How to change your Instagram theme on your iPhone

Instagram went dark: How to get the white theme back on your phone

Why Instagram went black is a question that owners of functional gadgets and visitors to the social network began to enter in the search. After the next update in the standard social networks appeared a dark theme. It became available to all. On certain resources it was activated automatically. On the basis of this there was a desire to return to normal mode. This article provides information on how to return the light theme.

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Answers to popular questions

My device does not support the dark theme, what should I do??

  • Use Instagram through your mobile browser and switch the display (moon icon) in it;
  • Install an app to change the background: Dark Mode For Instagram or Dark Mode Theme for Instagram;
  • Turn on the “Color Inversion” in the settings of your smartphone.

The system requirements of my device meet the minimum, but there is no mode switching, what to do?

  • Update your device to the current version of the OS;
  • Update the Instagram app in the app store;
  • Learn more about “Why Instagram isn’t working

If you still have questions about “How to make a dark theme in Instagram,” write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and we will try to give a detailed answer.

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Since Apple doesn’t offer an app that can change your SMS background for you, you’ll need to use a third-party app if you want to customize your message colors. Tap the App store icon on the iPhone home screen and select the search option below. Type “color text messages” and click “Search”.

To customize your answer, select the dialog icon next to the message entry field. It’s easy to set up: enter a key combination (like amp) and the message to be displayed (let’s say, Amplifer). Done, you can now use the amp combination to reply to interested users.

In the Instagram app, go to Settings. Swipe your smartphone screen from top to bottom until the hidden “app icon” menu opens. Select the desired Instagram icon and click “OK”.

Go to “Settings” iPhone, scroll through the list of options sections and tap “Basic”. Open the “Universal Access” section and then tap “Display Adaptation”. Now click “Color Inversion,” which will bring up a screen where you can activate the target option.

  • To go to edit mode in storiz and click on the pencil.
  • The color palette will open to change.
  • Choose the shade you want and fill in the area around the photo.

To do this, open “Settings”, select “Screen and Brightness” and toggle between the themes. There’s also an option to simply add a special button to the control. to do this, in the same settings, go to “Controls” and add the toggle to the controls.

Open your profile. go to Settings. Pull down the settings menu as hard as you can, following the emoji signs. You will have access to a secret menu, where you can choose a different icon of the Instagram app.

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Make multicolored posts in Instagram is not possible. this option has not yet been implemented. Don’t despair, take advantage of the social network’s available tricks. The text in the posts can be multicolored, experiment with the design and surprise your followers! And wait, perhaps there will be a color direct.

Make Instagram black directly in the settings of the app itself is not possible. But anyone can get the results they want if they own an iPhone with version iOS 13 or newer, and have updated the Instagram app to the latest version. Now you understand why it is important and just necessary.

The dark mode of the popular Instagram service is tied to the iOS system theme. So for the app to work on a black background, you need to do an activation in the iPhone settings. There are 3 ways to do it.

iOS 14. theme your iPhone!

How to make a black Instagram on iPhone: step by step instructions

How to make a dark theme in instagram on iPhone is a question that arises among users of the social network. Dark mode smartphone owners have been waiting for a long time. This kind of innovation is activated automatically after the update. If it didn’t happen, it’s worth setting the background yourself. The main thing is to follow the instructions presented in the article.

How to turn on Instagram‘s dark mode

Instagram will automatically switch to dark mode according to your smartphone’s setting. If you are using iOS 13, here’s how you can try the dark mode:

  • Make sure you’ve updated the Instagram app and are using the latest version available (the App Store doesn’t prompt you to update it).
  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone on iOS 13 or iPad on iPadOS.
  • Select Display and Brightness, then select Dark.
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Android 10 users can follow the same steps:

  • Turn on dark mode on your Android device by going to Settings then to Display.
  • Press Advanced, then select Dark from your device’s theme menu.