How to charge your iPhone for the first time

Do you need to charge your new battery?? No, the manufacturer has already done this for you, at the factory, just stick to the recommendations described above to keep your device alive as long as possible. Fully discharging, not necessary.

charge, your, iphone, first, time

Store the battery between 40-80% of its charge whenever possible. You can connect it to the charger already at 50% discharge, and disconnect it when the charge does not exceed 90%. Get the longest battery life possible. It is desirable to fully discharge the battery once a month before switching it off and then charge it to 100%.

charge, your, iphone, first, time

Charging rules

Of course, there are no special rules on how to charge the iPhone. The power controller successfully protects your iPhone when mishandled. Don’t use questionable devices, and can charge your iPhone as you like.

charge, your, iphone, first, time

The above tips will give you the right decisions in different situations. You will be able to connect power to your smartphone without fear of damaging it.

Charging the device by each owner is carried out differently: some consider it necessary to make this procedure a daily ritual, no matter how discharged it is, others. on the contrary, wait only to fully discharge the battery. And what to do with premium devices, such as devices from Apple, how to properly charge the iPhone?

It may seem surprising to some, but many experts say that charging the battery of the device to the maximum mark of 100% is harmful. A lot of research has been done on this issue by Eric Limer, according to his conclusion, the battery charge should optimally be between 50% and 80%. According to his experimental data, the charge that reached 100% is able to work less than five hundred cycles, and the one that stopped at 70% over a thousand.

Only the initial charging is special, so it is important to figure out how to charge your iPhone properly. It is worth noting that it is necessary to meet all the requirements from the first time and follow some of the recommendations of the manufacturers.

How to charge your iPhone correctly in 2021?

I currently have an iPhone 7, before that I had an iPhone 5s. I charge once a day, mostly. Sometimes I have to charge twice a day, but not often. As a rule, I charge it with the original charger from a smartphone, the good thing we have enough of them (my husband also has an iPhone and many friends and acquaintances, too). I sometimes charge my iPhone with the iPad when I’m at work, no complaints. It charges the phone really fast. But if you charge the iPad with the charger from the iPhone (a couple of times I had to), it is slow and sad:)) I try not to use non-original cables. I have tried several times, and bought them in different places, but they are unreliable and do not last very long, it’s just money down the drain. I rarely discharge my phone to zero, as a rule, I put it on charge at 20-30%. But I can’t get out of the habit of charging the iPhone all night long, I still have it from the Five, there was no other way to charge it( But I’ve been using it very actively for 4 years, so it basically had to be charged a hundred times a day. In general I have no problem charging my phone at the moment. In emergency situations I switch to airplane mode. I wish the original cables would have been more reliable and wouldn’t break so quickly.)

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I charge my iPhone 5 several times a day but I also use it a lot. It takes a lot of charge for typing and watching videos. I wish the battery had more power, so it would last at least a day. It’s tiresome to think whether your phone is charged enough or not it discharges at the most inappropriate moment. I often forget to charge my iPhone on time and it shuts down, then I have to wait 15 minutes for it to recharge. It is especially inconvenient when you urgently need to use the phone, and it is completely discharged and need to wait until it is turned on. I don’t charge it with the original cable, but it’s not the cheapest one either. Bought for 600 I think, is not Chinese, and some kind of brand name. Charges quickly and I have been using it for half a year and it is fine. The original cable on my iPhone fails miserably fast. When it is on the charger and I use it, it heats up a lot. I hope nothing bad happens to him))). Sometimes I charge it for 15-20 minutes, because I need to go somewhere, and my phone is empty. It basically charges quickly with my non-original cable, so no problem. I used to be able to use a turnboard, but I don’t have one now. I want to buy a newer model of iPhone, I hope it will have a more powerful battery.

I have an iPhone 7 and need to charge it often. I usually do it three ways.

Regular charging with a standard cable plugged into an outlet is the fastest and easiest way to charge my iPhone. There are no problems in the process.

Connecting to a computer with a lightning cable. Another easy way to charge your iPhone, which is popular. But understand that when charging via computer, the phone synchronizes with PC via iTunes and exchanges data, and this slows the speed of battery charging.

The third way is appropriate for traveling. I always take a paverbank with me when I travel and use it to charge my iPhone. But it is worth understanding that frequent charging through the paverbank significantly reduces the battery power and in the future your phone will run out much faster than it did before. So I do not recommend charging your phone via the poverbank too often.

These are the three main ways I use to charge my iPhone. Yes, there are even wireless chargers for the newer iPhones, but I personally find it much easier to charge from the mains for my phone the old-fashioned way. It’s easier, faster, and it does less damage to the battery itself.

At what temperatures should you use and charge your iPhone

You can’t use or charge your iPhone in extreme temperatures. For the device to function properly, it must be between 0 and 35 °C. If the temperature is too low or too high, it may change the behavior to regulate the temperature. For example, it will temporarily accelerate charging, which will cause it to shut down.

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When working in normal conditions the phone will work as usual. Continuous use in the heat will lead to an irreversible shortening of battery life.

You can store your phone at temperatures between.20°C and 45°C. It is not advisable to leave the phone in the car, as the temperature inside it may exceed the permissible limits.

In some situations, the device may heat up. This is possible:

  • If making initial settings or restoring backups.
  • If data is indexed or analyzed.
  • If you use programs or functions with additional reality.

This is a normal situation, as the phone’s temperature will stabilize after all operations are completed.

Under some conditions, the phone’s operation changes. This happens if:

  • Leave the phone in the car, in a parking lot and it gets hotter than 35 degrees;
  • Leaving the iPhone on the windowsill in the sunlight;
  • If you perform resource-intensive functions. For example, tracking the path or using car navigation, the user is playing games, and the ambient temperature is above normal for an extended period of time.

If the temperature exceeds the norm, the device tries to normalize them on its own. In this case there are a number of changes:

  • Charging stops or is slower. The same goes for the wireless method.
  • The screen does not shine brightly and gradually dims.
  • Reception and transmission of cellular radio signal goes into a reduced power consumption state. The signal strength decreases.
  • The camera flash turns off temporarily.

If you use the navigation function, the device will display a warning that the iPhone requires cooling, and it will shut down. At the same time, the navigation function will continue, and when you approach a turn, the display will turn on and show the route.

No need to try to discharge as quickly as possible. The main thing is not to forget that the new smartphone will need to be put on charge only after the battery is discharged to zero. And so the new battery will need to charge and discharge 3─4 times. After this, the charge is done in normal mode.

Let’s tell you how to charge a new iPhone for the first time. Charge it immediately after purchase and wait until it is 100% charged. Now use your phone as usual, but do not charge it until it is completely discharged. It is desirable to make three cycles of full discharge and charge the phone.


The answer is the same as any other iPhone, the previous section says.

How many charge-discharge cycles, can the lithium-ion battery withstand without a noticeable drop in capacity?

The answer. about 400-500 if you follow the simple rules, which corresponds to 3 or 4 years of life of the device. In most cases, users are much more likely to change the smartphone itself, rather than the battery in it.

No, the manufacturer has done it for you, just follow the above recommendations to keep your device alive as long as possible. Completely discharging, no need.

The Smartphone, like any other phone, is equipped with lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries, so they are subject to the same conditions as other mobile equipment. How to charge your iPhone 5s was explained above, see the “valuable tips” section

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The standard battery charging time, about 2-3 hours, but you should be guided by the system messages. iOS will tell you when it’s time to plug in the lanyard and when the battery is full. There are exceptions when the controller fails, but that’s another story.

Can I charge my iPhone with my iPad?

Yes it can, but there are a couple of things to consider when charging your iPhone: it will get warm to the touch (if you have it already warmed up, it will get warmer). And there have been cases where they bloat or explode when charging the iPhone, but the chances are very small :).

What’s the point and why the iPhone charges faster from the iPad? Because the iPhone and iPad chargers have different power output, usually the iPhone has 1A (amps), and the iPad has 2A.

You may also be wondering if the battery will be bad for you?”. The iPhone battery has a certain cycle after which it loses volume, approximately 1000 cycles, which equals 3 years of use if you charge it once a day.

You may also be wondering, “Is it possible to charge the iPhone faster, but without charging from the iPad?”. Yes you can, there are a few tricks.

If you need to charge your iPhone in 10-15 minutes, you are in a hurry and you do not have time to sit and wait 2 hours for a full charge. Then you need to limit the use of your device to the maximum: leave it alone, stop all processes (downloads, games, exit all applications in the background), and most importantly turn on the air mode.

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Is it possible to use cheap, non-original lightning wires?

Not desirable, as there were many cases with overheating of devices and burning of both devices and cables.

The original cable from Apple has a microcontroller to control the power supplied to the device.

But if we are not talking about Chinese cables for 1, but about more or less well-known brands (A brand), then you can use cables, they usually have certification from Apple.

Here are the consequences of charging with cheap cables

First, attach your iPhone to the charger and plug it in. The first charge of the device takes some time and is a minimum of 12 hours. When the gadget reaches 100% charge, you need to fully discharge the battery, and after that you can charge the smartphone again.

How To Charge Your iPhone | Debunking iPhone Charging Myths

Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that if you think sensibly, the first couple of charging cycles are best done according to the instructions below:

  • After taking your iPhone out of the box, plug it into the charger
  • After the iPhone is 100% charged, you can use it safely and bring it to a full discharge