How to charge the phone battery without a phone

How to correctly charge the battery of the phone

For powering the mobile device a self-contained battery is installed. Can be extended by following certain charging guidelines. If you allow a lot of mistakes, even a new battery after a few weeks of use will come to full uselessness.

The problem with the power supply of mobile devices haunts almost all manufacturers. Due to the constant growth of performance, screen size and Internet connection speed, you have to charge the battery more often. At the same time to increase their capacity only at the expense of the size is not possible, because the dimensions of the smartphone become unacceptable. Cell phones use several types of power sources.

Nickel cadmium (NiCd)

The battery is shipped in a discharged state. Prolonged exposure to full charge causes destruction. You need to discharge the battery completely before replenishing the capacity, which prolongs the life of this power source.

Characteristics Parameter
Internal resistance 150. 400 mOm
Rate of self-discharge in the first month 20%
Maximum number of charge/discharge cycles 2500
Lifetime Defined by the cycles

Nickel metal-hydride (NiMH)

Like the previous version, comes in a fully discharged state. The memory effect is less pronounced. But users recommend a full discharge.

Feature Parameter
Internal resistance 250. 700 mOm
Rate of self-discharge in the first month 30%
Maximum number of charge/discharge cycles 800
Lifetime Specified by cycles

Li-Ion (lithium ion)

The most common type of battery. It is suitable for all mobile devices. Comes almost fully charged and can retain it for a considerable period without deterioration.

Characteristics Parameter
Internal resistance 300. 600 mOm
Degree of self-discharge in the first month 3%
Maximum number of charge/discharge cycles 2000
Lifetime 1.5 years

High capacity factor. It determines that the battery holds a charge longer under the same load. Capacity increases by increasing the size. But the use of modern technology also has a beneficial effect on this value.

No memory effect. This moment stands out this type of battery. This effect leads to a high rate of charge loss after passing a certain threshold.

Compact size. The manufacturing technology used has made it possible to make power supplies small in size.

expensive than other options. This is due to the technology used in manufacturing. Some manufacturers are constantly investing in the development of new production methods, as the problem with loss of capacity is quite common.

The battery rapidly loses its original characteristics if the recommendations for use are not followed. Practice shows that after one year the value is reduced by 20%. Many mobile devices that are used for up to 2 years, hold a charge when actively used for no more than a day, 10 hours.

There is a potential danger associated with cases of explosion if the operating rules are not followed. On the network there are many examples of that due to mechanical damage the power supply was bloated. The probability of such a problem is small, but still there.

How to charge the phone in a campaign

Phones have become an integral part of our lives: even going on a trip or a hike, we are sure to take your gadget with you. True, in this case do not always care about what happens if his battery runs out. Well, there are ways to charge your phone without charging in the woods, fields, or just away from civilization. Some of them require that the traveler brings along additional devices, while others are aimed at using everything that is at hand.

If you brought a pair of solar panels with you on a hike, then you will not be in danger of being out of touch

Civilized methods of charging phones

First, we’ll take a look at the more traditional and simple ways of charging with modern technology.

How to charge your phone with an external battery

Poverbanks are portable batteries, which have, as a rule, much more capacity than on cell phones. With their help, you can easily charge a fully dead gadget several times.

Modern mobile phones allow you to “carry” about 10000 mAh

Naturally, provided that the external battery itself has been pre-charged. The charging process is simple. It is enough to simply connect the two devices with a USB cable

How to charge your phone with a solar panel

Naturally, the chances of finding a charger based on solar energy in a hike or to assemble from nothing, tend to zero. So it is better to take such a gadget with you.

If you often travel, it makes sense to get a solar charger

It is absolutely autonomous, easy to use and will not take much space. The principle of obtaining a charge is very simple: we set the solar panel at the optimum angle to get the maximum amount of solar radiation, connect your smartphone to our installation and wait.

How to charge your phone without electricity folk methods

Next we will look at less technological and even extreme ways to charge your smartphone battery. You should use them only as a last resort, if there are no other options.

Charging your phone battery with duct tape

On any battery of any smartphone there are always more than two contacts. There are three most common.

Two are directly responsible for transferring current, and one, the middle one, for transferring data about the state of the battery. Usually the phone does not turn off when the battery is completely dead, but when it has between 5 and 20% of charge. And if you tape up the middle contact or any other similar material, you can win some seconds or even minutes for making one or two calls. Naturally, it’s hardly possible to charge your phone with duct tape for such tasks as Wi-Fi or geo-positioning.

How to charge your phone quickly with heat or shock

Many people probably remember how, as a child, they briefly restored the functionality of batteries by biting them or hitting them against something hard. Just like simple batteries, you can also charge your phone without charging on the street or in a hike.

For camping conditions have long been invented charging from the fire

Naturally, the impact must be commensurate, because thorough damage to the battery case will put it out of commission for good. This way will be able to “charge” the battery for a couple of calls maximum, so it should be used only as a last resort.

The same effect can be achieved by heating the battery slightly. This should be done with the help of some intermediary, for example. a metal knife. First you need to heat the knife, and then put the battery on it.

Make a charging circuit yourself.

There are a lot of charging circuits on the web, but to implement these schemes, you need to have a little experience in their implementation. If you are interested in the disassembly of such circuits, then write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and in subsequent articles we will disassemble in detail the circuit you are interested in.

The fastest and easiest way to charge a phone battery is the barbaric method of charging. For this we will need any charger that produces a voltage of 5 volts. Find in this charger and. and connect directly to the battery for a short period of time. If you want to use a battery that will charge at most half of its capacity, then you need to look at the battery charger. After 10-15 minutes of charging, check the voltage as soon as it has reached 4-4.15 volts we stop charging and consider that the battery is charged. The disadvantage of this method is that we can destroy the battery, so we need to proceed carefully.

Using an additional charging board.

On the site aliexpress you can buy a board for under 30 cents a piece based on the chip TP4056. There are two types of batteries with and without protection. If you only need to charge the battery, you can buy the cheapest without protection, if you want to build such a board in a device, it is better to take one with protection. The essence of protection is that you can put the battery in the device and connect it through the board, thereby the board will cut off the load as soon as the battery voltage drops to a critical. The board defaults to disconnecting the load at 2.5 volts, but as soon as the load is disconnected, the nominal battery voltage is restored to 3 volts-.3.3 volts, so it’s correct. Here’s a link to one of these boards

If you have a power supply with voltage regulation and current limitation, then you can connect the battery to it. You must have set the voltage on it to 4.2 volts and limiting the current to the charging current (depends on the capacity of the battery). And as soon as the voltage on the battery reaches 4.2 volts (less is possible, but no more) the battery can be considered charged.

Three easy ways to charge your phone without charging

To charge the phone without charging, it is necessary to show ingenuity. for sure there will be some source of electricity or a person with an extra charger. There are also unusual and even extreme ways to charge. About all this we will tell you in our article, we will give advice and recommendations.

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How to charge your phone without the original charger at home

Charging your gadget at home is much easier than being out in the fields with no devices and chargers at all. If we look around a bit, we can find means by which we can easily charge our smartphone.

How to charge your phone battery without charging it with a USB cable

As a rule, most modern chargers are a simple USB cable. And it is possible to use it in extreme case if you need to charge your phone.

Find a USB port at home on any modern device

Any computer, laptop or a more or less new TV has on board a USB port with which you can connect your smartphone to the device, thereby charging it. This is the most affordable and obvious way to charge your phone’s battery without charging it, since the average home or apartment is abundantly saturated with all sorts of electronics.

How to charge your phone if the jack is broken, wireless charger

There can be two options here: when the phone has a broken charging jack and when it is intact. In the first case, you can use universal wireless chargers that consist of two parts. a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver plugs into the jack on your smartphone and the transmitter plugs into the power outlet. Such chargers are not expensive, and you can find them in the market and in electronics stores more and more often.

Wireless chargers have become increasingly common, even in the simplest models of smartphones

If your phone has a broken jack, then you can only rely on the fact that it can charge itself wirelessly. Here’s a small list of devices that support this functionality “out of the box.”

The list is not so wide, but it is constantly updated with new devices. If your phone is among those listed, it means you will not stay without a charge in the battery of your electronic friend.

How to charge the battery of the phone without telephone with the help of a power unit (“frog”)

The simplest “frog” looks like a small power supply. In fact, it is it. On one side of the device there is a plug for the socket, and on the other side there is a special clip to bring the contacts of the “frog” exactly to the contacts of the battery. In general, a convenient and versatile thing.

The typical frog charger is a versatile device

Its only inconvenience. you need to remove the battery from the phone, and this possibility is not present on all modern gadgets. But to charge the battery without phone and without factory charging with its help it is possible, as it absolutely does not depend on a manufacturer of a gadget, or from model.

The charging process itself is quite simple. Clamp the “frog” is able to change the distance between the contacts, which are the terminal “” and “-“. The battery should be removed from the phone and the “frog” contact tabs should be positioned at the same distance as on the battery and in accordance with the polarity markings. Then you need to clamp the battery with a clamp and plug the finished construction of the frog and battery into an electrical outlet.

Almost any battery can be installed

There is usually at least one indicator light on the charger, usually green. If it lights up after plugging in, it means that charging is going on. If not, it is worth checking the polarity and tightness of the contacts. It’s quite easy and affordable way to charge your phone without cable.

How to charge your phone directly with the bare wire from an old charger

A bit extreme method, but if there is nothing at hand at all, as a last alternative will do. It is worth telling a little about the polarity by the colors of the wires. or less significant manufacturers adhere to accepted norms and mark the wires as it should be: “”. in red, “-“. in blue. But since on the market there are cheaper analogues, which are assembled in basement rooms in China by people who haven’t heard anything about the color coding of wires, you can find all colors of the rainbow in a cheap charger.

Do not throw out the old chargers, they may still serve you well

In general, with a sufficient share of luck, such a device can have a designation on the board itself, in the places of outputting wires. In this case you will have to orient yourself in the following way.

After you have determined the plus and minus sign, you must connect the leads directly to the battery. To fix them in place you can use any improvised means. duct tape, adhesive tape and even simple clothespins. It is worth noting that charging the battery in this way must be literally to the level of charge for the implementation of two or three calls, as control of the level of charging is minimal.

Whether it is possible to charge your phone through the headphone jack

Probably can’t find the authors of this urban legend any more. But to understand for yourself that this option, how to charge your phone through the headphones. is impossible, you just need to look at the circuit diagram of any smartphone.

The contacts on the headphone plug serve only to transmit audio signals

Even for someone who doesn’t know much about electronics it takes them 20 minutes to understand that the headphone jack has nothing to do with the battery controllers or the battery itself.

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Is it possible to charge your phone battery without your phone

Charge two or more batteries one by one through the same phone is inconvenient and not always have the time and opportunity. Especially since the frequent opening and closing the lid of the device can lead to a breakage of its clamps, as a result. it simply will eventually no longer hold, and the battery will fall out.

It is more convenient to charge additional batteries separately from the phone while the main battery is used for its intended purpose. And it is quite possible. There are different ways to do this. Among them there are both special device and home-made methods, from more advanced to quite primitive possibilities to prolong battery life a little bit more.

Other dangerous ways to charge your cell phone without electricity

We find plenty of science-based options online that promise to charge your cell phone without resorting to gadgets or mobile options, but their dangers prevent us from recommending them. We were able to read the options for charging a cell phone using the battery and the clamp as current leads, which can give us electrical shock.

There are also classic tricks for charging a cell phone with lemon, but we don’t find it convincing that the charger, which later plugs in, passes through the liquid of the fruit. I have personally been able to see how cell phones with a removable battery can be charged by wiping them with jeans, but since smartphones are one-piece, this is no longer possible.

Charge and discharge

Knowing how to properly charge your cell phone with a Li-Ion battery will allow you to prolong its life as much as possible. It is very important when dealing with them to abandon the stereotypes inherited from dealing with nickel batteries of the previous generation. For example, that for a new device out of the box you need to make as full a discharge and charge as possible. In fact, for lithium-ion batteries, not only does it not matter for further use, but it can harm them.

For Li-Ion batteries, small resets and capacity refills are much preferable for longevity to periods of thorough charging and discharging. It is recommended to use up to 50% of the capacity before the next refilling procedure and to avoid 100% refill.

If a full charge does occur, you should not leave the device plugged in. Yes, of course, manufacturers have limits for this case. smart phone electronics will stop charging at the critical limit. But this protection is designed primarily to limit the risks of battery explosion from overheating, not its longevity. Therefore, 100% charging, as well as further overcharging, in the long term can lead to premature battery aging.

Although shallow discharges and charges promote longevity, there are exceptions to this rule. Once a month it is useful to empty the batteries to 5% to calibrate the system that analyzes the condition of the battery. This allows the smartphone’s electronics to predict as accurately as possible the remaining operating time in the current mode.

The calibration procedure itself is not very good for the batteries, so in other cases you should not discharge them below 20%. We must pay tribute to the efforts of manufacturers in respect to the users. improvements in Li-Ion technology appear with enviable consistency, so each new generation of smartphones is less sensitive to battery maintenance.

Storage and care

Lithium-ion batteries do not like extreme temperatures. Whenever possible, you should avoid exposure to frost or direct sun heating. Temperatures below 0 °C and above 40 °C are detrimental to their service life and capacity. It is especially important not to allow them to overheat while charging. first generation devices could even explode in this mode. In modern smartphones, if the manufacturers have made a quality control system, it should not be a problem.

As another precaution, ensure that only original chargers are used. This will ensure that it is optimized for safe operation and efficient battery maintenance. Using the charger that comes with your phone will be the best condition for good battery health.

If you need to store your smartphone without working for more than a month, you should prepare it as follows: charge it to about 50% and make sure that the place of storage is at room temperature and there is no direct sunlight.

In brief, all the basic rules for charging a modern phone can be summarized as follows

  • not to allow full discharge and full discharging;
  • unplug the phone from the charger at 100% capacity;
  • At active use to use possibility of small cycles of charging and discharging (2-3 times a day).

The documentation that accompanies your device should include tips and recommendations for servicing your particular phone model. It will never be superfluous to study attentively the additional instructions on maintenance of batteries. These little things can be important information for those who want to extend the life of the battery before replacing it.