How to check the iPad when you buy it off hand

How to buy a used iPhone or iPad? Tips

Hello all. Today’s unusual article. I’m not sharing tips, as I usually do, but I’m waiting for your helpful Комментарии и мнения владельцев. But the article was not born for nothing, I’ll tell you first an entertaining story.

My friend decided to buy a used iPhone. But since he doesn’t know much about all this Apple tech (regular iPad user), he asked for my help. We found one seller and were going to a meeting. I’ve never bought used tech, only sold it, so I’ve had no experience in shopping. But because I’m constantly hanging out in the Apple-theme, I know a lot that ordinary users can miss.

When we met, the first thing we asked for was a receipt. There was no receipt. Asked: Where did you buy it?? He said at Megaphone in January 2014. I immediately advised a friend to run the serial number on Apple’s website. According to the number we found out that the warranty on the product has expired, which means that the phone is more than a year old. I told him: Either you are cheating us that you bought in the office Megaphone in January 2014, or you were sold a second-hand product originally. The salesman mumbled: Yes, maybe You don’t have to buy from me, someone will buy anyway. I thought: Yes, they will. But it won’t be us. The deal’s off.

So for the future I want to make a list of tips for people who will buy a used iPhone or iPad. What buyers need to look out for. Share your observations and tips in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I’ll be adding the most valuable ones to the article in real time!

How to buy a used iPhone or iPad? What you need to do?

Run the serial number of the device at this link: Here you can find out if the product has a warranty and if so, until what date it’s valid. That is, you can find out the exact date of purchase, but only if 1 year has not expired after it.

Below is an example of what the information looks like for an iPad that was purchased and activated on March 21, 2014. If there is no date in the third line, then the device was first bought and activated more than a year ago.

Following the advice of the Комментарии и мнения владельцев I am adding two more links to check:

Pay attention to the color of the device interior black iPhone sometimes happily moved to the white casing.

Ask the seller for all the documents. You must have the receipt. Priority should be given to buying first-hand, when it is easy to trace the path of the store-buyer-you.

Check the package contents. Don’t forget that iPhone (and iPad Cellular) must have iCloud. Be sure to include a charger and charging wire (iPod Touch only has a wire).

Must ask you to disable the Find iPad/iPhone feature in front of you if the device is on iOS 7 or higher. If the seller can not do this it means that he does not have a password from the iCloud, and therefore you can not flash the device.

Phrases like I’ll leave you all the purchased programs better not be believed. The best way to make sure that you are the real owner of the device, its ability to disconnect the device from iCloud.

If there is a film on the device ask to peel it off. Under the film you can hide scratches and other defects.

When trying to buy an iPhone/iPad, for its initial inspection, choose places that are guaranteed to provide wi-fi. To test this very Wi-Fi. Should connect steadily, steadily open pages in Safari.

Experiment a few times with inserting and removing the SIM card. Very often it is difficult to remove the SIM card. Accordingly, have some old unwanted SIM card with you. The test should be carried out by hands of the seller.

It is necessary to have your own headphones when you buy. used equipment is often sold without them, because it is not hygienic. The purpose is to test the functionality of the headphone jack.

Continue the list in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев?! 🙂

I usually throw out all the extra paperwork after the warranty period, including the receipt.

All correctly stated. The main thing is to make sure the device is not stolen. But if it has passed through more than one hand, it will be difficult to determine 🙂 There were witnesses to some cases where a man used a device for more than a month, and then he came to his uncle from the police. The device was confiscated of course, and the seller was put in jail, so the buyer was left at the bottom of the barrel.

Maybe then it is worth adding advice: buy only from the first owner of the device. If the owner is not the first and can not prove it, the purchase will be at your own risk? Indeed, if the phone is sold even twice it is difficult to trace. But throwing out the papers from the working equipment unnecessary.

The priority of course is to buy only the first-hand with the documents. I personally would not buy a set of device charger without any documents, learn from others’ mistakes. I personally still have the box and documents with stickers, all in excellent condition. Of course I was wrong about the receipt, I just do not have plans to sell the device.

When trying to buy an iPhone for its initial inspection, choose places that are guaranteed to provide WI-FI. For what it is clear))) 2. Experiment a few times with inserting and removing the SIM card. Very often it is difficult to remove the SIM card. Accordingly, have some old unneeded SIM card with you. The test to carry out the hands of the seller)) 3. Have your headphones with you b/u appliances are often sold without them, because it is not hygienic. The goal is to check the functionality of the headphone jack.

There was a thread on the forum with links to test iDevices. One more resort: can even check the color of your purchase. My friend is in the cell phone repair business.ч. and Apple, myself watched as the insides of a black iPhone happily moved into a white body. And I agree with the receipts. throwing out during the warranty period is undesirable (and Apple products have defects or breakdowns.)

I bought my first iPhone in black and white under the guise of a new one. Everything was sealed tip-top. You can also get caught up in a Chinese copy. But if you’re dealing with Apple, you’ll find out when you turn it on. By the way the risk of buying used or refurb is very high. The customer often has no idea until he goes to the service. Another service:

Here is the story. And I advise you not to buy on the market and from hand. I never thought that with Apple products are so screwed up. I’m not a novice, have owned an iPad2 since 2011. In October 2012 I decided to buy the iPad mini on mushroom shop. Bought two, one as a gift and another iPhone5, all new, sealed, but of course not Rostest. Opened it in front of me, all myself activated and checked the numbers at the above links. All clear, new hardware. iPhone glitched the first night, the percentage of charge did not decrease until you reboot, lived his life, went to restart when he wants. I went back and they exchanged it without questions. The next new one, sealed, activated by me and checked on the sites had a squelching speaker. But it didn’t show up right away and I was out of Moscow. Urgently shipped it back, and when they went to replace it, it was the 15th day. But it was replaced, although they wouldn’t give me any money back. This third device was of course also new and worked fine but I had the temerity to crush the screen. Of course, it continued to work, but I did not want to pay 5-6 thousand rubles for a replacement, so I ordered a screen in China, I thought to change it myself. But after watching the videos on the replacement decided not to take the risk and when the screen came, took it to the shop for replacement. When the craftsman looked at me when I took the broken screen, he looked at me in amazement and handed the device back to me saying: “Where did you get this?? It was missing screws, some kind of gasket and there were obvious fingerprints. He put the screen with the words: sell it quickly! Which I did, sinful(. But honestly told the buyer to sell it too). I bought a 5S Rostest after that and have no worries. You think everything was fine with iPads? Nothing of the kind! They also reboot periodically, once a week and several times a day at the most inopportune times, of course. And when I contacted the service Apple, they told me: repair where you bought, and one of them was as if from the U.S., and the other is also from the East. So I bought myself a mini2 Rostest and forgot about all the problems. I may be attracting all the faulty devices, but on this economy on Gorbushka I lost money, probably another iPhone. So I will not draw any conclusions. It’s up to each his own. Happy shopping!

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It’s funny. Why sell quality products at a low price if they are taken at a higher price? Free cheese only in a mousetrap, it is better to pay as you should, than to look for a cheaper. You would buy more on the Internet with 20-30% discounts.

Finding the best MacBook

After you have found the average cost of the required model, choose the most attractive options. Evaluate the MacBook by photos is not necessary, but it will give a general impression of the appearance of the device. In advance you can assess its condition and damage, if any. It is worth paying attention to if the seller took a picture with the serial number of the device. You can check your MacBook by serial number on the appleserialnumberinfo This resource will allow you to find out the model of MacBook, its characteristics and even the date of its production.

Once you have selected a few interesting offers, it is worth calling the seller to clarify all the details and nuances. You shouldn’t expect much information from it, but it can clarify some details.

After you have clarified all the details and you are satisfied, call the seller and arrange a meeting. The meeting place should be crowded and well-lit. For example, shopping malls, where you can safely sit down and check your MacBook when you buy it.

The box.

One of the first things you should pay attention to when buying is the presence of a box, which is already, for obvious reasons, a kind of guarantee that the iPhone or iPad has not been stolen. It’s easy to make sure that the box belongs to a smartphone you are selling. just check the serial number on the box against the one on the phone.

The serial number of the iPhone, iPad.

Taking the word of a salesperson is good, but not always useful, so the serial number can be an independent source of information about the device. Sometimes an iOS-gadget breaks and when it is repaired, they change the color of the body. the seller can hide this episode of the device biography, but the serial number helps to determine whether the color was changed, as well as prompts the year of manufacture, the model itself, memory capacity and much more. For more information on how to read the serial number, click here “What does the serial number on your iPhone, iPod, iPad mean?

The serial number on the box is listed on a sticker on the back, and on the iPhone or iPad you can find the information in the device settings: Settings. Basic. About This Device.

Whether or not your iPhone is locked.

Also, if you buy an iPhone you can and should (!) to check if your smartphone is locked. To do this, use any local SIM-card (e.g. seller’s): insert it into the device and wait until the smartphone detects the network. In case the SIM card doesn’t fit in the tray, you can cut it down to microSIM or nanoSIM size yourself. You can learn more about this here. “How to turn a regular SIM-card into a microSIM or nanoSIM?”

Speaker, Microphone, and Headset.

Also, without taking out your SIM-card, try to call someone and talk. In the case of iPad, you can play an alarm or timer signal.


The Home button on iPhones and iPads is often one of the first items on a smartphone that can cause problems during use. However, after checking it, don’t forget to pay a little attention to the other buttons on the side panel: click the “lock” switch and the “” and “-” buttons, as well as don’t forget about the Power button.

It is very important to check if the Wi-Fi is working, as this is one of the most common problems with iPhones, iPads (Wi-Fi is not working). Today most of the phones have the ability to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi. Try the Wi-Fi tumbler on your device, or at least make sure the tumbler can be switched on and off.

Has your iPhone ever been dropped in water?

Since the drowned mobile iOS devices are not repairable under warranty, Apple has prudently equipped all iPhone models with indicators of contact with liquid, which can be detected with the naked eye. When in contact with liquid, the indicator changes color to red.

The location of the moisture indicator depends on the device model: if previously the indicator was located in the headphone jacks and USB-cable, then the iPhone 5 indicator is located in the SIM-card tray.

Indicators of contact with liquid on iPad is absent, at least in places accessible to the user.

“Lock Activation.”.

After externally inspecting the device and checking for proper functioning, take a look at the contents of the smartphone. Even if the owner removes to you a seemingly “clean” device, with reset settings and erased content, it may be only visibility. It is necessary to check whether the function “Find iPhone (iPad)” is activated, and with it, its feature. “Lock activation”.

“Lock activation” is a relatively new feature of the “Find iPhone (iPad)” app. automatically turns on when you run Find iPhone, so you can’t reactivate your device without entering your Apple ID and password. At the same time, reflashing and restoring from DFU mode does not solve the problem.

To check it go to Settings. iCloud. Find iPhone (iPad). If it is activated, we ask the owner to turn it off in your presence. In the case of refusal or excuses like “I do not remember my Apple ID password”, it is better to refuse to buy a device from this seller and look for another smartphone.

After checking all of the above, you can know for sure if your iPhone, iPad was not stolen, is it intact? Have a nice shopping experience.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question or you failed to solve it, and the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below don’t contain the appropriate solution, you can ask your question via our help form. It is fast, easy, convenient and does not require registration. Answers to yours and other questions can be found in this section.

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It’s important to try setting up Touch ID and Face ID

During the test, I also recommend trying to set up the Touch ID fingerprint sensor or Face ID face scanner. this can be done using the “Settings” menu “Touch ID and passcode” or “Face ID and passcode” respectively. If you were able to activate the protection and it works while unlocking, you can move on. It is very important to check the biometric authentication sensors of Apple mobile devices, because they are not replaceable. They are tied to the motherboard they come with, and may not work either after severe physical damage or a failed repair.

How to Test a Used iPad Before Buying?

Apple mobile products are truly unique, but this has nothing to do with their superior appearance, quality materials, usability or software, although these too play a significant role. The reason for my choice in favor of “iPad” and “iPhone” was a long period of support for each device, which is very advantageous compared to the six-month cycle of release updates for devices on the “Android”. It’s the enormous useful life that allows the aftermarket for devices from the Cupertino company to thrive. Yes, the device from “Apple” can be a great buy from hand, but let’s figure out how not to get into trouble, giving your hard-won cash to a stranger for a piece of metal, glass and plastic? How to protect yourself from buying a defective device? How to test a used device before you buy it?

Get acquainted with the appearance of the new device

5 Risks When Buying Used Apple Products | Learn From My Mistakes! ��

It’s funny, but the number of situations when unscrupulous sellers sold fakes instead of original devices is just enormous. Advanced users at this point can grin, but even they can be fooled by a good copy of the phone or tablet, believe me! In order not to get your fingers in the sky, you need to know exactly how a real device looks like in the smallest details (it will be enough to spend some time turning it in your hands in any store).

check, ipad, hand

Exterior inspection of device defects

Once you have determined that the device in front of you is actually the one you would like to buy, it is necessary to conduct an external inspection. 2.1. The appearance of the appliance should only differ from a new one in terms of scuffs and minor scratches. Any abnormal protrusions or dents should immediately repel you.2.2. Look in the headphone jack, shine a flashlight into it, and spot the color of the dot at the very bottom. Red is an indicator of moisture ingress, which is also unacceptable.

3.1. Press on the surface of the display, under the glass should not appear large multicolored streaks, they are an indication that the screen has been replaced with a low-quality.3.2. Check for broken pixels on the screen. For this you can open any application with a predominantly white background, any unknown dark dots are not a good sign. To use a device with such defects, of course, it is possible, but it can reduce the pleasure of the process.3.3. Check for screen artifacts. Among the ones we encountered, the funny ones were the light stripes on a dark background, as well as the memory effect. The latter appears as a residual display of something on the screen after the picture has changed.

4.1. Run the camera app and take pictures with both front and rear cameras. If the camera modules do not work properly, then the application will either not start at all, or will give any errors.4.2. Take a photo of a uniform surface, if any areas of the photo are darker than the rest, there may be a problem with the sensors, or dust under the camera windows. If the second case can be treated with a simple cleaning, the first one will be very troublesome.

Here it is very simple, you need to make sure that the tablet plays audio through both the external speaker and headphones. You can detect problems by ear.

6.1. Checking “Wi-Fi”. At this point it is desirable to have a device which works correctly with wireless internet networks. If working device finds a network, but the device under test does not, then there may be a problem with the hardware.6.2. Checking the radio module. The same procedure must be done with the radio module (if you bought the device with this option). Insert the SIM-card into the tablet and check whether the Internet works through the operator’s networks.6.3. Checking “Bluetooth”. You can try to communicate with any device, whether it is a headset or a wireless keyboard.

7.1. Checking the Light Sensor. Set the brightness of the screen to “automatic” and try to use the tablet in different conditions, it should adequately change the brightness depending on the environment.7.2. Checking Smart Covers Magnets. Yes, there are problems with them too, strange as it may seem. Take any Smart case and test your tablet with it. If the case turns off the device screen adequately, then everything is great. (Attention, make sure that this function is not disabled in the settings!)

Keep your device in completely normal mode for as long as possible. There may be a problem with the processor or something else. You should also check the serial number of your device and the information in the box. Inconsistency should alert you.

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So, we’ve looked at the maximum number of necessary factors, knowing which will help you buy a really adequate device that will please you every day.

How to Test a Used iPad Before Buying

Apple devices have become some of the most popular devices in the world thanks to their long support and service life. Of course, also worthy of attention is the usability, workmanship and gadget stuffing, in particular, the mobile operating system iOS, which is one of the main reasons to buy Apple devices. And often not new, but used, because the price of gadgets over time decreases significantly and get the coveted iPad for reading, gaming, seining or watching movies can be much cheaper. In this article we will give some tips from UiPservice engineers for those who are going to buy a second-hand iPad, but do not know what to look for when buying and what pitfalls can wait for him.

The main rule in buying used gadgets. take your time. A quick look at your device and a quick purchase can not only ruin your overall impression of the device, but it can also force you to spend extra money on repairs or replacement parts. Taking the used iPad in his hands, you must first conduct an external examination for chips and scratches. Be sure to pay attention to the geometry of the body. iPad should be flat, without bends. Check the bezel around the display module. if you notice that the glass is slightly protruding, you should always ask the owner about the history of service.

Immediately pay attention to the package. the lack of boxes and original accessories should be alert. Most often these devices are stolen, and the charger and headphones in most cases. cheap knockoffs. If the box is still present, be sure to compare the serial number labeled on it with the same number in the iPad settings (or on the back of the tablet). the 16-digit code must match.

Unfortunately, the iPad (except for the first generation) does not have sensors for moisture, as in the iPhone and iPod, so you can only determine whether the tablet is “drowned” by opening it and a thorough examination. However, an initial inspection and check of all external connectors in this case will help locate the problem areas. To do this we recommend to take the headphones with you and, if possible, meet with a salesman in the room to check the charging from the socket (while checking the work and the complete accessories, and the connector for connecting a 30-pin/Lightning). But you can do with an external battery, as long as the output current is greater than or equal to 1A, because you can’t charge your iPad from a laptop (the standard USB output of a computer gives out.0.5А).

Next in line is the touchscreen. The easiest and most effective way to check the performance of the sensor is to press the icon on the display to call the shake menu and slowly swipe it across the display. If the label moves without any problem, then the touchscreen is fine. Otherwise, on a non-functional area, the icon will simply pull away from your finger. This scenario is also possible after installing a low-quality display module, so once again carefully inspect the joints of the display with the body, compare the color of the frame and the button. they should match and not differ in shade. If the seller says that the display was replaced with the “original” one. then we advise to read our article on the “originality” of displays for the iPhone, which is also relevant for the iPad.

After the inspection it is necessary to test the work of all mechanical elements of the device, and this Home button (combined with Touch ID sensor in Air 2 and below), volume buttons and lever switch mode (starting with iPad Air 2 it is absent). If your tablet is equipped with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, then you need to check its functionality by saving your own fingerprint in the settings.

After that, be sure to test the wireless modules: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G (if the model is equipped), as well as the iPad camera. Prepare for such a test in advance and take a suitable size SIM card with you.

One of the most important procedures is to unlink from the past owner accounts in Settings → iCloud and → App Store. It is better to additionally go to the Apple website and check the activation lock, because in one of the iOS versions the iCloud field can be hidden at all.

Recall that in UiPservice workshops you can take advantage of pre-sale diagnostics from both the buyer and the seller. All you need to do is visit one of our offices in Kiev.

10 Things You MUST Check Before Buying iPad


One of the first things you should pay attention to when buying is the box, which is, for obvious reasons, a kind of guarantee that the iPhone or iPad has not been stolen. To make sure that the box belongs to the smartphone for sale is simple. just check the serial number indicated on the box with the one on the phone.


Didn’t drop your iPhone in water.

Since the drowned mobile iOS-devices are not repairable under warranty, Apple has prudently equipped all iPhone models with indicators of contact with liquid, which can be detected with the naked eye. In contact with liquid the indicator turns red.

check, ipad, hand

The location of the moisture indicator depends on the model of the device: while previously the indicator was located in the headphone jacks and USB cable, in the iPhone 5 the indicator is located in the tray for the SIM card.

There are no liquid contact indicators on the iPad, at least not in places accessible to the user.

“Activation Lock.”.

After examining the device externally and checking for proper functioning, pay attention to the contents of the smartphone. Even if the owner removes to you a seemingly “clean” device, with reset settings and erased content, it may be only for appearance. It is necessary to check whether the function “Find iPhone (iPad)” is activated, and with it, its feature. “Lock activation.

“Activation lock” is a relatively new feature of the Find iPhone (iPad) app, automatically enabled when you start Find iPhone, making it impossible to reactivate the device without the owner entering an Apple ID and password. Re-flashing and restoring from DFU mode will not solve the problem.

check, ipad, hand

To check it, go to Settings. iCloud. Find iPhone (iPad). If the feature is activated, we ask you to deactivate it in your presence. If you refuse or have excuses like “I do not remember my Apple ID password”, you may want to discard your purchase from the reseller and look for another device.

After checking all of the above, you can know for sure if your iPhone, iPad has not been stolen, if it is in good working order. Have a nice shopping experience.

If you can’t find an answer to your question or you’re having trouble with something and the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below don’t have a suitable solution, ask your question via our help form. It’s fast, easy, convenient and does not require registration. Here you can find the answers to yours and other questions.

How to test out a used Ipad before you buy

Check iPad serial number or IMEI

Next, let’s check the serial number and IMEI of the tablet (the latter is only present on devices with 3G support, or correctly Cellular). The serial number and IMEI must match everywhere, right down to the digits. They are listed in three places:

You can also check the serial number by connecting your iPad to your computer and opening iTunes.

It’s also a good idea to check the serial number and model validity on the official Apple website: Here you need to enter the tablet’s serial number. Once entered, the screen will display information about the model name, date of manufacture, eligibility for warranty service, etc.д.