How to choose the right laptop drive

TOP-8 hard drive rating (HDD) for a laptop 2021. What to look at when choosing a model?

Laptop hard drive. Overview and rating of models. Description, technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the best devices. HDD selection criteria for laptop.

The appearance of SSD shook the monopoly of hard drives. Most laptops today are equipped with solid.State drives.

At the same time, it is still too early to write off the accounts of classic hard drives, in some cases the HDD installation is preferable and profitable.

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Choose a hard drive for a laptop

The hard drive is responsible for storing information. The most important parameters:

-thickness and form factor: all presented hard drives for laptops are made in a compact form factor 2.5″. However, you need to take into account the thickness of the hard drive.

-Cash memory: acts as a buffer for storing intermediate data, which are already read from the hard drive, but have not yet been transmitted for further processing, as well as for storage of data, to which the system often addresses.

Recently, more and more often users have chosen not HDDs, but SSD. What to choose? It all depends on what purposes you need a drive. SSD has high recording and reading speed, high reliability, it is lighter and more compact than HDD, absolutely silent. The only minus of the SSD is that they have an unprofitable price ratio. SSD with a large capacity will cost you much more expensive than HDD. Thus, if you need a lot of data storage space, choose HDD, if not, SSD is suitable.

All listed models are designed for use in laptops, made in format 2.5 “And work with the SATA III (6GB/S) connection integer.

TOSHIBA L200 HDWJ105UZSVA is the only hard drive (from presented in the catalog) with the SATA II (3GB/S) connection intensity. Thick 9.5mm and speed of 5400RPM, the size of the cache 8MB.

The following three models have similar characteristics: thickness 7mm, rotation speed 5400RPM. They differ in the size of a cache:

With the speed of rotation 7200RPM and 16 MB cache, two models work:

Five models of this volume operate at the speed of 5400RPM rotation, the size of the 128MB cache memory. Their thickness is 7mm:

HP ZBook L3M56AA. A hard drive that is compatible with HP ZBOOK15U laptops/14/15/17/740/750G2/840/850G2. Rotation speed. 7200RPM.

The next five models operate at the speed of 5400RPM rotation, their size of their cache 128MB. They are distinguished by capacity and thickness:

Until we still forgot, we watch a video about how hard drives work

Disk size

Types of hard drives can differ in size. 2.5 “and 3.5”. As a rule, the latter are used in stationary PC, and the first option is common in laptops, as well as external hard drives. You need to understand that buying any option 2.5 ”in a store will not be true, since they can vary from 5 to 15.7 mm, it depends on the number of magnetic plates (1-3 pieces).

The standard version of the storage thickness is 9.5 mm, in thin models of laptops, there are not rarely found 5 and 7 mm disks, so it will be correct to first find out about compatibility. Obviously, if the thickness of the disk is larger, it simply does not fit, if less, then the drive cannot be fixed, and it will quickly fail, spoiling the mount to the motherboard.

Use HDD, SSD and SSHD discs

For an office computer (documents, Internet), it is enough to install one ordinary hard drive (HDD).

For a multimedia computer (films, simple games), you can put a small SSD disk in addition to HDD, which will make the system much faster and more responsive. As a compromise between speed and volume, you can consider the installation of one SSHD disk, which will be much cheaper.

For a powerful game or professional computer, the best option is to install two disks. SSD for the operating system, programs, games and a regular hard drive for storing user files.

Inte Wee

If the principle of reading/recording information on a magnetic medium remains unchanged for many decades, then the method of communication between the hard drive and the motherboard has repeatedly underwent modifications, sometimes revolutionary. Say, the IDE integer, which the first PC was equipped, is hopelessly outdated, although it is still found, possibly in modified versions (eide, ATA).

Alternative version of HDD disk. SSD disk

Currently, SATA is considered the most common connector for a computer HDD disk, however, external discs are connected through the USB port. The mentioned SCSI integral in conventional PC is practically not found. It is intended for organizing disk arrays with related infrastructure.


Reflecting on how to choose the right, hard drive for their laptop, many pay attention only to the volume. Yes, this is an important criterion, but not the only one that should pay attention.

The chosen volume of a hard disk directly depends on what purpose the computer has, and what is planned to do on it.

To choose a hard drive that satisfies all the requirements and tasks of the laptop, start from the following recommendations:

  • When the laptop is rarely used and acts as a stationary PC, you can do with memory in the region of 320-500 GB;
  • If the laptop is the main tool, then here you need to build up from the volume of 750–1000 GB;
  • For a multimedia laptop, where many films, videos and other materials are stored, it makes sense to go beyond 1 TB, and lift the volume to 2-4 TB.

On laptops, you can most often find drives for 1-2 TB. If you need to get more, the transition to drives over 4 TB is allowed. But in such a situation, it is better to use 2 discs for 1-2 TB if possible, than one for 4 TB. This is due to the fact that the reliability of the most capacious drives has not yet reached the desired level.

If there are financial capabilities and necessity, the laptop is better to supplement the SSD drive. And even a small volume, in order to install the operating system on it. So the device will work much faster.

ADVICE. It is necessary to choose a SSD disk based on the fact that about 15% of the volume, it is advisable to always leave free.

This protects against premature wear, increases the life of the equipment.

Classification of SSD disks

Although the principle of constructing solid-state carriers of information is unchanged, implementation can be carried out in different ways. The fact is that there are many factors that determine the configuration of such a drive: this is a form factor, a type of connection, and the type of integration used with the environment.

Consider how the solid.State disks are divided by type of connection:

There are much larger types of intenses used, but the most common are three options:

  • Sata III. The most popular format for transmitting information. The integration is applied to the discs of both types, solid.State and stiff. Third.Generation SATA is characterized by high speed indicators. At the level of up to 600 MB/s.
  • The PCIE integration is even more speedy, but it is not applicable for HDD, and in the case of SSD, the use area is limited to discs with the type of connection M2. In desktop PCs, such a connector is not used, but on compact motherboards he is a frequent guest. The rate of data exchange for the integration reaches 750 MB/s.
  • PCI-X is the most advanced standard that allows you to work with data at speeds up to 1700 MB/s when using the PCI0 specification. Due to high cost, it is used mainly in high-performance servers, clusters, in RAID massives.

There is also a classification of solid-state drives according to the form factor:

  • Standard 2.5 ″ involves the use of drives enclosed in a housing like an HDD, only much thinner, thanks to this solution, they can be placed in niches designed to install hard drives. Have increased impact resistance because they are protected by a metal case;
  • The standard M2 is a carrier in the form of a board on which the modules of the rewritten memory are located. Since there is no protective case, they are fragile and are afraid of mechanical influences, but much less and can be installed in standard MP connectors.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the choice of SSD for a laptop is not an easy matter.

Two terabytes allow you to store large data arrays, whether it is multimedia files or documents.

choose, right, laptop, drive

Seagate Barracuda 2 Tb ST2000DM008

The model is distinguished by excellent characteristics, which is not surprising, because reliable and high.Quality components were used for its assembly.

Two terabyte of the Seagate Barracuda 2 Tb ST2000DM008 memory will be enough to store solid data volumes.

At the speed of rotation of the spindle 7200 revolutions per minute of the sector with the recorded data on the disk are incredibly fast.

An additional 256 MB cache is a buffer and increases the total speed of the device.

Connection to the system board is carried out according to the SATA 3 interaction.


  • Reading/Record speed. 220/220 MB/s;
  • Buffer memory. 256 MB;
  • Rotation speed. 7200 RPM;
  • Noise level (max). 28 dB;
  • Operating temperature (max). 60 ° C;
  • Power consumption. 4.3 watts;
  • The declared service life is 2 years.

Western Digital WD2003Fzex

A hard drive focused on operational computers in system units can boast of good speed characteristics and a long service life.

This 3.The 5-inch drive connects to the SATA 3 integuice with a bandwidth of up to 6 Gbit/s.

Power is entered according to the SATA 15 PIN integral. Two disk space terabyites allow you to store a large volume of digital data.

Increased computing power of the Western Digital WD2003Fzex model allows you to use the product as a component of the game PC.


  • Reading/Record speed. 164/164 MB/s;
  • Buffer memory. 64 MB;
  • Rotation speed. 7200 RPM;
  • Noise level (max). 34 dB;
  • Operating temperature (max). 60 ° C;
  • Power consumption. 9.5 watts;
  • The declared service life is 5 years.

Toshiba 2 TB HDWD120UZSVA

The model designed for installation and operation in desktop computers is suitable not only for installing the operating system, but also for storing solid volumes of information.

choose, right, laptop, drive

The rest of the indicators are not behind the volume.

High speed spindle guarantees the speed of the carrier.

How to Check If You Have an SSD or HDD on Windows 10

TOSHIBA 2 TB HDWD120UZSVA model relatively silent. The third.Generation SATA intensity allows you to process data at a speed of up to 6 Gb/s.

A capacious buffer memory makes it possible to avoid downtime when the computer is turned on and contributes to even greater efficiency of the hard disk during operation.


  • Reading/Record speed. 190/190 MB/s;
  • Buffer memory. 64 MB;
  • Rotation speed. 7200 RPM;
  • Noise level (max). 28 dB;
  • Operating temperature (max). 65 ° C;
  • Power consumption. 6.4 watts;
  • The declared service life is 4 years.

Which drive to choose?

For those in whose laptop there is only MSATA connector, it is quite difficult to find a suitable model for replacing-there are not many MSATA drives on the market, and the only option from the Kingston line is MS200. If you have a connector m.2 with NVME support, then the choice will be much wider. For example, the KC1000 model will allow you to get really high performance (you simply will not recognize your laptop), and ssdnow m.2 SATA G2 offers a good alternative in the innocent version with the key m.2 through SATA. Great solution in form factor 2.5’STENT HYPERX SAVAGE or KC400 model. But when you need only fast loading of OS and applications, more budget drives will be enough. A400 or UV400. Want the advice on choosing? Ask, answer in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

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