How to clean the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop. Cleaning laptop keyboard in emergency cases

The keyboard, clogged with dust, chips of food and separate keys sticking after the shedding of the cola. a common phenomenon. At the same time, the keyboard is perhaps the most important peripheral device of the computer or an integral part of the laptop. This instruction will describe in detail how to clean the keyboard with your own hands from dust, cat wool and other charms, accumulated there, and, at the same time, nothing to break.

There are several ways to clean the keyboard, the feasibility of the use of which depends on what is not so with it. However, the first thing that should be done regardless of which method is used is to turn off the keyboard, and if it is a laptop, then completely turn off, turn off the network, and if you can disconnect the battery from it, then do this and this.

External cleaning of the laptop keyboard

This method of cleaning is considered the simplest. You need a soft rag, dry or slightly moisturized. Wipe the keys thoroughly, remove dust and spots from food and drinks. Do not ignore the end sides of the keys, because there is a cluster of dirt and dust.

To remove pollution not only on the surface of the keys, but also from their side parts, as well as under them, you will need a brush. Pass it between the keys, trying to clear the areas. Keep caution so as not to damage the mounts that hold the keys. After completing the work, wipe the surface again with a cloth.

How to clean a laptop keyboard at home

The keyboard is still electronics, which means that any water ingestion can cause deplorable consequences. Then how can you clean it if the water cannot be used?

In fact, there are several ways to do this. Next, we will talk about each of them separately. It is worth noting right away that when choosing a suitable method, you need to pay attention not to the degree of pollution of your keyboard and other nuances.

External cleaning

External cleaning is the simplest option for how to clean the keyboard on a laptop. It will be enough if your keyboard works fine and the reasons for cleaning are rather preventive. It is done quite simple.

  • First you need to turn off the keyboard from the computer. If we are talking about a laptop, you need to turn it off, and then remove the battery. Only after that can you start cleaning.
  • Start with wiping the keys. This is done with a regular cloth (you can dry, or barely wet). First, wipe the keys on top, and then pay attention to their end part. A lot of dirt accumulates there, so be diligent, but neat, otherwise you risk breaking the keyboard.
  • After that, you need to clean the space between the keys from dust. It is recommended to do this with a special brush for cleaning the keyboard, but an ordinary soft soft brush or toothbrush is quite suitable. Also do not forget about the space under the keys, there is the most dirt. During cleaning it will be useful, if possible, put the keyboard perpendicular to the surface on which you clean, then all the crumbs and dust will fall down, and not clog under the neighboring keys.

The actions described above should be enough for preventive cleaning. But, of course, due to the nuances of the keyboard device, you will not be able to clean it so completely. Most likely, most of the dirt will remain where you cannot reach with a brush. Fortunately, there is another option on how to clean the keyboard without analyzing it.

To do this, you can use a special spray can of compressed air. Such cans can be found in many stores of computer technicians, and they are not very expensive. But with their help you can clean the keyboard much more effective than a brush.

It is even easier to use them: everything that is required of you is to direct the tube attached to it under the base of one of the keys and press the button, and then, gradually changing the position of the tube to blow the entire keyboard.

Also, the cylinder can be replaced with a regular hairdryer, but only on condition that your hair dryer switches to cold air. It is impossible to blow the keyboard with hot air, as this can harm it.

But remember that although cleaning with compressed air is much more effective, this is still prevention. If the keyboard has already begun to fail, more radical measures should be used.

How to make a keyboard correctly

There are several factors that stimulate the user to disassemble the keyboard. The main of them:

  • tea accidentally spilled on a laptop;
  • rapid heating of the device case at minimal loads;
  • spontaneous shutdown of equipment against the background of overheating of working units;
  • Slow work of the gadget interaction.

The specifics of disassembling the keyboard may vary depending on the features of a specific model of the device. Currently, there is a large selection of laptops with different technical parameters on sale. Most devices have a similar method for fastening buttons. They are either fixed with latches or screwed by screws.

Some laptop models provide a very difficult process of removing the keyboard. To do this, you have to dismantle almost all parts of the device. In this case, it is recommended to take the laptop to the service center for deep cleaning keyboard.

MacBook keyboard care

Correctly clean the keyboard is to follow the recommendations listed below:

  • For weekly care, you can use disinfectant napkins. There is one small problem. Modern Apple brand devices react to keystrokes (even if the electronic device is in a power out). To cope with this, you can install the KeyboardCleantool application from the creators of BetterTuchtool. It blocks the keyboard if you press on the button located in the program window. After cleaning the macbook, you should not immediately close the lid of the electronic device (it is necessary to give the gadget for several minutes to dry);
  • For everyday cleaning of the keyboard, you can use a pear with air or a cylinder. This allows you to remove dirt and dust from under the buttons.

What means can be used to clean the laptop keyboard

Easy cleaning is done several times a day, and a special tool is used about 1 time per month. It can be:

  • Ready.made cleaning set (sold in stores), consisting of wet napkins, go with dry napkins and spray;
  • Sets with brushes, liquid for removing dirt from the surface of the keys (alcohol) and microfiber napkins.

Sets can be cheap or expensive. Differences in the number of special tools and the composition of the spray. But it is not always worth spending money on more expensive mixtures, cheap ones are also good to cope with the task of surface cleaning of the keys.

In some cases, it is permissible to use home remedies. For example, a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol (1: 1) or soap water. In both cases, a cotton swab is used, which is carefully wiped with the surface of the keys and the space between them.

  • It is strictly forbidden to pour fluid on the surface of the buttons, use too wet wipes or cotton pads. Even a drop of water that fell on the internal mechanisms of the laptop can disable the device.
  • It is also unacceptable to use solvents, aggressive chemicals or pure alcohol (vodka) to remove dirt.

Before starting the procedure, the device is disconnected from the network, turned off. After cleaning the surface, it is wiped dry with a clean cloth.

Outer cleaning algorithm of laptop keyboard

In fact, the procedure is simple and does not require much time:

  • The device is disconnected from power. This is done by the usual pulling out forks from the outlet. It is not worth neglecting the moment to reduce even the smallest risk of electricity lesion.
  • Disable all the work processes of the laptop. Simply put, they finish the work, they expect the bulb to turn the device button to turn the device.
  • Prepare all the necessary tools, materials and liquids. Most often they use a soft brush brush, cotton wools and dry microfiber wipes. Paper napkins in this case are useless, they leave dust more than collect.
  • They sweep garbage from the inter.clock spaces with a brush. Instead of a special brush, ordinary to brush teeth is suitable.
  • Wipe the keys. This is done with a cotton swab slightly moistened in alcohol or soap liquid. First process the surface of the buttons, then the space between them.
  • Wiped the entire surface dry. Carefully inspect the keyboard for pollution and, if necessary, repeat the procedure.

If possible, in the process of cleaning, the keyboard is placed perpendicular to the surface of the table. This will help remove garbage. crumbs will be poured on the table, not on neighboring keys.

After the manipulations are completed, they give a laptop for half an hour for additional drying, then start the device into the work.

How to clean the system of excess garbage

After assembling the device, do not stop there. It is better to immediately clean the Lenovo laptop system from excess garbage. This process takes place in several stages:

  • Clean the registry and delete unnecessary files using CCleaner.
  • Remove all excess from the system disk and TEMP folder. The latter stores temporary files, which in most cases are not needed. Most of the work will already make CCleaner, but additional control will not hurt.
  • Check the Lenovo laptop for viruses. To clean the system from malicious software, use any antivirus with fresh bases. At the same time, it is advisable to conduct a full check at the time of loading (if such an option is provided).
  • Remove the car load. The capabilities of CCleaner are also useful here. Enter the “Service” section, go to the “Automobile” category and disconnect unnecessary programs.
  • Remove the extra software. Be sure to clean the laptop system from unnecessary programs. To do this, enter the “control panel”, and then “Programs”. Here look at the software list and remove everything unnecessary.

How to clean your Lenovo ThinkPad X230 KeyBoard ?

Knowing how to clean the fan in the Lenovo laptop, wash the keyboard and put the system in order, you will significantly extend its resource and you can avoid problems in the future. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us how often you clean your laptop, and what difficulties arise when performing such a job.

How to remove the entire keyboard and put it in place

In order to remove the keyboard, it is necessary to perform a number of simple actions. It may seem to you that the analysis of the device or repair of the Lenovo laptop keyboard is a difficult task, but in fact, the design of Lenovo laptops provides for the replacement of individual parts. This is performed every day in service centers. Therefore, armed with only one or more screwdrivers and a thin sharp object like a clerical knife, you can complete the whole procedure yourself.

  • Disconnect the device from power supply.
  • Turn the device to see its lower surface.
  • Disconnect the battery, clicking special locks and gently taking out this part.
  • Different models of Lenovo laptops provide for different options for disassembling the device. But usually the principle of fastening is similar.
  • Spin all the bolts that attach the lower plastic cover to the body. Sometimes this is a small window, behind which there is a RAM or hard drive, and a separate small lid is designed just before replacing these devices. In other cases, you remove the entire lower cover at once.
  • Regardless of which part of the lower cover you removed, under it should be the bolts that connect the device and body. Typically, the manufacturer Lenovo places the tips in the form of keyboard images next to such bolts. Therefore, this instruction on how to remove the keyboard from the Lenovo G580, G565 laptop and from any other models.
  • Unscrew all these mounts. usually three of them.
  • Turn the device over. Now only special plastic locks are attached to the device. You can remove them by inserting a thin sharp object in the upper part of the keyboard. It is advisable not to use a screwdriver, since it will leave traces on a plastic case or on the keyboard. Spend it with an object like a clerical knife along the upper part and neatly elude it. this is how to pull out the keyboard from the Lenovo laptop. Now you can move it up and completely remove it from the body.
  • Be careful because the gadget continues to attach to the computer using a train connected to the motherboard connector. You need to carefully remove the train, preferably using tweezers.
  • After that, you can replace it with a new one, for this, by performing exactly the same actions in the reverse order: connecting the train, snap in the nests, twisting the bolts from the bottom, screwing the covers and returning to the battery place.

How to get one key

Before you get the keyboard from the Lenovo laptop, think about why this is needed. It may be easier to disconnect individual buttons to wash them or replace them.

To remove one button, you also need to jam plastic locks, but in this case they only hold it. It is best to use the same stationery knife for this. a strong, thin and sharp object. Instructions on how to disassemble the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop. below.

  • Gently draw such a knife under the key with the unfortunate side, and slightly press up so that the mount is backlog.
  • After that, carefully remove the key.
  • A long gap button is usually removed more complicated than the rest. Under it there are additional metal fasteners, they are sometimes called rockers, since they go along the entire surface of the gap. Similarly, as described above, draw a dumb part of the stationery knife under the key key, falling into the gap between the key itself and the device. Press the knife without making excessive efforts. The key will click. Now gently move the button to remove metal mounts.
  • Carefully remove this key.
  • Dismantling of the Lenovo laptop keyboard can last until you remove all the necessary buttons.
  • You can put them back much easier, placing them on your nest and pressing it before clicking.

Now you know how to fix the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop or clean it. As you can see, this operation is not difficult, and you can easily repair yourself. The main thing is to choose the right model if you need to replace it, and also make sure that you do not need to save the guarantee for your laptop. After all, with independent disassembly, it is usually lost. I hope this article will be useful to you, and you can quickly solve your problem.

Installing ordinary keys

Important! Fix the order in what keys were located. Otherwise, they will have to be rearranged again.

Find out detailed instructions on how to clean the keyboard on a laptop, as well as familiarize yourself with the best cleaning methods from our new article.

The sequence of keyboard cleaning

Turn off the laptop.

Before cleaning the laptop, delete USB devices, a mouse and any discs that can be connected to a laptop

This is the first thing you need to do before starting cleaning the keyboard, this will prevent the risk of damage to the laptop. Remove USB devices, mouse and any discs that can be connected to the laptop.

How to Remove Laptop Key to Repair | Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Cleaning and Repairing | Keyboard Fix

To carefully clean the keyboard, you will need:

  • A cup or container is large enough to accommodate all keyboard keys.
  • Medical alcohol.
  • Cotton buds.
  • Dishwasher or any other soft detergent.
  • Paper towels.
  • Flat screwdriver.
  • Towel.

Most of these materials are probably already in your home, but one way or another they are very cheap.

Turn the laptop upside down, shake it or lightly tap the back panel to remove particles that can be hidden between the keys between the keys.

If necessary, you can remove them, but only if you know how to plant them back. First of all, make sure they are removable whether it is easy to change them. Then arrange yourself with a knife, flat screwdriver or something like. Be especially careful when you delete them, because fragile plastic compounds easily break.

Keep the buttons in a bowl or in any other place where they definitely will not be lost. Buttons such as input or gap is better to leave. They are large and attached much more complicated than letters and numbers. To clean them, add a dishwashing tool to warm water and slightly rinse them.

Take wet wipes and wipe it first a touch panel, and then the keyboard area.

You must use a fabric that does not leave fibers, for example, specially created for this purpose, a microfiber rag. Dip it into the solution:

Remove excess moisture so that it does not drip into the laptop and does not damage it, and wipe the keyboard from above, below and around the edges.

Important! If you use a special tool, sprinkle it with the fabric, and then wipe it with the keyboard. Do not spray it directly to the laptop.

It is important that the keyboard is dry before using the laptop, especially if liquid solutions were used during cleaning. Leave the lid open. If you removed the buttons, put them on the table and dry them.

If water or any other liquid was spilled on a laptop, cleaning will require removing the keyboard or keys from it. In some cases, you may need professional help and warranty repairs.

You have more chances to save a laptop if ordinary water was spilled on it, not tea with sugar or coffee. In the case of water, it is enough to turn the laptop over the top with your legs and leave it overnight or for a day. The main thing is to turn it off as soon as possible to protect the inside of the computer from quick oxidation and deformation.

In the case of sweet liquids, everything is not so simple. They often cause sticking keys and here you can not do without comprehensive cleaning. Rinse the keyboard in the same way as it was considered above. This can well help, especially if you do not delay the cleaning. Rarely when all buttons turn off, most often they stop working one or two. If this is ignored, there is a risk of losing a significant part of the keyboard, so the only way out of this situation will be only its complete replacement.

Checking the train

In the case when no cleaning returns the functionality of the keyboard, it is worth checking the condition of its train. To do this, you will have to disassemble part of the laptop. How to do this for your model, you should look on the Internet. Access to a train is usually simple, for this it is enough to remove the entire lower cover. In some models you will have to raise the main system board.

The condition of the train is carefully assessed. It may have creases and cracks. In this case, the part will need to be replaced, that is, to take the laptop to the service. When the train is visually intact, it is worth serving his contacts. For this, the element is carefully pulled out of the connector. The contact sites are cleaned with alcohol, after which they are carefully wiped with an editor.

Dismantling of the keyboard

If the laptop model does not just allow you to raise a plate with buttons mechanics, you should understand: it will be very difficult to remove the keyboard. To do this, you will have to disassemble and dismantle almost all parts of the device. With self.confidence, you can watch a video on the Internet and get down to business.

Advice! To replace or deeply clean the keyboard, it is recommended to take the laptop to the service center. The cost of cleaning after pouring or installing a new keyboard is large, but there is a guarantee that the specialists will do everything right, and there will be no problems after their work.