How to clean a computer keyboard at home

How to clean the keyboard on a laptop

Since the laptop is a portable version of a personal computer, many users carry it with them almost everywhere. But such an appeal does not pass without a trace, and the device begins to be contaminated with all kinds of garbage. In the absence of effective and timely cleaning, it ceases to work normally, begins to slow down and give out a lot of errors.

Dismantling a portable computer for cleaning at home is quite difficult. Therefore, the owners of such technology are looking for other methods to clean the keyboard on a laptop without disassembly. Today, 2 cleaning methods are used:

In the first case, garbage is removed from buttons and between them by treating with wet wipes and soft brushes. Suitable cleaners can be bought in specialized stores of computer technology. To increase processing efficiency, it is better to prepare a special solution and rags. The fabric must be moistened in the liquid, and then wipe the keyboard with it, paying special attention to the voids between the keys.

If such a composition is absent, it can be replaced with isopropyl alcohol. The main thing is to remember the competent dosage and prevent fluid from getting into contacts. You can not use ethyl alcohol and acetone for cleaning, since these are aggressive substances that can be corroded or mourn in the case.

With the help of deep cleaning, dust is removed from contacts and conductors inside the laptop. For such processing, the following means can be used:

  • USB labels with special nozzles to remove different contaminants. However, such devices are not powerful enough, so they are not able to ensure the effect of deep cleaning.
  • A spray spacing, which is fed under strong pressure and eliminates the dust on contacts. This tool must be used moderately, since with frequent use the keyboard can be deformed.
  • When processing small areas, sticky stickers are involved, which are glued to a problem place and immediately rip off. The method allows you to instantly get rid of dirt, but requires some effort and a lot of time.

How dirty your keyboard?

Soap with water, to put it mildly, are not quite suitable for electronic devices, so we probably forget to clean them, or maybe it’s all in laziness.

According to a 2012 study conducted by scientists from the University of Arizona, on a regular desktop is 400 times more than bacteria than on a toilet chair. Honestly, the chair is one of the cleanest places in terms of the number of microorganisms.

Dr. Chuck Emblem, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, said that there is a huge number of things in our house much dirtier than the toilet seat.

The 2006 study conducted by specialists from the northwestern memorial hospital showed that two very dangerous and resistant bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus) are able to survive on the keyboard up to 24 hours. In addition, there is such a dangerous bacterium as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, which can survive on the keyboard for an hour.

Obviously, first of all, you need to wash your hands with soap before and after using the keyboard, as for the laptop.

In a study conducted in 2012, microbiologists analyzed university computers, and came to the conclusion that public computers, or rather keyboard and mice, must be disinfected at least once a week, and better every day.

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Surface cleaning of the keyboard PC

To maintain the cleanliness and normal functioning of the computer device, carry out regular preventive cleaning. This will prevent the accumulation of large particles of mud, sticking or sapling of buttons.

For superficial cleaning of the keyboard, removal of dust and dirty plaque from the keys, wipe the surface with a napkin moistened in a special liquid for monitors or an alcohol solution

Before cleaning the keyboard, turn it off from PC, prepare the necessary accessories and means.

  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Soft napkins (dry and wet);
  • Ear sticks;
  • Vodka or diluted isopropyl alcohol;
  • Old toothbrush;
  • Spaced.Air.

Instead of a vacuum cleaner or can, use a hairdryer. However, remember, you can blow the crumbs exclusively cold air.

The best way to clean a keyboard is… the DISHWASHER?

In order to return to the keyboard cleanliness and the ability to fully work, clean all the gaps between the keys with a cotton swab moistened in an alcohol solution

  • Remove large pollution. To do this, turn down the device down the keys and tap lightly on the back. Wipe the garbage that fell on the table and prepare the workplace for the further process.
  • Cleam the surface with a brush, removing stuck crumbs and other sides.
  • Drink a napkin in an alcohol solution and wipe the device. Pay special attention to light elements and glossy surfaces.
  • In order to remove dust without disassembling the device, blow the cracks between the keys of the cylinder with compressed air or vacuum cleaner with a special clean nozzle.
  • Treat the cracks between the buttons with cotton sticks moistened in an alcohol solution.
  • After cleaning, wipe the surface with a dry cloth and connect the device to PC.

Do not use wet rags for cleaning to avoid moisture on the board. Use barely wet sponges or wipes for computers with special impregnation.

A unique find for cleaning the inter.Button space. Lizun or special gum for hand. Distribute the sticky substance along the keys, and then quickly and abruptly remove, removing sticky crumbs and other contaminants

How to wash the keyboard

There is one more. Cardinal. A way to put the keyboard in order. This is a complete washing. “Klava” will literally have to wet either in the basin, or simply rinse it thoroughly under running water. This option is suitable for indifferent computer keyboards, where when removing the rear cover and top panel with the buttons, it is clear that the contact board is enclosed on both sides in a protective casing, which consists of two metal plates, along the entire perimeter of plastic terminals stamped at high temperature.

This does not concern laptops, of course. It is not necessary to wash their keyboard in this way, as this will lead to the death of technology.

Wash the keyboard without fail if you spilled a sweet drink on it. No rice and other folk methods will help here. Only water is distilled or with a detergent diluted in it.

The pre.Disassembled keyboard after the bath in the special tools must be washed properly with simple water, and then leave to dry for at least 3 days. Then assemble the keyboard, as described above, will not be difficult.

Important! It is not worth washing the keyboard without need, it will be enough ordinary ways to care. We have already listed them.

How to clean the computer keyboard: we disassemble, clean, collect

If superficial cleaning is not enough and the “claw” is very dirty, a serious “cleaning” is needed. For this, the device will need to be disassembled by first disconnecting it from the computer. The keyboard is cleaned as follows:

  • Take a picture of the location of the buttons on the keyboard.
  • Turn the device with the keys down and twist the bolts.
  • Open the keyboard and remove the keys.
  • Wipe the microcircuit with a napkin, bypassing part of the green color.
  • Wash the key in warm water or remove pollution from them using napkins.

You can start assembly only after all the details are completely dry.

How to clean keyboard at home. Clean your keyboard easily at home.

Cleaning with partial disassembly of the keyboard

If you need to completely wash the keyboard and get rid of strong contaminants, you will have to partially disassemble it. Such a procedure is required with a prolonged absence of care and constant bombardment of keys with loaf crumbs, cookies, ashes from cigarettes or animal hair. To carry out partial dismantling, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  • First of all, it is necessary to turn off the module from the power.
  • Using a nail file, a table knife or screwdriver, you need to put the key from one edge so that it jumps off the nest. This will be accompanied by a characteristic sound. In the process of seizure, you cannot make great efforts, t.To. This can lead to damage to the keys.
  • Before disassembly, you should familiarize yourself with the keyboard structure on the Internet or photograph the placement of keys on the phone so that you do not make errors when repeated assembly.
  • Each button should be thoroughly washed with water or detergents. If household chemicals are used, you need to make sure that it does not contain aggressive substances that can wash off the characters from the key surface.
  • After dismantling and cleaning the buttons, you need to wait until they dry out. At this time, you can clean the platform itself. For such events, a vacuum cleaner, ear sticks, cotton pads or alcohol solution is used.
  • After making sure that the garbage is completely removed, you should start re.Assembly. At this stage, it is necessary to adhere to the circuit or image of the keyboard. With a successful fixing of the button, a characteristic click will be heard.

Separate buttons can be equipped with special springs. In the process of their installation, you need to be neat so that the bent edges are in grooves. Among these keys: gap and Enter.

Why is it important to clean the laptop keyboard in time?

When you neglect the cleaning of the laptop keyboard, this threatens it with premature breakdown. In addition, dust and garbage from the keys go inside, and this can lead to the following problems:

  • Violations in the operation of the ventilation system (if the radiator is dusted), and as a result, the laptop often turns off by itself due to overheating;
  • “Settlement” of keys, and in the case of moisture. The breakdown of the keyboard as a whole;
  • Damage to the “filling” of the laptop and a variety of breakdowns.

It is important to clean the keyboard in a timely manner, otherwise you will have to periodically contact specialists due to the breakdowns of your technique.

How to clean a laptop keyboard

Co.Author (s): Filip Boksa. Philip Boxing. CEO and founder of King of Maids, a cleaning service in the United States, which helps customers with cleaning and organization.

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Without regular cleaning, the laptop keyboard can be very clogged. Skin fat on the fingers leaves a plaque on the keys, and the crumbs, dust and wool of the pets fall into the cracks on the keyboard. If you are frightened by cleaning the keyboard, then you do not need to worry! Everything can be done independently. There are ways to minimize damage, even if you poured the drink to the keys!

Turn the laptop upside down and gently shake. This will remove large shreds of dust, crumbs and other garbage, which hides in the cracks between the keys. If you first remove all large pollution, then later it will be easier for you to perform a thorough cleaning. [2] X Source of Information

Tip: try to put a towel under a laptop while you shake it to simplify the collection of garbage.

  • Bull with compressed air can be bought in a store for home and office goods.
  • Never spray compressed air when hold the balloon upside down, otherwise the spraying substance can get into the laptop and damage its components.

Philip Boxing. CEO and founder of King of Maids, a cleaning service in the United States, which helps customers with cleaning and organization.

Our expert confirms: “After turning off the laptop, blow the keys with compressed air to remove the stuck particles. Then wipe the surface with a slightly damp cloth without pile. “.

Wipe the keys with a wet microfiber cloth. Such material perfectly collects dust, which will allow you to quickly clean the keys and collect a plaque. If necessary, moisturize a slightly water with water, but squeeze all the excess moisture and wipe only the upper part of the keys so that the moisture does not get inside the laptop. [4] X Source of Information

Note: instead of microfiber napkins, a wrapper napkin is also suitable.

Remove the unfinished stains with a cotton swab moistened in isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol quickly evaporates, so when cleaning the laptop it is safer than water. In addition, any alcohol perfectly removes fat traces of fingers. Always apply alcohol first on a cotton swab, and not on the keyboard. [5] X Source of Information

To clean the space between the keys, moisten cotton swab with alcohol and treat the areas around the keys.

Destroy microbes using disinfectant napkins. If you are concerned about microbes when working on a common laptop or after an illness, then you can wipe the keys with a disinfectant cloth. At the same time, you should not use wipes with a bleach, since they can damage the protective layer on the keys. [6] X Source of Information

Tip: Never apply a disinfectant spray to your laptop because it contains too much moisture.

Find a laptop model on the network to find out the way to remove the keys. On some laptops, you can slightly put the keys to access the surface under the keyboard. Other models are equipped with simply fixed key caps. Learn the possibility and ways to remove the keys on the Internet.

Remove the keys only in case of emergency. Even removable key caps are fixed using fragile plastic tongues. Remove them only in extreme cases so as not to damage the keyboard. [7] X Source of Information

Note: for cleaning under the keys, it is better to choose the moment when you poured a sticky drink to the keyboard or large particles of garbage are stuck between the keys that cannot be shaken out or blow out with compressed air.

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Take a picture of the keyboard before starting work. So you will not forget the key location scheme when you install them in place! It is not very difficult to remember the order of numbers and letters, but almost every keyboard has special characters and functional keys that are easy to confuse. [8] X Source of Information

We disassemble the keyboard

This is a method for those who have not cleaned the keyboard for a long time, shed something on it or just wants to conduct a “general cleaning”. The main thing is to be patient, because after disassembly you will have to return all the keys to place.

It will be quite simple to remove the caps from the keys-use a special tool pins that came with the device, or ordinary tweezers. If you have a mechanical keyboard, you will see the switches under the keys, behind which contacts are hidden. If you have a membrane keyboard, there will be rubber inserts under the caps, that is, the membrane itself.

Some buttons. Especially long spaces and [Shift]. Are strengthened by springs or a metal bracket, which are attached on both sides of the key. This is necessary for uniform distribution of pressing so that the button is triggered even if you press it not in the center, but from the edge. Do not be afraid to disconnect these mounts. They are easy to return them back.

As a rule, the switches and the membrane themselves are quite clean, and you will need to wash only the keyboard case. But do not rush to carry the gadget under the shower. Not all models are waterproof. Most of the mechanical keyboards with high moves are equipped with special sides that protect the contacts of the switches from moisture. Such devices can be quickly washed under the tap, dried with a towel and assembled in its original state.

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The membranes, on the contrary, are better to keep it away from moisture. Wipe them with a damp cloth, trying not to fill with water or detergents. Wash the caps separately, dry them thoroughly and return them to your rightful places, applying a little strength.

As for multimedia keys. If they are hidden under the same caps as the main ones, clean them according to the same principle. If they are non.Removable, wipe on top or use a portable vacuum cleaner.