How to check the battery life of the iPhone

Battery wear and tear app. How to check the battery life on your iPhone in percentage

Greetings! The need to check the information on how much battery capacity is left on the iPhone or iPad can have many reasons. Such a need may arise out of simple curiosity. I, for example, was wondering whether I need to go and change the battery of my old iPhone 5S, or if it is still not so bad?

This procedure is also very important when you buy a used device. Because the seller can simply deceive you by telling you that his battery lasts exactly that long, and even show statistics of usage (it can easily be twisted), but in fact. there already lost half of the capacity. How to know the truth about the state of the battery. Whether it’s bad or not? No one is going to wait several hours to test it! There are easier and faster ways. Let’s talk about them, let’s go!

Important notice! We get all the data about the battery for free, without breaking the device or otherwise jailbreaking.

iPhone with normal performance

Under “Battery Status,” you can also find out information about the battery’s peak performance. If the message “Now the battery maintains normal peak performance” appears on the screen, it means that the performance is normal, and the function of managing it has not yet been turned on.

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Another useful program for anti-McBooks but looking for how to check the battery on your iPhone, people. iBackupBot. Designed for installation on Windows personal computers. This miracle costs 35, but users are given a demo access for a week. enough for a one-time test. How to use the program:

  • connect the iPhone to the computer with the cable;
  • open the program;
  • Wait for the app to recognize the device;
  • select the smartphone that you want to use from the menu;
  • go to “Information.
  • CycleCount. the number of recharge cycles.
  • DesignCapacity. battery capacity at purchase.
  • FullChargeCapacity. the current capacity value.

Remember that it is important to take care of the battery of your smartphone. Clean up junk in time, delete useless apps, let the device “rest”. And then the iPhone will retain its original battery capacity for a long time, and will delight the owner with high performance.

Third-party applications

The following is an answer to the question of how to check the battery on the iPhone with the help of special programs. Introducing the free programs that can be downloaded from the App Store. Battery Pro and Battery Life.

  • The program Battery Pro is suitable for checking the parameters, in one way or another related to the smartphone battery. Displays information about the state of the battery. You can determine what actions are the strongest discharges it, whether there was overheating and so on.
  • Battery Life. A simpler, more minimalist app responsible for checking battery health. Allows you to determine the health of the battery, check the wear and tear. However, compared to Battery Pro, not as functional.

How to learn the wear and tear of your iPhone battery?

With daily use of the iPhone, the level of battery wear and tear increases every day. How to know when you need to change the battery of your iPhone, and what tools to do it?

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Absolutely any technique from the company Apple has rather high quality components, especially this concerns batteries. Whether it’s any MacBook laptop or iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet, all of these devices have a large number of recharge cycles, so they don’t lose as much capacity. Naturally there is a reasonable question how to check the battery on your iPhone?

In a previous article on Android 1 we told you how to find out the battery life on your MacBook, and this one tells you how to do it on your iPhone and iPad in several ways.

4-hour review mode

Let’s first look at the 24-hour battery consumption overview. Here you can see two diagrams.

The “Charge Level” chart shows the battery’s level of charge over the past 24 hours. Usually the graph going up is displayed in green and shows the time spent charging, while the yellow graph should go down and shows the consumption of the battery during the day.

The “Activity” chart shows how you use your iPhone or iPad during the day. In this diagram, there are separate modes for “Screen On” (blue) and “Screen Off” (blue).

iPhone 5s battery life. How to check the battery life of the iPhone in percent

Batteries are probably the weakest link of modern gadgets. If before it was enough to charge the phone 1-2 times a week, nowadays we have to plug our smartphones (even those with the highest capacity batteries) into the socket almost every day.

It is clear that such an intensive mode of operation leads to rapid “burnout” of the battery life. And often the user has to limit his or her communication to make sure the phone can “make it” to the end of the day.

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Over time, you may start to feel like your iPhone is draining faster. It may be time to contact a service center and replace the battery. But is it really used up?? There are applications that allow you to find out the number of charge cycles, but they are mostly designed for viewing this information on your computer. In other words, you have to connect your smartphone to your computer and use special utilities.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 13 Pro / 13 / 13 Mini / 12 / 11 / SE. Battery Life DRAIN TEST

Unfortunately, officially Apple does not provide data on the charging cycles of the iPhone, although such data is easy to see in the company’s laptops. But there is a way, that few people know about, to find out the number of charge cycles directly on the iPhone. We’ll tell you how to do it.

Battery Life

The classic tool for measuring maximum battery capacity. The information is displayed as a percentage (from 0 to 100) and additionally described in text (sometimes developers suggest not to worry and continue in the same vein, sometimes hinting at a soon appeal to the service center). Besides the standard procedure there is an additional one, where the services, entertainment and applications that affected the battery capacity loss the most are displayed. Sometimes the problems are related to LTE and 3G, sometimes the wrong way of charging, and in some cases the frequent use of social networks.