How to choose virtual reality glasses for a smartphone

Which vr helmet to choose in 2021? For a smartphone, for PC or other?

Post written: June 6, 2018. Updated: March 21, 2022 Author: @Pavel419

When this site was created-in November 2016-VR points there were essentially two types: those that connect to the PC and those where the smartphone is inserted. But time goes on, and today, for October 2020. All this VR zoo has grown so much that newcomers may not be clear that they really need. What to talk about, I myself already begin to get confused in them)

This note, I hope, will help you slightly understand the variety of VR devices today and make the right choice. Brew tea or coffee. There are a lot of material here)

For a better understanding of further material, I recommend reading my article “How VR works today?“In which I talk about the basic principles of the work of modern VR systems.

Updated in November 2018: Added information about Oculus Quest, Pimax 8k and Samsung Odyssey.

Updated in May 2019: Added information about Oculus Rift S, Valve Index and HP Reverb. Well, for the little things where I added what.

Updated in September 2019: Added information about Vive Cosmos.

Updated in January 2020: a little edited the material.

Update in October 2020: Added about the new reverb G2 and Oculus Quest 2.

Update in May 2021: Information about the new Vive Pro 2 and Vive Focus 3 has been added to the scheme

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Attractions and games for virtual reality

Yes, I will start with the slides and this is the most obvious use of such helmets. If you have such glasses and an appropriate phone, you can see just a bunch of hills and other similar games for BR-spells.

Only in my catalog now there are now more than 150 games and 70 applications that are not ashamed to recommend for installation and familiarization. At the same time, new. Most of them are free.

In addition to the already mentioned primitive hills, there are already full.Fledged games, for example, the first Quake or Proton Pulse, and all this is in virtual reality mode and complete immersion!

The first kwick in the mobile “Viara”. True, he needs a gamepad.

The angle of view

When choosing a VR point for a smartphone, users primarily evaluate the angle of review of the device. It is believed that the wider the angle of view, the stronger the sensation of immersion in virtual reality. A small viewing angle, on the contrary, can create the effect of a ski mask with black stripes along the edges.

choose, virtual, reality, glasses, smartphone

The cheapest models of Google Cardboard.Based glasses (made of cardboard and other improvised materials) provide a viewing angle up to 90 degrees. Expensive models such as Samsung Gear VR and Fibrum Pro can boast of viewing angles up to 110 degrees.

A simple rule works with virtual reality devices: the smaller the weight, the better. Otherwise, with a long.Term wear of the headset, you will feel discomfort. The gadget will put pressure on the nose bridge, reducing the pleasure of visiting virtual worlds. The weight of 300-400 grams excluding the smartphone is considered optimal.

The window through which the phone is visible

It is important to understand that there are no universal helmets. There are good ligaments. “Schoolfind” (about them. At the end of the article). So, on the one hand, the larger the windows in which we see the phone, the greater the angle of view. But. If you have a phone with a small diagonal, for example, 4.5 inches, you will see the edges of the screen in the helmet, or even buttons! This very strongly spoils your immersion in virtual reality.

There is a reverse option. When the window is small and the phone is large. Then part of the screen is simply not involved in us, and this is insulting.

And yet. There is an opinion that the windows under the phone should be square, and not barrel.Shaped, like, otherwise the screen is cut off. But this is not a hypothesis confirmed by anything, since our eyes still sees a square: well, in many applications, the picture is just under the “barrel”.

Manufacturers write on helmets that they are suitable for phones from 3.5 to 6 inches, but they do not care, you will see the buttons or not, and how many unused screen will remain. The main thing is to sell the goods.

Cheap virtual reality sets

The simplest shape of the headset is a cardboard box with a pair of lenses using a smartphone as a screen. Many will immediately remember Google Cardboard, but the idea itself arose much earlier. Google just began to sell its sets, and the company spends most of the efforts to unify its product so that third.Party manufacturers can get the coveted certificate “Compatible with Google Cardboard”. Not all developers follow the templates, but the most popular VR harnants guarantee compatibility, and therefore support for certified applications on Android and iOS.

Compatible with Google Cardboard headset is easy to find. Most of them are made of cardboard, some of plastic or even aluminum. However, their capabilities are very limited, many are generally suitable only for watching a 360-degree video. In addition, they are not intended for long.Term use: Google standards prohibit installing head belts. Cardboard boxes are quite uncomfortable, and even more ergonomic plastic models like Mattel View-Master are comfortable to keep only the first five minutes.

Maximum price

If you live in a large city or often visit technological exhibitions, you can get Cardboard for free. Many companies collaborate with Google and third.Party manufacturers when creating their own sets. For example, Verizon recently distributed Star Wars Cardboard to her subscribers. You can buy a piece of cardboard, plastic lenses yourself, print the headset template from the official Google website and make a device. Lazy can order Cardboard from the USA for 15. In addition, Google has additional options from Dodocase and Knox Labs. New design elements and improved materials will slightly increase the cost of the headset, but not more than 5-15.

Additional expenses

Almost two.Thirds of adult Russians use smartphones, but this is all you need for Google Cardboard. And it is not necessary to buy more expensive and sophisticated phones. Cardboard is also suitable for iPhone users, despite the slow update of Google for IOS applications for iOS. Apple is still ignoring virtual reality, so it’s hard to say when the company creates its own device. But even if your smartphone is not many years, there are no guarantees that he will support the Google Cardboard application. And if it is, then with cut graphics and weak performance.

choose, virtual, reality, glasses, smartphone


Not all headset in the Google Cardboard style portable and compact. But Google Cardboard has advantages. The base model folds into a small box, and the smallest in size is a little more than points. Cardboard is mainly designed to watch a video where there is no need to track the movement of the head, so the absence of sensors will almost not affect the functionality. On the other hand, the smaller the headset, the less convenient it is to use it. To dive into virtual reality, you need to isolate yourself from the world, so all the headsets are so tightly adjacent to the face. If the device is in the form of glasses, then there will be no complete immersion. By the way, it is advisable to sit with Google Cardboard on a rotating chair.


To be considered completely Cardboard-compatible, the headset should have only one input device. Not necessarily a key. It can just be a hole for a finger to press the display. If the device has keys, then these are usually small levers that press the display for you. What can be done with one button? Choose menu items or perform simple and rather slow actions in games. Some headsets are generally dispensed with buttons: just tilt your head towards the desired section of the menu and linger for a couple of seconds. Or turn your head to change the direction of movement in the game.


The protozoa VR harp are cheap and popular. About a dozen devices in the Google Cardboard style are already available on the official website, and a few more-for example, an improved version of View-Master-already on the way to store shelves. True, cardboard sets quickly come into unsuitability, but replacing them will not be difficult.

In addition, it is easy for the Cardboard to find a lot of applications, even if their possibilities are limited. Vrse, Jaunt Ryot, IM360 and other programs for viewing VR Video, as well as applications that are worth paying attention to-Cardboard Crash and Proton Pulse. On YouTube on Android Google has made a separate library of videos that you can watch using Cardboard. 360-degree videos are played completely in virtual reality, and when reproducing ordinary ones, the effect of the cinema is created.

VR Box 2.0

These virtual reality glasses are the middle ground in terms of price/quality relationship. Great assembly quality and high degree of compatibility with most smartphones is what is VR Box 2.0. The viewing angle here is 95-100 degrees. Aspherical lenses, they can be adjusted in width, as well as adjust the sharpness to the eyes of any user.

Top 5 Best VR Headsets For Smartphones In 2021

The smartphone is inserted into a special tray, where it is securely fixed. There are also a hole for the camera with glasses. It should be used in games and applications that work with augmented reality. On the sides of the device. Connectors for connecting headphones, charging cables and other devices.

Sold VR Box 2.0 in many places, in Russia. In the Madrobots store.

Mobile sets

Let’s start with the most diverse. With a headset. We called them headsets precisely because such a system is only a shell and requires an additional device for full operation. In fact, this is a box of plastic or cardboard, with lenses (in some cases. With mechanisms or electronics), which, together with your smartphone acting as a display and computer, turns into a virtual reality device.

The advantage of all the headsets is their mobility-there are no wires in them, you can always take them with you and view the content at least by plane.

The common disadvantage of such sets is their limitations in performance. Not one, even the most top.End, the smartphone can still be equal to the computer, which means that content for such devices will have a simple graphics that does not require resource.Intensive misconduct.

The unconditional leader in this category is Samsung Gear Vr. It seems strange to us when it is put on a par with the rest of the mobile sets, t.To. No other headset has such a complex of possibilities.

TOP 10 rating of the best virtual reality points for the phone 2021-2022

Place name price
TOP-10 of the best virtual reality points for smartphones
one Bobovr Z6 3 000 ₽
2 Bobovr Z5 2 500 ₽
3 Homido Grab 1,000 ₽
4 Bobovr Z4 1 800 ₽
5 Homido Prime 4 000 ₽
6 Bobovr Z4Mini 1 900 ₽
7 FIIT VR 2N 2 500 ₽
eight Hiper VRM 1 700 ₽
nine Hiper VRQ 2 200 ₽
ten VR shinecon G02 1,000 ₽

Bobovr Z6

The 2019 model quickly took leading positions in many ratings. Updated design, smaller dimensions, a folding structure (a novelty that was not previously). Ergonomics of glasses was almost completely revised.

The head belts were also reconstructed. Improved adjustment, Velcro mount, soft material.

New asperic lenses of larger diameter provided an increase in the viewing angle.

Updated outpatules provide high.Quality soundproofing and do not press on the ear shells.

Built.In microphone allows you to receive calls during the game. Another feature was the ability to use the device when wearing medical glasses. Actual model for 2021-2022.


  • Adjustment of the focal length;
  • Folding structure;
  • Soft head belts;
  • Soft henpasses of headphones;
  • High.Quality soundproofing;
  • Wireless connection;
  • Built.In microphone.

Bobovr Z5

The fifth generation of virtual reality points, when creating which all the shortcomings of the previous one were taken into account.

Stylish design, high.Quality plastic, comfortable headline, expanded viewing angle. Only a small list of improvements included in the new version of the gadget.

Over, the device is compatible only with Android.Based models.

The stereo system provides high.Quality volumetric sound, and a dense fit to the head. The maximum immersion in the image.


Homido Grab

Wireless VR ones without fastening and foam nozzle are made in several colors.

The relief of the case contributes to a denser fixation in the hands and provides a pleasant texture.

A good viewing angle and a voluminous picture make it possible to fully immerse yourself in what is happening on the screen.

At the same time, it is not always convenient to keep the glasses constantly, and due to the lack of foam rubber, the glasses do not provide tight fit, the case presses on the nose, and the peripheral vision notices the surroundings.

This reduces the quality of immersion in the virtual world.


choose, virtual, reality, glasses, smartphone

Bobovr Z4

Budget VR-Okchi are considerable popularity. They are compatible with both smartphones and personal computers, to connect to which you need an extension cord.

Salads inside the glasses will allow you to place the phone exactly.

The viewing angle guarantees a full immersion.

The model works with smartphones, the diagonal of which is from 4.7 ″ to 6.2 ″.

Users note that the material of the head of the leatherette is not the most comfortable, causes allergies, under it the skin quickly fogs and gets tired.


Homido Prime

The end of the late 2018 model with improved ergonomics and the immersion effect. Branded optics with a good balance, optimal diameter and diopter gives an image of increased clarity.

Ergonomics paid great attention. Ventilated and light glasses can be used with correctional glasses.

Built.In headset gives high sound quality.

Silicone finishes to protect the device are built at the site of contact with the smartphone. Strong sliders provide reliability of phone placement.


Bobovr Z4Mini

Mini-version differs from the standard lack of built-in headset and packaging. Otherwise, it almost completely repeats all the pros and cons. A good assembly quality, the ability to connect to PC, convenient slopes inside to accommodate a smartphone, view angle.

The mini-version has a smaller diameter of the lenses, but at the same time there is the possibility of adjusting the intersporal space.

What are BR-Oki for

Given the wide variety of various models of virtual reality points for smartphones, when choosing a particular model, one should be guided by certain criteria:

  • Compatibility with your smartphone model, screen size and smartphone itself, permissible image resolution (some Chinese models can work with only one smartphone model);
  • Features of the user’s vision, it is desirable to adjust the lenses, and if vision is different in different eyes, then separate adjustment is necessary;
  • Why do you need virtual reality glasses for a smartphone, the alleged use of points: watching films, games for VR or for a specific PC game;
  • Buyer’s financial capabilities, budget model or expensive.

With the final option, each buyer is determined on the basis of his needs, preferences, and, of course, financial capabilities and understanding how 3D points for a smartphone work.

Best VR Headsets for Phone in 2020

In general, summarizing the result, we can say that the appearance of VR glasses for smartphones made it possible to carry out a real breakthrough in the industry industry for virtual reality, making it available for broad masses. Today, almost every smartphone owner can afford to purchase this device and plunges with the head in VR games or watch 3D films in almost any place convenient for it.