How to check the remote control from the TV

How to check your TV remote control

There are times when you push the buttons on your remote and your TV won’t listen. This is especially annoying (if not infuriating)!), when you’re perfectly settled on your couch or favorite chair, and the remote does not work, and get up oh how reluctant. But, still you have to get up from the sofa, because you have to find out what the reason might be, is the remote defective, or maybe something suddenly happened to the IR receiver on the TV itself. Check whether the remote control works very simply and you do not need any complicated instruments. We’ll do it all with the help of a regular cell phone.

Check the remote control with your phone. How to do it?

In general, this method works not only for remote controls from your TV, but also for other devices. Here everything depends not on the device for which the remote control is used, but on the principle of operation of the remote control itself. I must admit that this method works only for remotes that work on infrared radiation. These still remain the majority, although now, there are and radio remote controls to TVs and other devices. You won’t be able to check them with this method.

What we need to check? An ordinary cell phone of any model. Now there are probably no phones that do not have a camera. It is the camera of your cell phone that we will need to check the remote control. You can do the same with any digital camera. But, it is not very convenient to hold it, and it is especially problematic if it is quite bulky, and you do not have anyone to help. So it’s ideal to use your phone for this.

What we do? You will need simply to put the remote from your TV under a phone camera (the camera thus is switched on and the picture from it should be displayed). You have to do it in such a way that you can see the infrared LED in the camera, which is on top of all infrared remotes.

Then you just press any button on your remote and see what your phone camera shows you. If the remote works, it should send an infrared signal, which is what you’ll see on your phone. Infrared LED will flash purple on your phone screen. That means that the batteries are “alive” and that your remote control works. Although, if the batteries are a little low, the brightness of the signal decreases. But you’ll know it’s working anyway. To be sure of its full performance, you just need to replace the batteries with fresh ones.

If this helps and your TV listens to the remote again, very well. If it wasn’t, you’ll have to look for the problem in your TV. It’s possible that it has a faulty infrared receiver, or something else is wrong. Here the problem is more complicated than checking the remote at home.

And here is a short video on the same subject. Where they will show you all this. See. You can check your remote control this way afterwards.

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How to find out the code of your TV for the IR remote control

To find out the code of the IR remote control which is suitable for controlling of a certain equipment refer to the instruction with the setting codes. The remote control comes with detailed instructions. There should be a table of remote control codes for different models of remotes.

If we talk about the TV model it is a combination of numbers and Latin characters, which contains information about the technical parameters of the equipment. According to the model you can determine the type of display, its diagonal and the year of manufacture.

check, remote, control

How to find a code to the universal remote control

Let’s see how to find the code of the TV for the universal remote control on the example of HUAYU RM-L1195. Manual with inserts which show original remote controls of different TV models is included in the set of the device. Among them you need to find the one that was used before. Three digit codes for universal remote control HUAYU RM-L1195 are shown next to the pictures of original remote controls.

  • Press and hold PowerSet buttons.
  • Indicator light on Set will glow red.
  • Enter the code corresponding to the original remote control of your TV. After pressing the last digit LED will go out.

Sometimes, there’s no specific code for universal remote controller in the table. In this case, to solve the problem of setting a synchronization with the device will allow the system to search for a code from the memory of the universal remote control. For different models of RC panel the programming procedure will be different.

  • First you need to turn on the TV.
  • Point the remote control to the TV. On the remote control you need to press and hold the Set button for a few seconds until the LED starts flashing.
  • Indicator will blink simultaneously with the remote control buzzer, with the frequency of about 1-1,5 seconds. The remote control shows that it automatically starts the process of code recognizing.
  • If you see the volume control bar on the TV screen, it means that remote programming was successfully completed. Only now you can release the button.
  • Turn on the TV set and point the remote control at it.
  • To set the binding you need to press and hold for 5-6 seconds “Power” until the LED turns on.
  • The automatic code search process has begun. The remote control should be pointing towards the TV. It is necessary to wait until the volume scale appears on the screen. When this happens, you need to release the “Power” button. If you do not have time to do this, the TV will continue to select the combinations, respectively, all the operation of binding must be done again.

Depending on the TV, the speed of the codes will be different. Sometimes after pressing “OK” you need to wait a few seconds until the receiver responds. If this point is not taken into account, you will need to go through the combinations several times. Producers of remote controls provide for different binding algorithms to the TV, which are always specified in the service manual of the remote control or the TV.

Remote control testing

When ordering your remote control you must always explain if your remote control is lost or if it does not work. If you have remote control, but you think it does not work, you should first check if the remote control is working. The following testing procedure allows to identify remote control malfunction with a probability of more than 95 %.

It concerns all types of wireless remote controls (infrared, IR) for any kind of equipment. According to this methodology, you can check the remote for the air conditioner (split system), the remote for the TV, the remote for the DVD player, the remote for the VCR, the remote for the music center, the remote for the receiver, etc.д.

Before we proceed to checking the remote control we first make sure that the device itself (air conditioner, split system, TV, video recorder, etc.) is not damaged.д.) is operable and can be activated by corresponding buttons on its control panel. Split-system has a button for switching into automatic operating mode. This button is usually located under the front panel of the indoor unit (see “AC” in this manual). instructions of the split-system). If you have no manual for your split-system you can find it on “Technical Documentation” page of our site. If the technics does not turn on from the buttons on the control panel, do not hurry up to call in a service center, and firstly take out a plug from a socket and after 20-30 minutes insert it again, preferably having turned el. the plug 180° from its original position.

If you made sure that your technique works from the buttons on the control panel, then we are going to check the control panel.

External inspection of the remote control. Detect mechanical damage, including screen darkening (complete or partial).

No moisture inside, incl.ч. Traces of alkali that can leak from an old depressurized battery in the remote control compartment. That’s why we do not recommend using alkaline R03 and R6 batteries. It’s better to use LR03, LR6, etc. alkaline batteries.д. Alkaline batteries do not leak and can be stored for up to 5 years. If your remote control has traces of moisture and alkaline, you should take them out and throw them away (recycle), wash them with water several times and dry them (using a radiator, hair dryer, etc.).д.). After making sure that the remote control is dry, put new Alkaline batteries into it and turn it on. If the screen does not light up, then the remote control can not be restored. It is defective and there are three options left:

Take the remote control to the service center (loss of time, not the fact that it can be repaired, the cost of repair may exceed the cost of a universal remote control).

The original remote control. It is expensive and it usually takes a long time to find it.

Buy universal remote control. It’s cheaper. Fast shipping. You can send cash on delivery. Money back guarantee within a month, without explanations.

If your remote control has no mechanical damage, as well as traces of moisture and alkali, but its screen does not light up, then first of all replace the batteries with backup ones. When changing the batteries, be careful not to reverse polarity. If there are several batteries in the remote control, always use the identical batteries. If the screen does not “light up” then the remote control is defective. You have three choices.

If the remote control screen “lights up” and icons, symbols change when you press different buttons, then go to the next point to check. If the screen does not change when you press different buttons, remove the batteries. If the screen “continues to glow,” it means only one thing. you see characters that reflect light. These symbols are present in some remotes and do not say anything about its operability. So, if you see the SAME characters or letters with or without batteries, replace the batteries with ones that are known to be in good working order. п.3).

If symbols or numbers on the remote control screen change when you press the buttons and the air conditioner, TV, DVD player, etc.д. If the LED on the remote control does not react to your actions, then you should first check whether there are no obstacles between the photodetector window on the equipment you are controlling and the LED on the remote control. We have seen LEDs on remote controls covered with chewing gum, plasticine, loaf crumbs, covered with paint or nail polish. There have been cases where the window of the photodetector (usually dark red or nearly black) was smeared with paint, whitewash, or covered with translucent or opaque duct tape, chewing gum wrappers, etc.д. In some such cases, it was possible to turn on the equipment only by bringing the remote control close to the window of the photodetector. In some cases, the remote control works only at a distance of 2-3 meters, even with the installation of new batteries. This happens quite rarely and may be the case if there is source of interference in the room. So, remove the obstacle, if it turns out, and if the equipment does not react to the remote control, then proceed to the procedure described at the beginning of this manual under “Preliminary test of equipment”.

If you can not turn on the equipment and this time, then check the LED on the remote control. If the remote control is working, then the LED should blink when you press the buttons on the remote control, but the thing is that the LED is blinking in the range not visible to the human eye. To see the blinking you need to look at it through a camera built into the cell phone (of course you can also use a digital camera, video camera, webcam, etc.).д.).

Point your camera lens at the remote’s LED. The LED is on the front of it and can be hidden by a translucent panel of dark red. Turn on the photo or video mode on your phone and finding the LED on the phone screen or the remote control window, press the “on” button on the remote control or other button. If you see the LED light or blink, it means that the remote control is working (99% of the time). If you do not see the light on your phone screen then don’t worry, you may not have set the mode correctly. You can check what you are doing with the remote from any piece of equipment you own, and only after you have tested it do you need to be sure it works. that the diode is lit on a known working remote, proceed to test the “faulty” remote. It is better to check on the on/off switch, t.Check your actions on any of your equipment with a working remote control and only after making sure that there is a button that has a very short pulse on it which you might not see by accident.

If the check shows that the LED is working, t.If the light is on in the invisible range, then your bulb is 99% likely to be undamaged and you need to call a specialist to repair the photodetector or the main electronic module in the appliance (air conditioner, split-system, TV set and so on).д.). In very rare cases the reason can be in the defects of the remote control, when the LED still lights up (defect of quartz resonator, partial short circuit of tracks, sticking of remote control buttons).

Repair of remote controls.

After several years of operation, remote controls (RC) of TVs and other equipment often malfunction. It is possible due to several reasons: continuity failure of electronic components, oxidation of the spring contacts in the battery compartment, complete or partial abrasion of the conductive layer applied on the ends of the buttons ,

To solve the latter defect we offer a simple method that has been tested for several years and does not require much money. On the cleaned and degreased, for example, alcohol, the end face of the button, which ability to work is necessary to restore, one layer of quick-drying glue, for example, “Secunda”, and then paste a piece of aluminum foil a little bit larger than the area of the end face of button. The protruding foil is carefully crimped with tweezers after the glue hardens

Practice has shown high reliability and no-failure operation of such repaired remotes.

If you often have to repair remote controls, you can make a device for controlling their performance, assembled from available parts

Microcircuit DA1 serves to amplify a signal coming from infrared photodiode VD1, and forming a sequence of output pulses, which goes to the divider DD1.1. When you press any button on the remote control, the LED VD2 will blink with a frequency of a few hertz. The device is conveniently mounted in a case of 100x40x30 mm

Microcircuit DA1 can be replaced by domestic analogues KR1054UI1, KR1054XA3, KR1056UP1, KR1084UI1, taking into account the difference of pin-out.

A TV remote control is a relatively inexpensive and at the same time very useful electronic device. Watching TV without your remote isn’t very comfortable: When you need to change channels or volume, you have to get up from your favorite sofa and walk over to the TV to push a few buttons. With a TV remote in your hand, you can do it with much less effort, without entering the graphical menu of the TV and without even getting up from the couch or chair.

But unfortunately, a remote control for your TV is not forever. Who else would know about it, but us, the people from whom you can buy a remote for the TV for a variety of models? And many TV owners are looking for a replacement remote right now, right this minute. But before you look for a replacement, it’s best to first make sure that the remote for your TV is really out of order.

It would be a shame to have a perfectly working remote control for the TV, to spend money, even if not so much, and most importantly. precious time, and not to solve the problem. Because it’s not just the remote that’s causing the TV to malfunction, it could also be the TV itself which is to blame! How to make sure that your remote for the TV really does not work and needs to be replaced?

If you have the opportunity to test the remote control for TV in real conditions, you can’t think of a better test. Just make sure you did everything to make your remote really work: replace the batteries with new ones, make sure they are not expired, and only after that you can go and visit the owner of the TV set of the same model as yours. If your remote control doesn’t work even when you’re a guest, but someone else’s remote control controls your TV perfectly. the problem is really in the remote control. Otherwise, you need to repair the TV.

Of course, not everyone has acquaintances with the same TV, and with other models remotes most often do not work. Therefore, the method described above does not suit everyone. So in order to determine whether the remote for your TV, you need to look for another way.

To do this, you can use the optical effect that occurs when the remote control. The point is that the remote emits light. in the infrared range, beyond the perception of the human eye. So with the naked eye you can not check the functionality of the remote control: we simply can not see any signs of radiation.

But any digital camera can see these symptoms, even ones like in a cell phone: you don’t need a big sensor with lots of megapixels. Hold a working remote control to a working digital camera (camera, camcorder, webcam or cell phone), press any key and you will understand how to distinguish a working remote control for TV from a non-working one.

Unfortunately, this method does not give a hundred percent guarantee that your remote control for your TV works correctly. Most of broken remotes really do stop emitting infrared light, but small percentage of breaks are caused by interference and signal mismatching, when TV simply does not understand the signals the remote is trying to send it.

check, remote, control

Codes for universal remote control

Here are some basic codes you can use for your TV. Popular brands and the basic codes for their devices are presented:

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TV sometimes stops responding to the remote control.

If your TV stops responding to the remote control periodically. Possible cause is insufficient battery power. You are very far away from your TV The maximum recommended distance between the remote control and your TV is 30 feet (10 meters). The actual distance may be much shorter, it is affected by the energy field in the house, which creates other electronic devices.

First of all, check the remote control batteries and replace them with new ones. If the batteries are dead, the remote control will not work properly. Usually the remote does not stop working right away, but you may notice that you have to press a button 2 or 3 times before it responds. Also a clear sign of battery problems is the problem with the distance. the lower the battery level, the closer you have to bring the remote to the TV for it to work.

When to buy a new remote

There are situations when the remote control repair with your own hands is impossible. For example, you need to re-solder the board, but you are not skilled with a soldering iron. Or there is no suitable item in the nearest radio equipment store.

  • Take the remote control to the nearest TV shop. They will order the necessary elements and quickly make repairs. But the cost can be quite high.
  • Buy an analogue on the market radiotechnik. Or order delivery of the original device.

Buying analog is much cheaper. You can also immediately buy a multifunction remote at the electronics market, which will help if the remote from the console fails, or replace the three devices at once.

The main thing is not to choose “with empty hands”. It’s best to take to the store the old remote, which broke and can not be repaired. It’s faster and easier to find the original or equivalent for your particular TV model.