How to change the theme on Android

How to install a theme on android

Users have already got used to a certain appearance of this or that operating system. However many of the operating systems offer their owners customization, that is, changing the appearance of the design, menus and other settings of the device. Among the operating systems of smartphones most of all change the appearance is possible in portable gadgets running on Android.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the personalization of mobile devices affects the performance of the device. The fact that the themes on phones work as if “on top of” the standard interface of the portable gadget. Therefore, the smartphone processor has to process two looks at once.

What will change when changing the theme depends on the selected by the user operating system design option. The phone owner can change the entire look of the OS at once or customize some specific details of the theme, such as:

  • the background of the main smartphone menu;
  • Live wallpaper for the device;
  • a special lock screen;
  • installation of system widgets;
  • personalization of the launcher;
  • icons of applications and system software.

All these changes can be made together or separately. However, in addition to the standard theme change, on smartphones running on the Android operating system you can make a deep change of the interface. This operation will completely remove the standard appearance of the cell phone and reconfigure the device to personalize it for the user.


On which versions of Android you can make a black theme

The interface, with black as the main color, originally appeared on Apple iPhones. Owners of devices running the Android operating system have long waited for the integration of a useful mode. That’s why it became available only in 2018.

The night theme was planned back in 2016, when Android 7 was released. But these plans did not succeed, because the technology at the time had many flaws and shortcomings.

Thus, only users of Android 9 and older versions of the operating system can activate the dark theme. Those who are still sitting on the old Android, should definitely update to the latest firmware to take advantage of the current system chip. But even in the case where updates for the phone are no longer available, you can take workarounds, turning to third-party apps.

How to make a dark theme in the settings

The basic method to activate a special mode on a smartphone running the Android operating system. The function is enabled through the settings of the device, so the owner of the device does not have to install third-party software.

By confirming the changes, the user will be able to turn the white color on the screen into black. At the output the owner of the device will get a stylish interface, which in terms of AMOLED matrix will have a positive impact on power consumption.

If you use a smartphone not on the classic Android, but on the shell from the manufacturer, then the names of the menu items may be different. However, it will not be difficult to find the theme button all the same.

Recall that the above activation method is only available on the latest versions of Android (9, 10, 11 and newer). Owners of older smartphones will have to turn to third-party programs.

Installing new themes

File-Settings. plugins. Install JetBrains plugin / browse repositories / install plugin from disk

The last part has three different options. The first one has multiple plugins and only looks like official plugins. The repository overview has many more plugins and seems to go to the plugin page. This is a shorter path than going to the intelliJ plugin page and downloading plugins manually. If you download, click “Install plugin from disk”. This allows you to drag and drop or find files.jar.

A profound change of face

The functionality of Android allows the user to make very complex adjustments, for example, you can implement the created by Samsung TouchWiz interface. It is still possible to install MIUI shell, but for such actions you will need to have a great knowledge in the structure of this operating system.

These operations are only possible if you have ROOT access, after the installation of custom firmware and implementation of Recover Menu. The work will take some time, so the method is suitable only for professionals. It will be enough for beginners to use the Launcher.

How to change the theme on your Android

Many people are used to customizing all things and devices. In addition to cases, bags, headphones and other accessories, they want to change something inside their smartphone. Make it comfortable and beautiful to make others envious. Everyone remembers the Winamp skins, so it is possible to change the theme on Android.

Themes on Android will not present much difficulty. Especially it can be done in at least three ways. It’s actually the easiest to use.

The first method. The first option will tell you how to change the theme on Android through Google Play. In fact, it is the easiest. You just need to type the word “theme” in the app store. There you will find a huge number of all possible thematic designs for your tablet or smartphone. But many of them are paid. So if you like something but don’t want to spend money, you need to use the following methods.

The second way. All themes, as well as applications, can be found as files with APK extension. And to install them, sometimes you may need root rights, which can be obtained. Next, the theme files are simply poured onto your SD card, and opened through the file manager. Android will install the theme itself. This way you can change a lot of different designs for your gadget.

The third way. In fact, it is very similar to the second one, but uses a third-party app to install AppsInstaller, which makes the process much easier. With its help, it is also necessary to find the APK-files of the topic on your memory card and perform the installation. The application itself can be downloaded and installed on Google Play.

If you want, you can learn to create your own themes and share them with friends or other users on the Internet. And if you put their production on stream, you can even make good money.

How to make a deep interface change on Android

Despite the fact that the user has the ability to fully personalize and customize their device the way they want, as presented on the market a huge number of interesting themes, many users simply do not stop and decide to go all the way. conduct a profound change of the interfaces of Android. This operation completely changes the design and layout that was previously envisioned by the developer.

On the Android version, the user can use the themes in exactly the same way as many applications. In order to return the default theme, the user only needs to delete or stop the functioning of programs. themes, after which the appearance of the screen will automatically return to the previous.

If the user has encountered a problem that they just can’t get the default version back, they can use Hard Reboot the device.

A reset is a good way to reset your phone’s apps and system. After it, the customization is sure to return to its original place. However, it is worth remembering that a data reset is erasing all user data and updates.