How to change the watch face on honor band 5

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  • dark design.
  • Love Piggy. interface with cute pigs.
  • Minimalism in light colors.
  • Evening. theme with pink bunny and multicolored font.
  • Design with geometric shapes.
  • Inteis in the pop ’80s style.
  • Pixel theme.
  • Jewels. rhinestone design.

How to get custom watch faces on the Honor Band 5

In response to competition from the Mi Band 4, Honor finally gave up and launched a custom watch face store for the Honor Band 5. There is, however, a small caveat. The watch face store is currently only available in countries such as China, UK, etc. Д. So, if you don’t have a dial store, here’s how to get one regardless of your geographical location.

How to get a custom watch face on the Honor Band 5

Since the dial store is only available in countries like the UK, we need to create a Huawei ID with Country / Region as United Kingdom. Now, when you use that UK Huawei ID to log into the Huawei Health app, you’ll have a different app interface with a built-in watch face store for the Honor Band 5.

Logging in with a different ID will not disconnect your wristband from your phone or delete your previous data. But here’s the problem: later on, when you log back in with your Huawei Indian ID, the cloud data sync will stop. This means that any data generated from your UK Huawei ID and Honor Band 5 will be lost.

Note that this method requires you to create a new Huawei ID, and there is a small chance that you will lose your previous Huawei Health data.

  • First you need to create a new Huawei ID on Huawei Mobile Cloud. This is the same identifier that we will need later to log into the Huawei Health app. When registering, you must select the country/region as UK. Make sure you have done this, otherwise it will not be possible to change it after registration.

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  • Once you have successfully registered, go to the Huawei Health app on your Android or iOS device. Log out of your previous account and log in again with the ID you just created.
  • After logging in, you will get a different application interface. Go to the “Me” tab by clicking the link in the lower right corner. Your Honor Band 5 will still be connected to the Health app and will appear under My Devices. Click on it to open Settings.
  • On the settings page, you will have a separate section called “Dials”. Tapping it will take you to the watch face store. You can choose any watch face, download and install it on the band.
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INSTALL Watch Faces in HONOR BAND 5 in INDIA | Tutorial | 100% SAFE !!!

Unlike the Mi Band 4, the process of downloading and installing the watch faces is limited to the Huawei Health app. I felt the Huawei Health app was much easier than the Mi Fit app.

Honor Band 5 is probably the best budget fitness bracelet you can buy right now. The only complaint about the Honor fitness series is the lack of third-party apps. Huawei has never released a firmware or API for the bands, which limits the development of third-party apps for it. This severely limits the functionality of the bracelet compared to the Mi Band 4.

With Mi Band 4 you can use it as a remote camera shutter, music player or upload your own dials. You get several third-party apps like Notification and Fitness for Mi Band 4, Gadget Bridge, Mi Tools which can pull data from the group and provide awesome ideas. In the case of the Honor Band 5, you are stuck with only the Huawei Health app.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the Honor Band 5, let me know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

To add your picture, click on the “” at the bottom. Next, select “Gallery” or “Snapshot.”. Then you need to find the photo you want, select the desired area and press the “Ok” key. After installing the photo, you can pick a font color, and then you need to click “Synchronize Dial” to install it.

To turn it on, follow these steps.

  • While on the work screen, press the top button and scroll to find the Settings section. Open this section and select Screen Other Screen Saver Dial.
  • Press Style, select a watch face type, and press OK.
  • Press Color, select a dial color, and press OK.

It’s suitable for Android and iPhone. Go to the model settings and scroll through the feature list to the “Dials” tab. Select the option you’re interested in and press “Install”. The changes will take effect in about a minute.

Open the Huawei Health app, go to Dials. and tap INSTALL under the desired watch face. Once installed, the bracelet will automatically turn on the selected watch face. You can also click on the installed watch face, then click SETTING ON to set the current watch face.

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How to set and change the watch face on Honor Band 6/5/4/3

There are several types of watch faces for Honor Band 6/5/4/3, so if you don’t like the design of one, you can install another one. Everything happens remotely by connecting the tracker to your Huawei smartphone or tablet. It does not matter what version of Android or EMUI shell you have. The algorithm is standard everywhere, and we have prepared step-by-step instructions on how to change this parameter.

First of all, you need to take into account some points that will allow you to change the dial on a proper level: You can not manage the fitness bracelet without special software. The developer offers to use the proprietary application HuaweiHealth, through which you can install all the presets. It is recommended to download it only on the official website or PlayMarket, in order to avoid infecting the device with viruses; After downloading and installing it, you will need to configure. The connection of the bracelet with the smartphone is via Bluetooth, so it must be always on; After the bracelet and the smartphone are synchronized, you can download watch faces for Honorband 5; Settings and their installation will also be done via HuaweiHealth; Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the application, as older ones do not support the change of the watch face.

The Honor Band 5 dial theme: how to change, add a new or delete [archive]

To do this, the new Honor Band 5 from Huawei now has a whole new feature, called Dials (Dial Market). Actually, and this is the catalog of new dials, that is, themes for the bracelet, and there are really a lot of them.

Changing the theme on the dial of the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet by Huawei is, as usual, very easy. And now we will briefly tell you how to do it.

Custom Faces for Honor Band 5

So, the procedure of adding a new theme is done, of course, from the menu of the Huawei Health branded mobile application, or rather, from the bracelet settings menu in this application. However:

  • First of all it is necessary to connect the bracelet to your smartphone;
  • Before you open the catalog and select a new theme it is highly desirable to update both the bracelet firmware version and the Huawei Health app version itself;
  • Huawei Health version for iOS devices does not support Dial market function yet.

How to put a new theme on the Honor Band 5 watch face:

  • connect the bracelet to the smartphone and open the Huawei Health application;
  • go to the bracelet settings screen (Honor Band 5 icon in the upper right corner) and tap Dials;
  • Choose the appropriate one and click Install.
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The bracelet activates the new theme automatically after the download and installation is completed.

How to remove Honor Band 5 watch face theme:

  • On the Dials screen, open the I tab (above);
  • Select the unnecessary theme in the list;
  • Tap Delete (the icon in the upper right corner) and then confirm the command by pressing OK.

How to Change Watch Face in HONOR Band 5 – Update Desktop

Note also that the Honor Band 5 branded theme cannot be deleted this way. And it seems that you can delete only added themes.

The developer has equipped the smartwatch with a large number of system watch faces. Offers about 50 screensavers with different color schemes and details. Usually the following information is displayed on the main tracker screen:

We recommend that you choose the most informative and convenient watch faces with the display of the above data.

With Huawei Health

  • Bind the watch to the Huawei Health app. It is suitable for Android and iPhone.
  • Go to the settings of the model and scroll through the list of functions to the tab “Dials”.
  • Select the option you are interested in and click “Install”. The changes will take effect in about a minute.

Please note! On iOS, you may have trouble downloading the new watch face, as the software is not yet finalized.

Through a bracelet screen

You can put a new watchface without application, only the choice will be limited. Long tap on the display of the fitness tracker and go to “”. “Dials. Use a swipe to browse the suggested screensavers. Click a few times on the theme you like.

How to change the watchface

The owner can view numerous variants of the types of display design in the service software Mi Fit. Instructions are the same for smartphones running on Android and iOS.

  • Run the utility, open the profile of the paired Mi Smart Band 5.
  • Tap on the top item “Shop”. The list of pictures installed by Xiaomi will be displayed.
  • Flip through, click on the picture you like. Confirm consent by tapping “Synchronize watch face”.
  • With a vibration and message, the bracelet will notify the owner of a successful change. Push notification will also be displayed on the phone screen.

Selected Watchfiles are saved in the “Administrator” tab. Custom versions will be placed there, too. Clear the list or delete unnecessary ones is available with the “Change” button. Activate mode, check the checkboxes for images, click on the minus icon. Confirm the decision “Done”.