How to change the topic for black in iPhone

Dark mode for iPhone and iPad in iOS 13 and higher: how to enable and configure

Dark mode (Dark Mode) is one of the most popular and demanded functions on the iPhone. After including this functionality, which is available in the IOS 13 and above version, your iPhone screen elements change from bright white to dark gray and black, which provides a completely different visual effect. This step.By.Step manual demonstrates how to include the topic “Dark Mode” on the iPhone. Also among users, the name “Night mode” took root.

“Management” on the iPhone is a very convenient program that provides quick access to frequently used iOS functions. At the same time, the user has the opportunity to configure everything to his requirements. You can add or change controls.

  • To open a “control point” in iOS 13 or more versions, it is necessary from the lower edge of the screen of your iPhone, draw upwards.
  • Further in the list of available options you need to click for a few seconds on the screen brightness indicator.
  • A window will appear in which it will be possible to turn on a dark topic.

In addition, you can also go to the “Settings” “Control Center” “Configure control elements” and add a button for turning on/off the dark topic that will be displayed in the “Control Center”.

How to put a dark IOS 14 theme on iPhone?

In order to configure the dark theme on your iPhone or iPad, you need to go to “Settings.“ Screen and Brightness ”

Put a checkmark on the “dark” (almost like beer) and voila. The entire system integust becomes dark, and the text is bright. You can turn it off in the same way by rearranging the flag on the “bright”.

Built.In applications such as “Post”, “Messages”, Safari and so on are changing similarly.

But third.Party developers, the same WhatsApp, are in no hurry to update their applications, so only units are still supporting the dark topic for iPhone. However, I think that soon everyone will pull up, and subsequently it will not be possible to add a single one that does not support this innovation to the AppStore store.

You can install a dark theme not only from the iOS 14 settings menu, but also from the fast.Access panel curtain. To do this, we slip through the “brightness” menu so that the backlight configuration opens on the full screen.

And we see below the left of the icon to switch to “dark”.

And yet. The inclusion icon of the dark topic can also be added to the control point separately.

To do this, we go into the settings of control elements and click on the “plus” opposite the “dark mode”

How to enable the dark mode for iPhone or iPad

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Someday you wanted to switch to devices running iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) on a dark topic? Partial dark mode, darling the dock and most important menu, was available on the Mac, starting with OS X Yosemite, [1] X source of information [2] X Source of information but to its iOS mobile OS, Apple has not added an official dark regime yet /themes. Since the dark mode is a white text on a black background, it creates more comfortable eyes for the eyes (especially at night).

  • Before updating iOS, create a backup copy of your data. Read one of the following articles on Wikihow to find out how to update the device: how to back up the iPhone data (and iPod Touch) or how to make a backup copy of the data on the iPad.
  • To get to the desktop, press the “home” button (round button at the bottom of the device). Bell your finger to the left and/or to the right to switch between desktops until you find the right application.

Basic. As a rule, this section is opened by default, and you can find it on the left panel, but if the “Settings” application has already been open, there is a chance that you will find yourself in another section of the application.

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Go to the “Universal Access” section. Select universal access from the settings list. Here contains parameters and functions that can simplify the operation of the device. [3] X Source of Information

Go to the “Adaptation of the display” section. Select the adaptation of the display from the list of settings. The section “Adaptation of the display” includes special settings for users with visual impairments. [4] X Source of Information

How to Change a White iPhone 7 8 X Plus to Black. No Repair required!

Touch the color inversion. This section contains both classic color inversion settings and the new Smart-Inversion function.

“Smart-inversion”. The following is an official description of the function of the function: the Smart-Inversion of color performs the reversal of display colors, with the exception of images, videos and some programs using styles in dark colors. [5] X Source of Information

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What devices have received iOS 13

The updated version of the iOS 13 operating system is represented by iPhone users relatively recently. The issue of smartphone support remained open to the premiere itself, and the company to please consumers expanded support for all devices relevant for 2019:

Thanks to compatibility, all the presented iPhones can be updated to the latest firmware version. The operating system for the manufacture of the manufacturer increases the efficiency of memory crystals, processor and is characterized. The increased speed of the applications is also distinguished, due to a decrease in their volume.

It is expected that according to tradition, Apple will present iOS 13 at the annual conference for WWDC developers, which will begin on June 3. The 9to5Mac resource received exclusive details about the new version of the operating system for iPhone and iPad.

The long-awaited night theme or dark mode will finally appear on the iPhone and iPad with the release of iOS 13. The dark theme can be activated in the settings, according to its color scheme, it will be similar to the same in MacOS.

There will be many changes in the iPad with iOS 13. Among which, improving the multi.Window regime. The possibility of using more than two applications will be added, and with the help of a special gesture it will be possible to drag open windows on the screen.

The gesture of cancellation, improvement of Safari and font control

In iOS 13, a new gesture will appear for the abolition of the introduced text. Previously, for this it was necessary to shake the device, after the update it will be possible to press three fingers in the keyboard and with a pile to cancel the input of the text. At the first launch of the keyboard in iOS 13, a pop.Up window will appear with a hint about a new gesture.

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Iphone Black and White Mode. Screen Setup

The new version of Safari for the iPad will be able to request a version of websites for table browsers. Also in iOS 13, a serious update will receive a font control system for which a special panel will appear in the settings.

IOS postal client will finally receive a major update. The application will become smarter and learn to sort the incoming mail by categories, such as mailings, purchases, personal, unimportant and others. Users will be able to add messages to the queue using the “Read later” tool.

The new IOS version includes the updated version of the “reminder” application, which will later appear on the Mac. One of the most long.Awaited changes will be a redesigned volume change window.

Dark mode for iPhone

The possibility of activating a dark topic becomes available immediately after updating to iOS 13, that is, as soon as you install it and the iPhone will load into the system, there will be a proposal to choose one of the two options for designing the intense or make one replaced by the other automatically. If you missed this window at the “first” launch of an updated device, use the recommendations proposed below.

Automatic shift

The dark theme is intended not only and not just to change the “white” “white” design of the intense, but also to reduce the eye load in the dark, so the best solution will be its automatic installation on the schedule.

Under the window for choosing options for the theme (“light”/“dark”), translate the switch “automatically” into an active position.

Everything is clear with the first, and the second allows you to configure the inclusion and disconnecting of a dark design topic as you yourself will consider it necessary. Click on this point and indicate the activation time for each of the modes. Light and dark.

Only a dark mode

If you want the iOS integust to be presented in a dark style, you need to perform even simpler actions.

    In the “settings” iPhone, go to the “screen and brightness” section.

In the upper unit, where the options for color design of the Inte Weener are presented, select the “Dark” by installing the marker in the checkbox under the same name.

Adding a button for changing the mode to the control point

If you do not want to use the dark topic constantly, but you also do not consider it a schedule with its installation on the schedule, you can provide a more convenient and fastest way to switch color design, excluding the need for constant appeal to the settings. To do this, just add the switch to the control point (PU). This is done as follows:

    Run the “settings”, scroll them a little down and go to the “Control point” section.

For convenience, translate the switch in front of the “Access to Appendices” item, if this was not done earlier (not mandatory action), and then slip along the line “Configure control elements”.

Sweet a list of available actions to the very bottom, find the “dark mode” there and tape the green button made in the form of a plus located to the left of this name.

Now return to the beginning of the list with control elements. The button for activating the dark topic will be added to the number available in the PU. In the same block, you can determine its location relative to other elements. Just move it to any convenient place, holding it and pulling in three horizontal stripes located to the right of the name of the item.

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Having completed the necessary manipulations, slip along the “back” inscription located in the upper left corner of the screen, then check how the design button works and is it in the right place. To do this, just draw a finger from the lower boundary of the screen upward. If necessary, change the location of the switch by performing for this action described in the previous paragraph.

Additionally: a dark theme in third.Party applications

As mentioned above, the dark design mode applies to the entire operating system and standard applications. Three things are much more complicated. Perhaps three options:

What devices have received iOS 13?

IOS support will be available to the iPhone:

  • Iphone se.
  • Iphone 6s.
  • Iphone 6s Plus.
  • Iphone 7.
  • Iphone 7 Plus.
  • Iphone 8.
  • Iphone 8 Plus.
  • Iphone x.
  • Iphone xr.
  • Iphone XS.
  • Iphone XS Max.

Yes, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will not receive support for 13 version of the operating system. The innovations of the thirteenth OS (including the night mode) will not be available for these apple smartphones, as they are too “resource.Intensive”.

P.S. Air update is scheduled for September and not everyone will come at once. Open beta test will be available in July. The most impatient can put a version of a closed Beta and become a pioneer in the world of iOS 13 bugs.

Instructions for installing the topics without jailbreak

Open the ISKIN page through the Safari browser.

Stick down and select the Browse All Themes item to view the list of all topics.

Select your favorite design topic. In our case it is midnight.

Click on “Application ICONS” to go to the section to select applications.

change, topic, black, iphone

Click on each icon that you want to install and name them at your discretion.

Click the “Install icons” button.

A notification of installation will appear on the screen, after which the configuration profile should be put.

Click on the “Install” button.

If you use a password, enter it and press it again.

Upon returning to Safari, if everything went successfully, the message “Installation in Progress” will appear on a green background.

Wait a few seconds and return to the home screen. On the last page you will see your new icons.

Black keyboard in iOS 11

This is what black keyboards look like in Smart-Inversion mode. While they cannot be turned on in ordinary non.Black mode, it is a pity if you want a black keyboard in normal mode, see Yandex.Keyboard, there is a link to it. Here.

The surprise was the application of the message in which the green message, after including the dark topic in iOS 11, was pink.

Since the black theme is not yet full-fledged, I use it, if necessary, a triple press home, you can configure a triple Home here: Settings-basic-universal access-keyboards-SMART anversion.

An incomprehensible mode turned out to be a dark topic for the iPhone as it were, but did not finalize the user with ordinary vision. Apparently, Apple again wants to be on the discontent of users.

Record is published in the heading of instructions with iOS 11 tags, keyboard, black theme. Add a constant link to the bookmarks.