How to check the PC video card for serviceability. How to check if the video card works regularly

Our current selection contains the best programs for testing video cards. Soft will quickly determine the real GPU capabilities when working with graphics and will help compare the results obtained with similar models. Thus, you can choose the optimal solution for your computer or laptop, as well as set the necessary parameters for launching “heavy” games and applications.

If you need a computer performance performance to check the performance of acceleration, then remember that you are doing everything at your own peril and risk. Also in the course of passing the test, do not forget to monitor the temperature of the processor, video chip and the motherboard chipset. With indicators on the monitor screen over 100 degrees Celsius, it is better to stop the experiment if the thermal protection has not yet worked and the PC has not turned off or showed the blue screen. Overheating is fraught with a quick failure of components.

Common data:

AIDA64 EXTREME Edition. professional software with which you can check the performance of the video card. A distinctive feature is the ability to diagnose other PC components, for example: motherboard, RAM, central processor, power supply and hard disk. There are functions of searching for errors and failures in the hardware.

Determination of personnel frequency per second (FPS) in 3D games and applications is available. You can determine the speed of rotation of the fans, as well as find out the temperature and voltage of the graphic adapter. It is worth noting that for a full.fledged test of the performance of the video card, it takes no more than 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the free version of the application is valid only 30 days, the cost of a license key. 40.

  • Monitoring of installed drivers;
  • Checking the current state of memory modules;
  • Software compatibility with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 (32-bit, 64-bit);
  • Displays the temperature schedule and Render rate GPU;
  • Processing of motherboards on Intel Cannon Lake Chipset;
  • The possibility of testing on various defects of all the main components of PC;
  • Output of complete information about all the hardware components of the computer;
  • Supports most modern NVIDIA and AMD Radeon video cards;
  • The rapid definition of any malfunctions associated with the hardware.

MSI AFTERBurner. a powerful utility for overclocking video cards NVIDIA and AMD. Provides several operating modes, including at maximum load on the GPU, can adjust the supply voltage, temperature limit, and also control your cooling system. You can create your own profiles with optimal configurations for devices.

check, video, card, serviceability, works

The software allows you to check the performance and stability of the computer in 3D games, for this you should visit the section with the GPU Stress Test tests. The function of recording game moments and their sending to social networks. classmates is available.

  • The presence of tips for beginners;
  • Integration in the system tray;
  • Hot keys support;
  • Convenient control from the main window;
  • Compatibility with Windows 7 and above;
  • Control of the speed of rotation of the cooler;
  • Tracking switching between 2D and 3D;
  • A wide set of covers and skins for the design of the integration;
  • The ability to install additional software MSI Kombustor and Nvidia Inspector.

GeForce Experience is a convenient and simple way to upgrade to the latest versions of drivers for GeForce video adapters. Makes it possible to record the best points in any games. Differs in the presence of its own cloud service, which allows you to store such records without using the internal memory of PC. Using GameStream technology allows you to broadcast content to YouTube Live in high resolution, for example: 2K and 4K.

It is worth noting that the search and updating of the drivers is fully automatically carried out. All that is required of you is to confirm the action planned by the utility. There is an extended set of tools with which you can disperse the video card and check and check how stably it works in any computer game or 3D-up.

  • Installation of hot keys;
  • Quick creation of screenshots;
  • Work with a frame rate of up to 60 FPS;
  • Comfortable Russian.speaking intese;
  • base of new games from Nvidia;
  • Video card stress testing;
  • Changing game settings in real time;
  • Instant user notifications about the output of new versions of drivers.

Furmark. a program that allows you to test the video card and find out the level of stability of the graphic processor. Contains special XTREME BURN.In Test tools to diagnose the cooling system. Can be launched from the command line, works in ordinary or window mode. maybe. This is the most popular stress of the video card test. In theory, he is able to show if the card has already been used for mining and has developed its resource. Artifacts will appear under the load.

Furmark program is famous for its original principle of work. When it loads the video card, you are in full screen mode as a “hairy bagel” is displayed on the desktop, which is spinning in different directions. The temperature sensor is also displayed there. “Shaggy bagel” can spin to press the stop button, the appearance of artifacts or blue screen. To perform a full.fledged check in service centers, it is recommended to launch a test for a couple of hours in a row.

The Furmark utility also allows you to configure the screen resolution parameters and smoothing graphics. Displays detailed information about the monitoring results, which can be stored in a separate file. It is worth noting the compatibility of the utility with most existing Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon models. Knows how to determine the temperature indicator in real time. Differs in convenient controls, low system requirements and a fairly simple integration, despite its implementation in English.

  • Small size of the installation file;
  • Set of stress tests for video adapters compatible with the API OpenGL;
  • Provision of data on the maximum frequency of overclocking of equipment;
  • Supports all versions of the Windows operating system from XP to 10;
  • A lot of reference information on the official website of the GeeKS3D developer;
  • The ability to compare test results with other devices.

How to Check Your Graphics Card in Windows 10

The 3D Mark application tests the video card and PC processor. The obtained indicators can be compared with many other GPU and CPU. It is possible to subtly set up equipment parameters when working with graphics.

Please note that this utility takes up a lot of space on the hard drive and is quite demanding on system resources, but the presence of advanced benchmarks makes it one of the most popular and the best among analogues. Free version of 3dmark Basic Edition has received some functional restrictions, which will need to purchase a license.

  • Support for any version of DirectX;
  • Screen resolution adjustment;
  • Testing of the graphic board and CPU;
  • The function of creating reports in the form of graphs;
  • Shows the detailed characteristics of the video card;
  • Comparison of assessments with other computers, as well as mobile devices based on Android and iOS.


The popular 3DMark program is considered one of the best options for determining video cards performance. The developers of the utility are always among the first to add support for the latest technologies. For example, testing with the DirectX 12 framework.

3DMARK tests are often used to compare game video cards. The program displays detailed diagrams showing the clock frequency, the temperature of the graphic processor and the frame rate. Focusing on numbers from this application, you can make a conscious choice when buying components for your computer.

The utility offers a set of tests that show the performance of the video card in the conditions of real graphics processing. The application allows you to configure the screen resolution for a specific test up to 8k.


AIDA64 analyzes the graphic processor in detail and other components of the system. Based on the results, you can evaluate the level of performance of the video card. The program conducts real.time monitoring and displays the list of main indicators.

The application uses multi.flow stress testing modules to bring the video card and the central processor to the maximum load. AIDA64 monitors the temperature and speed of their operation.

In addition, the utility will help to find weaknesses in components. For example, it will become clear whether there are problems in the equipment itself or problems are associated with the software part.

Testing a video card for performance using a computer game

Checking the device’s performance can also be performed using the CPU-Z program that monitors one of the most important parameters of the device-temperature, in combination with a powerful computer game that can load a computer or laptop well. To conduct this test, you need:

  • Download and run CPU-Z, and then in the lower left corner select the video adapter model, for example, Radeon RX 480.
  • Go to the Sensors tab, pay attention to the GPU Temperature field. this parameter shows the current temperature of the graphic adapter. Click on it with a double click on it to output the maximum value.
  • Without closing the programs, starting any game with high requirements, play for 30–40 minutes, and then turn the game and check the temperature: it should be in the range of 90–95 ° C. If the temperature exceeds 100 ° C, then the resources of the device will soon be running out.

Check the video card for performance using special programs

Testing of the device is carried out using special software products, which include:

The Furmark application is a great way to check the performance of the graphic board, which uses a special animation. “fluffy” torus. Thanks to this graphic element, the device is greatly loaded, which helps to get the maximum amount of information about the work of the adapter. At the same time, due to high workload, damage to the video card is possible. To conduct the test, the following actions must be performed:

  • Go to the official website of the program, download the application of the latest version, and then install it on the computer.
  • After opening the program, click on the Settings button (settings) and in the window that appears to mark the items: Dynamic Background and Burn-in.
  • In the main menu, click on “ test ”and in the pop.up, put a checkmark, agreeing with a possible emergency restart of the system, and then press the GO button.
  • Test the performance of the video card within 20 minutes and complete the procedure. Increasing the duration of testing can lead to a malfunction in the functioning of the device.

The Furmark utility can work paired with the CPU-Z program, which is designed to monitor the processor. To use the utility, you need to start CPU-Z, select “Graphics Card” in the main menu, then you can load the video card, and then check the stability of its work, view the main functionality with the value of the main parameters.


3DMARK is a well.known program for diagnosing video adapters, used not only by gamers, but also by manufacturers of devices. The results of tests obtained using this program are considered reference, and on their basis, performance ratings are compiled. The application is available in the paid version, but you can download the free with a limitation on the number of tests performed necessary for checking the video card.

Using 3DMARK, diagnostics can be performed on personal computers with any version of Windows, laptops, testing graphic functions of smartphones, tablets on Android and iOS. To start testing the device, you need:

  • Launch the program, see the testing progress.
  • Wait 15 minutes before the end of the diagnosis and on the site compare the indicators with the data of other users.


The AIDA 64 program is designed for conducting the general performance of the computer: the parameters of the video adapter, the processor (temperature, number of nuclei, and so on) and hard disk. To check the stability of the application, the possibility of stress tests (Stress-Tests) is included in the functionality of the application. To check the video card for serviceability, you need:

  • Open the application and go to the Tools menu.
  • Launch System Stability Test and install a checkmark next to Stress GPU for a video device test.
  • Test the card for 10 minutes and monitor the temperature change.

The Institute of Institution is designed to assess stability and possible damage to the video card from overloads, and is also used to disperse the parameters of the device. The application displays the frequency, voltage values, temperature indicators to the screen, builds graphs of the parameter changes. It is compatible only with DirectX 9 and 11. To check the performance of the device, you need to open the program and go to the GPU tab, and then register the settings:


A simple and convenient software product is the Atitool application, which conducts a comprehensive check of the device using the main tool. “Hairy Cube”. This animation is very voluminous and difficult for the computer, so all the processor malfunctions, including overheating of the contacts, will be found, and information is displayed on the screen.

After downloading and installing the program, you need to enter the main menu and click on the “Show 3D View” button, which will launch a rotating cube. After that, testing similar to the previous programs to check the processor temperature will start. This test does not provide temporary limits, so you need to ensure that the processor does not overheat

Using a “cube”, in addition to overheating, you can view the errors of the video card. The program displays them in the form of yellow dots. If up to three points were found after testing, then the graphic board has normal functionality. The value of 10 points is also not very critical, it shows only minor problems with power or power. than 10 points shows the presence of serious malfunctions within the device.

Checking the device’s memory can be carried out using the Video Memory Stress utility. This program is able to determine the amount of memory that is consumed when performing a particular process. In addition, the utility can check several cards at the same time at the same time. The application management is simple. To use the program, you just need to open it and click on the Start button. After starting on the monitor, two screens and data on the device will appear. Nuances:

  • The upper will show the test time, and the bottom will be the total time of the check.
  • Under the lower screen is a window with a list of errors that occurred during the test. If there is not a single error in this window, then the video card works in normal mode, and its functions are not impaired.
  • Additional information about the device can be found in the item “Journal”, which is located below the window with errors.

Checking the video card in stress tests

If in the games the video card looks good, then you can conduct a check using a stress test. Such a check will create a maximum load for the video card. One with which she even in games does not encounter.

A large number of different programs have been created to conduct stake tests. One of the most popular is the free Furmark program. Using Furmark is very simple. All you need to do is download it from the official site, install it on your computer and start testing by pressing the “GPU Stress Test” button.

After starting a stress test, a window with a moving image will appear, as well as a graph of the video card temperature. Observe the work of the video card in the stress test. During testing, no artifacts should appear on the screen, and the temperature should rise to the level of 70-80 degrees Celsius and stop at this level.

If the temperature exceeds 80 degrees Celsius, then the stake test must be interrupted, otherwise this may lead to damage to the video card. If within 5-7 minutes of testing the video card continues to work stably and does not overheat, then most likely everything is fine with it, and it is completely good.


Real stress of the video card tests Furmark. This free utility disperses the adapter as much as possible, evaluating its stability and performance. How to check the video card for performance in Furmark:

  • Close other applications, including downloading files from the Internet.
  • Launch the program, it will determine the device model, accessible resolution and current temperature.
  • Set the standard resolution in the “Resolution” field and open the settings by the “Settings” button.
  • In the parameters of the dough, put the boxes on Dynamic Background and Burn-in. Do not use the Xtreme Burn-in mode if you do not understand the intricacies of computer equipment, you can burn video memory on it.
  • Return to the main screen, click “ test “.
  • Confirm that you agree with possible risks-reloading PC due to excessive load intensity.
  • A video card performance test will begin.
  • You will see a temperature schedule. in the first minutes it will begin to grow sharply, then stabilizes.

In a good device, the temperature will not exceed 100 degrees. With higher indicators, colored artifacts will appear on the screen, the computer will reboot, the video detachment will turn off.

With a successful completion of the video card for errors, you will see a window with the main indicators. laptop or PC parameters, maximum temperature, FPS. To compare the indicators with the characteristics of users of similar devices, click on Submit. A browser will start with a table in which you will estimate your number of points.

If the diagnosis of the video card in Furmark ends unsuccessfully, try to eliminate the malfunction. Inspect the device if dust is stuck on the radiator. remove it with cotton sticks or blow it off with compressed air. Update thermal pass on the chip yourself or contact the service center.


The famous program for the diagnosis of video adapters, which is used not only by gamers, but also the manufacturers of the devices. Its results are considered the standard and are evaluated in the preparation of ratings. The application is paid, but there is a free version with a limited number of tests, which is enough for personal use.

3D Mark can diagnose both devices on the Windows 10 computer and other versions, laptops, and graphic capabilities of smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS. The 3D Mark 11 version is designed to check video cards with DirectX 11.

How to test the video card in 3D Mark: Launch the program and watch the tests of tests. The application will evaluate the behavior of the graphic adapter and processor under different types of loads. After 10-15 minutes, the testing will end, its results will be displayed in the browser. They can immediately be compared with the data of other users.

The main reasons for the failure of the video card

In addition to the natural reasons for which the computer user cannot affect in any way, components can fail due to:

  • Water or other liquids into the system unit.
  • External physical influences. falls, blows.
  • Voltage jumps in the electric network.
  • Potential differences when connecting an unproved computer to a monitor and a TV or another device.
  • Work in constant overheating due to dust and dirt in the cooling system.
check, video, card, serviceability, works

How is it easy to notice, many of these reasons can try to eliminate on their own or at least reduce the effect of their effects to the minimum value. Regular preventive maintenance of a computer, dust cleaning, lubrication of coolers and fans will help maintain the performance of a computer components for a long time in good condition and save a significant amount of money for repair.


The program is designed to display all the information about the system: iron, connected devices, drivers and others. It also includes the function of stress of the test, processor, RAM and other components. Also, a benchmark is built into the program to evaluate performance. GPGPU.

It is convenient to use for testing, so just press one button, and the maximum load will go to the card. In the process you will see how the temperature, tension changes and, how the system behaves at all. This is a fairly convenient solution for rapid stress of dough. Software is incredibly easy to manage and completely in Russian.

  • In Russian
  • Simple management
  • High.quality function stress dough
  • Complete information about the system, piece of iron or laptop, connected devices
  • Shows the temperature of the video adapter, processor, southern bridge
  • How the fans work on the case
  • benchmark for evaluating the performance of the video card and processor. GPGPU

One of the best programs for testing a video card for errors and performance in general. Easy to manage and works quite quickly. The undoubted plus of this software is that right during the rendering process, it will show the mistakes found.

The program is used in many different services. Having launched the test, you will immediately see the current temperature, load, frequency, voltage and other important data. If everything is fine, then no errors will be bred. It is convenient to use this software if you decide to purchase a video card from hand.

  • Free and in Russian
  • Immediately withdraws whether there are errors
  • High.quality, unique test
  • Simple management
  • Shows all the necessary data: temperature, frequency, voltage and others
  • Displays information on the system
  • You can install your dough settings


One of the best benchmarks that exist in general. Ideal for testing a video card for various errors. It is this test that is often used when buying cards that were used for mining. were installed in mining farms.

It is enough to start the test, and the program itself will do everything, the user can only observe whether artifacts have appeared, what temperature and how the system behaves in general. If the computer turns off during the check, then something is wrong with the card.

  • One of the best testing solutions
  • Seven quality tests
  • You will immediately see that something is wrong with the card
  • The choice of screen resolution
  • There is an integrated game for entertainment
  • Measures FPS
  • Intuitively understandable integration
  • Used by NVIDIA and AMD manufacturers

Video Card Check. Determine the breakdown

Overheating. solve the problem

If on the screen you see various artifacts, distortion of colors, incomprehensible points, the picture can “fly”, then the problem lies in the adapter itself. And in 90% of cases caused by overheating.

Install the AIDA64 program and run it. Go to the “Computer” tab. “Sensors”. In the right window, see what temperature the “diode GP” shows. There should be a temperature of about 40 degrees in a state of downtime.

check, video, card, serviceability, works

If it is higher than 55, then most likely, when you play games, artifacts or other glitches on the screen appear, PC can also just freeze or restart.

Remove the cover from the system unit and see if the fan is spinning at all. If not, then it has broken and you need to change it. It will not be superfluous to replace thermal grease with the card processor. If you do not know how to do this, then take it to the nearest service, the service is inexpensive.

After the fan has been checked and thermal is changed, make sure that the system unit itself inside is clean, without dust and dirt. If possible, install additional coolers on blowing and blowing to ensure a good purge. Then turn on the PC and check the temperature.

Glits in drivers / system

If the problem is not overheating, then it may well be that the “curves” of the drivers are set or the system has a failure. In this case. reinstall / update the video card driver for a newer.

If the problem does not pass, it will not be superfluous to connect it to another computer and see how it works there. In some cases, Windows reinstallation may be required.

Glucks in only one game

If the problem occurs exclusively in one game, then the options for the occurrence of the problem are most likely two:

The game is simply poorly optimized and cannot work normally. For example, the same Dying Light can cause wild overheating and artifacts on video cards from AMD.

This will help you define only in the service center. If you yourself cannot determine the reason. go there, the diagnosis is usually free, with rare exceptions.

Stress Video Card test

Consider the simplest in use and effective programs that allow you to make a video card diagnosis quite well and quickly. Use them to determine if the mining card was used, or if you buy it yourself after use on mining farms.

Important! It is strictly recommended not to carry out stress testing for more than 20 minutes, plus, if you see that the temperature rises above 85 degrees and continues to grow, immediately turn off the program. Otherwise you can burn a video card.


Download and install the program on your PC or laptop. In the main menu, follow the “Service”. “System Stability Test”.

Install a checkmark at the Stress GPU point and click on the start button. Now you can in real time see the temperature of the chip in the load how the fans work and whether the PC with a black screen will fly out.


Install the program to your computer and run. If desired, you can specify additional parameters in the program or select a finished template immediately to resolve your monitor, for example, Presset 1080. Then click on the GO button.

Follow the temperature, load and how everything works. Testing can be stopped at any time. At the end, you will be taken out of detailed information about the verification.

Install and run the program. On the “Test” tab, click on the 3D tab to choose a video card test for errors. Next, click on the start icon at the very bottom.

In the process, information about the errors found will be displayed. there should not be, the procedure itself can be canceled independently at any time, there is no automatic shutdown here.

Interesting! All other software that will help to test the video adapter is considered in the material. programs for checking the video card.

TOP-11: programs for testing the video card

Now we will offer you the 11 best programs intended for testing. Each of them has its own purpose and features. The best way to check the video card is their integrated use. But everywhere there are our nuances that we will definitely mention. For each of the programs, we will leave a link to the official website for downloading in Russian, if it is supported.

And at the end of the article there will be several online services to check straight from the browser, without the need to download anything and install on your computer.

GeForce Experience

This utility is intended only for NVIDIA products. It is convenient to update the drivers with its help, optimize games for games and programs to get better performance. Specifically in our case, GeForce Experience is useful to determine the configuration of a computer. To do this, open it and click on the gear icon marked in the screenshot. And then look at the contents of the section “My system”.


Furmark is one of the most popular benchmarks in the world.

Benchmark is a special program to check the performance of the video card, loading it as much as possible. It displays the peak temperature, and when viewing the test itself, you can understand if there are any artifacts. At the same time, you can hear how noisy cooling at maximum fan speeds.

At the first launch, you will be offered to choose testing parameters: full.screen mode, resolution and smoothing. But in most cases, everything is optimal. And to launch a benchmark, click on the “GPU Stress Test” or “Test” button if the program works in Russian.

Now wait 10-15 minutes, while the video card warms up enough, follow its temperature, noise and be sure to look at the picture on the monitor, whether it has artifacts, that is, any obvious distortions.

If the FPS during the test is too high, for example, 60 and higher, then it makes sense to increase the settings.


AIDA64. A comprehensive program for computer diagnosis. Specifically in our case, she will tell you how to find out if the video card works. Firstly, you can see information about it in the “Display” section.

And secondly, using the built-in benchmark, it will be possible to test the video card for a malfunction. For this:

  • Call the “Service” menu on the top panel.
  • Activate the GPGPU test from the proposed list.
  • Turn on only the graphic adapter and start the test.


Atitool is a fairly old utility, designed primarily for acceleration of frequencies for AMD Radeon graphics. With its help, it will be possible to adjust the memory frequency, the frequency of the nucleus, and then start the benchmark to check for stability. The “Scan for Artifacts” button is responsible for this action.

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I would like to note that this program is only suitable for old graphic adapters and operating systems no more Windows Vista. This is due to the official termination of Atitool support by the developer. That is, for Windows 10, it makes no sense to use it.


3dmark is another powerful benchmark for maximum load on the video card. With it, you will be able to find out the limiting temperatures, noise and presence/absence of artifacts during a stress test. As a result, you check the video card for errors and various problems, for example, high volume of the cooling system or critical heating.

How to Benchmark Your GPU on Windows 10

At the moment, 3DMark for Windows can be downloaded from the Steam store for free, which is not suitable for all users. After all, many simply have not been established for many, which means that you will have to additionally register.

OCCT is a convenient utility for a comprehensive check of the graphic adapter, including the memory state. It does not require installation and is immediately ready for use after starting. There are two more important advantages: a modest size (about 23 MB) and a huge number of opportunities. Let’s go directly to the check:

  • Go to the “Test” section on the left panel.
  • And then click on the launch button marked in the picture below.
  • Now wait a few seconds before the start and again click on the same button.

It remains only to monitor the temperature, frequency mode, rotation speed of the fans and other parameters.


The main function of this application is frequency control, power limit, voltage and rotation speed of fans for NVIDIA, AMD and T video cards. D. That is, it is great for acceleration and underwear (reducing voltage to reduce temperatures).

But we have an article on checking, so we are interested in a slightly different function. fan management. If you unscrew their rotation speeds up to 100%, you will hear the maximum noise. But do not be too scared if it is quite loud, because we are talking about maximum loads.

For the parameter we need, the item “Fan Speed” is responsible.

Try to set several different values. So you can make sure that the cooling system works correctly. Take the temperature at the same time. The higher the “fan sleep”, the less they should be.

This is a fairly important program for checking video cards. You should look in advance on the Internet GPU-Z data for the desired card, and then compare them with what you see. There is no one of the parameters, then, most likely, the seller is trying to deceive you. The meaning of deception is to disguise a weaker model to a more powerful one, “reflaming” it. And GPU-Z allows you to check if everything is in order.

Check the video card online

There are two interesting sites designed to check the video card online: Wirple.COM (BMARK service) and GPUBOSS. Consider each of them separately.


The function of this Internet service lies in the online video card testing. We will figure it out with its use:

  • Open the official website in the browser.
  • Click on the Start Test button on a black background.
  • Wait for the completion of all tests and read their results. There are 4 of them in total.

This service is not intended to check the video card for performance. Rather, it’s just a benchmark to determine its performance.

This is a special site for comparing the performance of two video cards. Follow the link to open it. You need to select 2 cards and click on the “Compare” button.

As a result, you will see a comparison of their characteristics, the results of various benches and related information.