How to clean the cache on the LG TV video

How to clean the apps of applications and viewing data on LG Smart TV

Like any other intellectual devices today, you need to perform maintenance actions, such as cleaning the cache and cookies of cookies on your smart TV LG so that it works in the best way.

This simple but effective method can significantly increase the performance of your device. Not only this, but he can also correct some of the common problems that you face your Smart Televisor LG, including “not enough memory” error message.

Removing the LG Smart TV cache and cookie files must be done on a regular basis to use the capabilities of the device and avoid interruption when watching films or television shows.

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When and why you need to clean the memory

The “smart” television receptions of LG, like many other brands, have a limited amount of free memory available for downloading applications and downloading temporary files during the sejo on the network or performing other actions. To answer the question why TV writes “not enough memory”, and what to do in such a situation should be understood with the purpose of the information drive and the reasons for its overflow.

  • Any not only multimedia, but even text content before broadcasting on a television screen loads into a TV receiver memory. As you play, the data is deleted, but sometimes this process occurs much slower than loading, so the volume of the built.In information drive is not enough.
  • In addition, online services available on the TV, as well as websites viewed by the user during the sejo on the network, even after closing, retain a certain amount of information in the memory of Smart devices. Gradually, it accumulates and completely overflows the resource located in the television receiver.

As a result of the above reasons for the “smart” tellytekhnik, there is not enough free space, and it announces the need to free up space for stable further work. Such manifestations are characteristic of uploading streaming videos in an Internet browser or when installing a new widget, as this is the most information-capacious software. In this case, the installation of a widget or video recording is stopped, and if the failure occurred when one of the programs, then the user will notice that the application is closed.

On a note! With the usual viewing of television channels, there are no problems, since the error under consideration is associated only with the operation of the Smart TV service.

Why is the Smart Television not enough memory?

The main reason for the frequent overflow of the cache is the limited functionality of the browsers that are installed in Smart-TV. To play any information, the program first downloads it into the internal memory, only after that you can watch a movie or start an audio recording. Periodically the cache is cleaned automatically, but the device can do this not quickly enough. As a result, video recording may, for example, jump to half, after which viewing will be interrupted, and a message will appear on the screen about the lack of free space in the browser cache. In this case, you have to clean it manually, and then continue to view. When cleaning, you need to take into account some features of the functioning of the memory of the TV:

  • If the memory is not enough, the application can be closed several times, after each new launch, the information begins to download again.
  • An error on the screen will not appear if the information is loaded slowly, and the cache manages to clean in automatic mode.
  • The internal memory of the browser cannot be increased by installing any external carriers, whether it be a hard drive or flash drive.
  • It is not required to clean the cache if you use the TV only to watch television programs, and not for Internet access.
  • Memory problems are not related to content, they can arise when viewing any Internet pages and media files.

How to clean the browser of the LG TV browser or other model? For the most effective solution to the problem, you can establish a more new version of the software. It may provide for a larger amount of built.In memory. Another option is to return the settings to the factory version.

Cleaning the cache on the Samsung TV

Similar problems may arise for Samsung TV owners with a Smart functional. If the question arises of how to clean the cache on the Samsung TV, you should look for a way not only to free up the internal memory, but to find the reasons for its frequent overflow. There are several ways to free the necessary space for the correct operation of the applications:

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  • Removing unnecessary programs and all kinds of widgets. In the starting version, there are often many applications that are not used by the user, but at the same time intensively take the memory. They are periodically updated, downloading additional information, which also takes up a lot of space.
  • Reset of settings to factory values. As a result, all saved data are reset, this makes it possible to free up space for recording new information.
  • Solving problems with the Internet provider. In some cases, traffic is artificially limited due to the chosen tariff, while TV perceives it as a lack of its own memory. You can choose a more suitable tariff in accordance with the Smart-TV use mode.
  • Update the established programs using only new firmware from official sources. A common cause of failures is incorrect versions of programs that overload the memory.
  • Smart Hub reset, that is, complete remembrance cleaning.

How to clean the cache in the browser of the Samsung TV? To do this, click on the Smart button on the control panel, and then on the discharge launch button. Select the “reset” item in the menu that opens and wait for the end of the operation, after which it is recommended to restart the TV. After cleaning the cache and resetting the settings, all saved user information is removed.

It will be necessary to re.Enter passwords and enter personal pages in social networks. However, this will remove all the accumulated unnecessary information and ensure the correct reproduction of the video of the Internet. Some Samsung TV models incorrectly work with content having Russian.Speaking names. In this case, the system can also issue an error signaling about the problems with the memory of the browser. To eliminate the error, a special widget is set, which helps the program recognize the name and launch a film or audio recording.

Why are memory overflow errors

A system notification of a lack of free memory appears on the TV screen when the user tries to open a browser. This means that you can watch ether or satellite canals even with a crowded memory. However, for streaming content of content, the appropriate resource is required. Sometimes an error indicating the need to clean the memory of the LG Smart TV TV. Appears at the time of starting the game or when playing music.

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The appearance of this error is caused by the lack of free space on the built.In hard drive, and not problems in the work of the browser or a certain site. Practice shows that the text of the error may not appear at the time of launching the browser. For example, the user opened the site, launched a video, and only then a notification will appear on the screen that you need to clean the memory of the LG Smart TV TV.

The most effective temporary solution to the problem is the usual update of the web page. However, a software failure will make itself felt again, perhaps after a couple of minutes. What exactly provides the appearance of an error when streaming to reproduce content? This is due to the lack of memory volume to save temporary files. Therefore, films, clips load longer than usual.

To avoid the appearance of this error, use sites on which block saving files is carried out. This memory layout prevents the cache overflow. It is impossible to expand the internal memory of the TV. Therefore, users have to solve the problem in order to fully fully use the technique.

Of course, there are preventive measures to avoid the appearance of this software failure. Try to clean the browser and TV cache in a timely manner. Be sure to install the current updates of the Smart TV operating system. An obsolete firmware version can cause a decrease in the performance of the device.

Why an error appears

When viewing television channels, you are guaranteed not to face this problem. An error appears only when the video content is played on the Internet. And not necessarily immediately after the launch of the film or video. It is likely that this will happen in a few minutes or even hours.

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The reason is always a lack of RAM, which is not even enough premium modern TVs. The video is originally loaded into RAM and only then plays. And when the memory is clogged with temporary files, it simply lacks it for other functions. If you use a built-in Web browser, then the reloading of the page helps, however, only for a few minutes.

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Option with an increase in the volume of RAM is not available to the ordinary user. All TV manufacturers exclude this possibility. Therefore, it remains only to delete temporary files. You can do this in several ways.

Cache cleaning and memory on LG Smart TVs

After some time, the owners of the LG SMART TVs are faced with errors in the operation of the device: the installed applications are slowly open or do not open at all, the new ones are not installed, the video and Audi often stops. In this case, the type of connection to the Internet-via cable or via Wi-Fi, does not matter. These signs indicate the need to clean the memory on the LG Smart TV TV and delete extra data from the cache. Cleaning is the only way, since the amount of memory is set in the production of a Smart TV and it cannot be increased.

Most often, the line of the system warning about the overflow of memory of LG Smart TV arises when trying to use the Internet for:

Sometimes an error message is displayed on the screen when viewing a site. In this case, the image reproduction is suspended and the loading icon is displayed: a sand clock or a shimmering circle.

After some time, reproduction resumes, but at a slight time, and then stops again. The situation is repeated repeatedly, making viewing impossible. In an inexperienced user in such cases often makes a claim to the provider due to the low speed of the Internet connection. However, the true reason is different.

The internal memory in the Smart TV is used in two ways:

  • To install applications and storage of the system data necessary for their correct operation.
  • For storing the cache. Temporary files formed during the operation of the installed applications, and the reproduction of streaming videos and audio content.

It is especially important to delete information garbage when watching films and listening to audio tracts online. The speed of access to distributing services is usually very uneven due to their workload and can sometimes decrease to zero by a short time. Therefore, to play video and audio in good quality, the operating system of the Smart TV pre-loads the data received from the Internet to the storage device and already displays the image and sound to the device from there. If the memory is not enough, the freezing and braking of the picture and sound accompaniment will appear.

With a large number of installed applications, the physical volume of free memory is significantly reduced, which makes it impossible to install new programs and the correct operation of previously loaded. In this case, the only way to free the memory is to remove part of the established applications.

If the lack of memory is a result of accumulated temporary files and other garbage, it is necessary to clean the cache on the Smart TV using the operating system or third.Party programs.

The user must make it a rule to clean the memory of the operating system regularly, since the work of the television receiver with the Internet content depends on it.

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How to avoid memory overflow?

You can take measures that will help prevent this difficulty without cleaning. One way to use the functionality of the TV is the installation of additional software, which will solve the problem of overloading memory and will allow you to watch and listen to any content without failures.

The use of Web portals on which files are stored by blocks also helps to avoid overflowing the cache.

Another way is to update Web OS. Perhaps in later versions such malfunctions will be eliminated, since the TV software for the TV is constantly improved by technology manufacturers.

If you have a different TV or there are questions left, write in the commentary. Our team is always happy to help readers!

Smart TV TV memory has its disadvantages, but this does not block the main advantages, fortunately, there are many ways to eliminate this error: from resetting all factory settings to cleaning the cache and removing applications. It is better to try somewhat, without despairing at the first failure, because there are whole basic 9 ways to solve this problem, any of them will definitely work and show the right result, the more new and new firmware comes out, perhaps one of them will be perfect.

Of course, the developers were mistaken, allowing such a shortage, but, having made a little effort, you can get rid of it easily. The technique improves, new functions appear, be sure that any of the new versions will be perfect and without any drawbacks.