How to change the ringtone on iPhone

How to change the ringtone on your iPhone

Your iPhone has many built-in ringtones, and it’s easy to change your ringtone. So, let’s see how to change the ringtones, SMS, alarms and notifications on the iPhone.

A short story about changing the ringtone on your iPhone

Many iPhone users do not think about changing the default ringtone on the phone, it turns out that everyone uses the same ringtone.

You do not have to use the same ringtone as everyone else. Many ringtones are loaded into the iPhone, you can also install free and paid ringtones from iTunes.

If you’re creative, you can even set any music (song) as your iPhone ringtone.

How to change the ringtone on your iPhone

To change your ringtone, open Settings in iPhone. On the Settings screen, scroll down and tap Sounds.

On the Sounds screen, tap Ringtones. located under Sounds and Vibrations.

On the next screen, scroll down to the ringtones section and click on the ringtone you want to use on your iPhone.

Buying new ringtones on your iPhone

If you don’t want to use the default ringtones available on your iPhone, you can purchase a new ringtone from iTunes.

Open Settings in iPhone and tap Sounds Tone Store. This will take you to the App Store.

In the App Store, find the music by typing the ringtone in the search bar. Once you find the ringtone you need, download and install the ringtone on your iPhone by clicking on the Get button.

You may be prompted to confirm your purchase by entering your Apple ID password.

Set the purchased tone as your iPhone ringtone

After purchasing a ringtone from the app store, you can set the purchased tone as your ringtone on your iPhone by tapping Settings Sound Ringtone.

On the next screen, tap on the purchased ringtone. To set it as the new default ringtone on your iPhone.

Change iPhone ringtone for certain contacts

Know that you can set up different ringtones for different contacts on your iPhone. Theoretically, setting ringtones for specific contacts should help you identify callers, depending on the ringtone being played.

To change the ringtone for certain contacts, open Contacts on your iPhone and select a contact. For which you want to set a specific ringtone.

At the contact details screen, tap Change. at the top right of the screen.

Then scroll down and tap on the current ringtone for that contact.

On the next screen, click on the ringtone. that you want to hear when that contact rings, and tap Done.

You will now hear the selected ringtone whenever that contact calls you.

How to change the ringtone on your iPhone

Changing the standard ringtone in the iOS operating system is a little more complicated than on Android. It is unclear why Apple developers did not want to provide an easy opportunity for owners of apple devices to show their individuality.

Let’s not talk too much and get down to business. Let’s try to create a step by step instruction with screenshots to change the default ringtone on iPhone with iOS 10 operating system.3.1.

First, download the music or song you’re going to put on your iPhone. Then launch iTunes on your PC and connect your smartphone to it.

In the open iTunes window select the Songs tab and simply drag the desired music file there:

Next, you need to select the copied track and right-click on it (PCM) and click on Details in the context menu:

In the new window set the interval to about 30-40 seconds. Longer tracks will simply be recognized by the operating system as a normal song or t.п. Thus, you should enter the beginning and the end of the ringtone with digits. Then click on OK at the bottom right.

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Note: it is better to specify the duration of iPhone ringtone up to 30 seconds.

Then go to File/Convert/Create AAC version. This format corresponds to the ringtone for iOS and iPhone:

The new trimmed ringtone will appear immediately below the original and will look like this:

Right click on it (PKM) and in the context menu which will appear you should choose Show in Windows Explorer:

We will need this procedure to change the extension of a music ringtone we have created, the one that we have cut.

You can go to Start/Control Panel/All Control Panel/Folder Options/View and uncheck the Hide extensions for registered file types option. Click OK:

Previously, we pressed Show in Windows Explorer and came back to this window to see our future non-standard ringtone for iPhone. Now you can see the extension of the music file and change it to the extension of the iPhone ringtone.

Change the old m4a file to m4r. Save the changes. Go to iTunes and look for “Songs/Media Library” when your phone is connected to PC. Simply drag and drop our new ringtone into this window:

This is almost the end of the tambourine game. You only need to sync your iPhone with iTunes on your PC, and that’s it. And don’t forget to change the default ringtone to your own in the menu of the phone itself.

This is where our step-by-step instruction with screenshots on how to change the ringtone (ringtone) on your iPhone ends. Changed the ringtone on your iPhone 5S 16GB with iOS 10.3.

How to change the default ringtone on your iPhone

Many people prefer to change their default phone ringtone to something they like better. Changing your ringtone is one of the basic and easiest ways to customize your iPhone. Changing the default ringtone means that whenever you receive a call, a new tone of your choice will play.

The instructions in this article are for iOS 12, but the functionality is similar for older versions of iOS.

Installing a ringtone manually using iTunes

Before you start with the first method of setting a ringtone, you should make sure that your computer:

  • iTunes program is installed;
  • Bind the iPhone with iTunes has been done;
  • Disable the function of hiding the file extension of the operating system. So next to each document or media file name, you will see the format.

To configure the file format display, you must go into the control panel of your computer. Then open the “Explorer Preferences” window.

In the appeared window find tab “View” and in a part of additional parameters uncheck item “Hide extensions”. at the bottom of the list.

Now you can start creating your own ringtone. this method is free.

Despite using iTunes, you do not need to buy any tracks. The only disadvantages of this option are the long setup time and the obligatory presence of a personal computer.

change, ringtone, iphone

Now select in your computer’s file explorer the folder with all the songs you have downloaded from the Internet that you want to add to iTunes.

If you do not want to create an entire folder, you can add only one track. To do this, in the File tab, choose to add only one object to your media library;

After uploading to the iTunes library, all the added songs will be displayed as a list in a new window of the program.

Select the song you want to put on the ringtone and open the file information window;

In the window that opens, open the settings tab. Among the options, make sure that the “Media Type” field is set to “Music”.

Now select the start and end time of the ringtone that will play on your iPhone during an incoming call;

  • Click “OK.”. to save your changes and exit the information window;
  • When you return to the window with a list of added tracks, right-click on the desired song again and select “Create ACC version” in the list. In the iPhone, the ringtone must necessarily be in this format;
  • A duplicate audio will appear in the song list: it is the same track, but with a shorter duration and in the right format. We will need it to create a ringtone. Click on the added song and select “Show in Explorer” in the options window. The folder that contains this media file will open.
  • Drag the opened file from its folder on your PC into the iTunes window. It will now appear in the “Sounds” window. which holds all of the user’s ringtones;
  • Go to settings of original song (not cropped version of the track) and in Details-Parameters window remove settings of melody duration (figure 5). This is a must, because users often complain that the program automatically deletes the ringtone created after 1-2 days when it recognizes that it was created by you and not purchased from the official store. Deleting the original song or the customized time slot will solve the problem and the track will remain in the media library forever.
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After all the above steps, connect your iPhone to iTunes and wait for the device and the program to sync.

Now you will be able to find the ringtone you created on your smartphone. Open the Settings window. Go to the “Sounds” tab and select the Ringtone field.

It contains a previously created short version of the song. To set it as a ringtone, click on it.

How to create an m4r ringtone for iPhone

The first step is quite simple. you need to prepare a song to install on the iPhone ringtone. According to Apple’s requirements, a song that is set for a ringtone cannot be longer than 30 seconds. Also, it must be in a fairly specific format. m4r. Because of this there are difficulties when you want to set your favorite song on the iPhone as a ringtone.

There are several ways to prepare a track in the right way.

Use online services or programs

The easiest way is to use online services or special programs. You should take a file with a song in a standard mp3 format and convert it into m4r through online services. There are several such services, take the free Audiko service as an example.

Note: There are a lot of such services, such as Ringer. If Audiko does not work, you can use it. There are also various offline applications that allow you to create a ringtone for iPhone, such as iRinger.

Go to the site of the service, which converts to m4r and trims to the desired length of the track. Press “Download” on the start screen to choose a music file on your computer that will be used to create a ringtone. Select the file you want, then the conversion process starts.

Next, you will see a timeline with a 30-second chunk (Apple’s requirement for the ringtone). Select the desired part of the track to cut it. Use the Play button at the bottom to listen to the selected part of the song. When you have selected the part of the track you want, click “Create a ringtone!”.

The next step is to specify the name of the track and the composer. It is worth noting that it is the name you specify here that will later be visible on the iPhone. So set the name you want for the track and click “Save and Continue”.

After a short moment of cutting the song, you will need to log in. You can create a new account or use social networks for authorization. Choose the most convenient option for you, and then the ringtone will be created.

Switch to “iPhone” at the top to download the song in m4r format of 30 seconds duration. Click “Download.”.

Use Apple iTunes

The standard software from Apple also allows you to create a song for the call in the desired format of the desired duration. Launch Apple iTunes, then choose “File”. “Add to Media Library” from the menu.

How To Change The Ringtone On iPhone!

This will open a standard file search. Select from the list of files uploaded to your computer the song from which you want to make a ringtone.

Go to Apple iTunes under “Music”. “Most recently added”. Here you need to find the track you just added. Find it and click on the three dots next to its name. Go to “Song info”.

Here, switch to the “Settings” subsection. You should set the song length and the point from which it should be trimmed. Check the “Start” and “End” boxes and choose a 30-second segment, then click “OK.

Next, highlight the song and click “File”. “Convert”. “Create AAC version” in the menu.

The new segment will appear in the list of recently added songs. Click on it and then click on the three dots again to bring up a context menu. Here, click “Show in Finder.”. You can see that the song created in the Finder is in m4a format.

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Please note: The above is an example of using Apple iTunes to create a ringtone on macOS. Identical steps should be performed on Windows, if you work on this operating system. But in the step above, instead of selecting “Show in Finder” you will need to click on “Show in Windows Explorer” and, if necessary, enable the display of extensions.

Next, you need to change the m4a format to m4r. You can do this by simply renaming the song. Right click on it and choose “Rename”, then change the format.

How to create your own melody

There are plenty of apps in the AppStore to create your own version of a ringtone. They allow you to not just trim a song, but create something unique. This is possible with the Ringtonino app.

change, ringtone, iphone

Developers have made an audio editor with many features. DOWNLOAD

You can find such features in Ringtonino:

The user creates a 30-second media file and saves it in the app.

Next, connect to iTunes, select the Apps folder and Ringtonino. The desired file is saved by pressing Save to. Then drag and drop it into the Tones folder.

Now you only need to synchronize sounds and the media file will appear on your iPhone.

How to create your own melody

The AppStore has a lot of applications for creating your own variant of a call. They allow you to not just trim a song, but create something unique. It’s possible with the Ringtonino app.

change, ringtone, iphone

The developers have made an audio editor with many functions.

You can find such features in Ringtonino:

1 The user creates a 30-second media file and saves it to the app.

2 Next, connect to iTunes, select the Apps folder and Ringtonino. The desired file is saved by pressing Save to and then dragged and dropped into the Tones folder.

3 Now all you have to do is sync the sounds and the media file will appear on your iPhone.

How to create a ringtone for iPhone online

And now let’s look at the easiest, in my opinion, way to create ringtones for iPhone. This is an online tool called mp3cut.Go to. Here everything is so simple that there is nothing to write about. All right, here’s a brief step-by-step plan of what, where and why.

STEP 1 Go to the mp3cut site.Here’s how to change the ringtone on your iPhone and press the big blue Open File button. Selecting an mp3 file.

Step 2. Specify the beginning and the end of the ringtone Move the sliders to select the desired part of the song.

STEP 3 Convert and download your ringtone Press the Ringtones for iPhone button and then Trim. The software will cut and convert your ringtone. On the next page, click Download.

If you forgot how to download ringtones to your iPhone, see STEP 7. of previous section.

Part 1. How to change the ringtone on your iPhone

Changing the default ringtone can help you get your personal call or message noticed quickly. If you are looking for an easy way to change the default iPhone ringtone, you should pay more attention to this part. Here are the detailed steps below:

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone and open the Settings app. Scroll down and tap the Sounds and Tactile option.

Step 2. Click Melody when entering the Sounds and Sensations interface. You can find a list of built-in ringtones in the “Ringtone” menu. Here you can play them one at a time and set your preferred one as your iPhone ringtone.

Note: Tap “Ringtones Store” if you want to buy new ringtones for your iPhone.

Step 3. Tap and browse the ringtone. When you find that the ringtone really suits you, just check it out and leave the screen. This way, you can easily set the ringtone in your iPhone.

Note: You can easily set or change the tone text, new voicemail, new mail, sent mail, reminders and other notification sounds in sounds and haptics.