How to check your Samsung phone for authenticity

How to know if your phone is an original Samsung or a copy, codes and commands to check. How to distinguish the original Samsung from the fake.

In this article we will try to answer the question how to know the original Samsung or not. Since Samsung is a brand with a great reputation and fakes will be a large number. At the moment except the original Samsung phones there is a huge number of copies, which can be very similar to the originals in almost everything. There are such quality fakes, that the average user can not determine the copy or the original, the body can be good quality and excellent build as well copies may be installed the same version of the operating system with a branded shell Samsung with the same menu and the same applications. As they say the best way to buy an original Samsung, not a copy is to buy it in brand stores Samsung, but what to do if they are not around? then you should at least try to buy a phone from a major retailer. Basically a copy of the phone can run into those who are looking for an expensive phone for a cheap price, as there are no good and cheap ones. There is a price for the phone below which it can’t be and if you get it for half the price you have to wonder if it is a copy. For an experienced user who already used the original phone is not difficult to distinguish the original from the fake, but the inexperienced and can not tell even after he starts using it.

Now a lot of Chinese firms counterfeit the most branded phones including Samsung But how do you know the original Samsung or not when buying? Know that even by IMEI you can not one hundred percent determine the originality of the phone. Let’s give some simple tips that will help us not to run into a copy and distinguish the copy from the original.

check, your, samsung, phone, authenticity

1) Buy in major cell phone chains. Preferably in name-brand stores.

2) Take with you an experienced user who knows well about phones.

3) Take a good look at the phone and compare it to the one on the official Samsung website. The case should be assembled perfectly and nothing should dangle, you may also find some rough differences that will indicate that it is a copy. For example, the camera may be on the side, the buttons may not be positioned there, or the display may be slightly larger or smaller than on the original. There may also be a difference in the number of SIM cards or the format of the SIM cards than stated on the Samsung website.

4) Turn the phone on and look at the display, the picture on the screen, the originals are clear, an experienced user can easily identify the quality of the display unless you install a good display in the copy. Find out what version of the operating system is on the original and compare it. The battery is not very hot so please take a look at the display quality of the text, it must be in English and Russian, the original Samsung should not have errors and crooked fonts, the menu must be neat and correct, and if you see hieroglyphs and inconsistencies in the text then you have a copy.

5) One more way to check the originality on the Android Samsung is to dial on the phone command #7353#, after which the screen should show the menu. See below a screenshot. This service code is originally not available on the Android, but the Samsung has it.

6) If you bought a Samsung phone and want to know if this is the original or a copy, you can install one of the applications, such as “AnTuTu”. Thanks to it you can fully know all the characteristics of the phone, such as screen resolution, processor capacity, the amount of RAM and internal memory, camera technology, and then compare with the characteristics of the original.

7) Do not take phones from the hands on the street or in other places, despite the fact that you are promised to sell the original at a reduced price, in most cases it is a copy, and even in poor quality. Such people (scammers) know how to choose the manner of communication for each person and can talk you into buying a phone extolling its quality and powerful characteristics and do not even give you properly look into. As a result, even those who have never thought about buying a phone buy it, this psychological effect really works on people and even I myself once bought a phone from them. And the most dangerous thing in this case is that if you have not bought the original phone, and then there is no one to complain, and if it suddenly goes bad, and there is no guarantee. In a word, buying a phone from hand you buy a pig in a poke.

8) Here is another code to check the originality of Samsung left in the reviews #1234#. checked, it works. Shows the assembly number, production date, model of the device and other information depending on the smartphone model.

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How to check the Samsung s20 for authenticity?

Or enter the combination “#06#” into the dialing menu, and then the IMEI of your device will appear on the screen, then go to our official web-site and fill in all fields of the form. After that send your request, and you will soon receive the answer about the authenticity of the device.

Compared to OLED, AMOLED screens are even less battery-draining, thanks to optimized diode performance. Improved color reproduction. Active sensor produces richer, more vivid colors while maintaining image realism. Color distortion is felt less clearly with better performance.

General advice

Here is also a list of recommendations that will help you to avoid getting a fake.

  • When buying a device out of hand insist on meeting us in person, and if it is impossible due to objective reasons agree on examination after purchase and return shipment if the product is questionable.
  • Do not be fooled by offers with a price that is considerably lower than the market average: as a rule, that is a clear indicator of a fake.
  • If you buy a gadget in an online store, it is advisable to read some feedback about it (the lack of it or purely positive. alarm bell) and check if there are any cases of fraud connected with it. if the latter is mentioned, it is better to look for offers from another seller.
  • The most important rule is to trust your intuition: if the product raises the slightest doubt in your mind, you should look for another option.

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How to check the Samsung Galaxy phone for originality

Today we will answer a very important question: how do you know if your Samsung Galaxy is original?? Many consumers want to save money by buying devices on various ad sites, where it is very deceptive for an ignorant person. If you buy from official retailers, this problem should not worry you, because they sell 100% original gadgets.

Due to the current economic situation in Russia and neighboring countries, people are forced to seek more favorable offers. Not suspecting that you could be cheated, you buy a smartphone at 2 or even 3 times cheaper than the average retail price and only after a while you realize that you bought a fake.

So how to distinguish the original Samsung Galaxy from the fake? There are several ways in which you are about to learn. Choose the most convenient for you and use when buying a smartphone or tablet from the brand Samsung.

check, your, samsung, phone, authenticity

The main differences between a genuine Samsung and a fake

Chinese craftsmen have learned to precisely copy Samsung smartphones. Counterfeit is difficult to identify externally, so the problems begin after the purchase. In order the phone did not “die” a few days after purchase, you need to be able to distinguish the original Samsung from the fake.

Build quality and materials

Real Samsung gadgets are assembled from branded components. Memory modules and processors, displays and cameras are developed in official factories. Korean manufacturer strictly monitors the quality of parts, so the elements are selected and tested.

At the time of creation of a Samsung model the components are modern and powerful.

Copies are assembled at home conditions from iron of dubious quality. Outdated parts are used instead of the declared characteristics. Touch screen device does not respond well to movement, slows down.

Real Samsung smartphones are heavier than fakes by weight. The plastic looks expensive and solid. Models in metal can not be light. The back cover fits snugly, leaving no gaps. Buttons are firmly seated in their sockets, don’t wobble, don’t stick and don’t squeak.

Check the authenticity of the gadget is on the official site.

The name of the model is used to find the company’s configuration. If the specifications state otherwise, the device is not original. Often install a low-powered processor or a weak camera.

Samsung branded phones have to pass a complex system of tests before they’re released on the market. The device is checked in two steps:

  • In the company’s department. Reveals bugs and hardware failures.
  • At Google Corp. Android OS creators determine the speed of operation and the quality of protection.

Regular Samsung software updates are used to optimize devices, eliminate defects and bugs.

Counterfeit models don’t upgrade to the latest official versions from Samsung. Often low-quality firmware from unverified sources is used. Device slows down, glitches or ejects from applications.

Official services and features

Original Samsung gadgets come pre-installed with proprietary software from the manufacturer. The software is developed under the technical characteristics of the device, so it will not work on weak devices.

  • Flagships necessarily have the Samsung Pay payment system and automatic Pass recognizer.
  • In all models there is no need to install Galaxy Store, cloud storage and browser. If the user tries to create or add a Samsung account, the smartphone will generate an error. Often there is no item in the menu to work with the manufacturer’s accounts.
  • Original phones pre-install services from Google. Standard Play Market is complemented by Gmail, YouTube app and Drive. The first time you access the Internet, the device will ask you to update your software. No software bugs or crashes after autoloading.

Original Samsung phones come with a separate manufacturer’s warranty. In the passport with the logo and model name, the seller enter the date and place of sale, put the stamp. Documentation will help the owner to repair for free in case of breakage. If factory defect is detected, it will be replaced by a working copy.

Counterfeit phones have no Samsung warranty. The passport is not in the box or there is a book of thin paper. Instead of the manufacturer’s firm obligations, the store provides its own service. After a breakdown, the owner is denied repair or replacement.

The original Samsung smartphone Fake
Competent paperwork gives the user access to a free service center. Incorrectly filled out documents. Often missing date and place of purchase.
Payment documents are present. No receipt.
The wet stamp will be a guarantee of the manufacturer’s and seller’s commitment. No stamp.

Checking with Service Code

  • Open the dialer application
  • Enter code #7353#
  • You should see a menu like this where you have different options to test your phone’s components.

Checking with Service Code

  • Open the dialer application
  • Enter code #7353#
  • You should see a menu with this option for testing phone components.

How to verify the authenticity of a Nokia phone

Nokia as well as other phones should have the same IMEI in all data. Read more about how to check it above. You can also check if your IMEI code is registered. To do this, go to the official Nokia website, find the necessary contacts and send your IMEI to be checked. You will get an answer soon.

Look carefully at the official website how your phone model looks and what technical specifications it has. If everything matches with your phone, then you are fine. If not, then there is reason to think.

All officially imported phones are checked for safety. Proven phone necessarily has a sticker “PCT” under the battery on the back wall, the icon RosTest. If your phone has one on it, then it has been verified and you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the device.

How to check the authenticity of the phone Samsung? The key rules for verifying the authenticity of the phone from this company will be the same as for checking the Nokia phones. You can use the above tips.