How to change the tongue on the keyboard of the Samsung phone

Galaxy S10, S10, S10E: How to Switch / Add Languages to Keyboard

How to change the language to Samsung to Russian

In this article you will learn how to change the language on your Samsung mobile phone to Russian. Sometimes devices are purchased abroad. And they have a different language by default. And in some cases there is even no our native language. This situation will also be considered.

Mobile phones fall into Russian stores from other countries. Not everyone can know that sometimes their firmware is designed only for consumers of their region. If it is the United States, then the language, respectively, will be English. And such a Samsung device for various reasons can get into our hands.

If the manufacturer has added Russian to the firmware, then changing it will be simple enough:

    On the main page of the Samsung smartphone, we find the settings icon with a gear. If a common English is at the moment, then the item will be called “settings”;

By clicking the “Add” button below, you can install the second language in the list that can be quickly switched to. If, on the contrary, you want to make one language on Samsung, and remove the rest, then click on an unnecessary tongue and at the top on the “Delete” or “Delete” button at the button.

Switching the tongue on the virtual keyboard android

It is no secret to anyone that the device can have a virtual and physical (USB) keyboard. We will figure it out for a start with sensory.

Go to the settings. If you cannot change English, then look for settings.

Find “Language and Keyboard”, in English this section will be called “Language Keyboard”.

How to Change Keyboard Language on SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 – Keyboard Settings

Now choose the keyboard settings.

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Raster inside. You need to find something like an “input language” or a “language choice”. In different devices (and Russification can give different translation).

Now choose the language you need for the keyboard. After preservation, this language will be added to the virtual keyboard (put the checkmarks). The “acting” language will be written on the gap.

To change the layout, it is necessary to either put your finger to the left and right on the gap, or click on a special button (most often in the form of a schematic globe). It all depends on the type of keyboard, so the options are different. For example, with Samsungs you have to tinker a little longer, because they have more complicated. However, if you follow the instructions clearly, then quickly figure out and add the necessary languages. If necessary, they can be “dedicated” from the network. Of course, in this case, creating a folder on the iPhone is an unnecessary venture.

Google Play has many applications containing several options for screen keyboards. You can put any of the proposed options, install it in the default mobile phone settings. Then the most common applications that are in the public domain will be described.


This is one of the popular claws on Android. On some devices it is installed by default, and it can be activated in parameters. This keyboard has a number of distinguishing features:

  • Possibility of voice entry of messages.
  • Auto.Violation of errors made by the user when typing a message.
  • Possibility of changing the topic, design design.

GBOARD supports outdated versions of OC Android, so it can be installed on almost any smartphone.


The keyboard, in which, in addition to automatic correction of shortcomings, there are tips that allow you to quickly choose the right word. Of the features of the program, the following can be distinguished:

  • The ability to control gestures.
  • The presence of voice input.
  • The presence of several tool size options.
  • The ability to rearrange the characters in places.


This application imposes topics on a standard phone keyboard. The program contains 50 designs applicable to a tool built into a mobile phone. The application has the following advantages:

  • The possibility of brutal management.
  • Boofer of the exchange buffer.
  • The possibility of adding the desired templates.
  • The possibility of transition to other programs installed on the gadget.

This keyboard is activated in the default system and is displayed in all applications requiring a set of text.

Go Keyboard

This software has a large amount of useful functions that improve the convenience of using the system keyboard:

The Go Keyboard application allows the user to quickly change the input language, as well as add the right one without moving to the phone settings.

Apple iPhone phones also have this purpose programs. They can be downloaded from App Store.

Possible problems

We found out how to configure the keyboard on Samsung, but do all operations really take place without failures and side effects? The most common problems are associated with the disappearance and freezing of keys. The reasons are usually reduced to two points. The incorrect functioning of the application and system error. In the first case, it is impossible to exclude the conflict with another program, but it is much more difficult to deal with disruptions in OS. Problems may concern various options:

  • T9 mode (phrases and individual words come);
  • An oographic auto check (red emphasis irritates);
  • The size of the text (sometimes letters in SMS messages are too large);
  • Keying implementation (unexceptable set, which few know about);
  • Feedback (annoying sounds).

All of these nuances are smoothed out by systematic correctional work. Do not be afraid to experiment. Install and delete various functions, choose optimally comfortable solutions.

How to change the tongue on the keyboard of the Samsung phone

When buying a phone abroad, you can encounter the fact that by default, English or any other language of the region where a mobile device was acquired as the main one. How to change the language on the Samsung phone to Russian for its more comfortable use?

For example, take a change in the language of the smartphone shell from English to Russian, although this applies to any other languages ​​(in this case, you should focus on the icons located to the left of the menu items, if they are present).

Open Samsung settings, go to the category of “General Managemenet” (next to it there will be a settings of settings adjustment icon) and there we click on the “Language and Input” section.

Next, select the “Language” item and click on the “Add Language” button.

We are looking for the necessary language (in our case. Russian) and select the region to which the language belongs.

After clicking on the region, set the selected language by default by pressing the “Set as Default” button and the shell of the mobile device will be translated into Russian (or other you selected) language.

After that, the previous language can be removed from the list of installed or left active.

In the event that some application loaded from the “Play Market” does not have localization of the main language, it will check the presence of languages ​​below along the list or will be displayed in the default language established by the established developer.

How to add a language on the Samsung keyboard?

On the open keyboard, click on the modes change button (located to the left of the submarine words) and among the displayed icons, click on the image of the gear, thereby causing the keyboard settings menu.

In the “Languages ​​and Types” section, click on the “Entities Management Management” button and select the language that is necessary (for example, Ukrainian).

After that, when changing languages, the selected keyboard layout will also be among the list of available.

It is worth noting that for other keyboards (for example, GBoard or SwiftKey), the method of changing languages ​​and adding new ones may vary.

The speed of the pointer

When using a mouse, joystick with a phone/tablet, you can change the speed of the pointer. Everything is like on a computer.

Summarize. We dismantled all the input language settings, how to install and configure the keyboard for ourselves; how to work with a virtual keyboard and how to connect the external to the smartphone/tablet; How to transform the text in speech and change the indicator speed if you use a mouse or joystick.

Samsung. A large manufacturer of household appliances. The company is known thanks to a huge number of equipment, and, of course, smartphones based on the Android operating system. The brand was registered by Korean entrepreneur Lee Ben Chol in 1938.

Gadget owners from the South Korean company often wonder: “How the name of the brand from the Korean language is translated? Perhaps the founders of the company invested in the name of the corporation some meaning?””

Samsung phone settings

Consider how to configure the keyboard in Samsung phones using the Galaxy S6 Edge example.

Let’s go to the settings menu.

And click on the virtual keyboard.

If the Google voice entry is not needed, then it can be turned off through the keyboard management menu.

Click on the switch opposite the Google voice input for disconnecting.

We come back and see that Google’s voice entry disappeared from the list and only the Samsung keyboard remained. Click on him. And the first point there will be languages ​​and types. Click.

There will be several languages ​​in the list that you can switch to typing in a particular application on the phone. To add a new language, you must click on the control of the languages ​​of the input at the bottom after the list of languages.

We accept the agreement by clicking on to accept.

And then, on the contrary, you need the tongue, turn on the switch so that it is displayed in the list of languages ​​in the previous step.

If you click on a vertical menu in the form of a three.To.Do at the top of the screen on the right, you can update the list of languages.

If you return to the list of languages ​​and also click on the menu in the form of a troetic in the upper part of the screen on the right, then you can control the already added languages. For example, we need to delete some kind of language. Click on the menu delete.

Click for allocation, for example, on English (US)

Then the button will appear to delete the selected tongue.

Or if you choose not to remove from the menu, but change, then you can change the input language by default to, for example, English, not Russian. To do this, just move to the first place English (US).

The Samsung keyboard menu has additional settings. Consider them in turn in the numbering order as in the screenshot below.

Additional functions menu allows you to configure a non.Flowing set and cursor management.

In the menu, the keyboard layout can configure the display of numerical keys above the main letter keys, editing special systems and the size of the keyboard itself on the screen.

In the menu feedback when pressing it is better to turn off the sound and vibration when pressing the keys and enable the viewing of characters

When the contrasting keyboard is turned on, it turns from white-gray color into bright as in the screenshot below. You can also enter the keyboard settings menu by pressing the keyboard itself on the gear icon to the left of the gap key.

Change the language on the Samsung phone

How to change the language on the phone will consider according to the instructions below for the example of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

We go to the settings menu.

Further in general settings

Click on the tongue and input

And then click on the language menu

By default there is a language that was indicated during the first launch of the phone. If you need to change to another, then click on the adding language.

If there are several of its options in the selected language, then another menu will appear where you need to choose the right one.

After choosing on the list there will be several languages. The first will be the current. To change the tongue, click on the button to change the screen on the right on the right.

Holding a finger on the right on the guides of the right language, we move it in the first place. And then click on the button back at the top of the screen on the left to change the tongue.

The phone language will immediately change as can be seen from the screenshot below.

Let’s go to the settings menu again and see that the phone language has changed everywhere.

If you need to return the tongue as it used to be or choose another, we go to the tongue once again, click on the top of the screen (in the English version there will be Edit button)

change, tongue, keyboard, samsung, phone

And we remove the tongue by selecting it or move it from the first place down.

When removing the language there will be a request for deletion, where it is necessary to confirm by pressing the corresponding button.

After deleting or change, the phone language changes into Russian, as an example below.