How to change the sound of the alarm clock on iPhone

How to change the alarm clock tone on iPhone

Setting the correct melody is exactly the same important element for some people that affects the quality of their awakening. On the iPhone, fortunately, this item is not different from the Android system, because the change of melody is located in the same section as the alarm clock, or more precisely. in its settings.

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It is possible to adjust not only the melody, but also other parameters. The music can be changed as well as the factory one, that is you can set those melodies which are offered by the system and you can set your own if you like them better. The setting also takes place in the alarm clock. To do this, it is necessary to click on the “Clock” icon, which is also located on the start screen. After that we go to the same Alarm Clock section. Click on the alarm for which you want to change the melody, settings in which you can choose not only the melody, but also the sound, the frequency.

Click on the item “Tone” and select the song which you like most of all. As a rule, you can also choose your song. This is done in the same section, but make sure that the desired song is available in the user’s phone memory.

If you select the correct setting it will be much easier to wake up than it was before. You can see what melody is good for waking up, for quality lifting and a great mood in this video

How to change the alarm sound on your iPhone (supported by iOS 14)

Nowadays, more and more people rely on the alarm clock app in cell phones rather than a real physical clock, because it is more convenient to set and change the alarm clock on a cell phone, and the alarm clock function can provide us with different ringtones options. Apple has preloaded the iPhone and iPad with dozens of alarm sounds to choose from, so if you’re tired of the alarm sound and want to change it to a new one, you’re in the right place.

Change the alarm sound on your iPhone

  • How to change the alarm sound on your iPhone
  • How to set the alarm ringtone for iPhone
  • How to change the volume of the alarm clock on iPhone
  • How to fix the iPhone alarm without sound

How to remove the alarm clock on iPhone

There is a simple but quite effective way that works in many situations. You need to remove all existing alarms and set new ones. Let’s look at this effective way:

  • Open the “Clock” app on your iPhone.
  • Now you need to tap on the bottom of the “Alarm Clock” tab.
  • Press “Change” in the upper left corner.
  • Then press the red button to the left of the alarm. Then choose “Delete”. Following this method, delete all alarms.
  • Restarting the device. On iPhone 6s Plus / iPhone SE or earlier, press and hold the home button and the ON/OFF button until the Apple logo is displayed.
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If you are using an iPhone 7/7 Plus device, you must press the volume down button and hold it simultaneously with the ON / OFF button. This action will restart the device.

To restart your iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, you need to press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button, and then press and hold the side button.

Which music is better to choose?

Each person has his or her own peculiarities in terms of waking up. Some people like to wake up to smooth and gentle tunes, others prefer sharp and loud.

Experts advise choosing a song that you really like, so that listening to it evokes exceptionally pleasant emotions. Thus a person will wake up with a smile on his face, which will have a positive effect on the organization of the day.

To set a song as an alarm clock on your iPhone is quite simple. To do this, simply download the melody you like, go to the settings of the application and select the desired song.

Where to get music for an alarm clock

iPhones are known worldwide for their operating system iOS. It has a closed code, which makes it difficult for the user to download the song, including for putting it on the alarm clock.

To download music to your phone you must use a computer with iTunes. Next, the owner of the mobile device needs to follow the algorithm from the instructions:

  • Connect the iPhone to the PC, using a USB cable.
  • Open iTunes and choose the connected device.
  • Left-click on the “File” menu in the upper left-hand corner of the program.
  • Select “Add to Media Library.
  • Specify the folder with the music.
  • Go to the “Music” section of iTunes.
  • Check the box “Synchronize music” and wait until the process is completed.

Duration of the synchronization process depends on how many songs are going to be transferred to the phone memory.

After a while all the specified music from the computer will be transferred to the iPhone. Now to set the alarm clock to a new song you will need to follow the algorithm from the previous item. That is, open “Clock“, go to the “Alarm Clock” tab, start the alarm settings and specify the song of interest in the “Song Selection” menu.

Why the alarm clock rings which does not exist

Our reader has a small problem, which brings a lot of trouble: every morning at 8:15 the alarm clock rings, but there are no activated alarms. It seems to be a real mystery, especially when you’re awake: it reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day. In fact, it’s all the fault of the Sleep app in iOS, the benefits of which not everyone knows about.

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The Sleep app is in the Alarm Clock app (for iOS 13 and up), and has moved to the Health app in later versions. Herein lies the problem: Many people push the iPhone the first time they start it, putting random settings. It looks like this.

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The Sleep feature in iOS may be to blame

Turning off a sudden alarm clock that doesn’t exist is easy.

  • Go to Health;
  • Select the Sleep tab;
  • Scroll down to see your schedule;
  • Click Full Schedule and Settings;
  • At the top, disable the Sleep Schedule slider.

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iPhone alarm clock turns on by itself

If you’ve never turned on Sleep mode, there are a few more ways to disable an alarm clock that isn’t there. Here are a few ways.

  • Sometimes the sudden awakening can be due to the Quick Commands that interact with the alarm clock. Check them thoroughly or delete them to disable the sudden alarm for sure. Many of them are able to run relaxing music before going to sleep, which is important.
  • Many iPhone users leave out the default alarm clock when they use third-party apps and eventually forget about them. Look for anything in any way related to the Clock or Alarm Clock category which is what activates the alarm.
  • If your iPhone is ringing an alarm clock that isn’t there, it’s worth checking music apps. For example, you can even activate the alarm clock (and the timer) in the Radio Record app at a specified time to wake you up with music from a selected online radio station.

Even the most common music app can wake you up early

Congratulations! Now you will definitely get a good night’s sleep.

The method is very simple and does not require root rights and making serious changes to the operating system.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Click on the Developer Options tab. If you do not have it active, instructions on how to activate it are on the website
  • In this section, you must find and activate the option Disable absolute volume level
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iPhone 6 volume reduction spontaneous volume reduction spontaneous volume reduction spontaneous volume reduction spontaneous volume reduction

This function is responsible for the separate sound control in the phone and bluetooth audio devices. That is, in my case, the sound of the headphones themselves are set to maximum and not adjustable, so when adjusting it did not change, but only turned off completely when setting the volume to minimum.

After activating this function, the sound is regulated normally and the headphones can be used normally.

How to set music to the iPhone alarm clock

For fans of modern advanced music or vice versa any other particular style there is an option to download third party tunes and set them to beep sound.

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There are several steps to choose a melody:

  • Enter the “Sound” section or on some models it will be called “Melody”.
  • Find the “Song Selection” item and use it to go to the media library.
  • Decide on a song. Find it in the list of genres, authors, albums, compilations or other proposed.
  • Click on “Save”. Now your sweet dreams will be interrupted by the favorite melody and your mood will not be spoiled.
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As it became clear, the alarm will not be able to ring your favorite song, if you have not previously downloaded it to the device. At this point, you will have to spend a little time.

The official way to download a melody to your iPhone is to download it with the help of your computer and iTunes program. When you open the above program, you must agree to accept all the innovations and the offer to find media files. Next, the media library of favorite works is formed and synchronized with the help of a computer.

By the way! iTunes will change the names of the tunes, categorizing them by: play, title, artist, duration, album, and rating.

It is also real to download music to your device with the help of special download applications available in the App Store. At the same time you can choose from two modes:

  • Working in a Wi-Fi network. the address for downloading files appears in the settings of the application, after that the address is opened in the browser of your computer and you can start downloading.
  • Working with clouds. Preload the songs to cloud services. And then you download the application and start downloading.

After you have downloaded favorite tunes to your phone and created a database in the media library, it is easy to set the desired sound on the alarm clock.

Installing your favorite song

What to do if the iPhone alarm clock does not work

Those who use Apple technology for more than a year have long been accustomed to the fact that their iPhone works if not perfectly, then close to it. All applications run at high speed and don’t hang, so when something goes wrong, the user is usually quite puzzled. Just recently a friend of mine complained that his iPhone alarm clock didn’t go off for days on end. Today we will try to analyze the most popular causes of this problem and discuss how you can get this most important function of any smartphone back working.

The iPhone alarm clock doesn’t work? Here’s what to do.

About the consequences of not working the alarm clock, I think it’s not necessary to talk about. Anything can happen, from being trivially late for work, to missing an airplane. No, I would understand if the Android alarm clock didn’t go off. No surprise at all. But when it comes to your iPhone, you begin to wonder. In the end, the deciding factor for most users to buy an Apple smartphone was iOS, which is devoid of all the disadvantages of this kind.