How to change the time on Honor 20

Disabling by third-party services

There are special applications that allow your smartphone to never go out. Has a similar name to the main purpose of use. “Unfading Screen”.

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How to Change Date & Time in HONOR 20i – Set Time Automatically

The utility does not create much difficulty. Open the application, check the applications for which you want the screen never goes out.

With this utility, you can select certain programs when working with which the screen will never go out. It is installed for free, which is an immediate plus. But its main advantage is the absence of ads.

Among other popular programs stand out Stay Alive! Its advantage is that the main functions are free, but there are some minor limitations. Also take into account that smartphones running Android version 5 or higher need access to logs. This point is set the first time you open the application. There is an additional useful feature. “Turn on dimming”. Check the box so that the backlight is almost completely dimmed, but the smartphone does not lock. There is one negative characteristic. every time you restart, you need to restart the program.

How to change the date and time on HUAWEI P20 Pro?

Whether you are new to the Android platform or have never set the time on your HUAWEI P20 Pro, you will be happy to know that this procedure is really simple. Perhaps you are traveling and your phone is not displaying the correct time, due to an error the date of your HUAWEI P20 Pro is no longer correct, or your phone has not kept track of time changes and wants to fix the error. We will show you in detail how to change the date and time on HUAWEI P20 Pro? To do this, we will first show you how to activate and deactivate the automatic date and time on your HUAWEI P20 Pro, then how to change the time and finally how to change the date on your phone.

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How to change the date and time on Honor or Huawei smartphones. Autosetup

The easiest option is to set the time to auto-detect. The system, depending on your location, determines the current time zone. To do this, again go to the specified section, located in “System”.

In the window that opens, in the first line, you will see the item “Autosetting”. Activate the option, and then the system will determine from the cellular towers the time.

How to set time using apps

The user can even use apps from third-party developers that offer help with system settings. In fact, this method is convenient only if a person does not know how to work with the settings. For him to have the Internet. a connection to install through the official source of the program. a widget.

On the example of such a program as Clock Sync App, you can see how to configure the widget. A more detailed review of the program is worth watching in this video

In order to set the time with the help of utilities, it is worth:

  • Unlock the phone and enter Play Market. Through this widget the program will be downloaded;
  • After that, look for the program by name and install it;
  • This program after opening offers the user to choose both automatic and manual mode.

In essence, the program is the same settings, only in it are available additional functions in the form of synchronization, updates and other little things.

The problem of automatic time setting on Honor

Historically, the Android OS that powers the Honor phone was designed to be used exclusively on cell phones. So the mentioned OS gets the time data from cellular operators, or to be more precise from cellular towers while registering the phone in the network.

A more effective way is to synchronize your phone’s time using NTP (network protocol for synchronizing your phone’s internal clock), which uses networks with variable latency. But, unfortunately, the Android system does not support NTP without using the ROOT rights on the phone.

Thus we get a situation where in case of any errors in the mobile network on the part of the phone operator, the time on our Honor also shifts. The latter, in turn, is fraught with various troubles in our life cycle.

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What to do? Let’s break down all possible ways to set time and date on Honor.

How to change the time and date on Huawei/Honor: step-by-step setting

How to change the time on Honor and Huawei. a legitimate request of users of smartphones with the Android operating system, if the settings are confused or the time zone has changed due to a flight to a foreign country. The initial setting usually happens when the owner downloads the gadget for the first time. In this article, let’s look at the process of setting the clock on your phone in the event of a malfunction. As well as possible problems that may arise.

How you can change the date and time on the HUAWEI Honor 9x?

  • From the phone, swipe down from the top of the screen, then tap the settings gear icon.
  • Scroll down to the ” System ” category.
  • Tap Date & time.
  • Tap “Automatic date and time”.
  • Tap Set date.
  • You can also click Set time.
  • Select the time zone if needed.

In which Smart trackers you can set the clock and date without a phone

You can set the time on your fitness bracelet with or without an app pre-installed on your smartphone. Absolute majority of trackers during initial synchronization (via Bluetooth) with owner’s phone will automatically read time zone shown on display. If this does not happen, manufacturers of smart gadgets recommend resorting to manual adjustment.

Without involving your smartphone at the same time, you can set the clock and date only on the premium models of fitness bracelets. Among them:

How to Change Date and Time on HUAWEI Honor 20 Lite– Open Date and Time Settings

  • Fitbit Blaze;
  • Motorola Moto 360 Sport;
  • Microsoft Band 2;
  • Asus ZenWatch 3 (WI503Q) leather;
  • Withings Steel HR 40mm;
  • Garmin Vivoactive HR;
  • Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire HR.

In the case of improper display of the Smart watch settings (the time on the bracelet does not match the time on your phone, or you can not save the selected settings), you should check the gadget for malfunction. The cause of this dysfunction may be:

  • Factory defect (in this case it is necessary to contact the manufacturer’s service center as soon as possible, providing the receipt, warranty card, the device itself and all accessories in the seller’s package);
  • “pirate” firmware of the used smartphone, not intended for pairing with the official firmware of the smart bracelet (refers to Android phones, where it is possible to download the operating system for free on unverified sites);
  • malfunctions in the application or the tracker itself (you need to restart the gadget);
  • Automatic time zone change, for example, when flying to another country (you need to reboot both devices and re-synchronize or manually set the time and date).
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Important! The option to set the time on a fitness bracelet without using a pre-installed app can only be available if the gadget has a full touch screen or has more than 2 buttons on the body. Knowing this detail will help to visually determine whether the manufacturer has provided a manual adjustment function for the device.

There is another option, how to change time on Honor and Huawei. Use one of the proven third-party apps to do so. They will help you set the exact time, choose a successful design solution.


This program has won the trust of users of mobile devices, as evidenced by the high rating on Google Play.

The creators of the application built in NTP technology that allows you to determine the time zone on the network without errors. Particularly good for you if your mobile operator works with NITZ (automatic time synchronization), which sends out irrelevant information.

The program can be used in two modes.

This helps you track serious time offsets. Program shows the exact value of the change and when the procedure was carried out. Read information even when you go to sleep, so you can be sure of the accuracy of the alarm clock.

Date And Time Settings Shortcut

This program is also highly rated by users in the Android online store.

How to Change Date & Time in HUAWEI Honor 20. Time Settings

Its functionality provides an instant access to the “Date and Time” section, where the manipulations described above are carried out. You only need to enter the application and click on the central button “Open!”.