How to check the battery life on your iPhone

How is the battery life in your iPhone?? Let’s compare

iPhone X 22.08.2018г. 89%. As it is clear the phone is exactly 1 year. It has never been left completely discharged, overheated, or frozen, in short I specifically watched it very closely to check the beta shitty check battery in the iPhone for fake, and all I listed above are some of the many things to watch out for not to kill the lithium battery. And so, in August presumably in the beginning that is tonno more than 2 months. back I once again checked the balance immediately after a full charge, by the way everyone knows that every few months you need to fully discharge any lithium battery, well it showed me something like 94 or 93 exactly I do not remember, but exactly by that time I decided for myself that my iPhone state of charge drops by about one percent in two months, and notice this beta test will never show any percentage increase or for example a decrease by two, which is quite natural error of course some is but not always exactly, like a metronome and only by one percent. And then I didn’t check it for about 1.5 months and suddenly I see 89% and I almost choked at 4-5% instead of the usual 1%. In the end I figured it out, but here’s the thing, when I bought it I upgraded immediately, and by changing the profile excluded the opportunity to update without me and even download the basic software. I had 12.02 and just three days ago I fuckin’ dared to get into these profiles again, everything was working, nothing has been updated for almost a year, and here’s the fuck it has updated myself did not understand how I fucked up to 12.4, I then thought well, the main thing that not to 13 version, everyone knows that the higher the version from the initial (the version at the time of release of the device) and the more often you update every intermediate version, which was possible before, the more these fucking iPhones and iPads start to slow roughly speaking. Just three days later I checked and I got 89. and it turns out that it was actually the update has reduced the figure, and this already means that this check is a complete trash and all this reduction is happening software on a predetermined algorithm! That’s why most likely these bastards have eliminated the possibility of skipping updates for the program that the user all this was smooth, accurate, and most importantly not intrusive. So when I updated about 10 months volume of updates at once the dumb software like slashed the remainder and was immediately 5% less battery life. And realizing all of this I immediately wrote on my iPhone.I have stumbled on this topic so keep in mind, and I certainly will not be more updates, no matter who said that if you do not update all and will slow and hang weto know what and how ! P.S. I have an iPad 3 it is 10 YEARS old, think about it, the battery lasts almost as long as a new one, but it lags terribly and you know what happened to it, about three years ago I started using it again, I haven’t used it since like 13 to 17 and I remembered it running fine and fast, and in 2021 I of course upgraded it when I needed to use it, ah if I already knew about these bitches and what would happen, and I’ve done everything even rolled back via Jail and Fenix and so on, everything lags and everything with it!

@Artem Potapov, I have almost the same experience. Bought x with 98% battery. And a week later the battery was down to 91%. The phone was 12 os, and like a fool, I immediately upgraded to 13 os.

In iOS 14.5 battery calibration function appeared. Why do we need it and what to do with it

Battery calibration is one of the myths that have haunted us for years. Few people have any idea what this procedure is, but most are pretty sure that it is done by fully discharging and then charging the smartphone to 100%. Allegedly so the battery “swings” and engages the hidden cells for more efficient energy storage. Of course, all of this is bullshit, because our smartphone batteries can use all of their capacity right out of the box. Apple, however, for some reason decided to add in iOS 14.5 battery calibration function appeared.

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Battery calibration is a very specific thing and you can hardly do it yourself. But in iOS 14.5 a special mechanism appeared

Battery calibration appeared in iOS 14.5 beta 6, which was released last night. This is a fairly atypical story for Apple, because usually the company fills updates with innovations until about 3-4 betas. And here the functionality of the update extended as much as the sixth. It must have been very necessary for Apple to test the calibration mechanism in time for the release. But why is it needed and what purpose does it serve? Let’s try to figure it out.

The iPhone battery is bloated

When your smartphone’s battery gets really bad, it will start to show visually. If your iPhone’s screen protrudes a bit, squeaks, and streaks across the display when you press on it, chances are your phone’s battery is bloated and it’s time to replace it. In the worst case, a bloated battery can break your smartphone’s display, and that’s a much more expensive repair.

It is better not to lead to this, or you will have to change the screen or some other components

How to Check the Capacity of a Battery on Load

In order to check the capacity of the battery of a car, smartphone or a trivial electric screwdriver, you should use one of the proven ways. To check the capacity of the battery of one of the technical means, then it is worth to apply an additional load using an ordinary light bulb.

It is worth remembering that if the light does not turn on at all or gradually begins to go out, the battery will not work. When checking the battery load should be added gradually, eventually it will need to take at least half of the current battery. To find out this parameter is quite easy, knowing the capacity, for it should be divided in half. To check the capacity of the battery under load, you should have a forty watt headlamp.

In order for the test to be successful, it is worth adhering to the rules and referring to the view

  • disconnect the battery from the generator;
  • connect additional load;
  • disconnect the load;
  • connect a multimeter to the battery, setting the mode;
  • read the readings.

It is quite easy to find out the capacity of the car battery, because if the battery is in good condition, it will show a voltage of 12.4 volts. But if the voltage drops below twelve volts, there is no way to find out the capacity, because the battery is most likely about to fail. If the process cannot be started, the wiring is faulty.

How to check the battery life of the iPhone or iPad

If you have noticed that your iPhone has become rapidly discharging, it is a sure sign that the battery has deteriorated and should be replaced. It’s easy to find out, just check the level of your battery’s drain in the system settings.

Causes of battery wear and tips on how to preserve battery capacity

In addition to the rapid discharge, battery wear and tear is characterized by the iPhone shutting down at low ambient temperature. Switching off your smartphone in cold indicates the critical state of the battery and the need to replace it.

Values below 80% are considered a poor indicator of current capacity relative to the capacity of a new battery. You can find out the exact number not only with iOS tools, but also with third-party tools, such as the utility iBackupBot.

Lithium-ion batteries are not eternal. over time, like any other rechargeable power source, they lose capacity. The service life of batteries used in modern iPhones averages 800-1000 cycles of full discharge, but after the first 500 cycles the iPhone battery efficiency drops by 15-20% compared to the initial value.

The decrease in maximum battery capacity is not only due to time, but also due to improper operation. For example, because of the large number of full charges and discharges to zero, or because of using the device in extremely low and high temperatures.

To ensure that your smartphone battery lasts as long as possible, it is recommended to use an original charger and Lightning cable, not to charge and discharge your iPhone completely, and not to expose the device to very low or high temperatures. Apple has identified the optimal environmental temperature for operating the iPhone as being between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius, and the ideal temperature between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Diagnose iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Battery Status with the System

Apple developers have implemented a tool to diagnose the battery health of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The feature is available on iPhone 6 and later models running iOS 11.3 or newer. To assess battery health and find out if your battery needs to be replaced, you must go to Settings, go to Battery, and select Battery Status.

The “Maximum capacity” column will show the value in percent. The value is the ratio of your current capacity to the capacity of your new battery.

All Apple smartphones come with performance management. It dynamically adjusts your device’s maximum power to prevent unplanned shutdowns. Automatically takes effect the first time an iPhone is turned off unexpectedly and no longer has enough battery life to provide peak performance.

If needed, the feature can be disabled by clicking the “Disable” button and selecting the “Disable” option.

How to check the battery life of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using the software for your computer

The following iPhone battery diagnostic tool is presented as a PC utility. Download the installation file of the program from the official site. Two versions of the program are available: for Mac OS and Windows.

The program iBackupBot is designed primarily to backup your iPhone data. But you can also use it to manage installed apps and contacts, view media files stored in your device’s memory, and diagnose the condition of your iPhone‘s battery.

Because the iBackupBot synchronizes data from iTunes, it requires your computer to have an Apple-branded media player, the installation file for which you can download from the Apple

After installing both programs, you need to connect your iPhone to your PC with a Lightning/USB cable and allow the computer to access the data on the device. When the smartphone prompts “Trust this computer?”You must select the “Trust” option and, if necessary, enter the passcode, thereby confirming access permission.

Then launch the iBackupBot program and click on the device name listed in the “Devices” side menu. On the page that opens you need to select “Information”, after which a window will pop up with additional information about the smartphone.

The section “Battery” will display information about the battery of the iPhone, among which 3 points are interesting:

  • CycleCount. the number of recharge cycles performed;
  • DesignCapacity. the original battery capacity, which is also the capacity of the new original battery (measured in mAh);
  • FullChargeCapacity. current battery capacity (measured in mAh).

If the number of iPhone recharge cycles exceeds 1000, and the current battery capacity is very different from the original value, it is recommended that you replace the phone’s battery with a new one.

Checking the battery life with standard iOS tools

On average, after a year or two from the date of purchase the smartphone battery shows signs of “aging”, heats up and quickly uses up the charge. Because of the “sagging” battery the performance of the smartphone “slows down”.

Apple website informs about the so-called charging cycles for “apple” devices. These are processes from 100% “power-up” to zero. The number of charging cycles for the iPhone is 500.

iPhone version 11.2 and above the operating system, is able to “find out” the level of battery wear, the percentage of loss of capacity of the device. To do this, the user enters “Settings”, then “Battery” and “Battery status”. The “Maximum capacity” line shows the possible capacity of the battery, as opposed to the original state.

If the battery status is below 80%, you need to think about buying a new battery.

In iPhones with iOS 10.2.1 Apple developers have embedded the battery information in a special section of the system. User receives a message from iOS: “Your iPhone battery needs service” if battery is in critical condition. Starts the Settings App, where the Battery section is located, signaling the need to replace the battery.

How to know the iPhone battery life in 3 clicks?

Your phone began to run out quickly iPhone? You don’t need to install any third-party apps to check the iPhone battery life, everything you need is on your phone!

Apple developers, starting with iOS 11.3 added a feature that allows you to check how much battery life your iPhone has, without installing third-party apps, but using only the phone’s settings menu.

The iPhone Battery Capacity Checker. Checking iPhone Battery Status.

Mobile device users put more and more demands on the battery life and autonomy of their devices. Every year these demands grow, while the capabilities of most gadgets remain the same due to the constant reduction of weight and size of the device for the sake of design beauty.

Of course, the iPhone has traditionally been known for its solid battery life. But they can’t boast of perpetual battery life either. After some time begin to lose capacity, so there is a need for replacement. Consequently, sometimes it is important to know how to check the battery level of your iPhone. Especially when buying a used gadget.

After 500 charge-discharge cycles the iPhone battery loses up to 20% of its capacity. There is a reasonable question, how do you know the battery level of your iPhone. Consider the most accurate and effective technical and software tools.

For someone, this advice may seem trivial, but you need to initially determine. The device discharges itself or you do it. It is enough just for some time not to use the device actively and check the level of charge. Optimal variant. Charge the gadget fully and leave it overnight. Turn off notifications, so they do not lead to additional discharge.

And in the morning, look at the current charge level. If it has remained the same or lost a few percent. The battery is in normal condition. But the loss of 10% overnight indicates a definite problem.

In the morning, look at the current charge level

How to check the battery on iPhone 5 by software means

If you are buying a gadget on the secondary market, it is important to understand at once. How to check the battery on the iPhone? Let’s say right away that such a task when working with used devices is quite problematic. There may be some hardware fixes, but they are too complicated and not always accurate.

So a great help is the application for checking the battery of your iPhone. Among the most accurate and popular solutions is Battery Life. displays the current state of wear and tear on the main screen and makes an assessment of the battery‘s condition. Here you can also specify the approximate data about the number of battery charge cycles that have already been carried out.

6 Signs You Need a New iPhone Battery

How to check the battery status on your iPhone. Let’s talk about desktop applications

The desktop program for checking the battery on the iPhone, installed on the computer, can also be an informative method. The iBackupbot app is particularly popular. If this is the case, you should install and run the app to test it, then connect your iPhone to your computer. Choose a specific gadget to test in the Devices section. On the right you will see the technical information about the device. Next, we press “Information” to find the CycleCount (the number of charge cycles performed).

How to extend the battery life of your iPhone and iPad

We looked at the basic ways to check the battery on iPhone 5s and other models. But there’s another question. How to take care of the device and maximize the battery life?

To extend battery life, it’s optimal to keep the charge at 2/3rds, roughly between 40-80%. It is better not to keep the device 100% charged, because this will reduce the total lifetime.

A new iPhone does not need to be charged for 72 hours before use. a common myth, but it doesn’t work for us. It is relevant for nickel batteries, but not for lithium-ion batteries.

Let’s not forget about the dangers of charging the battery too often, which can compromise battery life. But it is recommended to perform a full discharge/recharge cycle at least once a month. It is important to protect the battery from the influence of too low and high temperatures.

Avoid using your phone in cold temperatures

And if you still need to replace?

If the battery has lost 20-25% of its capacity while in use, the problem is not critical. you can keep on working in peace. But with more serious losses, with frequent discharging, you need to think about replacement. The optimal variant for this. Go to official or at least reliable services with a known brand. When replacing yourself refuse to buy suspiciously cheap batteries. Replacement requires complete disassembly. you need the appropriate knowledge and experience, so for the safety of your device it is better to use the qualified help of professionals.

In this article we looked at how to check the battery on iPhone 6 and earlier models. We hope that this information will allow you to accurately assess the current state of the gadget, avoiding unnecessary spending. If the problem of frequent discharging of the battery is not caused by its poor condition. Try to optimize the performance of your gadget by avoiding various power-consuming applications.

Eduard Sarkisian, how to extend the life of the iPhone battery, checked the wear and tear of his.

In 163 days after activation and 140 full charge-discharge cycles, the battery condition of my 7 great. And the capacity goes up to 98% of the declared.

  • Charging my iPhone with an iPad 95% of the time
  • I keep my smartphone connected to my Mac for a couple or three hours every day
  • always Plugging it into the charger overnight
  • I used to use Rock’s dubious Lightning (it just fell apart in a couple of months), and today I preferred Native Union (like MFi, quality 5)
  • I put my iPhone in Xiaomi pawerbanks and auto-chargers (I think there is nothing wrong here)
  • Not watching the temperature mode from the word Generally (summer ahead and regular beach)

What affects the condition of the iPhone battery

Some may notice that the iPhone rapidly decreases the remaining battery capacity. What it depends on? There could be several reasons:

  • Charging with a non-original adapter, which leads to more wear and tear.
  • Using iPhone at peak power (if you play with it all the time and don’t let it out of your hands at all). Playing games, editing, and watching videos over LTE are quite resource-intensive processes that can provoke increased power consumption.
  • Charging your phone in the car or with a wireless device without Apple certification.

Using a Smart Battery Case also affects iPhone battery capacity