How to check headphones with a microphone on a computer

The microphone on the headphones does not work

Last week I bought an expensive headset and could not understand why the microphone on the headphones did not work. After the thought of handing over the device back to the store, I decided to check and configure the headphones. The problem was in outdated drivers, but there may be several. Here are offers to eliminate the malfunction of the headset.

Problems with a microphone can be divided into two types: hardware and software malfunctions. So what to do if the microphone does not work on the headphones?

First you need to determine what reason the malfunction happened. There can be many such reasons why the microphone on the headphones can be on the headphones.:

  • Connect another device to the same port (helps to understand, the problem is in the device or program);
  • Through the functions of Windows (about them below);
  • Using additional programs or special services.

As an option, you can check the fidelity of connecting the device. Each type of headset has a different sequence of use. For example, USB canchors just insert into the connector. If you have wireless ones, then you first need to insert a Bluetooth connector into the USB connector, and then find the right device on the computer and click on “Connect”. Wended headphones with a microphone need to be inserted into the corresponding nests on the computer (there is an icon with the image next to each nest). Often wires and nests are separated by color: green. Headphones, pink. Headset. If there is only one fork on your wired headphones. It needs to be inserted into the headphone nest.

Hardware problems

How to understand why the microphone in headphones does not work? A broken wire, a broken headset, poor contact. All this can become a reason why you are not heard. Ways to solve each problem its own. Let’s talk more about each.

The wire is torn

In most cases, the work is violated precisely due to mechanical damage to the electrical circuit. Most often, breaks occur in the following areas:

  • TRS connector of different diameters;
  • In the area of ​​the branch of audiolinium branching (mainly a separate block with volume and control buttons);
  • Positive, negative contacts of the headset;
  • Bluetooth module connectors if you have a wireless headset.

How to understand that the reason that the computer does not see the microphone is this? To do this, you need to smoothly move the wire from one side to the other near the damaged area. If the zone is determined correctly, a signal, noise will appear, or the work will be completely improved in a specific position.

Using a multimeter, try to call the headphones chains. If you have a mini-jack 3.5 mm, then a cut from a figure below will help you.

You can eliminate the wire break with a soldering iron, of course, if you know how to use it. If not, I advise you to contact the masters who will correct the problem. However, you need to understand that there is a meaning to fix the headset in the case when you have an expensive quality model. Otherwise, this may be a meaningless point.

Bad contact

Another reason is the contamination of contact. This happens when dirt, dust, other elements hit. Often this is noticeable immediately. On the plug or in the nest there are sticky particles, dirt, oxidation prints. You can remove the pollution with a toothpick or wire.

Program problems

The wire is safe, the contacts are clean, and the microphone was connected, and it still does not work? So the problem is not in the headset, but in the settings themselves on the device. Let’s figure out what to do in such cases.

Checking the microphone

First of all, you need to check the performance of the headset. This can easily be done independently using a computer and Windows tools.

  • Connect headphones with a microphone to a computer.
  • Go to “Start”, then “All Programs”.
  • Click on the “Standard” button, and then “Sound recording”.
  • Click on the button for the recording start.
  • Make a small trial speech to the headset.
  • Stop the record.
  • Listen to the recorded path.

If you heard a recorded voice, it works. If the reproduced audio road has passed without sound, you can start other points of setting headphones with a microphone.

The second option to understand whether the computer sees the microphone:

  • Open the browser.
  • In the address line write webcammictest.Com and go to this page.
  • Click on “Check the microphone”.
  • Say something.
  • Observe the line of sound. If fluctuations are visible, everything works. In this case, you need to adjust the settings.

These options are suitable if Windows 10 does not see a microphone on headphones. In other versions, the algorithm may differ in the names of the buttons, but the essence remains the same.

Checking the drivers

One of the options for a non.Working headset is the absence of drivers or the stature. To get started, try installing the drivers in case you have “flown up”. To do this, insert a disk that walked along with the headset. Run the installation. Follow the instructions.

In the case when it did not help or there are no drivers. Try the following:

  • Go to the page of the company that released the headset.
  • Find the right model and driver for it.
  • Run the desired file.
  • Follow the instructions.

If you have a laptop, you can try to go to the official website of the laptop brand and reinstall all the drivers there at once. To do this, you will need to find a model (indicated on the back of the laptop).

Another option is to find an update center and try to reinstall the sound drivers there.

  • Go to the “Computer Management”. “Device Manager”
  • Click on the desired object with the right mouse button.
  • Select “update”.
  • Click on “Automatic search for updated drivers”.
  • Wait for the end of the search. If the driver is outdated, they will offer to download a new.

Listen to your microphone voice without delay (mic monitor passthrough)

Sound does not work

Sound can sometimes turn off for no apparent reason. This has not been happening on Windows 7 for a long time, however, 8 and 10 versions of the system sin with this after updates. In addition, the work of the driver may be violated. It is this version that we will consider as the most common.

So the sound does not work. You have already paid attention to the “loudspeakers and head phones” icon, it will not cross out, that is, the sound should be. The next option that you should try if you use Windows 8 or 10, this is the diagnosis of sound devices. This is very simple: you just need to click on this very icon and in the context menu select the “Detee with sound”. Most likely, there will be no result, but you never know.

check, headphones, microphone, computer

Checking the work

After connecting headphones, you should check the correctness of their work. To test the sound, it is enough to turn on any music file, go to the site with audio or video content, or even just move the slider on the volume controller.

The microphone is checked in the following ways:

  • Including the voice recorder (“sound recording” in the list of standard Windows functions). Check whether it will be possible to write down the sound using headphones or not.
  • Use a special program to configure the microphone in headphones.
  • Enter Skype, where there is a sound check function. Echo/Sound Test Service. Start the test and check the operation of recording and reproducing devices.

If the audit showed the normal operation of the recording and reproducing part of the headset, we can assume that its connection is completed successfully. When problems appear, you should get acquainted with several ways how to configure headphones with a microphone on a computer. The first is the activation of the device in the system.

How to check using Skype?

The Skype program allows you to diagnose and configure the microphone on headphones. To do this, you need to take the following steps sequentially:

How to use earphone as a mic on pc || Use earphone in PC for Audio

  • Launch Skype;
  • Enter the “settings” of the application;
  • Find the item “Sound Settings” and click on it;
  • Remove the checkmarks in the following lines: “Allow the automatic tuning of the microphone” and “Automatic speaking”;
  • Correct adjustment manually.

During the setup, it is necessary to keep in touch and talk with a friend, thus, the user can adjust the sound to the perfect state.

How to check the microphone on the headphones Windows 7

To understand whether the device works correctly on the computer, the following actions are performed at the first stage:

  • Connect headphones. In most cases, 2 jack 3 connectors are used for connection.5. Devices are connected to different ports of the sound card. Headphones with a built.In microphone are connected to a combined connector.
  • Set up a headset. In most cases, headphones record a quiet sound due to incorrect setting parameters.
  • Move on to testing the sound recording device using the selected method.

The funds are standard

Using the utilities built into the operating system, you can not only configure, but also test the microphone. The following actions are performed for this:

  • Open the starting menu. Find the point “control panel”.
  • Further “Equipment and Sound”.
  • Press the link “Sound”.
  • In the “Record” section, the name of the desired device is selected.
  • Open the context menu with the right mouse button, find the “Properties” item.
  • Then the tab “Listen”.
  • Choose the parameter “from this device”. Apply the previously set settings. The sound begins to be transmitted to headphones or speakers. After listening to it, the user can evaluate the correctness of the microphone on the laptop or PC.

Sound recording

Windows provides a built.In utility, but it does not allow you to configure the microphone during testing. It is recommended to install third.Party programs, for example, Free Audio Recorder. They work with her like this:

  • Open the application, set the format of the saved file. The user is available 3 options.
  • In the Recording section, the desired parameters are set. The number of channels, the frequency of the recorded sound.
  • Open the DEVICE tab. Here they configure the balance of channels, the volume of the headset. The page has the opening button for the system installation menu.
  • Press the record key, pronounce something in the microphone, stop the procedure. The file is saved automatically. It can be listened to it by opening through the File section.
check, headphones, microphone, computer

Through the Skype program

Many use this application for communication, so the microphone will be easier to test after loading Skype. To do this, open a list of contacts, find the ECHO/SOUND TEST Service option, make a call.

The robot gives tips with which testing is performed. After checking, you can configure the necessary parameters through the Skype menu or go to the conversation.

Checking the microphone online

There are many Internet services that help find out if the device is functioning correctly. For this, you do not need to download and install special programs. The easiest option is MICTEST. They work with him like this:

  • Include Adobe Flash Player superstructure in the browser. Allow the service access to a computer microphone. To do this, press the corresponding button in a pop.Up window.
  • Assess the performance of the microphone using a volume scale. There is a panel at the bottom of the page where you can choose the right device. The menu is used if there are built.In and separate microphones.

The disadvantage of the considered service is the impossibility of recording and listening to sound. Online Voice Recorder has similar functions. Here you can record, cut and save your voice messages in mp3 format.

Setting up the program

In addition to system settings, the microphone also controls the options inside the software. Each voice communication messenger has similar functionality.

For example, if you do not work a microphone on a laptop when working in Skype, you will have to get into the settings menu. They are in the upper right corner of the program. Then go to the “Sound and Video” section. It is also recommended to select a device for recording your voice in the same way, as we did in system settings. It is advisable to turn off the automatic setting of micro and set the desired level manually.

Why the microphone doesn’t work?

If the microphone on the headphones does not transmit sound, then the source of the problem can be either in physical breakdowns or in the software.

  • Gap of contacts in the cable; in computer;
  • Defective device;
  • You forgot to turn it on on the control panel where the headphone volume control is located.

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  • Special configuration of the front panel of the system.It is worth checking why different ports are designed. A standard microphone minijack is inserted into a pink nest;
  • Drivers are not installed.If there was no disk with drivers in the kit with the headphones, then they will have to look for them on the official website of the manufacturer or through special utilities;
  • Conflict between different programs.When one already uses a device to record sound in work, for the other it becomes unavailable;
  • Sound card problems.
  • Prohibition in Windows settings or disconnected condition in the device manager.You need to find and start the program.

Test using the “Sound Recording” application

Click the Start button, go to the “Program” section and in the “Standard” catalog, find “Sound recording” (in “Seven”) or Voice Recorder (in “Ten). Write down a few phrases and save the audio file. When listening, in addition to the working capacity of the microphone on the headset, you can check if it is noisy and whether it makes outsids.

I do not recommend using online services for the testing service-in our time, great imprudence is too negligent to trust the sites found through the search engine, and there it is more to provide them with access to the hardware part of the computer. However, the standard Windows tools described above, for the test, is quite enough.