How to change the language on Instagram on the phone

How To Change Language on Instagram 2020 Android latest update

What to do in the case of language problems on Instagram?

Instagram. A popular social network to demonstrate photos and business development. People from all over the planet publish posts here. Share impressions of company products, tour operators, talk about amazing places in which they visited different languages. To find and choose a product or master, modern users go into search and drive suitable hashtags. Therefore, the developers introduced the function of translation of Комментарии и мнения владельцев and texts. The option does not always work correctly. This is influenced by various factors, up to the speed of the Internet connection. It happens that Instagram does not translate into Russian, returns the owner of the account to the systemic language, or does not respond to the request at all. Comfortable pastime is replaced by irritation. You have to resort to third.Party resources. Given that copying from the pages of other people’s accounts is not supported, the inconvenience is obvious. We will figure out in more detail what to do in such situations.

The translating function in accounts appeared at the end of 2016. During this time, she was repeatedly tested and improved, getting rid of bugs. The options prescribed by programmers periodically affect the correct job of the site. Therefore, there are questions “Why does Instagram translate into Spanish or German instead of Russian”. Sometimes there are incidental moments when Instagram stopped translating into Russian or any other language, in general. The administration seeks to establish and fix the shortcomings. But the problem can be hidden not only in the language errors. Typically, web shoes download programs and, without hesitation, press the “Next” button when installing. Many do not know that in the process of using the account you can change the language. So, the English language set during download can cause an incorrect display of the language on Instagram.

If it is not possible to select the switching option, using “show the translation”, and before that everything functioned normally, then it is worth exiting the account and logging in the account again. Usually these steps solve the problem.

Consider the situation when the user indicated the Russian, but, for some reason, Instagram translates into different languages. Most likely, the case is in updates. Which are produced regularly, but are updated by automatic and not at the same time for all account owners. Go out of the account and delete software from the information medium. Then download the earlier installation package of Instagram and turn off the auto reinforcements. This does not mean that you will have to use the outdated version constantly. Wait until the programmers eliminate problems. Then go to updated software.

Replacement on the phone

In mobile phones on IOS and Android bases, the action algorithm is similar, but I propose to consider it in detail the step.By.Step execution for each platform.


In the Account section (“account”), press Language, or “Language”;


For devices based on the Android platform, the procedure is similar.

Users need to perform the following steps:

Press the profile icon in the lower right corner;

Go to the Settings section (or “settings”);

In the Account section (“Account”), select Language (or “Language”);

In the last paragraph, when choosing from falling out options, you can specify any of the proposed or use the search. Instagram supports more than 40 languages.

Why is it not possible to change the language on Instagram

If the Instagram integse is not translated into Russian, there may be several reasons.

One of them is a version of the firmware. On some models of Xiaomi and Meizu, its own shell is established, which can cause the conflict between the application and the OS. The solution to the problem will be the search for updates for Instagram on Play Market, and if they are not, then downloading from the Internet and installing the hacked version of Instagram via APK.

Another possible reason why it is not possible to change the language of the application is geolocation. This usually happens if the user is in another country, but wants to install Instagram in Russian. To solve the problem, you need to disable geolocation, in the phone settings to establish the Russian language of the Inte Wee, as well as change the country of residence on Russia.

Additionally, you can download the VPN service and select the connection through the Russian server. After these actions, the application will be downloaded on iOS or Android in completely Russian.

In the web version, linguistic settings are most easily changed, but sometimes even after making changes, the type of Inte Wee remains the same. Possible problem. A crowded browser cache. It is necessary to clean, then re.Open the observer and go to the site.

What to do if Instagram is not translated into Russian

There are several reasons why the application cannot change language settings:

To change the parameters of geolocation, you need to set the VPN services and specify the connection point: “Russia”. After. Indicate an automatic connection to the anonymous access service and restart the smartphone. The procedure also includes the complete removal of Instagram and further download.

With non.Standard firmware, on some models Meizu and Xiaomi, a conflict between the OS and the application may arise. A way out of such a situation and how to change the language on Instagram to Russian. Check the availability of updates in Play Market, if they are not, then install a hacked version.

Setting up on a computer

To use a popular application in Russian from a computer, you must also make a special setting. On stationary computers, two versions can be applied. This is the use of the site through the browser, or through a specially installed application. Each of the options has some differences.

When using a browser

First of all, it is necessary to undergo authorization on the official website on Instagram. Further, you will need to observe a simple procedure:

  • You need to go into a personal account by pressing the corresponding icon;
  • Go down the pages, and find the menu option there;
  • After that, you need to select the item “Language” or “Language”;
  • Choose Instagram is Russian, and the language in the profile will change.

When using the application

For Windows 8 users, as well as later versions, there is a separate application in Microsoft Store. Using it, it will become clear how to change the language in the profile. It is quite simple to make it:

  • Go to your own account;
  • Select the icon at the top, which is depicted in three points;
  • On the left, the “tongue” or “Language” line will appear on the menu, you should click on it;
  • Then just click on the desired language, and confirm your choice.

Users of the world.Famous resource, usually do not have problems with how to change the language of your Inteiis. It does not need to have any special knowledge here. Going to the section with the profile settings, and choosing the necessary item there, the tongue will be changed to Russian.

These manipulations do not take time for more than five minutes. If you follow the algorithm of action correctly, then using the site will be very simple. And if any difficulties arise, then you should contact the technical support. Competent experts will always provide the necessary assistance to their users.

On the iPhone

The instruction for the iPhone is not much different from the one that I brought above for smartphones with Android OS. But still, let’s look at step.By.Step operations. To change the language on Instagram on the iPhone, enter the application:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Click on the “menu” icon.
  • Select “settings” (or “settings”).
  • Click on the “language” (English “Language”).
  • Select the desired language from the list of the list.
  • An important point. If you want to choose Russian, then click on the Russian Russian, and not the Russian System Default.
  • To save the changes, in the pop.Up window, click “Change” (or “Change”).

How to change the tongue on Instagram

Translating into Russian simply. It is located almost in the middle of the list (30 in a row).

Language can be found through the search line from above (Search).

Instagram became in English how to change?

In the above instructions at 3 step, open “settings”. “Account” and select “Language”.

Language does not change to Russian, what to do?

Sometimes an error arises when changing the tongue.

Here’s what you need to do: delete the application from your device, reboot it, reinstall Instagram and change your tongue.

How to change the language on Instagram on a computer?

How to change language on Instagram to Russian

This is all that you need to do if Instagram has become in English.

You can change the language to Russian on Instagram both through the application and through the web version for a smartphone and computer.Also, the version for Windows 10 also works, where language parameters are installed automatically.

Often, the cause of improper tuning is the features of the mobile device. For example, the smartphone was not acquired from a certified seller, incorrect Russification was installed or incorrect geolocation parameters were indicated.

If this is an official manufacturer. There are problems when moving, connecting a page in English. The parameters of the smartphone affect: English or other language is installed as the main.

To make Instagram in Russian on iPhone or Android:

The reloading of the device is not required: the settings will be updated immediately after clicking on the “Change” button. In the application, translate the language on Instagram into Russian or any other is easy, without changing system settings on the device.

How to translate Instagram into Russian from the phone

Despite the fact that in comparison with the application the functionality of the web version is very limited, the ability to change language settings in it is available.

You can change the language on Instagram to Russian through the site in two ways:

change, language, instagram, phone

The second way is to click on the ellipsis on the left side of the page and translate the tongue on Instagram through the “Parameters” section. The settings will remain: every time you visit the site through the same browser, you will not have to change them again.

How to make Instagram in Russian from a computer version

The web version for the computer looks a little different than adapted for mobile browsers.

Changing the language in it is carried out in three steps:

After that, the page will reboot, and the site will be displayed in accordance with the new settings.

How to change language on instagram

Why does the language not change and what to do?

As a rule, it is possible to return the usual integration in several clicks. But sometimes the problem lurks not in incorrect settings. The error can cause:

  • Installations of geolocation. If the user is abroad, you need to connect the VPN and choose the country of use of Russia. It is required to give permission to connect to anonymous services, and then overload the device.
  • Mobile device or incorrect firmware. It may be necessary to reset the settings to factory and reinstall the system.
  • Application system error or update with bugs. You need to write on Support Instagram or leave a review in Google Play or AppStore stores.

If the error on Instagram, as a result of which the application is loaded in English, due to incorrect settings, the user can quickly solve the problem on his own. In the case of a global failure, developers quickly eliminate bugs.