How to clean the memory of your Samsung Galaxy phone

Cleaning the memory, deleting games and apps

Memory settings can be found here: Settings Optimization Memory.

As you can see, I have 15.1 GB occupied out of possible 16 GB, and free only 896 MB. How do I clear my memory?? This is where the user data statistics below comes in handy.

  • Documents occupy only 521 KB there is no point in clearing it, it is very little. If you have a lot of documents on your phone, delete unnecessary ones. Simply select items and press delete.
  • The pictures only take up 66.5 MB, not much either. To remove unwanted images, select items and click delete.
  • Audio 11.4 MB. Also select unnecessary entries for deletion.
  • Video 191 MB. Here you can delete a few videos to clean up a little space.
  • App data take up 1.5GB. Here you can find exactly what to delete unnecessary. Shows which programs you rarely use, and how much space their data (updates, saves, and other user files) takes up. As you can see, it is possible to remove files of several toys. Apps themselves are not deleted!

How to clear memory on Android Samsung. detailed instructions

The lack of memory on the smartphone prevents you from using the device: you can not download a game or utility from Play Market, take photos or shoot video. There are other inconveniences associated with this problem that bore the user. There are several surefire ways to free up space on your Samsung phone or tablet of any version or line: Galaxy, J, A, and others. These include full or partial cleanup with the help of embedded functions or third-party programs.

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How to Free up Phone Memory Space on Android | Clean Internal Storage on Android

How to clear memory on your Samsung phone

Buying a new Samsung smartphone, we first enjoy its speed and stable operation. But over time, the speed of our device is falling. Applications start to run slower and slower, and sometimes they simply drop out. A common cause of dysfunction is the lack of free space in the device, which can be crammed to the brim. Below let’s look at what ways you can clear the memory on a Samsung cell phone. And also what tools can help us in this.

How to clear the memory of your smartphone. Tips from the experts

Cell phone memory is full, it ceases to work correctly. However, the problem can be solved easily without the need to install third-party applications. In today’s article, the portal Newgrodno and the service center A-Service will tell about how to clear the memory phone. From previous articles, our readers learned how to clean your smartphone’s charging slot and how to charge the battery properly.

To clear Android using in-house means, you need to open the system settings and find the “Storage” section. Select the internal memory of the device, and you will see a list of content that you have on your smartphone. Tap on “Cache Data” and agree to delete them in the popup window.

How to completely clear your Android phone through the settings menu

  • Turn on the smartphone and open the home screen.
  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Then go to the “Restore and reset” section.
  • Tap on “Reset Settings”.
  • After that, press the “Reset phone settings” button.
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On the main or additional screen, find the Settings button and tap on it.

In the settings, click the Optimization tab.

Android Tips ���� Free up storage on your Android phone. DIY in 5 Ep 116

Next, this page will show you how many unnecessary files you have on your phone. Press the Fix button.

Notice the following. On different models, the design of this page may vary. But the gist is the same. It’s about the same on all smartphones.

Wait until the process is finished. You’re all set! Your smartphone is cleared and optimized.

clean, memory, your, samsung, galaxy, phone

At the bottom of the page, you will see how much space has been freed in the storage device. Click on Done.

Notice. You can also clear the RAM. This process stops background apps, boosting your device’s performance. Tap Clear and wait for the process to finish. At the bottom of this page, you will be shown a list of applications that are running in the background on your phone.

clean, memory, your, samsung, galaxy, phone

You can go to RAM from the main page Optimization.

You’re all set! Remember, your phone should be cleared at least 2-3 times a month. Then it’ll run simply, quickly, and for a long time!

  • Open phone settings.
  • Choose Storage.
  • Tap Manage storage.
  • To select an object to delete, check the box on the right. If the list is empty, tap Browse.
  • To delete the selected items, at the bottom of the screen, click Free.
  • Go to Settings. Storage and USB drives.
  • Click on “Internal Storage”.
  • After a short period of counting, you will see what’s taking up space in the internal memory.

How to clean android RAM & Speed up your phone

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Cache is an intermediate storage medium that collects data for faster access. The importance of such storage can be illustrated by the example of the browser. For example, the owner of a Samsung Galaxy A10 often visits the same site. It takes 3 seconds to open the page for the first visit, and 1 second for the next visit. Thus, the cache allows you to save time.

Cache is collected by a wide variety of applications. Not only browsers, but also image processing programs, video editors, social networks and games. Despite the obvious usefulness of the cache, the temporary buffer has a significant disadvantage. It takes up a lot of free space in internal memory.

Because the cache does not contain important files (such as account or media passwords), you can get rid of it without any consequences. So the owner of Samsung Galaxy A10 will not only get extra space on the internal drive, but also speed up the device.

How to clean the memory of your Android Samsung phone free up space for new apps and games

Active users of mobile Android devices are often faced with a situation where a fast and responsive device begins to “slow” for a long time to open the installed applications, slow loading pages in the browser, gallery “hangs” before opening, t.д. It can be caused by the accumulated “junk”, which prevents the programs.

How you can solve the problem of clearing memory we will consider the example of mobile devices brand Samsung.