you can change the color of the interface, and set as the background a photo or any picture from the gallery of your smartphone.

    Click on the plus sign in the block “My themes”, find the appropriate image and tap on it.

You can also edit or delete a theme from this screen.

Apply one of the available background images.

There are also gradient colors. light or dark.

To correct text

This includes the app’s recommended options designed to make typing easier. For example, you can turn on or off emoji, a tooltip line while typing, disable Jiboard from suggesting obscene words, and allow to make hints based on previous words.

The Corrections block has options to let Gboard automatically correct mistakes, mark misspelled words, capitalize new sentences, and double tap the Space key to automatically insert a period followed by a space after each word.

Continuous input

When “Continuous Typing” is active, you can type without taking your fingers off the keyboard. When the option “Draw fishing line” is enabled, there will be a trace of your finger on the keys.

The “Enable Gesture Deletion” function allows you to delete words by moving your finger to the left on the delete key. The longer the swipe, the more words will be deleted.

You can move the cursor, for example, when editing words, by moving your finger to the right and left on the Space key. This requires the appropriate option to be enabled.


You can compile the dictionary in different languages. It may include words that are too long, frequently used words, as well as those that the app constantly corrects or underlines.

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    In the settings, select “Dictionary” and go to “Personal Dictionary”.

Search and voice input

In the Search section, “Tips when searching for content” are enabled by default. If you need an animated picture, emoji, or sticker when you type, they will be in the input language.

The application supports voice dialling. To activate it, you should press the button with the image of a microphone.

Jibord recognizes speech in different languages in offline mode, but for this you will have to download the appropriate language pack.

How to change the language on your keyboard on Android

If you need to change the language on your keyboard, this is also done through the Settings. Open the settings of the Android and go to “Language and input” (“Language input” in English).

In this section, you need to open the subsection “Google keyboard” (if you are using a keyboard from another manufacturer, the name may be different).

This will open a list of available languages for your keyboard.

In order to change the language on the keyboard, activate the language you want and disable the language you do not use.

Changing the keyboard layout

First of all, you need to decide what languages you want to see on your phone. By default the Android operating system is installed quite a large number of languages, which may be absolutely unnecessary to you. They can be removed without unnecessary problems and without fear that you will lose them forever.

In order to select the desired languages for typing, you need to go to the menu of your device and select the “Settings” item. Next, you need to go to the tab “Language and keyboard”, and then go to “Keyboard settings”. In the settings of the keyboard to find a point called “Target Keyboard Settings” (in some devices, this item may be called differently, but the meaning will be that it is the main (target) keyboard). Next, you need to make your choice in favor of the languages you want to see on your device when you change the layout.

After you have selected the desired languages, you can try to go to the “Messages” and check how the keyboard layout.

Changing the keyboard layout

In this case, to change the layout, you either need to find a special button to change the language, or swipe the space bar to the left side or right side. Keep in mind that the “space” button usually indicates the current keyboard language.

In some cases you may notice that you don’t have a language change button or language display on the “space” button. It indicates that you need to repeat the setup with languages more carefully, since you most likely selected only one setup language for the target keyboard. Remember that the settings are saved until you change them again. Removing a language from the target keyboard’s settings doesn’t mean you’ve permanently removed it from your device. You can always return to it later. This should not scare you!

By the way, by default in many Android devices which are produced for Russia you can choose only two languages: “Russian” and “English”. There may be no other languages. In this case, if you only need Russian, you can remove English from the settings and then, if you need it, just put it back. Remember that you can’t remove the language from the phone itself.